do i give a sarcastic response

How dare ward suggest that he was May’s coping mechanism? I’m so glad he was shut down immediately, the notion that a woman needs a man to be ‘whole’ once more needs to be utterly obliterated. I have never been more relieved that a big 'heartfelt’ speech was met with unanimous derision. Don’t give me his abused history, everyone deals with trauma as May said,many he spent years with SHIELD itself, do you not remember the sarcastic response he gave to Maria Hill in the first episode? You don’t get rewards for doing the simplest of human courtesy so stop gushing over what he did was akin to holding up the corner of the world

Like what the fuck

Even if it wasn’t about me being raped like

I was asking for confirmation, “do other people like smelling like mint? It seems unusual to me. Give me your feedback” is worth some fucking sarcastic asshole response like do you honestly have nothing better in your life to do then be rude to people for nothing

ilovebelleandsebastian1994 asked:

Do you understand how disrespectful it is to answer questions sarcastically? Either don't publish messages or give them dignified responses. I think you're just using this as another attention-seeking opportunity honestly, and that's so hurtful to the trans community that you've already exploited for personal gain. Just stop it. Stop upsetting people. Log off or take it seriously.

fakeasmile-noonecaresanyways asked:

Would you ever consider doing a video on like things to say to people that ask dumb questions about being vegan. I know you did that one with dumb things people say to vegans but would you do like a response one? Im running out if sarcastic comments and using serious ones always result in arguments lol

There is no such thing as a stupid question, all questions are valid questions. :) 

As for comebacks to remarks made about your lifestyle though…if they’re seriously taking it too far I usually give them ‘at least my food doesn’t scream’ and ask them how they think some of the strongest animals on earth get their protein if they’re using that.