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GOT7 Reaction: Them being clingy/wanting to cuddle (request)

I am so sorry this reaction has been taking us to so long to post, but thank you for being patient with us. We are just trying to get all our reactions done to the best of our abilities because we really do want these to be written as best as possible.


“Babe!” you cheered as your tired boyfriend draggin his self in after a long day of practice.

“Hey baby!” he said with a tired smile as he made his way toward you. He joined you on the couch, just suddenly flopping on top of you without warning. he tightened his limb around you. “i missed you today.” he said softly.

“I missed you too.” you said as you waited for him to move a bit more until he cuddled you up as the big spoon like he always does.However, this time he kinda just stayed where he was. he had landed on you to where his head rested on your shoulder. he gave up halfway through his crawl and just puckered his lips for a kiss, too tired to move any closer. Of course you maneuvered awkwardly to meet his lips, just so happy that he actually came over when he said he would. It felt as though you hadn’t seen him in days.

“Babe, I’m way too tired. Take it over from here and just hold me.” he huffed dramatically. 

All you could do was giggle. “Was practice really that intense today? “ You cooed as you ran you fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, practice lasted forever.” he groaned. “I was just day dreaming of hanging out with you here all day.

“Well at least the day is over now!”

“Uh-huh” he mumbled as he nuzzled his head on your chest, settling himself so that he faced in the direction of the tv.

Mark soon feel so silent you thought he was asleep. “Baby?” you whispered.


“Why don’t you go sleep?”

“I’m watching tv with you.” 

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“My angel! I’m home!” you could hear Jb’s  voice fill your apartment from your home office.

You could hear him make his way to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water, then making his down over to where you were. He skipped into the room with a big smile plastered on his face and he greeted you with a warm kiss. “How’s my cupcake today?” 

“Wow, someone is extra peppy today.” you almost groaned as you moved your tired eyes up at him and away from your paper work.

“Of course I am. It was a short schedule today remember? This means we can finally go to that new BBQ place that opened up!” he said excitedly.

“Shit!” you thought. You had completely forgotten that you both planned to go whenever he had time in his schedule and he wasn’t that tired. “Aw, baby.I completely forgot and I just have so much work for this project.” you pouted

Suddenly he frowned just the deepest frown you have ever seen, it broke your heart. “But I finally have time now. I’m free tomorrow morning too… but the place doesn’t until open the afternoon…”

“I’m sorry sweetie.” 

With slumped shoulders he let out a huff. “It’s okay… but I’m still here with you anyway that is what matters. I’m gonna go get another chair and come here and watch you work then” he said leaving the room. He had sounded a bit more cheerful, but you knew he was still disappointed when you saw him dragging his feet.

He soon returned with a dining room chair and placed it right besides you. He sat down and immediately rested his head on your shoulder. joining you in look down at your papers with a frown. 

“So what is this for again?” he asked after getting bored of watching you writing for only six minutes.

“That project I told you about the other day.” you said in a mumble.

“The one that isn’t do for another two weeks?”


“Are you kidding me? You have enough time to work on it, let’s go eat bbq tonight!” he whined right into your ear.

You nudged him off, cupping his pouting face. “I know, but I am so behind already baby.”

He grabbed your hands and held them to his chest. “But please!” he begged. “It won’t take us more than two hours! You are always complaining that we don’t go on enough dates, this is the perfect time now. Let’s go!” a hint of excitement coming back into his voice

“I really can’t afford to loose anymore time though.”

“How about this, we go eat, then tomorrow i spend aaaaaaaaall morning helping you?” he offered,

“Or how about this, you go watch tv and unwind for a few hours or like go take a nap, while I do this, then later tonight we watch a movie together? That way right now I get my work done.”

His face cringed up at that suggestion and he slouched down in his chair dramatic, obviously turning down that idea.

“Can’t you just order something from them as delivery then?”

“No, it won’t be the same.” he grumbled, his angry jaw was beginning to show a bit.

“Don’t you think your acting a bit childish about this?”


“My goodness, if only the rest of the guys could see how you were acting right now.” you let out a small chuckle

In one last attempt to get his way, he lunged at you engulfing you into a tight  hold. “Please! jagi?!?” he begged some more


“Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?”


Still he held on tight, pushing his forehead up against yours, getting more annoying by the second. “Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?”

“Boy, the longer he hung out with the maknaes the more he had started to act like them.” you thought. It didn’t seem like he was going to stop any time soon. “Fine!” you finally broke.


“Yes!” you groaned

“YAY!” he jumped out of his seat. “Let’s get ready! And I promise I will help  you with your work tomorrow, let’s just enjoy tonight!” he cheered as he gave you another big kiss.

“Whatever” you smiled.  Even though you knew you would be behind, it was worth seeing the smile on his face again Plus you were really looking forward to the whole bbq date to begin with.

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“Thank you!” you smiled to the barista

“Thanks” Jinyoung said in a low voice as he grabbed your hand and directed you to a small table in the far corner of the cafe.

You sat down at one end, however, instead of sitting in front of you as any normal person would, your boyfriend decided to bring his chair over to your side and sit right besides you. “So you’re sitting right next to me, why?”

“I’m sorry, did it suddenly become illegal for me to sit next to you?” he asked sarcastically as he sat down, resting his arm on the back f your chair.

Moving right next to you was s bit out of the norm, but hugging you in public like this was just plain weird coming from him. Jinyoung was not the one for this much affection in such a public place. With him being an idol and all even having a date in public was a big deal to not attract any type of attention to yourselves. All you could do was throw him a weird look as a type of response.

“You look adorable when you stare at me like that.” he said keeping up that sarcastic tone of his. Then he got even weirder, coming close and giving you a  quick kiss.

“…I will never understand you.” At this point it was just best to ignore the whole ordeal all together.

As the two of you waited for your drinks, you spoke casually (the only normal aspect of everything), just catching up on the small things you didn’t have time to talk about before

It wasn’t long before the barista came by. He very subtly placed the drinks down, gave a smile and walked off. Despite the small interaction, Jinyoung had changed his demeanor at the other guy’s presence. Jinyoung fell quiet mid sentence, only staring at the young man, scooting a bit closer to you and putting his arm around you waist. Again, however you ignored the behavior. All you wanted to do was just enjoy the date in general.

You spoke again, however, this time it seemed as though Jinyoung was not paying attention. His eyes were constantly glaring over at the counter area at the front of the cafe. “Babe, are you listening?” you asked

“Huh?” his eyes flickered over to you “Yeah, of course!”

“Yeah? Then what did I just say?” you tested

“Um… So how has work been?” he asked to change the topic.

You squinted your eyes at him suspiciously.

“You know you are really cute when you squint your eyes at me like that!” he said with a hint of aegyo and hugging you tighter.

“… uh-huh…” still you just ignored it.

Throughout the rest of the small date, he was still off. The entire time he never had his hands off you. Under no circumstances did you go to the front counter for anything either. Even for something as small as a napkin he would run up and get it for you, getting up so fast that you didn’t have time to protest.Most  (annoyingly) of all, he just could not stop glancing over his shoulder to the counter area.

It wasn’t until you both were walking out of the cafe that you finally realized why he was acting so weird. as you both walked to the exit, you noticed his eyes dart over to the front area, targeting the barista, again just suddenly grabbing your hand as you passed him. 

Upon joining the the rest of society in the crowded side walk you asked, “So you were jealous?”


“That’s why you were acting weird. You were jealous?”

He scoffed. “Me? Jealous of the barista? Pft! No!”

“Well, I didn’t ask whether you were jealous of the barista or not. But I guess I know now that you actually were!” you smiled

“I wasn’t jealous!” he insisted

You squeezed his hand and kissed his cheek. “You’re really cute when you are jealous.” you giggled.

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It was a very early 7 am when your phone began ringing sporadically. You quickly opened the text messages to see what the commotion was about.

“Baby!” “Open” Your” Door” “Now” “Please” “Thanks” “I” “Love” “You” “<3″

You dragged yourself out of bed and tried to run to the door to see if your boyfriend was really there. “Baby?” you asked with a smile when you saw Jackson standing there completely awake with the biggest, cutest smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Guess who got the day off today!” he cheered as he skipped into your place. His energy levels were too much for you this early in the morning. You were still processing the fact that you were even awake.

“Wait… a day off?”

“Aww, baby how sleepy are you?” he laughed. “Yeah! A day off! They told me last week and I thought I would come over and spend the whole day with you.”

It was a cute gesture that he wanted to be with you this whole day. You couldn’t help but get that whole butterfly in the stomach feeling whenever he was being cute… but you also couldn’t help but decide to get a bit of revenge on him for waking you up so early. “So… Last week when I asked you when you were free to hangout and you said that you were busy aaaaaaaall week… You lied to me?” you asked dramatically.

That was when his smile toned down a bit “…Yeah, but like I said. I wanted to surprise you!” he said as he pulled you into a hug

“But you still lied. You lied to me”

“Yeah… but only so it was to be a surprise!”

You let out a gasp. “So you really did intentionally lie?!?”’ you tired your hardest not to smile since he seemed to think you were genuinely upset.

“It was just a tiny lie, baby” he said as he hugged you a bit tighter

“No stop hugging me.” you said despite the fact the you didn’t push him off you.

“I’m not gonna let you go until you forgive me”

“Well you lied to me and you know that I don”t like liars. so like let go of me so I can go about my day.” That was when you got yourself out of his his arms and went back to your room to go wash up.

Suddenly you felt him come up behind you and grab you into a back hug.

“I am gonna go wash up. Let go of me you liar.”

“Nope” you could practically hear his adorable squirtle grin.

He followed you into the bathroom and continued to hug you as you began brushing your teeth and washing you face.The entire time he was giving you stupid compliments like “Your bed head makes you look fabulous’ and you were trying your best not to break. In general it was hard just to go through your waking up process with him hugging you and all.

Next you decided to make breakfast so the two of you awkwardly shuffled to the kitchen. You grabbed some eggs and ham and cheese to make omelettes.

“What are you going to make us?” He asked as he rested his chin on your shoulder and watched you prepare everything. 

“I’m only making food for myself. You lied to me so you don’t get anything″

“But I’m soooooooooo hungry. AND IT WAS JUST A SMALL TINY LIE! I’m still here with you aren’t I?”

You just shrugged.

“I know how I can get you to forgive me.” he said ominously.

“And how do you think you can do-”

Suddenly he started tickling you from all over ”HAHAHA JACK- HAHAHA STOP!”

“Not until you forgive me!”


He did so. “Yay I’m forgiven.”

“So what do you want to do today?” you asked as you turned the stove on.

“Hmmm I don’t know” he said as he came back hugging you from behind again. “Just whatever you want to do.” he said kissing your cheek

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“I’m here!” you declared as you busted into his bedroom armed with medicine and food.

Youngjae looked up at you from his bed, snuggled by blankets almost wrapping himself up like a burrito.

“Jagi, what are you doing here?” he finished his question off with a labored cough.

“How dare I find out from Mark that you were sick!” you said as you made your way up to him. “I’m here to look after you silly.”

“No, you don’t have to. I don’t want you to get sick like that last time I made you take care of me.”

“Too bad, I’m going to be with you until you get better.” you said as you put your hand to his forehead to check for a fever. “What’s wrong exactly, how are you feeling right now?”

“Like I’m dying.” he frowned

“You hungry?”

“…That depends… What did you bring?” he asked looking over your shoulder to the container sitting on his bedside drawer.

“Your favorite soup obviously.”

“…Then yes i am hungry… Feed me?” 

“Why cuz you feel like you are too tired to move? is your body aching too much? Or do you feel if you eat too much you might throw up?” you were quick to interrogate, going into nurse mode to figure out exactly what was making him sick.

“No, I just don’t want to undo my blankets. I feel really cold right now.”

You did so, anything so that he could stay comfortable. After he was done you went back to seeing what else you could do for him. “Is there anything  else you need? I brought some medicine if you need anything.”

“No Jinyoung gave me some before they all left. Just lay down with me.” he said in his best attempt at his signature smile. He wiggled to one end of the bed to give you more space. When you came up next to him, he undid a small part of his blanket cocoon and stuck his hand out to hold yours. “Don’t worry I didn’t cough into this hand, not even once.” he reassured.

You put your hand in his “It’s ok, but are you sure you don’t need anything else?”

“Nope you are all I need.” despite being sick he was still able to throw a cheesy saying at you.

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You heard rustling in the other room and soon your boyfriend stepped into your bedroom.

“Finally you got here.” you said in a groan since you were so close to knocking out already.

“Hey” he said softly. He climbed into bed next you to you, placing his hands on your hips.

The room was dark so you couldn’t get a look at his face, but you knew something was off. HE didn’t greet you cheerfully, didn’t slide his hand up and down your body like he always does, that fact that all he said in the two minutes he was there was only “hey” was not a good sign.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” his voice was so soft, you barely heard him.

“You don’t seem okay. What’s wrong/” Now you were wide awake. “C’mon, just tell me.”

That’s when he moved away from you. “I’m gonna get ready for bed.” And just like that he walked away to the bathroom.

That ‘s when you pulled your phone out and gave Yugyeom a call. 

“Hey y/n! What’s up?” You could hear Yugyeom’s  voice sounding tired but still cheerful. 

“Hey, nothing much i was just curious about something.” you almost whispered. You didn’t want Bambam to hear you. “Did something happened today? Like I don’t know something upsetting you know… Bambam seems a bit off right now that he is over.”

“Yeah? Well i don’t know. He was a bit down today. I kept asking him why, but he never told me. I am thinking he is just tired we have been pretty busy the last few weeks.”

“Yeah? Well, yeah. That’s true you guys have… Well you get some sleep. Sorry for calling you so late.”

“No problem. Night!” he said before he hung up.

You waited patiently for your boyfriend to step out of the bathroom. Once he did, you could make out some small sniffling sounds coming from him as he walked over to you. he crawled into bed, coming back up to you, just holding you like he did before.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” you whispered.

He didn’t say anything. He dug his face between your neck and the pillow. For a second you were a bit annoyed that he refuse to say a word, but then suddenly you felt your shoulder getting wet and you realized he was crying. You knew better than to say anything more. You just held him tightly until he let it all out.

Eventually he was done and pulled away from you to get some air. You just lay back, still giving him a moment. “You feel any better?” you asked softly.

He nodded.

“So what was wrong?”

“…I feel homesick.” he whimpered. “…I got a missed call from my mom today. I - I tried to call her back, but when i did she didn’t pick up. she was probably busy. I know it’s nothing… but i don’t know. The last time we talked was a while ago and just- I just miss being home.” he pouted.

“I get it. It really has been a long time since you spoke to her.I would be just as upset if i went that long, baby.” you said as you ran your fingers through his hair to get the stray strands away from his damp eyes.You placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Can we just go to sleep now?” he mumbled, pulling you close again

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“I’ll make us ramen!” you said as you and our boyfriend returned to your apartment from your mini-vacation to the beach.

You turned on your lights to find your place completely spotless. “Wow! Those cleaning people you hired did such a good job!”

“Right, I told you they were good.” he said as he dragging the bag in from the hall, keeping it a point to hide his growing smile from you.

You made your way into the kitchen, opened the cabinet door, only to see that the top shelf was crammed with every thing, leaving the lower shelves (the only ones you can reach) empty… causing you to have a shit attack. “Yugyeom!” you shrieked. “Yugyeom, why is fucking everything crammed on the top shelf?!?”

All you heard in return was laughing coming from the living room.

With a rush of adrenaline you opened up every single drawer and cabinet. Every single little thing (except for the large pots and pans) was magically stuffed in the unreachable top shelves of your cabinets or your pantry. “UGH!”

“I told you i was going to get you back for ratting me out to Jinyoung about me ACCIDENTALLY  breaking his headphones.”

“Hey i was trying to protect myself, i wan’t gonna deal with that mess.” you said justifying yourself. “Be happy i at least told him you did it on accident. HE would have been alot more mad if he just found his headphones suddenly broke. I am so now i am so going to get you back for this!”

“I’d like to see you try!” he said as he stuck his tongue out at you.

“You wait and see.” you said ominously. “Until then you best start putting all my stuff from that top shelf back where it belongs.”


“Fine, I’ll do it myself!” you looked over to your table only to notice that your dining chairs were missing. “What the?”

“Oh yeah. I also paid them extra not only to move everything to the top shelf, but also to move your chairs to the basement.” he said with a smirk.

you glared at him as you went over to the counter, attempt to climb up  the bottom shelves to reach the top. That’s when Yugyeom came up behind you and pulled you off.

“Let me go!” you growled as you struggled to get out of  his hold.

“And risk you falling? No!” he said more seriously.

“Oh now you’re being an adult?”

“How about this…” he began as he placed you down on the ground, but still keeping his arms around you. “I’ll take all the stuff down… But i want a kiss for everything I put back.”

“Reward you for pranking me? Heck no!”

“Aww, don’t be like that baby. You couldn’t keep your lips off me while we were on the beach, what’s so different now?” 

You continued to glare at him, so many plans of revenge running through your head. “…Fine, but i want everything exactly where it was before.”

“Ok!” he smiled as he puckered his lips for a kiss.

You gave him a quick peck. “Now bring down the cereal.”

He did so, very easily lifting his arm and grabbing the box., placing it to its proper shelve in the pantry. Then he came back to you, puckering his lips for another kiss.

you gave him another one. “Gosh this is going to take forever.” you groaned.

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Again, I am so sorry this took me a long time to post. 

Send To All

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Requested by anonymous:

“hey there! I don’t know if you’re still doing 1D requests but I was wondering if I could request a Harry Styles imagine?? idk if you know of it but there’s a comedian called michael mcintyre who has a chat show and he has a segment called ‘send to all’ where he sends a mass text from the guests phone and reads the replies - anyways I was wondering if you could do a request where the reader is a celebrity and secretly dating Harry and their relationship gets exposed or something through this?? xx”

Warnings: None?? tiny bit of language and fluff I suppose

Notes: This gif has no relevance it just fucking kills me omg (also I’m so excited to write for harry eek)

“Good luck love, I know you’ll be amazing as always. Thinking of you and can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms tomorrow. H x” 

You felt your heart constrict and a buzz fill your body, a smile tugging up on your lips as your eyes scanned over the text your boyfriend had just sent you. Your thumbs hovered anxiously over the keyboard as you mulled over what you should reply with. You had just decided on replying with words teasing him about how he signed his texts just like his tweets when you were interrupted. 

“*yn*, we’re ready for you.” 

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Fic - For the Record

Heyy so I wrote another fic! This is loosely inspired by the podcast musical 36 Questions, which Thomas has recommended a few times now and which I’m utterly in love with at the moment. 

This fic took me ages, cos’ it’s a very different writing style than I’m used to. It was fun though, just…tricky. But yeah, I hope you like it!

Tags are at the end! If you want taking off or adding just let me know!

(also this is the longest fic I’ve written for this fandom, omg) 


Title: For the Record

Pairing: Analogical (Logan/Virgil)

Warnings: minor anxiety attack

“Oh, it’s recording. Salutations. This is the first recording for the progress logs of my experiment in– “

Is this really necessary?”

“Virgil, please don’t interrupt me while I’m recording the logs.”

Why do you even need to record this?”

“For the sake of scientific progress, of course. When undertaking an experiment of any kind, it’s important that all the data be recorded for later analysis, to ensure the results are unbiased and objective.”

Objective? Your experiment is about emotions, I don’t think there’s anything objective about it.”

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Nice to meet you - Isaac Lahey

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Summary: Isaac ((Y/N)’s current boyfriend) meets (Y/N)’s ex boyfriend and really doesn’t like him all that much.

I close my locker after grabbing out the folders that I needed to do homework in tonight. I was already over school and it was the first day. 

“Hey there” I jumped as I heard the voice. 

“Oh my god. Oliver?!” I squeal and hug him. “I haven’t seen you in like… 3 years?” He hugged me back and we laughed of pure joy. “What are you doing here?” 

“I thought I’d come and give my girl a visit” He winked. 

“What was that, buddy?” I turned around and saw Isaac with his arms crossed and a slight glare on his face. 

“Oh, uh Oliver. This is Isaac- “

“Her boyfriend” He says and sarcastically smiles at Oliver before unwrapping him arms and swinging one around my shoulder. He pulls me in close to his side and I can feel his heart beat and his muscles tensing. 

“Nice to meet you, Isaac. I’m Oliver.” Oliver sticks out a hand ready to shake Isaac’s but gets no response.

“Yeah, I know who you are. Look, whatever you and (Y/N) had in the past; its over and she’s with me now.” Oliver giggles at Isaac.

“Mate, you’ve got no idea. I’ll catch you later (Y/N)”. Oliver smiles and walks away.

“What is wrong with you?!” I turn to Isaac and slap him on the arm softly.

“I’m sorry, did you want him flirting with you?” Isaac glared at me. I broke out into a laugh which only angered him more. “Oh, come on (Y/N). He called you ‘his girl’. And he kept looking you up and down!”

“Oh, did he now?” Isaac rolled his eyes and began to walk off until I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Isaac. He’s gay. That’s why we broke up. He likes guys. He was probably looking you up and down - which I may have to tell him off about. Only I can do that.” I smirk and wrap my arms around his neck and lean in for a kiss. “I’ll catch you later then. Pick me up at 8?” I winked as I walked off. Gosh he’s an idiot… but I love him anyway.

This ones a little shorter than usual. I thought that I’d done a few serious imagines so it was time for a more light hearted one. And who better than Daniel Sharman who I actually met around this time last year! Such a kind and funny dude. I was giggling just thinking about him doing this. If anyone wants to ask me about my experience hanging out with him just hmu. He’s a bit of a dork if I’m honest ahahaha xx

catfish - jared x soulmate!reader (part two)

quick recap,,, “Jared: They wanna meet you” and thats what u missed on catfish


my masterlist!  part one!

there will be a part three that basically just like a fluffy date lol

and some lovely lil angels wanted to be tagged so here u go my loves! @defenestrate-yourself-please @zoe—murphy @shadeswritings @goawayjules @1two-player-game1 @yikesyellow @bluestghost @singlucysing @michaelmell-protectionunit (if i forgot you im so so so sorry. reply to this part to be tagged for part 3 i promise i wont forget)

word count: 2,268

warnings: so many perspective changes, i didn’t proof read it, swears (duh), mention of genetalia (jared says dick), um and i think thats it???



Y/N: uhhhh

Jared: I can pick you up from school on Monday?

Shit, school. If you saw him at school you wouldn’t be able to just walk past without tackling him in a hug… and then he’d find out.

Y/N: i don’t know if i’ll go to school that day, i think i’m coming down with something.

Jared obviously knew you were lying. So he lied back.

Jared: But we have that special assembly

Y/N: we do??

Jared: Yeah I forgot what it’s on but I heard it’s super important.

Y/N: shit then i guess i have to go

Y/N: what period is it?

Jared: End of the day

Perfect, you could just go last period and leave and not have to face Jared confrontation until… Tuesday.

Y/N: u know what?? just remembered i have plans?

Jared: Can’t you get out of them? I feel like I’m worth it ;)

Y/N: lol of course you are! but it’s family bowling night so,,,, no

Jared: Well it’ll happen eventually.

Jared was right, it would. A lot sooner than you wished, too. After quickly convincing your parents to skip all but last period, you texted Jared good night and then fell asleep full of anxiety of the day ahead.

Days have passed. The amount of times you have seen Jared pass you in the halls and you haven’t said anything is unbearable, for the both of you.

Jared would have to pretend like he didn’t know who you were and continue just walking, Evan’s talking mumbled by his thoughts. He didn’t even make eye contact with you and has only seen you in his peripheral vision.

And, fuck, his peripheral vision didn’t give him much to go off of but you looked fucking amazing. A million times better than just seeing you on Instagram from his phone. Seeing you out of the corner of his eyes for a split second every now and then almost killed him.

Jared: Wait I have no idea how to do APBio project

Y/N: ugh too long to type and explain

Jared: Then just FaceTime me lol

Y/N: uh…..

Y/N: my hair is messy

Y/N: and im in my pajamas

Y/N: so no

Jared: and I care because????

Y/N: i care!

Jared: Fine then call me

…Should you? I mean, there’s no harm. It’s just your voice. But what if you get major phone anxiety or he thinks your voice is ugly.

Y/N: i was about to go to bed :( sorry

Jared: Bullshit it’s like 10pm

Before you could respond with a snarky comment, your phone started buzzing and Jared’s ringtone (which may or not be ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’) started playing.


You answered it but immediately muted yourself.

“Uh… hello?” You said nothing. “Y/N, I know you’re there, it stopped ringing,” he chuckled a bit. You face flushed when he said your name. “Ok, whatever. Anyways, so this project. I kinda dozed off when Ms. Years was saying all the instructions so I thought I could ask someone else from the class but the only person I know was absent and so I tried to ask Ms. Years what to do and she just gave me, like, a vague and sarcastic response and I remember you talking about Ms. Years and you’re probably a good student so…”

As Jared rambling continued you started to feel more and more guilty. You clicked the home button and went back to texting.

Y/N: jared tbh i really don’t wanna explain i barely even get it myself i wouldn’t know how to explain

You heard his phone vibrate and he stopped talking and sighed, “Okay, we’re doing this. Well, y/n, I really don’t to fail this project. I can barely hold a C so I need to get a good grade on this.”

Y/N: i thought u were like,,, top of ur class??

He chuckled, “Yeah in all of them except fucking biology. That godforsaken class will be the death of me.” You laughed and your feelings sank when you realized he couldn’t hear you.

Y/N: bio is like the one class im good at

Jared chuckled and your heart fluttered, “Of course you are. But…” he dragged out the word and you frowned.

Y/N: i know, im just nervous

He sighed, “I guess I’ll ask someone else?”

Y/N: sorry :(

“Yeah, yeah.”

And with that, the call ended.

Almost a week passed and Jared wouldn’t barely talk to you. If he did it was one or two-word answers. So when he sent a paragraph it surprised you.

Jared: Ok so I wrote into Catfish I wanna get your opinion on my letter.

Jared: I’ll just copy and paste

Jared: “Yo Nev and Max,

It’s ya boy, Jared. So y/n is my soulmate, I haven’t really talked with them for long but, get this, I’ve never heard their voice and they’ve only sent me one picture! I know. And, even crazier, we go to the same school and are in the same grade! So when I looked for a y/n y/l/n in our yearbook, I did not see the face from the pictures but someone completely different! I know, it’s wild.

If you would help me, that’d be dank lol thanks.”

Jared: I feel like it’s funny and they’d prob pick it up because it’s not like any of their other stories!

Jared was obviously being sardonic and passive aggressive. In any normal situation, you would’ve responded with wit but all the things he said started to process in your head. You could almost hear the gears turning in your brain.

Jared: y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i’m so sorry, jared

Jared: …y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i was insecure and scared? i know i know thats not a good enough excuse but i never thought id get caught

Jared: You never thought one of these days one of us would just crack or cave at school?

Y/N: i almost did plenty of times tbh

Jared: The amount of effort it took for me to not just run up to you whenever I saw you were…. tremendous

Y/N: how long have you known?

Jared: Literally since the beginning lol

Y/N: gdi

Y/N: im so sorry

Jared: Can we, like, actually talk now or FaceTime or something, please?

Jared: It’s in the middle of the day so dont say you were about to sleep


Jared: Oh no what is there more?

Y/N: im aNXiouS

Jared: So fucking am I! Actually seeing your face and hearing you speak at the same time is literally all I’ve wanted since I had a panic attack on your thigh

That warmed your heart made your goofy smile stick onto your face. Something surged within you and you decided to make a bold move.

Less than a ring later, Jared’s forehead popped up onto your screen. “Holy shit, you initiated it,” he breathed. Your camera was facing the ceiling, “Where are you?”

“Contemplating whether or not to hang up and just cry instead.”

Jared gave a shaky breath but you saw the corners of his eyes scrunch up, meaning he was smiling. “Someone grab the camera my baby said their first words!”

You snorted, “Oh my god, Jared.”

“Fucking hell.”


“Just… so much happened in a split-second, I got a little dizzy.”

You stifled a laugh but your smile was still ridiculously wide, “What do you mean?”

“You laughed, no, you snorted, y/n, and damn it was adorable and made my heart, like, stop for a second. Then, oh boy, then you said my name and my heart stopped again and then I almost hung up the call to call an ambulance.”

“Why didn’t you?” you pressed on, teasing him.

“Prop up the camera so I can, like, look at you while you talk,” he told you, not answering the question.

With a shaky hand, you obeyed and the camera showed you, cross legged on your bed, and fiddling with your fingernails. “Now you do it.” You refused to make eye contact with the camera but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Jared look at his screen in disbelief and immediately found something to lean his phone on. You really could only see his torso and up, but it was more than enough.

You looked up at him through your eyelashes, your nerves eating away at you.

“Shit, you’re stunning.”

The corners of your mouth perked up, “I would say the same but from what I’ve seen, you’re much more adorable in person.”

Jared smirked, “Damn right, I am. But holy shit, I just want to take a moment to appreciate your… charismatic smile.”

You snickered, throwing your head back a little, “Charismatic? That’s not usually a word I hear to describe someone’s smile.”

“Not just someone, you.”

“Jared, you’re such a sap.”

“It’s a charming quality, right?”

You and Jared stayed together, talking, for hours. You only realized it when the sun started rising through your window.

“Shit, we have school, Jared.”

“Wait, just… Stay right there.”

You did and you saw his phone flash. “…Did you just take a screenshot of me?”

“The sun made your skin glow. It was too enchanting to not take a screenshot.”

You giggled at him and saw the screen flash again. “Jared!” You scolded, “You’re lucky you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry! Your laugh was captivating.”

“Did you just pause me?” you asked him, feigning offense.

He snickered, “I wanted to see how photogenic you look in these screenshots. Just gimme a sec.”

“‘Kay but you owe me a Redbull!”

“Deal. What time is it?” he asked.

“Six. Why?”

“Maybe we should both take a quick catnap and I’ll pick you up,” he offered.

“And end our fifteen-hour call? Never!” you laughed, doodling on your arm.

“Y/N… stop drawing dicks on my wrist.”

Jared ended up opting out of picking you up because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you for an entire car ride. So as you were waiting for Jared in the cafeteria, you bit your nails and looked around the room again as if he’d magically appear.

Jared, however, saw you. You had your back to him and Jared couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He swallowed his fears and slowly walked up to you, a Redbull in hand.

Before he could reach you, some girl he sort of recognized walked up to you and started talking to you. He couldn’t hear the whole conversation, it’s was like quiet mumbling, but he could tell you were on edge and not really paying attention to her.

Suddenly, Jared and the girl made eye contact. You only then realized it was Alana. She waved at you, “Hey, Jared! How’s your morning been?”

Both you and Jared froze.

Jared took a deep breath and cleared his throat, unaware of the blush forming on his cheekbones. “Well, I owe y/n here a Redbull and I wanted one too but the store only had one, so I guess we’ll have to share it.”

You slowly turned towards him. “Jared,” you breathed. “…JARED!” you now screamed, sprinting the short distance between you and clutched onto him, tears rolling down your face.

Jared staggered back a bit but took your embrace and wrapped his arms around you. “Holy shit, this is real. You’re real,” he said quietly in disbelief.

It felt like hours you two were just there, with each other. Finally.

Alana snapped a picture just before you and Jared slowly pulled away from one another. He held his hands on your waist and you held his biceps. The both of you just stared at each other, smiling, and taking in every feature. “The janitor’s closet next to the math wing is, like, never used.”


“If you lovebirds need a secret place,” she winked and walked away. Jared’s face flushed and you could only muster up a nervous laugh.

After lunch, you didn’t have any classes with Jared. So by the end of the day, you were craving him.

You leaned against his car, waiting for him. Once you saw him exit the building, you called out to him, “Jared, hey!”

He looked instantly relieved to see you and jogged to your position. “Need a ride?” You nodded and held his hand in yours. He squeezed it then let go, “Get in.”

The car ride home was silent, but not uncomfortable. Just being in his presence gave you joy. When you reached a stoplight, you grabbed his right hand and pulled it towards you. You held it on top of your thigh.

“It’s gonna be hard to drive with one hand,” he chuckled.

You rubbed the back of his hand with your thumb, “I think you can manage.”

He got to your house not too long after and when you let go of his hand, both of you felt empty. You sighed, “So…”


You gathered as much courage as you could in a split second and leaned over the console, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Before Jared knew what was happening, you were out the door, walking to your house, and waving at him.

Jared raised a hand to where your lips met his skin and his felt his hot cheek. He probably was the same shade as a stop sign, but he didn’t care.

With grin basically tattooed onto his face and a twinkle in his eye, he drove himself home, feeling like the king of the world.

Military boy

i don’t know where this idea came from but somehow it popped in my head, the premise is your one of carl’s military dude officer guy’s daughter and you hook up and then he takes you on a good ole gallagher adventure. that’s not proper english whateverusebusebeuhsdfbjsc jsdbsbud

also it’s unintentionally deep in some parts idk this is like a mini story rather than any kind of simple smut I LIKE REAL STORIES OKAY SOMETIMES I WANT TO WRITE MORE THAN JUST CARL BEING A HORNY BOY LET ME LIVE

Word count: 3,413

Originally posted by carlscrib

Your dad had served in the military since way before you were born, and he had recently taken a job at a military school. When you thought of military school you thought only of privileged guys who had nothing better to do with their lives then prepare to die for their country. You appreciated anyone in the military of course, and you understand it was necessary, but growing up watching your dad fall apart made you hate it. Every time he would put himself back together only to fall apart again. He was a military dad stereotype when it came to his protectiveness and worry, but you had to hear and watch the real aftermath of what his life had done to him.

It was the weekend and you were going to work with your dad. Not in a bonding type of way, but you had gotten busted for sneaking out and he didn’t trust you to be home alone by yourself for the day. You sat in silence in the car on the way to the military school you had never once visited, or had any desire to. 

“You know I’m bringing you with me because I care about you. I don’t want you going any further down this path you want to take.” Your dad said breaking the silence for the first time in the twenty minute ride.

“Me going to work with you for a day won’t change my life. Only gonna make me want to go further down that path to get away from you.” You retort, still angry with him for his large absence in your lonely childhood. He just sighs, knowing he can’t win with his military man attitude vs your angry teenage girl attitude. You leaned your head against the window and scrolled through your phone and checked on various social medias. You watched as your dad reached for the air conditioner button and turned it up more. You were already cold in your dress, so you immediately turned the knob the opposite direction after his hand returned to the wheel. From the corner of your eye you saw him glance over at you and shake his head slightly. You rolled your eyes and dropped your phone into your lap. You fumbled with the edge of your dress until you pulled up to the gates of the school. 

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Sketches - Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Request:  Can you do letters V, C and W with Natasha from your Alphabet Prompts? fluff in the end if possible :)

C - “Clint shut up!”

V - “Very helpful babe.”

W - “Why have you gone bright red?”

A/N: This is the first Natasha Romanoff x reader fic I’ve done, no idea if its actually any good so…tell me what you think? Anyway, enjoy!

You sighed as you continued your sketch, still trying to get the proportions of the face right. Clint chuckled as he looked over your shoulder. “Is that supposed to be Natasha?” He teased causing you to slam your hand over the paper in embarrassment. “Clint shut up!” You growled, tears threatening to fall from your eyes.

“Okay, sorry sorry, you know Nat will kill me if I make you cry…” Clint squeaked as Natasha walked in. “Clint what are you doing now?” Natasha almost snapped, she could see you were slightly upset. Clint fled the room in response whilst Natasha sat next to you, prying your hand from the paper.

 “Have you tried a different pencil?” She suggested causing you to squint at her. “Very helpful babe.” You stated sarcastically, grabbing a different pencil in the process.

“What’s it supposed to be anyway?” Natasha questioned causing you to look at her giving her a ‘are you serious’ look. She gave you a ‘i’m a spy’ look in response causing you to sigh and curse under your breath. She smirked before noticing your flustered appearance.

“Why have you gone bright red, baby?” Natasha questioned, almost teasingly, she knew why you were bright red. You started stuttering before passing the sketchpad to her. Natasha smiled, a rare smile in Tony’s opinion as she looked at all the sketches of the Avengers, smiling at the group photo with her, Pepper, Maria and Wanda in, Wanda’s red energy displayed around the picture. It had been painted by you.

“You don’t need to stress over one drawing baby, how about we go take a break by watching a film then you come back to this later?” Natasha suggested, her warm breath hitting your neck. You nodded, tensing before Natasha dragged you from the table onto the couch, playing The Lion King on the TV. You smiled as you curled up on the couch, resting your head on Natasha’s shoulder. Natasha wrapped her arm around your waist in response, her hand slipping under your t-shirt, resting on your back.

You smiled in response, kissing her cheek before the two of you relaxed, watching the film.

believe-that-you-can-my-friend  asked:

I'm here for the domestic!bughead prompts!! how about engaged Bughead looking through photos in order to use one for their wedding announcement on the paper but they stumble across their old childhood and adolescence ones and they end up laughing at how awful they are and zooming in on those that one of them is pulling a face or a photo that was captured at just the wrong moment and teasing each other and you know ALL THE FLUFFY FEELS! <3

Ahh, thank you for the cute prompt, m’love!
I blame @lusterrdust and her adorable fic ‘feels like home’ for all these damn domestic feels <3

Jughead didn’t bother looking up from where he was editing the newest chapter of his latest novel as he heard Betty entering their living room. At least, that was until she settled down besides him, unceremoniously plucking the device from his hands and resting it on her lap. He looked at her incredulously, a smile twitching at the corners of his slightly open mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing, Betts?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest and angling his body towards her. She didn’t notice his surprise, or if she did she chose not to indulge him, busying herself with plugging her hard drive into the laptop and finding what she wanted.

“Just borrowing this,” she chirped, scrolling through the endless files that popped up on the screen. He chuckled.

“So what, I put a ring on your finger and suddenly you think what’s mine is yours?” he quipped sarcastically, leaning in to try and catch her eyes, his own glinting with mischief. She cast a smirk at him,

“Conventionally, yes.” He settled back against the sofa with a laugh, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “We need to find a picture for our engagement announcement,” she told him. He groaned in response.

“Do we really have to do that?” he whined, biting his lip against more protestations when she turned to him with a stern look.

“Mom phoned, again. If we don’t give her one to print by the end of today god only knows what she’d choose. You don’t want to face the wrath of Alice Cooper, do you?” Jughead shivered in mock horror. Everyone had been surprised by how little resistance Alice had put up against Jughead dating her daughter, but still he knew all too well what her bad side looked like and it was not a place he wanted to be.

“Wait, what’s that one?” Jughead asked, pointing to a folder on the screen labelled ‘oldies’.

“Oh, I’d totally forgotten about that!” Betty shrieked, clicking on it immediately, an array of images lighting up before them. One trait that Betty had been happy to claim from her mother was her organisational skills. She’d been putting every photo she could find into categorised folders since she could remember. “Oh, my god!” She tapped on one, enlarging it on the screen.

It was their kindergarten class photo, twenty or so chubby little faces grinning back at them. Jughead spotted Betty quickly, like he always did, standing slightly off to the left, her smile a little more subdued than some of the toothless grins of her classmates, but her face just as bright. The rosiness of her plump cheeks matched the tiny pink roses on her yellow sundress.

“I hope our daughter looks like you,” Jughead whispered before he even realised he was speaking. His eyes went wide as her head whipped sharply to face him. His face was burning as he looked down, fiddling with the hem of her sweater in embarrassment.

“Our daughter?” Betty asked in adoration, her eyes shining. He chanced a look back up at her, tension in his chest easing at the hopeful look plastered across her face. He cleared his throat, smiling timidly.

“Well, yeah. If we have a daughter, I mean,” he stuttered out lamely. He felt Betty lean further into his side.

“I hope we do,” she mumbled, turning back to face the screen, a new warmth spreading throughout Jughead’s chest. “Oh, Juggie!” she squealed, pointing to the other end of the photo. Standing there, tiny denim jacket and all, was a little Jughead Jones, crown beanie slipping down over his eyes until all that was visible was a peek of dark hair and a toothy grin.

“My mom knitted it big, said I’d grow into it,” he chuckled, looking at his younger self. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

“That you did,” Betty joked, chucking him under the chin. Jughead swatted her hand away playfully.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s move on, shall we?” He tapped the arrow, shifting along to the next picture. Betty gasped. It was her and Archie, a couple of years older than the last photo, sitting on the grass in the park they used to play in. Archie’s head was thrown back in laughter, his red hair glowing in the summer sunshine as Betty gazed adoringly on. But that wasn’t what stopped her breath. There, slightly out of shot was Jughead, fixing her with the same expression she knew she’d given the redhead countless times throughout her youth.

“I always saw you, Betty, even if you didn’t see me yet. I always knew,” Jughead leaned down to whisper against the shell of her ear. Betty turned her head once more, capturing his lips in a delicate, feather-light kiss. They pulled back, gazing into each other’s eyes as Betty felt the comforting new weight of the ring on her left hand. This was right, this had always been right.

She blinked back tears as they resumed their trip down memory lane, cute childhood memories slipping into the awkward phase of early adolescence. Betty threw her head back, laughing freely at a particularly bad shot of the both of them at someone’s birthday party. She zoomed in on Jughead’s face menacingly.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had so many chins, Juggie,” she teased, shrieking as his fingers danced against her side, relinquishing her control over the laptop. Jughead seized his opportunity, zooming in on her face instead, her expression blank but her eyelids half open and eyes rolled slightly back into her head.

“Yeah, well you never told me you were possessed in our youth, Regan,” he scoffed, holding his fiancee off as she attempted to snatch the device back.

“Wait, Juggie, stop! There’s one I want to see!” she struggled, sitting back with a huff before he finally relented, placing a sweet kiss on the side of her head. “Look, do you remember this being taken?” He turned to face the screen.

They were on the school field, high noon sun shining down on them as they lounged around in the summer heat. Betty was leaning back on her elbows, face turned up into the light slightly, rays catching the highlights in her golden hair causing her to emit a subtle glow. Jughead was lying next to her, propped up on his elbow, looking down at Betty with pure and open adoration in his blue eyes. The angle of the light was captured perfectly, shrouding them in a spotlight against the green of the grass. Jughead looked down, catching a glimpse of the way their hands, barely noticeable behind Betty’s hip, were locked with one another by their pinkies only.

“This one,” she said, her voice getting stuck in her throat slightly. Jughead nodded, tightening his grip on her.


I Will Forget About You

It’s been one month and I told myself I will forget about you.

Sometimes he still says things and expects a response, but he doesn’t get one. He looks at his shadow only to remember she’s gone and he’ll never see her again. She’ll never give him a sarcastic comment, or yell at him, or laugh at his dumb jokes ever again, and he tells himself to forget about her. It’s for the best.

It’s been six months and I told myself I will forget about you.

He simply can’t stay in Ordon anymore. The village is too small, there’s not enough to do, and no one understands him there. He rides his beloved horse through the woods as his childhood friend watches him, hoping he will return someday. He probably would’ve married her if the village hadn’t been attacked, but he met someone else and fell in love with her. He knows he can never love anyone as much as he loves her, but he tells himself to forget. He has to eventually.

It’s been a year and I told myself I will forget about you.

He’s friends with the princess now, and she’s actually really nice. After leaving Ordon, he decided to work for the princess. In the time they spend together, they talk about her. It’s hard because he needs to forget about her, but he wants to remember. She sees the pain in his eyes as he talks about her, and she wants to help him, but she doesn’t know how. All the princess can do is talk to him and hope that someday he’ll forget the pain.

It’s been five years and I miss you…

He sits and watches as the sun sets every night. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to, but he still remembers everything. He remembers how she touched his cheek in the desert, how he held her after she broke down the barrier, and the way she looked at him as she disappeared from Hyrule.

Queen Zelda is married, and Ilia is even engaged. Everyone has moved on around him, but he just can’t seem to let go. For the second time ever, he allows the sadness to overtake him because he misses her so much.

It’s been seven years and I finally found you again.

Cordially Invited

Originally posted by chloethegamer

Request:  “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” Prompt with either Bellamy or Murphy (A/N: With Bellamy) 

Word Count: 1,336

There was something about that boy, something about the way he walked and acted that made you want to scream. He was so confident and thought so highly of himself. He was so…so…smug. Usually, you could ignore it and move about your everyday business without too much annoyance, but today…today was different. You had gone to bed in a bad mood, woken up in an even worse one, and now here you were- doing a job you didn’t really care for with people you didn’t really care for.

That was the thing though. You really did care about all these people, but just felt so out of place. The minute you all got to earth was the minute you tried to do everything you could to get away from the 100 and explore. You joined the hunting group, which was a fun job until you almost died from a poisoned arrow. After the accident, Bellamy wouldn’t let you go hunt anymore, so you did what you could around the perimeter of the fence. Bellamy had always tried to make you feel like you belonged, and you did when it was just you, him, and Octavia in a tiny bedroom built for two. The earth changed all of it for you and that wasn’t such a big deal, it was just what it was.

Today it wasn’t just “what it was”. It was your birthday- a day you never really cared for but Bellamy loved to celebrate for some weird reason. He always threw you birthday parties and snuck you presents he had stolen. One time on the Ark when rations were dangerously low, Bellamy had stolen enough ingredients from the kitchen to make a single cupcake and a makeshift candle. You had never felt so much love radiate off a person and have never felt that much love for someone else.

It has been weeks since you have had a decent conversation with Bellamy. You were sure he had forgotten your birthday. He barely glanced in your direction at breakfast and didn’t bother walking with you to your posts outside the gates, which was something he used to do. That was a trait you missed very much. God, that boy- with his perfect hair and perfect smile and freckles and perfect everything.

While Bellamy didn’t seem to want anything to do with you today, your best friends John and Clarke were throwing you a party. It was going to be a small gathering with some decent food, some music, and some of Monty’s famous moonshine. It was supposed to be a surprise but you found John and Monty whispering about details, and being the noisy person you are, you wouldn’t stop asking until they answered you.

Two hours had passed and you were getting more excited as the party neared. Nothing exciting was going on outside the gates today, so you were leaning against the fence playing tic-tac-toe in the dirt with Harper. You threw your stick down as you won for the third time in a row when Bellamy walked up to you and Harper.

“Harper, you can go on break if you want.” He said in his deep, raspy voice. She nodded and walked back into the camp, probably to get some food. He placed himself in Harper’s spot against the fence.

“What are you doing here? You don’t usually give breaks.” You asked, hoping it didn’t come out as pissed as you felt.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He replied as he stared at the side eye you were giving him. You gestured vaguely in the air as to say ‘and?’

“Today’s your birthday,” he paused, “So happy birthday.”

“Wow so you do remember. I thought you either forgot that was today or just forgot me in general.” You sarcastically snapped.

“Y/n, that’s not fair. You know how busy I’ve been-”

You interrupted, “That didn’t stop you on the Ark, Bellamy. You had a lot of responsibilities up there too.”

He continued, “You didn’t even invite me to your party tonight.”

You were crouched on the ground, digging your stick into the ground where you and Harper had been playing. However, now you were standing, facing your beautiful best friend (ex-best friend?).

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kiss him or yell at him. You went with the latter. “Oh that’s because you’ve been cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

You stomped away, leaving your post. He was so irritating and selfish to think you would ask him to join you on the only day you ever felt special. He’s done nothing but make you feel like shit the whole time you’ve been on Earth, and here he was making today about him. You headed to the engineering tent to hang out with Raven, and didn’t leave until it was time to get ready for your party.

The party consisted of Clarke, Monty, Jasper, Raven, Harper, Miller, Octavia, Murphy, and you. Kane and Abby joined for the dinner portion and then left so the partying could begin. You were on your third cup of moonshine and fruit juice mix when he showed up. You were facing the fire, laughing with Murphy about some sarcastic comment he made. You were dangerously close to kissing him too, as Monty’s moonshine brought out the side of you that made you want to make out with everyone.

Bellamy tapped your arm and you turned to face him. “I’m not leaving here Bellamy Blake. I am having fun and you are not going to take that away from me.” You grabbed Murphy’s arm and draped it over your shoulder for dramatic effect.

He laughed, “I’m not here to take away your fun. I just wanna talk.”

You took a swig of your drink and sighed, “Ugh, fine. Help me up.”

Bellamy took your hand and pulled you to a standing position. He put his arm around your waist and lead you to a bench just far enough that the others couldn’t hear your conversation. You downed your drink and turned to him.

“Wh-what do you want Bellamy?” You asked as you tilted your head back to lean against the tree behind you. You had definitely drunk more than you should have, but damn did you feel like you deserved it.

“I’m sorry about earlier. You’re right, I’ve been neglecting you. You’re my best friend and I failed you.” He said with such sincerity that you wished you hadn’t had all those drinks so you could have an actual conversation with him.

But drunk Y/n came out instead, struggling to speak coherently. “You are very right my friend but you know what, it’s okay because you’re cute. I’m mad at you because you’re cute and my friend and I love you. I wish we were back on the Ark sometimes. I mean, despite a sister that you couldn’t tell anyone about, life was so much easier up there.”

“I agree.” He said with a smile.

“I know things have been hard on you but you know what? You handle all of this…shit better than anyone else, so I forgive you for forgetting me for that reason alone.”

He laughed happily. “I just hope Sober Y/n feels the same way. How about we get you to bed?”

“Your bed?”

“If you want.”

“As long as you’re the big spoon I don’t care where we go.”

He wrapped his arm around your waist again and coaxed you to his tent. He handed you one of his clean shirts to put on instead of your alcohol stained one. You took the shirt off without care or warning, put the clean one on, kicked off your shoes, and climbed into Bellamy’s ultra soft and comfy bed. He climbed in next to you and placed a kiss on your cheek. He curled his arm around your stomach and cuddled up next to you as you instantly fell asleep in his arms, knowing you were going to regret all of this tomorrow morning.

(A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one! I hope you enjoy!)

I asked myself what style we women could have adopted that would have been unmarked, like the men’s. The answer was none. There is no unmarked woman.

There is no woman’s hair style that can be called standard, that says nothing about her. The range of women’s hair styles is staggering, but a woman whose hair has no particular style is perceived as not caring about how she looks, which can disqualify her for many positions, and will subtly diminish her as a person in the eyes of some.

Women must choose between attractive shoes and comfortable shoes. When our group made an unexpected trek, the woman who wore flat, laced shoes arrived first. Last to arrive was the woman in spike heels, shoes in hand and a handful of men around her.

If a woman’s clothing is tight or revealing (in other words, sexy), it sends a message – an intended one of wanting to be attractive, but also a possibly unintended one of availability. If her clothes are not sexy, that too sends a message, lent meaning by the knowledge that they could have been. There are thousands of cosmetic products from which women can choose and myriad ways of applying them. Yet no makeup at all is anything but unmarked. Some men see it as a hostile refusal to please them.

Women can’t even fill out a form without telling stories about themselves. Most forms give four titles to choose from. “Mr.” carries no meaning other than that the respondent is male. But a woman who checks “Mrs.” or “Miss” communicates not only whether she has been married but also whether she has conservative tastes in forms of address – and probably other conservative values as well. Checking “Ms.” declines to let on about marriage (checking “Mr.” declines nothing since nothing was asked), but it also marks her as either liberated or rebellious, depending on the observer’s attitudes and assumptions.

I sometimes try to duck these variously marked choices by giving my title as “Dr.” – and in so doing risk marking myself as either uppity (hence sarcastic responses like “Excuse me!”) or an overachiever (hence reactions of congratulatory surprise like “Good for you!”).

All married women’s surnames are marked. If a woman takes her husband’s name, she announces to the world that she is married and has traditional values. To some it will indicate that she is less herself, more identified by her husband’s identity. If she does not take her husband’s name, this too is marked, seen as worthy of comment: she has done something; she has “kept her own name.” A man is never said to have “kept his own name” because it never occurs to anyone that he might have given it up. For him using his own name is unmarked.

A married woman who wants to have her cake and eat it too may use her surname plus his, with or without a hyphen. But this too announces her marital status and often results in a tongue-tying string. In a list (Harvey O'Donovan, Jonathan Feldman, Stephanie Woodbury McGillicutty), the woman’s multiple name stands out. It is marked.

Jared Leto x Reader - Just Friends PART 2

AUTHOR’S NOTE; I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a part 2 to this, so here we go. Let me know what you guys think! Gifs are not really included in this because of the graphic content. Sorry you guys, i didn’t want to psyche you out. So enjoy the read. 

WARNING: This chapter contains remnants of bullying and mental illness. Proceed with caution.

“I mean …..we can.” You shrugged, but his eyebrow arched as if he were displeased by this answer. You could see his lips push together to form a hard line before he glanced off to the side in a look that mirrored how he appeared when he was in deep thought, but you knew better. 

“Ask me.” He requested. Your head tilted to the side in offense as you scoffed. Ask? You were not some form of charity and you refused to feel that way either. Before you could stop yourself your hands were pushing against his chest to move him, while your legs went to work trying to get your body out from under him. 

“No.” You stated finally pulling yourself to your feet and pushing down the bottom of your dress. He stared up at you in confusion, but your stance was firm. 

“I’m not going to ask. If you don’t want to then…..we can just not.” you huffed out while extending your hands upwards in a gesture that read STOP

“What is the deal?” He questioned while finally standing to his feet.

“You don’t have to make it seem like you’re doing me any favors.” you argued. 

“I’m not. It’s just what I like.” He countered.

“What you like?” you questioned.

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Pork Buns. (Bokuto x Reader)

A/N: Just absolute fluff where Bokuto confesses to his best friend. Stupid college shenanigans. You know the drill. My gift fic to: @hekili for being such a peach and participating in my trade! Also, this got WAY longer than I meant it to.

“I got the juice!”


You made your way to the set up of many pillows and blankets on the floor, plopping down in front of Koutarou and setting a glass of juice in front of him. Koutarou’s grin brightened at the liquid’s appearance, he quickly grabbed it and took a huge gulp. After swallowing, Koutarou pointed to the T.V. screen.

“I finished setting up the game. No need to thank me, I’m just a genius”

You rolled your eyes at the owl man. “I can’t wait to crush you at Mario Kart.”

“You’re on! Like Donkey KONG.”

You stifled a laugh at Koutarou’s dumb joke, opting to just playfully tell him to shut up. Koutarou giggled to himself in response, the cute sound resonating in your ears and bringing a soft smile to your face. You turned on your old Wii. Thankfully, it greeted you with a operating welcome menu. You clicked on “Mario Kart” and started up the game.

The stakes have never been this high. At this moment, you felt the same amount of adrenaline coursing through your veins as if you were in the midst of some sort of daredevilish act. You were on the last race of the Grand Prix-the notorious Rainbow Road. You were on your final lap and in first place, with Koutarou following close behind. Although you were completely focused on prying victory from Koutarou’s greedy paws, you couldn’t help but steal a glance at his cute, concentrated face. His brows were scrunched in concentration that matched your own, flaxen eyes fixed on the old T.V. screen. His mouth was slightly open, tongue peeking from the clutches of his teeth. He was moving the controller in his hands wildly, and for once in a game of Mario Kart (thanks to motion controls), it actually had an effect on how he played. You couldn’t ignore the thoughts parading your mind, insisting how cute Koutarou looked like this. You shook your head and focused back on the game. It was a close match, but thankfully, you won.

After crossing the finish line, you cheered for yourself and fist pumped the air, relishing in the feeling of triumph. Koutarou, feeling an overwhelming amount of loss, instantly went to tangle his hands in his hair as he began lamenting his loss. After a few more seconds of excitement, you calmed down and looked over at Koutarou’s slumped figure. You smiled softly at him, then reached out to touch him sympathetically.

“Hey, Kou. You tried your best.”

“But I only got second plaaaaaaceeee……”

“Kou, that doesn’t matter. We both had fun! That’s all that matters, right?”

Koutarou rose and sat up. “I guess…still sucks to lose though.”

You patted his hard back reassuringly. “We can do something else now if you want? I’m getting kinda bored of Karting so much anyway.”

Koutarou, pouting a bit, answered. “…Can we watch a movie…?”


His golden eyes peered up at you, a bit pleadingly, the pout quickly fading from his face. “And…..”

You raised a brow. “And?”

Koutarou quickly snatched your hands, engulfing yours in his large ones. The sudden warm, calloused feeling brought a rosy tint to your cheeks.

“Can we go get pork buns? Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase-” He was stopped by your finger gently placed on his lips.

“As long as you’re paying.”

Koutarou grinned and unsheathed his keys from his pocket. “Lessgo!”

As you walked into the corner store, you shivered at the sudden blast of AC hit you. The bright, fluorescent lights made you squint as you adjusted to the sudden change in lighting, holding out your hand a bit to protect yourself. Why did everything need to be twice as annoying at night? You shook off your chill and quickly followed behind Koutarou, wanting to get out of here as soon as possible.

Koutarou mosied around a bit before spotting something, eyes lighting up with excitement as a quick gasp exited his mouth. Koutarou grabbed a small, cylindrical bottle of what you assumed to be an energy drink and subsequently placed it between his legs. He looked over to you with the shittiest grin you’ve ever seen on a living creature.

“Hey, look, this is my dick.”

You gave him the classic  “I’m severly done with your shit” look, but quickly, an idea formed in your head. You grabbed a huge bottle from the glass fridge behind you and placed the bottle between your legs.

“Well THIS is mine. You need to step it up, man.”

Koutarou quickly burst into laughter, and you dissolved into giggles a second after. You two garnered a few odd looks from strangers hanging around the store, but you guys didn’t mind at all. After recovering from the outburst, the two of you got your food (which Koutarou paid for, as promised) and left the store.

The movie Koutarou chose was Anchorman 2, of course. The two of you shared many, many more laughs that night at the absolute stupidity and genuine funny moments of the film. You couldn’t help but catch looks of Koutarou’s laughing face, his eyes crinkled and cheeks pink due to the laughter. Sometimes, you found yourself smiling during the serious parts of the movie while thinking about his elated face.

Sometimes, he was just so damn adorable without even realizing it.

You noticed how…close…Koutarou got to you throughout the movie. It seemed like after every thirty minute increment, he got around an inch closer to you. By the time the movie was over, he was merely less than an inch away from you. The closeness of his body brought another blush to your face.

You had to admit, you had a pretty big crush on your best friend. And the fact he was being so…touchy tonight had you expressing your feelings through physical means, which you considered too obvious.

You closed your eyes and took a deep, silent breath in order to calm yourself, hoping not to disturb Koutarou. Luckily, it didn’t.

Silence enclosed you two as you sat on the couch, the movie menu screen providing the only illuminance in the room for the two of you. Koutarou turned to you, humourous, tow-colored eyes facing you.

“Dude…why don’t we hang out more often? This has been so fun!”

You shrugged in response. “I mean…I don’t know. I guess college has just been taking a huge toll on the both of us.”

Koutarou sighed in content, relaxing back into the couch. “I should come over more often.”

You hummed in response, a bit unsure of what to say.

A few more moments of silence passed on before Koutarou broke it with an uncharacteristically meager voice.

“I really missed you.”

You were taken aback by the comment, but stuttered out a response.

“I-I really m-missed you t-too.”

Koutarou sat up and turned to face you, a more serious look taking over his face. “You know…I really value our friendship.”

The sincerity in his tone and his mindful gaze made it a bit difficult to respond, however, you pushed one out.

“I do, too.”

He inched a bit closer, almost leaning over you, gaze unfaltered.

“I really mean this, (Y/N), you’re my closest friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You nodded, answering with a meek “I feel the same way.”, the genuine way he was saying this made a rosy blush bloom on your face. All thoughts left your mind, you could only focus on him and thick tension coating the air around the two of you. The major thing that irked you was the use of the word “friend”. You wanted that to change, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to alter fate. After a couple of seconds of sorting your words, you came up with a good question to pose to him.

“Do you…ever feel some sort of…weird connection between us…? Like, we were meant to be together…?”

Koutarou’s eyes widened slightly, then he impulsively gripped you face and went in for the kill. His (surprisingly) soft, warm lips pressed against yours forcefully, as if he was trying to convey years of pent up emotion through one action. You reacted by kissing him back harshly in return, savoring every moment your lips remained pressed together. He pulled back a couple of times, only to be drawn back by your fingers gently grabbing his chin, guiding him back to you, then slowly moving up to his cheeks as well, holding his face lightly. After a few minutes of repeating this, the two of you parted, breathing a bit laboured and hearts almost pounding out of your chests.

Koutarou kept his hands on your cheeks and gently stroked one with his thumb.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

You smiled up at him, then moved your hands to playfully slap his arm.

“Then you should’ve done it earlier, you goof.”

Koutarou gasped sarcastically in response, letting go of your face and giving you a faux mean look. “Hey, you could’ve made the first move too! I’m not the only one responsible for everything, right?”

You stuck your tongue out at him. “I was just testing to see how long you were gonna be chicken~”

Koutarou’s eyes narrowed, and he raised his hands over you, fingers outstretched.

No. He wasn’t.

A flurry of fingers attacked your midriff, making you burst into ugly laughter. You quickly pushed the man off you, jumping off the couch and readying yourself for a tickle fight. When Koutarou peered at you from the couch, the mischievous glint in his eyes was enough to make you consider forfeit and dark away, him trailing close behind.

If We Ever Meet Again (Ch. 2)


Genre: Fluff, Angst

Pairing: Hoshi x Reader

Synopsis: Was it fate or chance that brought them together?  Soonyoung had no idea, but whatever it was, he hoped that it would allow them to meet again.

    Soonyoung exited the building, stepping into the brisk fall air and looking for his hooky partner.  “Up here!,” he heard her call out to him from above.  A confused expression crossed his face as he tilted his head back, only to find her perched on the fire escape of the art gallery.  “What are you doing up there?,” he asked in amusement.  “Waiting for you to hurry up and join me!,” she giggled in response as he made his way to the stairs.

     “So you come here often?”  “Whenever I need to think.  Sometimes I just come up here to look at the town, though.  The view is so pretty, don’t you think?”  A small smile formed on Soonyoung’s lips as he kept his eyes on her and said, “Yeah…It is.” “I wish I had brought my camera,” she pouted, unaware of his  affectionate gaze.  “You’re a photographer?”  “I like to think so.”  “You don’t sound too confident in your abilities,” he chuckled.  “That’s up to interpretation.”  “Do you ever give direct responses?”  His tone was playfully sarcastic.  “Well, if I say ‘no’, that’d be a direct response, wouldn’t it?”  “I guess you got me there,” he laughed. 

     “But what about you?  Like, what do you do?”  Soonyoung took note of the curious twinkle in her eye as she tilted her head to one side.  He pointed to his bow-tie with a straight face.  “No, not that. I mean, what are you passionate about?”  He thought for a moment, pursing his lips as he looked out over the landscape.  “I don’t think I have a passion for anything.”  “Is there anything you do to…escape?  Something that makes you feel at peace?”  “I guess cooking.”  “You guess?”  “Yeah.  I hate serving, but I really like cooking.  It’s the only thing that keeps me sane working for my mother.”  “Ooh, so you’re a chef?”  “I like to think so,” he smirked.  “You don’t sound too confident in your abilities,” she replied, mimicking his expression.  “That’s up to interpretation.”

     Soonyoung had no idea how much time had passed, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care.  Because if he did, he would have to return to reality and that was the last thing he wanted.  “Your turn…Ask me anything,” he smiled, watching as she absentmindedly played with his fingers.  She hummed in thought before meeting his gaze.  “Do you believe in fate?”  “No…I can’t say that I do,” he trailed off, expecting the curious twinkle in her eye to fade.  It only brightened as she inquired, “So, everything is left up to chance, then?  Even us meeting?”.  The corner of his lips tilted upward as he locked his fingers with hers.  “I could never tell you for sure, but if that’s the case, I’m wondering how the odds of meeting someone like you worked out in my favor.”  She glanced at their joined hands before locking her eyes with his.  ‘Do something, Idiot!,’ he thought to himself.  Just as he began to lean in towards her, a cold drop of liquid hit his cheek.  Pulling apart to look up, they both noticed the sky grow darker as clouds moved in.  And there it was.  Reality. “We should probably get going.  I said I’d have you home at a reasonable hour.”  “I wouldn’t exactly call 2 AM a ‘reasonable hour’,” he mused, looking down at his watch for the first time since he left the event.  “Up to interpretation,” she winked, hopping up to go down the fire escape stairs.

     Soonyoung insisted on walking her home rather than the other way around.  She pressed that she would be fine, but he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  Lighthearted conversation, soft laughter, and the pitter patter of raindrops falling to the sidewalk were the only sounds that could be heard through the silence of the town as they made their way to her home and he couldn’t help but smile at the feeling of her hand slipping into his.  

       ‘Do it now.  Do it now.  Do it now,’ Soonyoung’s mind screamed as he watched her lips move.  What was she saying?  Hell if he knew, but he was sure that whatever it was, it was beautiful.  Just like her.  “Hoshi?  Is there something on your mind?”  “Uh…Honestly, yes.  There is,” he managed to get out.  She nodded, that same soft smile he adored so much urging him to continue speaking.  “I just…I really like you and I know that we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you for years after only a few hours and I’ve wanted to kiss you ever since you called me ‘Crab Cake’ and now I’m a rambling mess because you make me so nervous, and now you’re laughing.  Why are you laughing?,” he said, all in one breath with fidgety hands as her hand flew up to cover her mouth in amusement.  “Because your rambling is cute and I want you to kiss me.”  His shoulders relaxed as he replied, “Oh, thank Go-”  “Tomorrow.”  “What?  Why tomorrow?”  Despite the smile still being evident on her face, he noticed sadness in her eyes.  “I, uh…I leave for a photography internship in the big city tomorrow morning.” He tried not to let any disappointment show on his face since he was actually happy for her.  “That’s amazing.  So you’ll be gone for like a few months?”  She shook her head.  “A year?”  Repeating the action, her expression worsened.  “Longer than that?”  She nodded in response.  “Hoshi, I’m sor-”  “Don’t be.  Just tell me where I need to be tomorrow and we’ll figure this out then,” he smiled, tilting her chin upwards.  The rain finally let up and they both took notice, smiles widening.  She reached into her bag and pulled out a sharpie before taking his relatively dry hand and scribbling down some information.  “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.”  “Fate, right?,” he chuckled, one eyebrow slightly raised. “Exactly.”

     Soonyoung woke up the next morning feeling like he’d barely slept.  Staggering into the bathroom, he looked in the mirror, wondering where the black smudges on his face came from.  ‘…Ink?,’ he thought before it finally hit him.  ‘Ink!  Shit!’   “No, no, no, no….,” he trailed off, looking down at his hand.  ‘9:00 Gate 1-’  He couldn’t read the other half of the number.  Wiping the ink off his face with a wash cloth, he glanced at the clock.  ‘8:36.  I still have time.’  In a panicked rush, he gargled some mouth wash and made a run for it, dashing passed his mother just as she was asking what he wanted for breakfast.  “Sorry, Ma!  I’ll be back soon!”

     His legs were on fire, but he finally made it to the train station.  ‘8:52.  I have eight minutes to find her!’  He looked around and saw Gate 10, figuring he should start there. 

     “Excuse me, i’m looking for someone,” he began to describe her to a group of people who all seemed thoroughly confused.  “Oh, I saw her!  She said she was looking for a boy that looked kinda like you, I s’pose,” an older man recollected.  “Where did she go?!”  “I think I saw her going towards Gate 13.”  Soonyoung muttered a quick ‘thank you’ before dashing off.  The sound of the train’s engine starting only pushed him further.  But it was too late.  His legs finally gave up, along with his tired voice, as he saw a glimpse of her hair flash by him and into the dark tunnel.    


After several requests for a follow up I couldn’t help myself. These obsessed friends are at it again…PS…I don’t think they’re done either.

Three weeks pass and not much has changed. Three weeks spent avoiding him, not that he’d noticed, she thought. He called daily with updates on practice, sound check, venting about Jared’s refusal to take a break and how it kills him to watch his little brother in so much pain. She listens every day to his rambling but when he asks about her day, she answers the same. “Fine.” Not one time does she reveal her feelings or how she lies in her bed at night longing for his touch. Three weeks she’d spent missing him. He doesn’t know.

She was under obligation to attend a business dinner tonight and left her cell on the counter in the bathroom. Dinner was a bore, although she managed to secure the account she’d been gunning after for months. She celebrated the deal with a few extra cocktails at the bar with her colleagues before taking an Uber home. She stumbled up the porch and inside the house, instantly kicking her heels off. “Hot date?” she heard the sound of Shannon’s sultry voice calling out to her from the living room and froze.

“Work,” she said calmly, searching the dark house for him. “I think the vibrator is better than any man could be at this point.” She finds him sitting on the couch, his legs crossed, that ridiculous brown ‘Indiana Jones’ looking hat perched on his knee. “How did you get inside my house?

“Key,” Shannon says and she can hear the smirk in his tone. “You should hide it better. Anybody could break in and take advantage of you.”

“Obviously,” she laughs, rolling her eyes. “Good thing you found it then, huh,” she says, rolling her shoulders and rubbing her neck. “I’ve got to get out of this dress,” she whines turning for the bedroom. She smirks to herself when she hears Shannon follow her down the hallway. The smirk is quickly wiped off her face when she has trouble reaching the tiny zipper and hears him chuckling in her doorway.

“You want help with that?” he offers, barely masking his laughter. She drops her hands and nods, biting back the sarcastic response she wants to give him. Shannon approaches her slowly, running his fingertips up her arms from her hands all the way to her shoulders, sending shivers down her spine, before finally pulling the zipper down for her. “What would you do without me?” he teases.

She steps away from him, trying to regain control of the situation. “I’d have used a paperclip and some string. I don’t need you,” she says, firmly rebuking him, enjoying the way his face falls a little when she says that last bit. “But you are nice to have around,” she throws him a bone as she steps into her closet to change.

Her text alert goes off in the bathroom and Shannon realizes that’s why she wasn’t answering his calls tonight as he goes to retrieve it for her. “Who’s Jason and why does he care if you got home okay?”

“I borrowed his phone to get my uber home,” she tells him, emerging from the closet dressed in a silk camisole and shorts. She takes the phone from Shannon’s hand and sits on the edge of the bed as she types out a quick response to let her co-worker know she was okay. “What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be banging on your drums somewhere, or a groupie?” she asks, mumbling the last part.

“When you didn’t answer all night I was worried about you, but I guess Jason had that all covered,” Shannon bites back.

“Maybe he wouldn’t leave me hanging for three weeks,” she sarcastically answers him, biting her lip the instant the words are out there.

“Ouch,” Shannon says, covering his chest with his hands and pretending to have a heart attack, throwing himself onto the bed next to her. Shannon wraps his big arms around her waist and pulls her to him, “If you wanted more all you had to do was ask,” he tells her, his lips trailing from her ear to her neck.

“Fuck you! I’m not going to beg a man to fuck me correctly,” she practically yells, pulling away from his grasp. She storms out of the bedroom leaving Shannon a little shellshocked in her wake.

He gathers his wits and goes to find her in the kitchen, making tea. “Hey, I thought we were okay. We’ve been talking, texting. What did I miss?” he asks, keeping his distance.

“You knew you left me hanging. Maybe you should research friends with benefits. There should be a fucking benefit,” she complains, slamming a kitchen cabinet a little too hard, catching her finger in the process. She hisses in pain and Shannon is by her side in an instant, pulling her finger to his lips.

“Benefits, huh? I can do benefits,” he tells her, wrapping her in his arms and kissing her breathless.

“That’s all you’ve got,” she counters, still pouting a bit. Shannon grabs her up in his arms and pushes her onto the countertop, wrapping her legs around his waist as he attacks her lips. He bites and sucks his way down her neck to her chest as his hands wind their way under her cami, pulling it up to expose her to him. She bites her lip to hold back her moans, not wanting to give into him so quickly. She has no choice, however, when he holds her breast in his hand and bites down around her nipple, making her cry out as he soothes the pain away with his tongue.

With her eyes closed and her head tilted back in pure ecstasy she reaches between them unbuttoning his jeans and sliding her hand around his already hard cock, stroking him. Shannon pulls her hand from inside his pants and kisses her palm. “No ma’am, I believe I owe you a few benefits.”

Shannon bends down, pushing her shorts to the side sucking her clit into the warmth of his mouth. Her hands are instantly on his head, begging him not to stop. She squeals when he wraps her legs around his neck, his strong arms lifting her from the counter. “Put me down before you drop me.” Before she knows what’s happening he’s got her laid out on the kitchen table, ripping her shorts from her legs, his head firmly planted between her thighs, teasingly licking at the soft skin around her clit. “Ohhhhhhhhh, God, Shannnn…” she groans, her body nearly convulsing against the hard wood of the table as her orgasm nears.

Shannon takes his time, licking, kissing and sucking at her pussy until she’s clawing at his shoulders. Finally he kisses his way up her body, pressing his lips to hers, kissing her passionately. “One.”

“Hmmm,” she groans, finally opening her eyes, the ride of the orgasm wearing off.

“I figure one benefit for each week that you were left waiting,” Shannon tells her, rocking the palm of his hand across her already swollen clit until she’s arching her back and involuntarily grinding her hips against his hand. “Come on baby, give me another,” he encourages, moving his lips to her breasts again, as he works his fingers in and out of her, pressing his palm against her clit. Her second orgasm hits her just as fast as the first, her nails drawing blood as she grips his arm tightly, screaming his name. He kisses her fiercely before whispering, “two,” in her ear as she shudders beneath him.

Shannon spends a little time just kissing her, letting her regain her senses. When she coherently says his name, he begins touching her again with slow, deliberate movements.

She whines as he touches her this time, pulling his hand away. “Please, I want more than your hand,” she begs, pulling herself from the table and pulling him with her. He follows her through the house and watches her climb into the bed, kneeling on the edge. Shannon stands in the doorway for a moment, staring at her naked body. “Shan, don’t make me wait another three weeks,” she smiles devilishly, regaining his attention.

Before he reaches her she’s off the bed and pulling his shirt over his head. She crashes her lips on his and pushes his pants down his hips, pulling him towards the bed.

Shannon stops at the bench at the foot of her bed, kicking it out with one foot and forcing her to lie down straddling the bench, holding her hands above her head. Her eyes roll back in her head as he eases inside. She holds her legs around his hips, her right knee banging the unforgiving wooden footboard, scraping her knee with every thrust. Shannon devours her moans with his kisses, quickly losing his own composure as well.

“Is this what you wanted?” he asks her, punctuating his question with a particularly deep thrust into her that makes her keen.

“Yeess,” she screams out tightening her legs around his hips, pulling him deeper.

Shannon leans down, licking a stripe from her neck to her ear and whispers demandingly, “three,” as she falls apart beneath him, finally allowing himself his own release.

Shannon kisses her quickly and pulls himself from the bench. She opens her eyes but doesn’t move an inch, completely content in the moment. She watches him retreat to the bathroom and closes her eyes when he’s out of sight. “You okay there sweetheart?” Shannon asks when he emerges from the bathroom to find her in the same position.

“Ummmm,” she mumbles reaching her hand out for him to help her up. “I don’t think my legs will work again for another three weeks.”

“That’s too bad, because I don’t think I can wait that long again,” he responds, kissing her forehead as he picks her up from the bench and places her into her bed, holding her against him.

“Why do I always wake up alone after we do this,” she asks avoiding making eye contact with him.

“Because you like to sleep in and my brother is a slave driver,” he jokes, brushing off the question.

She wishes she could be mad at him for it, but he’s doing that thing where he lightly drums his fingers against her arm and she’s asleep before she knows it.

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grab my hand | eunwoo/dongmin

monthly prompt event: summer / vacation 
group: ASTRO
pairing: cha eunwoo/ lee dongmin, you
genre: fluff, soulmate!au
warnings: mentions of drowning, but not too serious. 
words: 4782

note: heavily inspired by dongmin’s CF for lotte waterpark. you can watch the video here. i’m not familiar with the other girl he was with, but they had really great chemistry and the CF was just full of good summery vibes, so why not turn it into a fic. :) ^^ also, i don’t see a lot of astro fics on tumblr, so let’s change that right now, shall we?~ (another thing, /your/ best friend is gender neutral hence the they/them pronouns)

enjoy x

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Personal review of Rtte Season 5

Best episode: Can’t decide, actually. If you asked me about season 4, I’d not be able to choose bc there were so many awesome episodes. In season 5, though, all episodes seemed kind of “meh” to me. I am rather finding gold in the small scenes this time.

Best moment: I guess, Viggo saving his companion from falling into the lava. It twisted his character once anew. This guy is so freaking INTERESTING! He is the mentally soundest, most positive and cleverest villain we’ve ever seen!

Best line: “I cannot be in charge of something I don’t believe in.” - Hiccup in The Wings Of War Part 1. Current topic in my life which is why it resonated with me so strongly.

Funniest moment: “I don’t know, just do what he says. He’s always right, so there’s really no point.” - Snotlout totally giving up about Hiccup in Sandbusted. Also Tuffnut speaking Spanish?

Deepest moment: Dagur actually seriously thinking about his wrongdoings. How he suddenly just turned into a little boy who wanted to make his father proud. And how he accepted the heritage Oswald left to him and Heather.

Best character development: Ehm, SNOTLOUT, excuse me??? How cool was Snotlout in this season??? He turned out to be badass, responsible, also selfless, and still was the old great sarcastic voice we know him for. I love how he acted cautiously yet brave. He put Gustav in his place but still encouraged him and helped him out of his misery. And he finally got a moment to shine on Dagur’s stage. He received the attention he had so desperately longed for all the time - only now, he really earned it. Loved to see him honoured like that.

Biggest surprise: Johann getting exposed as evil. No doubt about that. None of us knew that in beforehand, and even if we had good reason to grow suspicious over time, there’s no possible way we could have guessed him to secretly being in a leadership position among the bad guys. Tbh I always wondered why the filmmakers would be giving him such colourful and detailed clothing when he only was a boring side character at Bucket-and-Mulch-level or smth. Well, now I know :-)

The one thing I’ll never understand: How Snotlout actually AGREED to buy corn for chicken. Why he would willingly do ANYTHING for the twins at all, let alone for their CHICKEN, let alone would he buy EXPENSIVE food for said chicken, let alone would he TRADE HIS CLOTHES for da CHICKEN??? Tsss XD

but it’s better if you do

Summary: When Louise invites Dan and Phil to a Halloween masquerade ball, Phil suggests they go alone. Dan doesn’t expect much to happen, until Phil kisses him. Now, Phil’s on a hunt to find the boy he kissed. The twist? He doesn’t know it was Dan.
Word Count: 2,345
Warnings: Recreational drinking, anxiety attack
EXCERPT:  “Well,” Dan panicked. “There are a lot of guys on this list. How are you gonna narrow it down?”

Phil sipped at his coffee before taking the list back. “I have my criteria.” At Dan’s raised eyebrow, Phil elaborated. “He was a guy. There’s half the guest list right there. And he was tall, so that gets rid of Tyler. And then, since there’s only a few people left.” Phil giggled maniacally. If someone didn’t believe it was possible to laugh maniacally, Dan was redirecting them to Phil. “I’ll figure it out.” 

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“You know, I remember that being easier last time,” said Percy as he leaned against Nico. He was coming down quickly from the rush of the fight, and his injuries were making themselves more known with each passing moment.

“Last time you were invulnerable, remember?” said Nico.

“Still though.” Percy looked around. “Wow, we sure did a number on this place.”

Nico let out a little breath of amusement. “Who is this ‘we’ you speak of? I don’t remember blowing up any fountains, or knocking over any walls, or exploding all those toilets…”

“Oh yeah, you’re totally innocent,” said Percy sarcastically. “Shaking the ground, pulling skeletons up like reverse-Whack-A-Mole through the concrete…”

“All cosmetic damage, I assure you,” said Nico, practically dripping with mock-dignity. “I am the heart and soul of proportional response. You, on the other hand, basically turned the park into a crater.”

“Okay, okay, I give,” said Percy with a little laugh. He leaned in more against Nico, knowing Nico could take the weight. His ankle was really starting to throb. “Sheesh, what’s a guy gotta do for you to cut him some slack?”

“Maybe take me someplace nice for once,” said Nico, his tone tart, but his eyes dancing cheerfully.

“You wanted to learn to skate!” protested Percy, tightening his arm around Nico’s shoulders. “I didn’t know this was supposed to be date, or I would have stepped my game up.”

“Step your game up, huh?” Nico was grinning. “I’d like to see that.”

“All right, all right, lemme just,” Percy straightened up, cleared his throat, and pulled Nico a little closer. “So… you come here often?”

commissioned from @nickroblesart by moi

Return To Me.

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: As always thank you all so much for all the support, it means more than I can ever say so I shall post this chapter early for you guys. This is a beast of a chapter at over 7,000 words! But hopefully it has some of the answers you’re all looking for. As always this story is painful but I hope you do enjoy…

Chapter 10: The Past Truth.

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