do i give a sarcastic response

There ARE some rules my group kinda has for Overwatch so ima just list them

1) if a team member says that if would be more beneficial to change characters based off team comp, please try and listen and give it a try. if it doesnt work out well then TOTALLY go to what you wanted before but sometimes a character just isnt suited for what we need ( ie, having a support, a tank, a squishy character on defense, etc etc)

2) Do not be rude to other players (opposing team) even if they are rude themselves, we arent that type of team. we basically go ‘wow, someones salty’ and just block/mute them, at most we give a dry/sarcastic response, but we are never nasty towards them (i myself have responded to ‘are u a girl or a guy jeniii??’ questions with ‘girl and im gay’ which just typically shuts down them about 99.9% of the time)

3) if youre getting frustrated with losing and wanna back out of the game/group then please do so, were just here to have fun and if you arent having fun it defeats the point. we totally understand if you wanna go play alone for a while its all good!! Please dont go into a rage quit and yell into the chat

4) all. levels. are. welcome. I dont care if the person is a level 1 and its their first time touching a game, be patient with newcomers and help them out and make them feel included. I will absolutely not tolerate ‘ugh why is dis level 2 playing with us’ crap okay, we all had to start somewhere and the point of the group is to make people feel included and to have fun

5) Zarya’s legendary skins are terrible. they are terrible what is with her hair and whY DID THEY COVER THE MUSCLES I DONT UNDERSTAND AND IM LOOKING AT YOU @scironex BUYING THE CYBERGOTH SKIN CUZ U KNO I HATE IT I SEE YOU

6)We love all the characters, we honestly do so please dont take our various shouts of ‘THEY HAVE A FUCKING BASTION GODAMNIT’ and ‘I FUCKIN G HA T E MEI SO MUCH’ seriously, they are just evil to play against

thats basically it, there might be more im forgetting but the gist of it is is ‘be nice and have fun’!!


Okay. So. To start off. This is a serious post.

I’ve noticed that mutuals, people I’ve followed and people I admire are starting to get negative asks from anons who seem to have nothing better to do than just giving people shit on the internet.

I’ve also noticed that said people are responding to those Anon asks, sarcastically or seriously. Now I know for some of you out there ignoring asks like these is kind of a hard thing to do, especially if you’re struggling with hardships, depression or anything else that might be making you worried or sluggish. But I have a message for all of you out there that deal with shit like this, and this is NOT targeting you in a hostile manner.

Please do not respond to those asks.

I don’t want to say this like I’m bashing people FOR responding to the asks, whether it be sarcastic or not, but giving them a response is only going to add fuel to the fire.

The best thing you can do is just hit the ‘delete’ or ‘block’ option, disable anon asks (if it’s actually that bad) and don’t give them the attention they need.

Like I said, I’m not trying to berate anyone for responding to these anons, but please consider that people like that thrive off of seeing people react to their bullshit. Just delete the bullshit and everything can go on with your day.

You don’t even need to read the entirety of it. What does it matter how a random-ass person thinks of you on the internet? Listen to the people who have followed you and respect you to give you honest opinions.

Trust me. Your day can go so much better if you just ignore bullshit. It’s as easy as hitting the ‘delete’ button.

I’m sorry if this comes off as harsh to anyone. This doesn’t just apply to my fandom, this goes for anyone who deals with trolls on a regular basis.

If you want to spread the message, please feel free to reblog it. As long as someone reads it and follows the advice, it might make someone’s day go by much better.