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Nickname: Tofu, Ivi, Scharta
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 5′1
Last Thing You Googled: Define liaison 
Favourite music artist: Does DJ count? I am in love with yellow claw
Song stuck in my head: Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) 
Last Movie you watched: Moana
What are you wearing right now: Panties and t-shirt
What do you post: Aesthetic, art, politics, cute animals, memes
Why did you choose your URL: okay so like there’s this one episode of teen titans where there’s an evil tofu monster that materializes objects out of tofu and it materialized a tofu man army but when they killed the source of the monster all the army members turned into tofu cubes and were coming down like rain 
Do you have any other blogs: I have an art blog that I use as my portfolio lol
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable being honest about.
Religious Or Spiritual: Spiritual maybe? If that means believing in the human spirit having more power than we think. 
Favorite Color: black, white, pastel pink, brown
Average Hours Of Sleep: 5 + naps in class + naps before work
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite characters: Red from transistor, ruby from RWBY, probs some others that i can’t remember
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1 in the summer, 2 in the winter
Dream Job: Own my game studio and produce a masterpiece like journey

20 blogs - if you peeps are feeling up 2 it no pressure ok>> i love u all 

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Tag Game!

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better.
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Nickname: Tiny, but only my sister calls me that.

Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′0  :’) 5′2 with my boots on.

Last Thing You Googled: “Drawing realistic hair”

Favorite music artist:  P!atd

Song stuck in my head: It’s Quiet Uptown from Hamilton

Last movie you watched: Get Out. It was really good my dudes.

What are you wearing right now: Short shorts and a t-shirt, aka my pj’s

What do you post: Mostly Voltron and miscellaneous memes?

Why did you choose your URL: Because Lance. also the srp stands for space ranger partner.

Do you have any other blogs: Not any that I actually use.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: I have never been in a relationship, so I learned nothing.

Favorite Color: Red tbh

Average Hours Of Sleep: 5-7? Mostly. It ranges

Lucky Number: 6, 2, 22

Favorite characters: Lance, Pidge, Monty from the 100, Peridot from Su, and I don’t watch many other shows.

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: One comforter and a blanket on top lol.

Dream Job: Advertiser, illustrator, story boarder, screenwriter, and one of my goals in life is to create and finish a comic series.

I tag: @chocolatebirdgarden @birbtuxedos @rainy-cartoonist @keith-koganes @astropidge @vortlon @mclainlance @promiscuous-pidge @starryeyedkeith @darkdragonslies @artehell @space-hunks @latinobf @mulxer

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Hey, so there is about 6 weeks left of term and I really like this girl and we always look at each other but we haven't really spoke. When I have the opportunity I can't get any words out and I really don't know what to do. I don't know her sexuality but she has a lot of LGBT+ friends I just don't know what to say to her without her getting bored. Thanks for taking the time to read.


this can be very intimidating - talking to someone you like. But you could try with small talk about school or make her a subtle compliment. For example tell her you like her shirt or whatever, ask her where she got it from…. ideally this is a good starter for a conversation.

If you know her social media then you could also start by texting her. For example if she shared something on facebook, send er a message about it.

If she’s into girls or not doesn’t matter in this stage of getting to know each other. Once you’ve talked for a bit you can see where things are leading and if you feel comfortable and safe to do so (and want to do so!) you could come out to her and maybe it causes her to come out to you as well…

Anyway… I am shit at this sorta stuff myself, so this advice is probably useless.


More otp prompts!! Mall shenanigans
  • #1
  • Person A: do you have any spare change? I wanna make a wish *points at fountain*
  • Person B, with a nonchalant expression: *whiPS OUT THEIR WHOLE WALLET AND POURS A HANDFUL OF COINS INTO THEIR HAND* take them all
  • #2
  • *Person A and B are on an escalator adjacent from a large mirror wall*
  • Person B: look at that cute person in the reflection
  • Person A: *glances worriedly at all the other people*
  • Person B: ...*lifts finger to point at Person A*
  • Person A:
  • Person A: oH !! GOODNESS Y OU MEANT ME!!! :'DD
  • #3
  • *in clothing store*
  • Person A: I'm buying this shirt for you, you'd look good in it
  • Person B: but u would look way better in it
  • Person A: but,,, they only have in it your size,,,
  • Person B, starting to get red: e exactly
  • [that can either be hilarious or adorable depending on if Person B is smaller or bigger than Person A LMAO]
  • #4
  • *in a game store*
  • Person A: *suggests they play Mario games on the demo Nintendo consoles*
  • Person B, thinking: ok why not
  • Person B, 30 minutes later, walking out of the store, with a pout and a grinning Person A in tow: yOu can't just distract me with kisses and expect me NOT to yell in frustration for you making me lose I'm-
  • #5
  • Person B: I'm tired
  • Person A: it's only been like 15 minutes
  • Person B, starting to cling to Person A: that's whyy
  • Person A, blushing n smiling: ok ok break time
  • Person A & B: end up lazily chilling in the food court for like 2 hours
BTS Reaction to: Their GF Having Pierced Nipples

svt reaction; here

Jin: “oh my gosh” he gulps, as your bra falls to the floor and the moonlight glints off your nipple piercings

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Suga: those kind of things don’t matter to him, since genius min yoongi knows that his tongue technology will make you scream, regardless of what kind of body piercings you have or don’t have

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J-Hope: during a heated makeout session, that was about to become your first time together, his hands trailed up your shirt before he pulls away abruptly; “wait, what? what did I just touch - do you have robot nipples?”

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Rap Monster: “that is so hot,” he groans, “you know, if the healing process is hurting you, I could always kiss them better?”

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Jimin: “why didn’t you tell me about this before? have you any other secret surprises I need to know about?”

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V: “aaah so cute, look at them!” feels like it’s just one more thing that makes you unique, so he can’t help but be fascinated by them. “do they increase your pleasure?” he wonders, growing serious to focus on more important things ;)

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Jungkook: the morning after your first time together, you shyly ask how he felt about your nipple piercings and he’s like “wait, nipple piercings?” The poor boy had been so in awe of boobs that he hadn’t noticed much else

*gif of his reaction when you took your shirt off*

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No-Profit LGBT+ and Women’s Custom Tailoring Service

I haven’t been using tumblr much recently, but for those who do follow and haven’t read it on other social media, I am now working as a measurer for a Hong Kong tailor and acting as a tailoring agent, specifically helping LGBT+ people and women in the UK (London) who have difficulty getting clothes that fit them.

Right now I am working pro bono, and since I am not taking any profit (and therefore don’t need to factor in tax), this is an opportunity to get MTM clothing at much cheaper than possible otherwise (since I don’t charge anything but have access to industry prices). 

Those interested, shirts are between 20-50 pounds, suits are anywhere from 100-400 pounds, depending on tailor and material. Doesn’t include shipping, alterations, and other logistics stuff like fit guarantee and so on. 

Here are some photos of clothes I’ve gotten from the HK tailors. Not all of the mare from the tailors I will be using, and it took quite a few fittings and commissions to get the fit how I wanted it, but should give some indication as to what can be done.

Anyway if you or anyone you know might be interested shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. I’m also happy to help as a stylist/consultant in general for dressing in menswear and buying suits, alterations, and so on, which might not be readily available.

I’m happy to give general advice and potentially help those overseas to get shirts or even suits made, so don’t hesitate to contact me if  you don’t live in the UK/London either, but I will have to make it clear that without a fitting with someone who is experienced, it’d be more difficult to get a suit/jacket that fits very well.

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I watched Whip It the other day and I really wanted to draw a badass roller derby girl, somehow it turned into Ghostbusters fanart?

I tried to come up with derby names for each of them but I’m bad at puns so if you have any suggestions send them my way! I was thinking Abby’s should have something to do with soup, but that’s as far as I got.

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1- Nickname: kun 

2- Star sign: libra

3- Height: not enough

4- Time right now: when im doing this its 4:29 PM but im gonna probably post this later

5- Favourite music artist: maybe fake type

6- Song stuck in head: su song about spoilers

7- Last Movie Watched: i watched grandma got run over by a reindeer with my friend and we cried

8- Last TV Show Watched: the new episode of sherlock with the same friend and it we cried for roughly the same reasons

9- What are you wearing right now: a black shirt with big baggy gray sweatpants and a rowlet hoodie

10- When did you create your blog: October 5th 2016

11- What kind of stuff do you post: rowl

12- Do you have any other blogs: not good ones

13- Do you get asks regularly: 


14- Why did you choose your URL: bc originally this blog was gonna be 1 rowlet a day but thats kind of obvious so i wanna say that i got the idea for this from an old blog that i dont know exists anymore that i think was called napstablookdaily but i can’t find it anymore

16- Hogwarts house: idk ive never checked

17- Pokémon team: valor fite me 

18- Favourite Colour: red or green or orange or tan or most colors

19- Average hours of sleep: 5-8 but theyre never when they should be

20- Lucky Number: 722

21- Favourite Character: idk there are a lot 

22- How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 big thick one

23- Dream Job: idk i wanna be a artist but thats hard

24- Following: idk if this refers to the amount of ppl im following or the amount of ppl who are following me but im following 198 and i have 24,537

idk who to tag 

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A/N: This hadn’t been requested, I just wanted you all to have some Jared Cameron love, bc he doesn’t get enough! Please enjoy, lovelies! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Jared Cameron Would Include:

- Shirtless Jared. EVERYWHERE!

- “Have you ever heard of a shirt, Jared?

- “Yeah, but I look a hell of a lot better without one.

- Loads of cuddles!

- Like seriously, Jared’s needy for them!

- Jared getting jealous over any guy that even glances over at you.

- “Do you have a problem?

- “No,

- “Then get focus your eyes on someone else.

- Load’s of movie nights. You guys are movie fanatic’s and pretty much speak in movie language.

- “Can you two just shut up already?” groan’s the pack.

- Teasing each other, in more than one way.

- Sharing chicken wings together.

- Your fridge being cleared by the one and only, Jared Cameron.

- Hugs from behind, especially when you’re cooking.

- “Smells good.

- “Who? Me?

- “No, the food.

- “Gee, thanks.

- A lot of bickering.

- Forreal, you two are a freaking old married couple.

- Sex.

- Morning sex.

- Afternoon sex.

- Sex at night.

- Hot make out sessions on Emily’s couch.

- “Seriously, go get a room!” Paul grunts.

- “We already have one, but you’re welcome to leave.” Sam jeers.

- “Jared…” Sam growls.

- Being spoiled rotten and vice versa.

- Date nights.

- Being the OTP of everyone in La Push.

- The pack teasing the pair of you.

- “We’ve all seen you naked, by the way.

- “What?!?!

- “Yeah, he thinks about you… a lot.

- Being crazy for each other.

- When you fight, Jared always takes himself away from you, he never wants you to be hurt.

- Kim being awfully jealous.

- Jared and you professing your love for one another in cheesy fashions.

- Jared’s family loving you.

- Your family loving Jared.

- Jared always being cheeky with you.

- Getting your bum smacked.

- You smacking his bum.

- PDA.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Like holy mother of pearl, so much PDA!

- “Can you two stop eating each other’s face’s now?” Jacob would beg.

- “I can eat your’s, if want?” Jared would joke.

- “Try it and you’ll be dead.” Jacob retorts.

- Paul and Seth making kissy face’s at you two.

- “Look! The love birds are here!

- “Half of you are just as whipped as Jared, here!

- “I’m not whipped!

- “Yes you are!” the pack would yell.

- Remember PDA?

- “I think we need holy water for our eyes.

- “I can’t unsee that!

- “I think I’m gonna puke.

- The pack trying to mimic you two.

- Sleepovers.

- Like seriously, this boy will sneak in through your bedroom window whenever he can, just to cuddle with you, because he can’t sleep without you by his side.

- Infinite smiles.

- Being his entire world.

- Playing with Jared’s hair all the time: He usually falls asleep.

- “Spoiled brat!

- “Quit talking about yourself.

- Being understanding of what and who he is.

- Being in on the pack’s secret and never telling a soul.

- Loving each other so much, like seriously; you guy’s may seem like assholes to each other, but you love each other so much.

- Jared always protecting you.

- Jared taking pictures of you all the time.

- “Hold it!” he states and runs to get his phone. He takes the picture of you in mid chew of a mouthful of cereal. “Beautiful.

- Being incredibly cheesy, telling terrible puns, having an infinite amount of giggle fits, always being happy around each other.

- Seriously, you’re a sweet couple and everyone loves you two together.

- Hardly ever fighting, unless Jared takes things too far or if you go to see the Cullen’s.

- Being incredibly clumsy, to which Jared carries you everywhere like a princess or bride.

- “Oh, look at that! I just swept you off of your feet again.” he’d grin wolfishly.

- “Hush!

- “Nah, I think you secretly love it.

- “No!

- “Yes!

- “Okay, fine.” you’d grin.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

A full year of art, still mostly dominated by KH but I don’t think any of you really mind XD!! Thank you guys so much for all your support through your encouraging messages, wearing my shirts, and sharing my artwork with your friends <3 I don’t say this often enough: you guys are awesome, and I’m very thankful to have you all at my side (´;ω;`) so despite the not-so-good things that have happened this year, I know for a fact that there are good and kind people out there.

Keep making the world beautiful–keep drawing, writing, creating cosplay; go and do all the things that make you happy. Encourage others and encourage yourself to do better. Art is never an end, it’s always a beginning of something great.

I hope y’all have a splendid celebration with loved ones and i’ll see you in 2017 ♥ ♥ ♥

Valentine Drabbles #1 | Ravi, you

Requested by Anon: Ravi + cuddles; I want to feel you closer. you’re my girlfriend.

Words count: 617

Returning back to the studio, you found him sprawled, leaving his PC open. You assumed that he was so tired and decided to take a small nap to continue working. Letting go of a sigh, you put in the drink, that you went out to bring for him, on the table before heading to put the PC on the sleeping mood.

But before you could take any more steps, you felt a hand grabbing on your shirt, stopping you. Half turning, Wonshik’s eyes were still close, but his hands were holding onto you tightly. A small smile placed on your face as you kneeled beside the coach, taking his hand in yours and faced him closely.

“You aren’t sleeping?” You asked. With your other free hand, you caressed his face slowly.

“I have a lot of things to do. I’m sleepy too.” Wonshik said, with a husky voice, making chills running down your spine.

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Ever wanted to get my art on a tee shirt? Coffee mug? How about a poster? Well, now you can! Rei’s got a Redbubble now! 

You can check out my Redbubble here!

In respect of Toby Fox, I will not be selling any characters from MWSIH that I have not made. However, Harlow, Lucida, and Jeb as well as possibly others will be available! 

The best thing is, when you buy a product from my redbubble account, not only do you get super rad merch, but a portion of the profit is donated to help the artist! You’ll get cool stuff while supporting me! 

Keep checking in, I’ll be updating with more every so often! 

Thank you for your support!

Sudden Conversation In Public Sentence Starters

“Did that asshole just cut in line up there? Jeez.”
“So is it always this busy, or did I just pick a great day to come in?”
“–Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
“I like your dress/shirt/hat/etc.!”
“Would it be okay if I change the channel? I wanna watch the game.”
“Excuse me, did the 12:15 bus come by already?”
“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”
“Are you done with that power outlet?”
“Excuse me. I think I’m lost. Could you tell me how to get to Main Street/other location?”
“Do you happen to have any spare change? I need it for the bus.”
“Could I borrow your cell phone? Mine just died and I need to make an urgent call.”
“Tough luck, buddy.”
“Sorry, I know this is awkward, but…this stall doesn’t have any toilet paper…”
“Hey, are you all right? You look upset.”

Get To Know Me Tag

I was tagged by @martinessimblr​, @femmeonamissionsims​, @coreopsims​, and @wild-pixel​ – thanks for the tags! <3

Rules: Answer the questions and tag people you’d like to know better.

  • Star sign: Pisces
  • Height: 5′3″
  • Time right now: 8:18pm
  • Last thing googled: paisley vector
  • Favorite music artist(s): Tom Odell, Birdy, Amber Run, Jaymes Young, Dua Lipa, and so many more!
  • Last TV show watched: I just finished the anime Death Note last night, actually.
  • What I’m wearing right now: t-shirt and soccer shorts
  • When did I create my blog: I created my simblr nearly a year ago, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!
  • What kind of stuff do I post about: mostly my Sims 4 custom content
  • Do I have any other blogs: I have an art blog that I haven’t posted on in a very long time haha
  • Do I get asks regularly: I actually do get asks pretty regularly, which I truly never expected, and I have a lot left in my inbox at the moment–please forgive me for taking so long to respond! <3
  • Why did I choose my URL: I chose “blogsimplesimmer” because I knew that I would start off making very simple things for The Sims 4, even though I still hope to mesh more things from scratch one day! And the URL for “simplesimmer” was taken, so I added “blog” to the beginning of it xD
  • Pokemon team: I don’t play Pokemon, sorry!
  • Favorite color(s): Blue is my favorite color, but I also love sage green and most neutral colors.
  • Average hours of sleep: Recently…it’s been around 6, which I really need to work on xD
  • Favorite character(s): Oooh gosh, this is a hard question–I’ll focus on video game characters: Haytham and Connor Kenway (Assassin’s Creed 3), Ellie and Joel (The Last Of Us), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Geralt (Witcher) Max Caufield (Life is Strange), John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) to name a few!
  • Dream job: I would love to work in the video game industry!

I’ll tag anyone else who is interested in doing it! <3

Vocab List English-Norwegian-Dutch 1

I have been translating simple Norwegian texts into Dutch and English. Thought I would make it into a list so other people could use them! If I made any mistakes, do tell and I will alter the lists. Dutch is my native language by the way!

akkurat - (zo)juist - just
vært - geweest - been
i - in - in
dusjen - de douche - the shower
først - eerst - first
tørker - (af)drogen - to dry (off)
seg - zichzelf - himself
med - met - with
et håndkle - een handdoek - a towel
hele - hele - whole
kroppen - het lichaam - the body
godt - goed - good
tar - nemen - to take
på - op - on
underbukse - onderbroek - underpants
deretter - dan - then
t-skjorte - t-shirt - t-shirt
sommer - zomer - summer
så - dus - so
shorts - korte broek/shorts - shorts
nå - nu - now
mangler - missen - to miss
bare - alleen/gewoon - only/just [not certain, but context was: nå mangler Anders bare sokker = Now Anders is only missing socks]
sokker - sokken - socks
en sokk - een sok - a sock
sitt - zijn - his
høyre - rechts - right
venstre - links - left
klar - klaar - ready
for - voor - for
å - naar - to
spiser - eten - to eat
frokost - ontbijt - breakfast

If axiom is a place for omnic fashion upgrades, does that mean most omnic fashion is like XJ-9’s outfit designs when she transforms? If omnic voice modules can be purchased, do some omnics change their voices to better suit their tastes any particular day? Do genderfluid omnics have their favorite masculine and feminine voice boxes? Or do they treat it like wearing a different shirt every other day? What about actual clothing and fashion designs, built to suit an omnic’s robotic frame over a human’s organic one? Does the shambali religion have a pious dress code like how many real life religions use the veil to denote faith and piety? Are there wigs for omnics? What if an omni

V app and Fan Interaction

Okay so I saw this on GOT7’s latest V app live stream. They were in the pool and practically everyone had their shirt off but Jinyoung (I point him out because he’s the one who caught my eye). The conversation was totally normal up until the some fans noticed he had a shirt on. Then they started harassing him, practically screaming over the V comments to have him take his shirt off. You could see him get a bit uncomfortable by this, and start to shy away from the camera. I just want to ask the people who commanded him to take his shirt off: what power do they honestly think they hold?!? Like for real please enlighten me because I’m lost! GOT7(and any other idol really) are human beings too! They have insecurities, and emotions as well, and you need to consider them. Now I don’t personally know Jinyoung however, I can tell you one thing. The V app was created to have the idols connect with their fans, and the fans to connect with the idols. It’s supposed to create a fun, and light environment. It is not supposed to be used as some strip cam, nor is it to be used to fulfill some of your freaky fantasies, and virtually make ANYONE feel uncomfortable. So, now that we have that established…PULL IT TOGETHER! Let’s all treat each other like human beings, and not like some freaking object that you can boss around. Because they honestly don’t have to do these live streams at all! These Idols do these live streams, and they are tired. They either just did a concert, or are about to do one, are training and practicing for a new concept, or (like in GOT7’s case) are traveling around the world. Yet, they found the time to connect with US. So please guys lets not abuse their kindness, and time, but let’s show EVERYBODY some respect.

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This is just an insignificantly significant reminder that I love and respect Kim Seokjin in his entirety, everything he’s done for Bangtan, and the way he carries himself as a human being for both ARMYs and anyone around him.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I have been identifying with male mannerisms and looks and such since I was a small child (I'm biologically female and I'm 17 now). I cut my hair once in primary school and always went to school in polo shirts and long pants so I would always get asked by the other kids if I was a "boy or a girl". I have now realised I'm gender fluid however I can never seem to pass as male anymore with my large "assets" and feminine looks. Do you have any tips I could use to pass in public better?

There are a lot of guides available online for how to pass as male, although most of them are (kinda understandably) aimed at trans guys and not genderfluid folks. So if you search either on youtube or google, or some other internet place you frequent, for “trans guy passing tips” or similar, I’m sure you will find plenty of suggestions for things you could try.

A lot of the suggestions will probably include recommendations for [chest binders] and/or [hip binders], baggy and layered clothes, [masculinizing makeup] and [voice training].

(Small side note, “biologically female” is not a thing in that sense, as [biological sex is just as much of a social construct as gender is].)