do i hate this or do i hate this

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Hey, it's okay that you don't like calling Rick Riordan "Uncle Rick", but please don't hate on the people who do call him that and just let them call him whatever they want and whatever Rick is comfortable with.

It’s just that I do not hate anyone! I would never hate anyone! 

And also fun fact: Not even Riordan likes to be called that, I know because I have following him in twitter since forever and in the old days when they have asked him about this, he has been very uncomfortable answering, but I guess he grew up to resign himself

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Did you know that Ben Daniels' real name is David Daniels? I'm shook

David T. “Ben” Daniels, what the fuck, you’ve shaken me to the foundation of the earth and my soul, dave 

You smell so bad that I want to rub you on towels and mail them to my enemies.
—  my wife, to the dog

I seriously don’t understand people reblogging rant/vent posts? Unless op stated they’re okay to rb, just don’t?? Ever? Consider:

  1. It can further trigger a person
  2. Spreading someone’s vent isn’t good in any aspect
  3. Have some respect for yourself and for the privacy of that person

Pretty sure people who post rants probably want some advice (if stated anywhere) or just simply want to vent and let some steam out, they’re clearly going through some rough shit so having to ask random people to delete reblogs of their vent posts because it’s disrespectful and possibly triggering isn’t what they need during that time

So please for the love of god don’t ever come and reblog any negativity posts even if it’s “#rel8able” or whatever, okay?


Like the stars chase the sun
                       Over the glowing hill, I will conquer

Blood is running deep
                       Some things never sleep

Queen of Peace


me trying to figure out what food i can deal with eating is exactly like a medieval doctor attempting to treat a patient - 

“Ah, but you see, cheerios partake of the natures of Cold and Wet, and if I eat them my humors will be out of balance; I must find something to eat that is Dry.”