do i hate you

  • Yoongi: know what I wanna do on this fine day
  • Namjoon: ignore the hate comments and the fake fans who don't love all of us equally?
  • Yoongi: hell yeah

a little reminder that my blog is a safe place for shippers/ships of all kinds!

you ship rucest?

beautiful ship! personal favorite! their love knows no boundaries!

you ship maxvid?

gorgeous! simply gorgeous! keep sailing on!

you ship elsanna?

strong ship! in fact, they´re a yacht! not even the biggest storm can break them apart!

you ship incest?/age gap ships?/literally anything that´s being hated for stupid reasons?

don´t stop shipping them! be strong!

if two characters have a great chemistry and they make you feel happy, you shouldn´t be judged for shipping it!

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listen I’m all for different Carlos blogs doing whatever they want with how they portray their muse, no one does him the same. But don’t fucking turn Carlos into an excuse to smut. Don’t just age him up to be legal so you can have him be fuckable, because that’s not the point of his character, or any of them. You want threads and verses where he’s grown up? That’s fine, I do it too. But don’t be fucking shady about your reasoning because it comes across you treating a muse as a way to write sin and less for everything else that makes them what they are

just a thought

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M - Move // Taemin

I - Ice Cream Cake // Red Velvet

N - Not Today // BTS

T - Trauma // SEVENTEEN

Y - Young and Free // Xiumin, Mark

B - Boomerang // EXO

A - All Night // Girls’ Generation

E - Exodus // EXO

K - KoKoBop // EXO

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  • Lance: *talking to Keith excitedly*
  • Keith: *listening while gazing fondly at him*
  • Lance: ... I'm sorry. I'm rambling aren't I? People say I talk too much. Just tell me if I start to get annoying.
  • Keith: You're not annoying and I love listening to you. Talk all you want.
  • Keith inwardly: I'm going to fucking murder whoever told this beautiful boy that he talks too much

I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last hour and a half. 

Taylor got SO MUCH shit in 2012-early 2014 that I feel like we were in constant internet fights defending her against assholes who went after her just because it was the “cool” thing to do. Then, in the 1989 era, Taylor became so universally loved, both musically and personally, and it was SO beautiful to watch. 

But then, as it seems to happen, so many started to shit on her. The media turned on her- again. People she trusted- people she let back in even after they had badly hurt her in the past- turned on her (in some cases, for a second time.) People she took on tour with her and welcomed on HER stage took sides with people who backstabbed her.  I feel like in 2016 and even 2017, we watched slam after slam after slam against her, and it broke my heart. 

If that hurt us, can you even fathom how that made HER feel? And yet here she is, rising like a damn phoenix and for that I am so damn proud of her.