do i get my reward now

Hey guys.

so I’ve been thinking a lot - specifically, thinking about my future in the phandom.

I’ll be honest - I’m not as driven as I used to be. I watch Dan and Phil sometimes, yes. But I don’t feel the drive to write anymore. I almost never post on this blog. Hell, I don’t interact with hardly anyone on here anymore.

Now, I’m just thinking right now. Thinking about deleting this blog. Thinking about taking my fics off of everywhere. Whether or not i will remains undecided.


I’m just tired, I guess. I never get involved in the phandom anymore, and when I do it’s exhausting. Writing for this fanbase doesn’t feel rewarding anymore. Keeping this blog updated feels like a chore, something it should NEVER feel like.

This is all purely thought right now. I’m gonna sleep on it and come back later. Im not deleting, I’m not leaving. At least not yet.

Thanks for listening.

- Silver button -

It arrived at my grandma’s house, I woke up early to go there…and now  it’s in my hands!

This is the first time I get a kind of thing like this one, I mean, a reward for the work I’m currently doing. I must admit this is a wonderful gift from Youtube, but what I appreciate the most is the support from everyone since I started with this, for the amount of people that like my animations, for the amazing people I met and are now great friends of mine, for other artists who inspired me and gave me strong to keep forward. 

This button can have just my name (RIP letter Ñ of my last name lmao) and a number, but in my heart it says the names of each one of you for supporting a small artist who had a second chance to be able to love what she does.

I do really hope to still entertain you with my animations and art in the future, with my original projects and more stuff.

Thank you so much people. Thank you for everything.

Now I’ll make a lil’ video about this to my channel.
Have a nice day/evening/night <3 

[TRANS] BTS Festa 2014 - Post-its to BTS


“Hey V!
When hyung look at you, uh, my heart hurts so so much.
I said you just need to trust and follow hyung right?
Why don’t you know that ㅋㅋㅋ Be obedient ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Wanna gang up and fight off Suga-hyung? Deal?” - Jimin 

“Hey V…
What’s your next hair color?
I’m curious too.” - Suga 

“V, speak to the point and precisely.” - J-hope 

You’re the kind of kid that makes people love and hate at the same time.
You’re similar to me in many things but sometimes I can’t understand you… Be more obedient.
P.S. Am I weird too?” - Rap Monster 

“Be a human.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 

I don’t mind you resting in my room when I’m not at the dorm but clean up after you go~ Let’s live cleanly at the dorm! You’re No.1 on my blacklist ㅋㅋ” - Manager 


Hyung ㅋㅋㅋ I demand a duel with you and Suga-hyung ㅋㅋ Right now you guys think I’m cute but the day this table is turned will come soon. Wait a little bit more.” - Jimin 

“Hey Hope…
These days your variety sense is getting better.
It’s good.
But thanks to that it’s twice noisier too…” - Suga 

You’re always hopeful and cheerful but I think you must go through hard times too. If you do, you can look for me and talk. I can listen to your stories. […]” - Jungkook 

“Hey J-hope.
I heard you saved my contact as ‘Kim Seokjin-hyung’.
It’s okay.
I saved yours as ‘Bighit Jung Hoseok’.” - Jin 

“You pervert… ㅡ ㅡ
For example when I’m playing games, don’t turn off the outlet.” -

Sometimes you’re earnest, sometimes you’re the laziest. Show the world more of your abilities.” - Rap Monster 

“Chief Jung who always work hard and look after BTS. Wait, now that you’re promoted, you became team leader Jung right? ㅎ I believe there’s no doubt you’ll get good reward and result with how hard you’ve worked. Let’s get promoted to President Jung!” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Team leader Jung who’s always very helpful! Thanks~” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Hey Rapmon, shower cleanly.” - J-hope 

“If you borrow something you have to return it back.” -

“Hey Rapmon…
These days you’re not snoring…
Thanks to that I’m sleeping peacefully.
Thank you…” - Suga 

“Hey Rapmon.
I don’t know if I adapted myself to your snoring or if your snoring got quieter, but I got used to it.
It’s fine, it’s all good.” - Jin 

You must be tired from going through a lot for the 6 of us right. I’m sorry I can’t do anything for you. I’ll work harder so you’ll have less hard times.” - Jungkook 

You’ll stand by our side right? You will right? I like you a lot but nah, I think you’ll betray us ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll leave you out. It’s a coup d'état!! Kakakaka.” - Jimin 

“Go to the bathroom before we start practicing.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Suga-hyungnim, thank you for thinking I’m cute ㅎㅎ I’ll fight you off some day. I’m gathering the team for it. Just wait. From the coolest guy in BTS.” - Jimin 

Please be more obedient.
I know your childish inner self better than anyone else ^*^!” - Rap Monster 

“Hey Suga.
I like your lazinism. Really.
I feel at ease when I see you lying down.
Really.” - Jin 

“You only need to show a little bit of your lethargy.” -

You must be tired from working and composing until late at night. You don’t seem to gain any weight so please eat a lot. When […] I’ll buy it for you.” - Jungkook 

“SUGA fighting!!” - J-hope 

“To. Suga Rebel.
Old soul. Genius artist?
Thanks to you BTS can be BTS. I hope you can keep being that way and become a great artist!!
When will you write a title song? ㅋ” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Take care of your health when you’re still young.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


You’re doing great.
Please show us the ✨eldest hyung✨ side of youㅡ
P.S. Thanks for your cooking! ^*^” - Rap Monster 

“Jin-hyung, please shave.” - J-hope 

“It’s too much if you know you’re handsome yourself.” -

Must be tired doing all the assignments for college right…?
You just need to avoid getting academic probation…
I’ll always support you.” - Suga 

Hyungnim T_T~ I’m going to fight off Syubsyubie-hyung and Hope-hyung but I need your help! If you’re there those people will ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ㅋㅋㅋ So you have to help me!!!
The most handsome cook in BTS, Jin-hyung.” - Jimin 

“Jin-hyung. Thank you for making us many delicious dishes.” - Jungkook  

“To. Jin BTS’ shoulder-slash-eldest-hyung!
You always stay behind quietly but I know you are their mediator and their shoulder to lean on.
Maybe the day when you’re called Korea’s best actor will come soon too?^^” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

Thanks to your ability to cook tasty dishes from limited ingredients, I always get to eat deliciously~ Take care of me in the future too~” - Manager 

“Hoot…” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Hey Jimin…
Why do we stop growing so soon…” - Suga 

You’re having a hard time these days because of me right.
I’ll be more obedient.
Thank you.
Let’s work out together 3 years later ㅋ” - Jungkook 

You know I love you right?
It’s no joke~” - J-hope 

“Don’t touch your thighs you pervert.” -

“To. Jimin
Hardworker, in charge of charm, Jiminie!! ♡
From someone who joined BTS the latest, you have now become an irreplaceable part of the team! Keeping working hard in the future too!! […] the saying that heaven will help hardworkers.” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Go to the bathroom early. Don’t go when we start.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


Stop working out…
Let’s not work out with me…” - Suga 

“Hey Jungkook.
You listen to me well so you’re good.
This brat.
Good. But refrain from working out…” - Jin 

Jungkook, I’m not pressuring you! I’m planning to kick out Suga-hyung and Hobi-hyung but I won’t pressure you to stand by my side. But I’m treating you really well!!! Right? Our kind and pretty Kookie…” - Jimin 

“Jungkook, you’re so good even at practicing. I think I need to learn more because of you too. But be more obedient~” -

“To. Jungkook
Golden maknae!! Is there any word that can describe better than this? ㅎ
I believe that if you are not settled with your natural talents, not hate doing repeated things and work with passion, there’s no doubt one day you’ll become the best singer in Korea!
Hope you will never forget your passion and effort!!” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“My manager. Once a manager, forever a manager.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 

Wake up when I wake you in the morning! Sometimes I’m scared when no matter what I do, you still remain motionless like a stone stature. And sleep on your bed~! Don’t sleep in weird position on the floor too~!” - Manager

I just wanted to belong

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day round three, it’s a day late, but life happens. Reader is Dean’s 17 year old daughter who has a twin brother named Robby.

Dean x Daughter!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by sammy-samulet

You stood at the counter of the diner trying to decide if you should go back to the booth where your father, uncle, and twin brother sat, or if you’d have a better time alone at the counter. You’d gone up to ask for more napkins to clean up a spill that Robby, your twin had made. However glancing back you saw that they had waved down the waitress who your dad and brother were both flirting with.

With the roll of your eyes you took a seat at the counter; knowing you’d actually enjoy your meal if you weren’t near your father or brother.

You loved them both dearly and at one point your entire family was so close knit that your absence would have been noticed right away. However as you grew older the bond you shared with your twin and father began to disappear and once you started going on hunts with your dad and uncle, it all but vanished.

At first you told yourself that you were overreacting; that your father was just constantly worried about you, but as time went on you saw how close Robby and your dad still were, yet you remained on the outside.

It was something that your dad and brother both seemed oblivious to. Whenever you’d try to involve yourself in what they were doing they would send you away with some excuse as to why you couldn’t participate with them and soon you just stopped asking.

This never seemed to effect them, but it sure effected you.

Your father and Robby might not have seen what they were doing, but your Uncle Sam sure did. At first he tried to stick up for you, pointing out to Dean all the times it seemed that Robby and him would purposefully leave you out. Dean would deny it and after countless arguments with no change Sam stopped trying. Instead he became the figure in your life you so desperately wanted.

Still, there were times that Sam got sucked into whatever fun Robby and your dad were having; leaving you to be the outsider in your family again.

It was a role you learned to accept and gave up hope that it’d change.

Keep reading

Bts Reaction to you having a Daddy kink

Request 1:  Hello lovely! Can you do a bts reaction where their shy girlfriend(who they’ve never gone all the way with YET) admits that she has a massive daddy kink and loves to be spanked?

Request 2:  Bts reaction to you being into DDlb/g? Thanks!


“Well, now that’s new. We can try, although I can’t promise I’ll be good at this. Y/N! Leave the cookies where they are. You don’t want to? Guess I’ll have to become good at this. Bend on my lap, fast. I want you to count. For every cookie. And they were a lot baby.”

Originally posted by jiminiemini


“How long have I waited to hear this. I’ll be a good daddy, baby. And spankings will be the least of what you should expect from me.”

Originally posted by jiminiemini


“But baby, daddy already knows that you are a little good girl who loves to feel how nice Daddys’ hand feels as he smacks that beautiful ass of yours.”

Originally posted by 98a


“I can do that. I can be your daddy. Anymore kinky requests? Spankings? I’ll have it in mynd. Are you sure, however, you’ll survive?”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


“I was hoping you could be my mommy. But I guess, Daddy will have to step in. I can do that even better. Now, should we reward or should we punish. On your knees.”

Originally posted by jiminiemini


“I warn you baby. If we do this, it doesn’t stay in the bedroom. I’m your daddy on the streets and in the sheets. Am I clear? Unless you want to count those spanks you love so much.”

Originally posted by jiminiemini


“So you finally admit you want me to be your daddy. Good. Now things will get very interesting. I want you on the bed in ten. We are going to have a practice session. And baby? If you want spankies, that’s what you’ll get.”

Originally posted by baekyeolkaisoogirl



I finished off my UI and sprites so I rewarded myself with doing some Mob Psycho sketches shhhhh this is self-indulgence

I thought the first one was just cute and I’ll let you all know when I get tired of drawing Teruki blushing. But I won’t because blushing characters are one of my most favourite things in the world.

And the second one. Now the second one was directly inspired by this piece of writing by @brostrid cause god damn now my heart hurts

Bts reaction to their girl sending them nudes on a music show

Request:  hey, could you make bts reacting to their s/o sending nudes to them while they are at some music show? thanks!

A/n:I’M BACK BITCHES. For a while, then I’m going to disappear again, but for now, I’m back

Situation: You send your BTS boyfriend a risky pic while they are getting ready to perform on a music show. The reactions are the texts you receive in return


“What did I do to deserve this? I even left you food in the fridge. Now I’ll suffer.”

Originally posted by sugasuite


“You, my lady, are the best wifey material. You know what I want now? To lay you on the table and fuck you like you deserve.”

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves


“You really want to cry later, don’t you? Don’t you dare touch yourself or try to do anything. I’m coming after the recording. Just have the luck to not be on the bed with your collar on. Bad girl, trying to tease her daddy.”

Originally posted by bangtan-tan


“You want free porn, don’t you? Showing those boobs. Now I’ll dance with a boner baby. That hurts a lot. But I guess, now you won’t have to pay five dollars to watch porn on my laptop. Enjoy the show.”

Originally posted by leojuseyo


“Y/n, baby, sending me your boobs does nothing to me. You know what does? Playing, sucking and licking them. Now this, will get you where you want to be. Right on top of my thigh. Wait a little longer, I’m coming.”

Originally posted by nnochu


“Why are you sending me this? Should I send you a dickpic back? Y/n, how does this work? What do you want me to say? I’m hella confused baby.”

Originally posted by kaiiyeye


“Naughty little girl. Look at you. Now you even have the courage to send me a risky picture? I’m somehow proud of you. You’ll get a reward for being more confident. I’ll let you ride me tonight instead of me being on top. That doesn’t mean you are in charge. That means that you will be on top with me in charge.”

Originally posted by nnochu

Feedback is really appreciated

Reaction Masterlist Story Masterlist

Jin as a teacher and bangtan as the students
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Jin:</b> the one who gets this question gets a reward!<p/><b>Jhope:</b> I'll get yoongi?<p/><b>Jin:</b> what<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> what<p/><b>Jin:</b> anyways,the question is,what is the capital of korea! Common thats easy!<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> s-<p/><b>Jin:</b> [whispering ] shut up I want tae to answer<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> stock..Holm?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Oh my-<p/><b>Jin under his breath:</b> [fkn hell why am I still a teacher]<p/><b>Tae:</b> what did you say?<p/><b>Jin:</b> nothing, ill give you a hint! Do you... Know the Seoul central zoo?<p/><b>Tae:</b> where they keep animals?<p/><b>Jin:</b> ye-<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> like you<p/><b>Jin: get out</b> <p/><b>Jin: </b> ok so,where is that zoo located?!<p/><b>Tae:</b> Seoul?<p/><b>Jin:</b> YES!EXACTLY, YOU ALMOST GOT IT,SO NOW WHAT IS KOREA'S CAPITAL?!!<p/><b>Tae:</b> the..zoo?<p/><b>Jin:</b> <p/><b>Namjoon flipping the table:</b> I SWEAR TO GOD<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
BTS React to their ‘little’S/O acting bratty

Requested:  Their S.O is a little and has been acting bratty all day

Thank you for the request <3 I finally have it done. I actually had it done once before but tumblr glitched (I honestly don’t know wtf happened) and deleted it from my queue, so I had to rewrite it :/

But it’s done now! I hope you enjoy it. 

Note: this is a lg/dd request, no one depicted is underage. 

- Admin Crys


Tsundere Daddy. 

He likes to think he’s this tough strict daddy, and that he doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior. He would act like he’s pissed at you, not offering a kind word the whole day. 

“Why do you have to act like such a brat?”

“That’s okay, Daddy’s going to show you that bad behavior is not rewarded.”

Yet he:

- Fixes you your favorite meal when you get home (Chicken nuggets and Mac ‘n Cheese).

- Snuggles with you while you watch your cartoons

- Lets you have extra playtime in the bath with your ducky. 

Originally posted by sugaedit


He would be exasperated with you, and a little bit fed up. He wants to be a good daddy though, and lets you tell him your side of the story, without getting angry or punishing you right off the bat. 

“Baby, you’ve got to tell daddy these things.”

“How am I supposed to know what’s wrong? I’m not a mind reader, you have to let me know, okay?”

Originally posted by cherryblossoms-and-cupcakes


As soon as you both get home and have walked through the door, he turns to you, grabbing your arm and leading you over to the couch, pushing you until you’re leaning over the back. 

“I have to spank you, baby.”

“What kind of daddy would I be if I let you get away with being so naughty?”

*he unbuckles his belt and starts pulling it through the loops

“You get 15, and I want to hear you count every. single. one. of them.”

Originally posted by nochuie


He takes his role as being your caregiver/daddy very seriously. That means not letting you get away with such awful behavior, but that also means not just mindlessly punishing you either. 

He knows exactly how to put you in your place. 

“When you act like this baby, it really hurts daddy’s feelings.”

“It makes me feel like I”m doing a bad job, like I’m the worst daddy in the world.”

Hearing this, you start to tear up. 

“No daddy! You’re the best in the world! The best!”

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings daddy, I’m so sorry.”

The rest of the day you’re on your best behavior, wanting to make it up to him. 

Originally posted by charrytommoto


He does his best to scold you, but when it comes down to it, he is no match for how cute you are. You know how to use your charms to your advantage to wriggle your way out of it. 

As he’s getting onto you for being bratty you go up to him, looking up at him with pitiful eyes, and wrap your arms around his neck. He does his best to resist. 

“Don’t think I’m going to let you off so easily.” You just continue to pout, and he finally sighs, the tension leaving his shoulders. 

“Okay, I’ll let you off just this once.”

“If it happens again you’re in big trouble missy.”

*quietly whispers to himself “Why am I so soft?” 

Originally posted by jiminiminii


He tries his best to be a good daddy, but it can be hard for him. Sometimes he doesn’t have the best temperament and can easily get overwhelmed and emotional. 

When you arrive home for the day, Taetae has had enough

“You’re not the only one that knows how to throw a tantrum!”

“It’s times like these when I hate this!”

He sees the effect his words have on you, and the heartbroken look on your face tears him up inside. 

“Baby, god baby. I didn’t mean it.”

“You hate being my daddy?”

“No! I love being your daddy, you know I do. It’s just been a really horrible day and I shouldn’t have said it, because it’s a lie. I’m sorry.”

Originally posted by defdaniksgf

J Hope: 

He doesn’t get angry or yell at you for being so bratty. He just sends you to time out. 

“Go to your room. After you’ve thought about your bad behavior today and why that was unacceptable you can come out.”

Later, when you finally venture out of your room, you immediately head for him, crawling up into his lap and hiding your head in his neck, crying softly. 

“I’m sorry daddy. I was really bad.”

“I’ll be good for you, promise. Please don’t send me back to time out. I was wrong.”

He would shush you, gently rubbing his hand up and down your back to comfort you. 

“It’s okay baby, I know you’re a good girl.”

“Let’s do something fun, okay? Why don’t you pick a movie to watch? Or do you want to play with your toys?”

Originally posted by askarsgardss

Steam Sale Recommendations

Here are some of my personal favs from the steam sale! I’ll put them in categories of Up to ~5$, up to 10$, and above 10$

Up to ~5$

Single player Don’t Starve (no add-ons) is currently 3.74! I’d buy at least Reign of Giants expansion, but if you’re on the cheap and want a great survival game, you can’t go wrong here. The rest of the prices are here too, if you so like.

Next, we’ve got Transistor! I threw Abzu in there too because it technically goes over 5 dollars, but it’s a steal at 70% off. I haven’t played transistor, but I’m buying it due to copious amounts of good reviews I’ve heard about it from friends and critics alike. Plus, at that price?! 

Psychonauts, an all time classic, coming in at 99 cents. I played this back on the Xbox, but it’s not just my nostalgia telling you it’s a masterpiece. It’s a no brainer. ehehehehehehe

Portal 1 AND 2 over here for hardly over 2 bucks. Can’t go wrong. Instant classics. Fun times to be had. Do it. Do it for me.

This could probably actually go on forever so let’s get going to the higher numbers

Up to ~10$

Starbound is a classic survival/crafting game, and it’s pretty poor-system friendly from what I’ve heard. It’s only 10 dollars now! i’ve sunk 80 hours into this game, and I don’t even *love* it, I just really like it. So I think you’re getting your money’s worth here.

Hollow Knight, my favorite Indie game of this year, so far, over here at hardly 10 bucks. Get it, you won’t regret it. Best metroidvania in years.

Furi is an incredibly difficult but rewarding Hack-n-slash mixed with a Bullet Hell boss rush type game with incredible aesthetics and utterly amazing soundtrack that is slightly diminished by the crippling difficulty that I really didn’t stress enough. Well, it’s not the hardest game ever, but it’s challenging by modern standards. I’ve died on every boss since the second one. I consider myself decent at video games. take that as you will.

My GOTY last year over here for 10 dollars, get that thing in your library right this moment or so help me

Again, could go on for forever, moving to the last tier 

Above 10$

I’m only about 5 hours into Dead Cells and it’s pretty awesome. It’s under serious construction, but it’s pretty creative and has nice graphics (aside from the cringe-inducing 3d modeling on the zombies that makes me think of all those skeleton memes)

All 3 Bioshock games for 15$. That’s a pretty garsh darn great deal, I’d say. I’ve played all 3 over the years and they’re solid for their genre, I can highly recommend this deal! To find it, just go to any of the pages for the Bioshock games (1, 2, or infinite) and you will find this bundle option below the regular one. 

Two of the better recent RPGs over here! Well, once again, this list could go on for way too long, so I implore you to have a fun time searching the store! Happy sales kids

Exam wisdom

I just finished my exams today and I am absolutely drained. I’m running on caffeine and 2 hours of sleep. Gonna reward myself with a nice nap now :))

Here are a few things that are worth remembering:

- Start early. Seriously. It makes a huge difference.

- DO PRACTICE PAPERS (if you’re an IB student who takes sciences, get the IB questionbanks!!!!)

- Try your hardest and try not to beat yourself up for struggling despite working hard. Shit happens. Exams aren’t always going to great, even with preparation.

- Prepare yourself as much as you possibly can. Remember that all of the efforts and hard work that you put in during this short period of time will be rewarded.

- You are smart and you are capable. Do not let laziness stop you from achieving your potential.

- Treat your body right. This is something that I still have to work on a lot but for real. Don’t put your body through hell. Get enough sleep (or at least try to get as much as you can) and eat nutritious food (protein, fruits, vegetables, etc.). Even try to exercise if you can, but I know that it becomes impossible with exams.

- Try to plan your time as much as possible to make sure that you devote the study time needed for each subject you need to study for.

- Believe in yourself. You are intelligent and your grades do not define your intellect or your potential.
You are capable of achieving your goals, all it takes is hard work.

I will try to continuously update this list :) pls add more content if you can think of something important that I’ve missed.

Have an amazing week everyone:)

anonymous asked:

With everything going on with YouTube do you think it's even worth smaller, lesser known creators to keep creating content? The answer may be obvious but with how things are going, I've become discouraged. Especially after seeing most of my idols put in such a frustrating situation.


I know you’re discouraged now, seeing how ad revenue seems to be getting dished out to only the most kindergarten-friendly of vloggers and YouTube’s upper echelon of Let’s Players, but you have absolutely every reason to keep your dream alive and pursue it.

I’m going to have a list of reasons and arguments for the creation of webseries and inventive media like ARGs in videos soon, but here’s the short answer:

The reward you’ll reap from doing this is so, so, so much more than just ad revenue you might’ve picked up from YouTube. Opportunities, experience, connections, skill development, having material to show, executing ideas that lead to catching BIGGER ideas that could be your breakthrough pieces–there is so much in this field that’s worth pursuing, even if the financial kickback and corporate support won’t be there.

There is a firm reason I fight so hard for Night Mind and always have beyond my love of the content. We are a new media field that needs to go through all the ordinary steps of media establishment, and those involve broadcasters, signal boosters, and people who legitimize new products as more than just “a new thing” or some weird experiment. 

At this moment, everyone who joins the field is a broadcaster, signal booster, and legitimizer all at once.

We need you. 

A group is only ever as strong as its numbers and passion–with those two pillars in place, all kinds of growth will be possible. YouTube is not going to help us until we become far too huge for them to ignore any longer. Their pushing of Poppy on Twitter this week was weird, but it’s an extremely good sign–they know enough to have mentioned using the slow down feature to look for “clues” in her videos, which means that even if it’s the only thing I’ve ever covered that’s gone across their radar, they know it exists.

The work we put in is the reward we’ll get out. It’s up to us to carry this thing to the mountaintop and be seen, and we need every hand on deck. Not only are you welcome to join and can see great things come from it, we need you to join.

Lotor, meet Lance.

This is the sequel to a fic I wrote about Lance possible meeting Lotor at a space mall! You can read it here

It was a regular day of looking at mission reports and scheduling different platoons to be deployed at different sectors of the Empire. It was also the day after his little getaway and meeting with an interesting creature named Lance. Tan, tall, and flirtatious to a T. Lotor had certainly not held anything back when it came to the welcome banter, especially since it seemed he had no idea who his new leader was. (Poor Lance must have been a part of a recent take-over. So he could excuse the ignorance.)

“Sir.” Auxa greeted, marching in. he hummed in greeting. She had made a grievous error when facing off the paladins of Voltron.

“Voltron has been spotted in this system, attempting to liberate a planet…Noctpo.” She recited from the log she’s looking at.

“Then let’s go meet them.” He says, “Put in the coordinates. I’ll be getting ready.” He was honestly hoping something like this was going to happen. Perhaps he’ll even get a closer look at the paladins of Voltron this way.

In an interesting turn of events, it seemed that half of the Voltron team had taken to the ground to deal with the Galran forces, and the other half took the sky.

So Lotor decided to take to the ground as well, rifle in hand and suit on to hide his features.

It was honestly a twisted form of event that he saw the flash of a sniper rifle picking off his soldiers. So he decided to go deal with it.

Honestly, who had trained this paladin? Why was his armor not uniform with his bayard? Just in pure irritation, he managed to hold himself back from strangling him and just knocked him out cold with the butt of his gun. His body fell limp and quickly Lotor grasped the bayard and pocketed it on the back of his belt.

“Now let’s see who you really are…” And gently he slid off the helmet. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but his Spa partner from just a few quintants ago wasn’t it.

“Well hello, Lance.” He murmurs.

This was simply an opportunity he could not pass up.

He had his Generals set up a room for Lance, nothing too fancy he didn’t want to give off the wrong impression.

It had been a couple of Vargas and then as he was looking over yet some more paper work. (did his father have to deal with this much paper work?)

“Sir? The paladin is awake, and he’s being rreeeeeaaaaaly noisy.” Ezor sweeps in, fingers in her ears, and dramatically doubled over.

Lotor rolls his eyes, “Bring him here and- ask Narti if she can accompany me in here.”

Ezor salutes, “Aye-aye!”

Narti arrived with her familiar perched on her shoulder and he nodded pleased with her punctuality. “I just want you to keep watch and make sure things don’t go out of hand.” His general nodded back and they waited for Ezor to arrive with Lance.

“Hey, watch the merchandise! I swear if I get pimples because of you-“

“Oh come on you have to admit your reaction was HILARIOUS.”

Ezor shoved Lance in who was handcuffed and out of his armor. He only wore his shirt and jeans, the jacket probably missing because he had been in his armor when Lotor had knocked him unconscious.

“Thank you Ezor, you can leave.”

“Awww, why do I have to leave? Narti gets to stay!”

“Can you be quiet while I speak to Lance?” Ezor opened her mouth to say something, shut it, zipped her lips and went to a chair and sat in it, her lips twisted into a smug expression. How amusing. He reached into his pocket and got out the key for the cuffs.

“Those can’t be comfortable, Lance.” And he released the cuffs, braced for an attack, but Lance behaved himself, seemingly impressed in fact that he was released at all as he rubbed his wrists.

“Thanks.” He says confused, looking at his two generals, zoning in on Narti and eyes widening. “Is that a CAT?”

Lotor raised an eyebrow, “You are on my ship, technically a prisoner and your first comment is about Narti’s helper?”

The Paladin floundered, “I- well, okay. First starters: why the quiznak am I here? Why haven’t I been tortured for information about Voltron. What do you WANT from me?”

Lotor chuckled lowly and sat back in his chair. “Simple: I just wish to talk, Lance. Please, sit.”  

Lance sat in the chair, he fidgeted and looked at his generals. Lotor sat back, watching for a moment. He then took an electronic pad and flicked through the paperwork. “Tell me, Lance, have you been well since our Spa quintant?”

“Uh..I guess?” He says, “Hunk kinda…exploded the kitchen?” Lotor laughed.

“Is he still attempting to perfect his soufflé recipe? What even is a soufflé?”

This opened Lance up and for about a varga they exchanged stories. Lance even somehow managed to encourage Narti’s familiar to hop into his lap for affection. Lance was obviously still holding a lot of information back, but that really wasn’t the point of this.

Lotor even exchanged some tame stories of his own. “Really Lance, you should see Narti and Ezor spar. It’s similar to that of an acrobatics show.”

There was silence after that, Lance petting Narti’s familiar and he purred at the head scratches. Good.

“Well this has been fun, but it’s time for you to go. Ezor, tell Auxa to find Voltron’s Location and a corresponding neutral asteroid or planet for us to leave Lance on for safe pickup.”

Ezor frowned, “What? But why? We have him- he can be USEFUL to us, like-“

“Ezor, right now Lance has some things he should think about. I think it is in our best interest, to take this slowly, don’t you? I would prefer this not to end in a bloody battle.”

“Sir. We’re being pursued.” Comed in Auxa

Lotor raised an eyebrow, “By who?” He responds.

“The red lion sir, I think it’s alone.” Lotor looks at Lance who shrugs.

“Guess my ride is here.” It was certainly good to know Lance still had his sense of humor.

“Give the Paladin back his armor and only return his Bayard when it’s absolutely necessary, but PLEASE make sure that Lance gets safely.”

Ezor, still confused, salutes, “Uh, yes..sir.”

As Lance makes an exit he says one last thing, “I’m not like my Father, Lance. I prefer to do things…much more diplomatically. Remember that.” There, perhaps now the seed is buried just a little deeper, now all he needs is for the rotten atmosphere in the Castle of lions to poison Lance, so Lotor could reap the rewards.

Zach Dempsey Imagine

Hey guys
I know this is my TWD blog but I watched 13 Reasons Why and that really made me want to write about it.
But I just want to see how my imagine goes before I think further.
So whoever wants to read it, can read it and the rest of you can just ignore this pist. Hopefully I will be back with TWD soon, writers block on TWD stuff sucks :/

Anyway, enjoy the Zach imagine ;) :) Here is my 13 Reasons Why blog :)

Liberty High.
Home of the Tigers and therefore home of my boyfriend’s team.

Zachary Dempsey and I have been a couple for few month now and even after Hannah’s death and her tapes, nothing could tear us apart.
I understood, why Zach did what he did and I sure as hell wasn’t thrilled about it but it happened and he feels sorry for what he did.
Because he knows that it was part of Hannah’s suicide after all.

But she is dead and she’ll never come back and it’s horrible because no one should be treated like that:
But Zach decided to get over it and go on with his life, just more careful about his actions now.

“So, you coming to the game tonight?”, Jessica walks by my side as we enter the school and I grin a little while I make my way over to my locker.
“You bet I am. Wanna hear a secret? If he plays well tonight, Dempsey is getting a very personal reward.”, Jessica raises an eyebrow before she bursts out in laughing and walks to her locker with me.
“You’re nasty, Kate. I don’t even wanna know what you’re doing with Zach.”, she laughs and I wipe some hair out of my face.
“Yeah, because you and Justin always keep it personal, right?”, I laugh and together we walk over to the classroom where Zach is already waiting for me.

“Ugh, I’ll give you two a minute.”, Jess laughs before she enters and Zach wraps her arms around my waist to pull me closer.
“Morning beautiful.”, he smiles and I can’t help it but blush a little before he presses his lips against mine.

This is the kind of kiss that I can feel in my bones and I almost freak out because we have to got to class right now.

“Dempsey you’re making me horny.”, I laugh as he kisses my neck.
But the moment doesn’t last long because Mr. Porter lets out a cough and we enter the classroom with a huge grin on our faces.

“You guys are disgusting. Get a room or something.”, Justin laughs and I shake my head as I take my seat next to Zach.
As usual he pulls me close so that I can lean against him, while his arms are wrapped around me.

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I was very very nervous about announcing the show’s hiatus, but everyone has been lovely about it, across the board–Procyoners, actors, and listeners. 

Here’s the thing: we will not have an episode for you by May 11th, as I previously said. In fact, right now, I don’t know when we will put out Episode 6.

I’d hoped that without the stress of a production schedule, I’d be able to return to my usual writing pace, but that was always only half of the problem. My depression has been getting steadily worse for a while, and the sad truth I’ve had to face over the past couple of weeks is that I’m just not in a position to produce creative work right now–certainly not creative work that I like. I’ve been depressed before–I’ve been in therapy for three years, and off and on before that–but being too depressed to write is a first for me, and a pretty damn scary one. 

Tomorrow I meet with a psychiatrist to try to get on medication. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t part of my brain hoping I will take one pill and be able to jump right back into the game good as new. But for every success story out there, there’s a story about months and months of experimentation with different medicines and dosages before any positive effects are seen, so who knows?

Please understand: I take this show very seriously. The main reason I’ve decided to try medication is because not being able to work on the show is nigh unbearable to me. But I can’t commit to a timeline right now. I don’t want to propose another date and then not be able to meet it. I already feel like I’ve broken a promise to you all; I don’t want to do it again.

I’m currently behind on Patreon donor rewards. I’m very, very sorry. Getting caught up on rewards right now is my first priority, since you’ve already been charged for them, and I swear I will do these things as soon as my brain is capable of it. If you really want a refund for the rewards I haven’t gotten to yet, message me on Patreon and I will Paypal your money back to you. 

In all honesty, this is kind of humiliating for me. But I worry that if I don’t explain where I’m coming from, it will seem like I don’t care, or that this has all been an elaborate con job or something. Also, mental health problems are a lot more common than most people realize, so let me take this opportunity to say: if anyone out there feels really really bad but is constantly asking themselves ‘yeah but is this actual depression or am I simply a terrible, broken person?please know that is an extremely common symptom of depression and it’s probably worth at least checking out!

I’ll be at it again when i can. Nobody out there wants Episode 6 to be ready more than I do.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

Love, Jess

Alternate Rewards – Relationships

Nothing makes me happier in my campaign as when my players seize on some NPC I’ve created and tell me how much they like or loathe that person. When I hear that, it tells me that my players are buying into that NPC’s reality – that I’ve made that NPC live for them. The same thing goes for a location. If my players get to love a town they’re helping, or to hate a place they’re exploring, then I feel like that place has become a character in and of itself – one that my players have developed an attachment to, either positive or negative.

When you’re looking for ways to reward your players for good roleplaying or successful adventuring, one way to do so without involving any real treasure is by developing their relationships to certain NPCs or locations. Have your players rescued a minor noble? Maybe that noble now becomes a patron, offering them quests or sponsoring them to meet that noble’s liege lord. My players rescued a minor Baron and his family from slavery in the Underdark, and now they have an invitation to stay at the Baron’s manse in the capital city of Estwald during the New Year’s celebrations. Not only that, but, between their exploits against the orcs in the military and this Baron’s contacts, they will be dining will the King of Summerlund on New Year’s Eve! No doubt this will lead to all manner of social activities and possible adventures.

It doesn’t need to be a noble family to be a worthy reward. In my last session, four of the sailors the PCs are traveling with were killed by wyverns. Eustace, the minotaur cleric, is insisting on casting Raise Dead on them all, despite the fact that it will cost 500 gold pieces for each one. “Don’t even try to tell me these men’s lives aren’t worth that,” he said, firmly. “We attract danger to ourselves; we are responsible for these deaths.”

In the coming sessions, I intend to bring these four sailors (and the fifth, whom the PCs rescued) into more detail. By raising them from the dead, Eustace has clearly changed the nature of the relationship between them, and I want to reward his player (beyond the Inspiration I’ve already given him for such a magnanimous act) by letting him see the positive results his actions have.

A relationship with a place can be really valuable to cultivate as well. If the PCs are protecting a town or developing relationships with the locals, there are good ways to get them invested. Anything from a local flower girl smiling and shyly pressing a flower into her hero’s hand to a tavern holding a feast in their honor can make the PCs start to feel invested in a place. Then, when that place becomes threatened, you can bet the PCs will feel motivated to step up and take action.

Sometimes it can be very enjoyable to foster a positive relationship with people or places that a player’s character does not like. Ghost, the shifter ranger, does not care for goblins. Understandable since goblins (and their barghest leader) wiped out her village when she was small. Recently, however, the PCs have traveled in the goblin kingdom of Gristamere. Not only that, but, in honor of services rendered, he has given them honorary membership in the Redwing Regiment – a most prestigious order that non-goblinoids are rarely ever considered for. Ghost’s distaste for the whole affair is palpable, but she’s been forced to (grudgingly) admit that not all goblins are bad.

Getting your players to feel invested in people, places, and even things in your campaign can really develop their relationship to your campaign. It promotes a buy-in to that world’s reality. After all, it’s hard to think of a world as make-believe when you actively care about its inhabitants. Relationships between your player’s characters and elements of your campaign world can be very rewarding to cultivate.

amoralamusement  asked:

Hello, I always enjoy the work on this Tumblr. It's informative, interesting, and satisfying. Anyway, being an Ne dom like yourself, do you have any tips to not be overwhelmed by Ne a.k.a. How to Train Your Ne? I admit there are times when the ideas are buzzing and I yearn for stimulation then I become drained to the point of being physically tired.

Good timing, since I was just reading about Si-grips last night and realizing I basically live in one six months out of the year. :P

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, so I’ll cover all the bases I can think of.

There’s pretty much four stages in my life:

Ne-dom Extraordinaire: this is when you are the unbeatable monarch in your field, when you are on such a roll that not only do you finish your project ahead of the damn deadline, you went ahead and did sixteen other magnificent things that day too, just because your brain was on such a rush of SO MANY IDEAS. For example: you felt good about finishing your essay, so you wrote six movie reviews, four e-mails, 26 blog posts, and worked on your book to boot. And then you went to bed with a smile on your face because damn, I’m so fine.

Ne-dom Uninspired: this is when you feel “meh.” Not awesomesauce, not the lowest of the low, just plain MEH. Meh for a Ne-dom equals: semi-bored, semi-uninspired, semi-annoyed about it. Now, a sane person on this day goes and watches 24 episodes of ALIAS in a row to chill. Me, I FORCE myself to be ‘creative.’ And because I’m generally good at what I do, it comes out fine. Not knock your socks off stupendous, not awful, not even average, just fine. But it feels like dragging my brain through a cheese grater and I go to bed mad that my Ne-brain was lazy as hell today. Like, it’s supposed to be AMAZING all the time!!! What’s up with this?!

Ne-dom Bored-as-Hell: generally, this happens when your life is stagnant, or you are stuck on the same god-awful project for weeks, or your friends have not spoken to you in days, and you are so bored you can hardly stand it, but NOTHING appeals to you. You crave something, but don’t know what it is. You drag yourself through the work / school day like a fish on dry land, you scope the depths of depression, you maybe force yourself to do stuff, but it’s a clear indication that your Ne is STARVING TO DEATH. You must feed it. How? That’s up to you. Get in the car and drive. Go hang out with someone. Start learning something new. Read a book that you know you’ll hate, and blow your own mind by loving it. Try something totally, radically different.

Don’t be like me, and dye your hair purple and cut into a punk rock style. Although, God knows I looked adorable.

Ne-dom Work-a-Holic: also known as tunnel vision, also known as inferior Si grip, also known as the perfect way to make yourself exhausted at the end of the day. Picture a nice normal Ne being a freight train barreling through a tunnel at 976 miles per hour. Now picture a peasant maiden (or peasant lad, if that’s you’re thing) running out onto the tracks, and holding it in place for about 15 hours. It grinds to a halt, its wheels start to smoke, and the peasant maiden/lad is inching forward at, oh, about 6 miles per hour. Fast by her standards, slow by yours. Now imagine that’s what happens to your Ne, when you develop tunnel vision. All that power, going nowhere fast. Imagine the tremendous energy that just ground to a halt. The creeping subconscious despair of the engineer. You are both the peasant maiden/lad and the freight train. See the problem? You are ripping yourself apart. How’s that peasant maiden/lad going to feel at the end of the day?

Yup. Exhausted.

Now, what if that peasant maiden does this day after day for about a week?

Exhausted. Mental exhaustion, from holding back the train, forcing Ne to stay on one topic, or focus on “boring” things for days on end. Where’s the fun? Where’s the zany? Where’s the sarcasm and jokes and random connections? Hello, inferior Si. Obsessive compulsive, aren’t you? Fixated. BAD.

How to Train Your Ne:

1) Give yourself permission to stick to one idea for awhile.

I get it. You will have thousands of great ideas in a single lifetime, or maybe even a week. If you follow all of them right now, you will never finish anything. Do what I do: think about them, ponder them, don’t let them get too developed, and write down the ones you want to hold onto, put them in a jar, and… walk away with the biggest, shiniest, most exciting idea you just had. The others will keep. Let them stew in their juices. Focus on THIS IDEA.

2) Reward yourself for finishing things.

If you want to accomplish something, give your Ne what it wants – a challenge, and a reward. I used to motivate myself through “boring” tasks by setting time deadlines and writing like a bat out of hell, or dividing the task up into separate shorter parts that I can cross off after I do them. That shows me I am making progress. Right now, I’m sitting next to a half-crossed-off list of chapters in my book, which I am proof-reading / editing. Each time a pink line goes through someone’s name, I know I’m THIS MUCH CLOSER to finishing. THIS MUCH CLOSER to starting a NEW project. THIS MUCH CLOSER TO THAT PIECE OF CHOCOLATE I PROMISED MYSELF.


3) Accept that you cannot be at 110% all the time.

This may be hard for you to hear, but you’re a normal human being. You need sleep. You need rest. You need food. You need days off, and dates, and to go places, and be with people, and do things other than your job or your school or writing or whatever it is that occupies 90% of your time. Those normal things that a sensor can do without much fuss, wear you out. Tedious details wear you out. Planning wears you out. Keeping track of things wears you out. The temptation when this happens is to under-estimate what you, as a low Si, needs – which is a break. You tend to way overestimate what you can do in a single week, and sometimes you get way too much on your plate… so, if you know about things in advance that are going to “drain” your Ne, because it requires other, lower functions to be heavily used in your stack, plan to limit your interaction with those functions in excess of your responsibilities.

In other words, if you (me) have to do a bunch of tedious line-editing at work, it is not a good idea for me to come home and do… a bunch of tedious line-editing on my novel at the same time. That’s all Te/Si stuff.

Ne-stuff is… new ideas, new people, new philosophies, reading things that excite your mind and imagination and help you see things in a different way, or watching something new, or going somewhere where you can just be yourself. Your Ne cannot run on full power all the time, especially when you’re trying to hold back the freight train – so give yourself permission to take time off.

4) Pace yourself.

This piggybacks on the above, but as a Ne-dom, you way over-estimate how much you can do physically. Things like going places, driving for hours, being in crowds, walking long distances, etc., are tiring to someone with minimal sensing. Ne-doms need down time, to process their experiences. You are an introverted extrovert. Remember that, and give yourself down time. Try not to be out and about 24/7. But don’t stay home all the time either. That’s a cesspool of Ne-draining boredom waiting to happen.

5) Either do it right now or write it down.

My usual pattern is: get a good thought about 10pm. Then springboard into another idea. Then zip over that way for more ideas. I lay there, staring at the ceiling, telling myself to go to sleep, while thinking about everything I should talk about, investigate, or do in the morning. By morning, of course, either the ideas are all gone or I have lost any motivation to do them. Some of my best work is from dropping everything and doing it RIGHT NOW. Strike while the iron is hot, my dander is up, whatever. Some of my best short stories or articles came from getting up at 5am and pounding the keyboard. So, do it NOW… or write it down. If you write it down, you won’t have to try and remember it (also a chore for Ne).

The best things you can do for your Ne are the following:

  • Accept that this is who I am, and it’s okay.
  • Realize that mundane or tedious tasks drain your Ne
  • Let your mind wander
  • Give yourself permission to fantasize
  • Reward periods of the mundane with fun activities
  • Never let a week go by without planning something ‘fun’
  • Stimulate yourself with constant NEW things (books, movies, music)
  • Read a wide variety of things on a continual basis
  • Give yourself challenges and deadlines to beat
  • Make sure they are SHORT-TERM (you cannot stay too long)
  • Always have something in the immediate future to look forward to

Hope that helps.

(This week on tumblr has been DULL. Is it just me or is it dead?! Thank God for a new Doctor Who tomorrow! I need me some NEW Capaldi + Bill Potts. I totally want to be her best friend and hang out in space and eat blue cubes together.)

- ENFP Mod

Playing Board games with Wanna One


  • in charge of the directions/rules 
  • Tries to keep the peace because playing with this group of boys is a bit much 
  • Teaches Jinyoung how to play the game  
  • Originally thought Game Night would be good team building, but he’s starting to second guess himself

Originally posted by idaehwi


  •  Strategic 
  • Insists that he doesn’t want to play 
  • So just sits back and watches the first round or two 
  • Gets a feel for everyone’s techniques and weakness 
  • Then jumps into a game just to win it all

Originally posted by sungwoona


  • king of bluffing 
  • always acts like he knows what’s he’s doing but doesn’t
  • still having a good time though 
  • thinks Jaehwan is cheating but has no proof

Originally posted by 2hyeons


  •  jokes a lot about how he’s gonna lose 
  •  But has at least 10 strategies ready to use in order to win 
  • a little bit competitive 
  • Everytime he wins, he makes a deal about it 
  • “As expected, I came out victorious! Please hold your applause, I’ll accept my reward now” 
  • ‘Seoungwoo, there is no award.’ 

Originally posted by csb95


  • Cheater 
  • Always trying to be the banker in Monopoly cause he gives himself more money 
  • Throws one of his dice a little too far away from the group in order to make up a number 
  • But no one even knows because he still manages to lose every time 
  • Rip

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan


  • Likes games like candy land or Sorry 
  • Hates a game with too many rules 
  • Simple man with simple tastes
  • Doesn’t care if he wins or loses 
  • Knows that Jaehwan is cheating and thinks it’s funny that he can never win

Originally posted by peachyniel


  • doesn’t like board games 
  •  But he’ll play if everyone else is playing 
  • Gets low-key frustrated when things get disorganized with the game 
  • Will ‘graciously bow out of a game’ (read: rage quit) 

Originally posted by swoojin


  • secret board game champion 
  • Has won every single game they’ve played at least once 
  • Has no strategy, he’s just good
  • Him and Daehwi are usually the last two still playing the game

Originally posted by kimbbuyo


  • Sits by Jisung cause he never really gets how to play the game 
  • Needs help 
  • Won once by accident 
  • Daehwi claimed he was cheating 

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan


  • C O M P E T I T I V E 
  •  will question anything and everything if he starts to lose 
  • ‘Jisung, what do the rules say?‘ 
  • ‘Can he do that? Is that allowed? Can he do that Jisung?!?' 
  • In it to win it 
  • Won’t be satisfied unless he wins at least once 

Originally posted by leedaehwj


  • just here for a good time 
  • Doesn’t really care about winning 
  • Really enjoys it when Daehwi starts to freak out 
  • Probably films it for blackmail in the future 
  • In charge of the snacks

Originally posted by songnayoongifs

Call of Duty

Steve, Bucky, Sam, Reader.

Summary: I don’t know where I saw the prompt but it was basically “Person A kicked your butt in FPS multiplayer” so it stemmed from that.

Warnings & A/N: there’s a bit of swearing right out of the gate for accuracy? because I personally get mouthy when playing COD. Like. Bad. Why are people such shits? SORRY ANYWAY. It’s kinda fluffy. Basically it’s all over the place.

Word Count: 1211

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

“MotherFUCKING ASSHOLE. What the SHIT?!” you yelled, finally unable to control your brain-to-mouth filter any longer. The image on the screen changed to a final scoreboard before you were blessed with the replay of your soldier dying as the game winning kill.

Despite the intense annoyance at your recent fate, it felt nice to finally scream your frustration after spending the past hour trying to stay quiet so no one would overhear your colorful vocabulary. You let out an exasperated huff as you flopped back onto your bed. Guessing that was the point of your night where everything started getting really annoying, you tossed your controller onto your nightstand and decided to call it a night.

You and Wanda were seated at the kitchen island the next morning, both enjoying a bowl of cereal when the Three Musketeers returned from their run.

You nodded to the men in greeting before refocusing on your breakfast. You weren’t quite ready for full on conversations yet, so you tried to ignore how they were watching you closely.

Of course it was Sam who finally spoke up.

“Did you have company last night?”

You shook your head before bringing another spoonful of cereal to your mouth.

“An intense phone call?”

You cocked an eyebrow as you looked up at your friend. “No? Why?”

“Sounds like you need to take some relaxation pointers from Banner,” Bucky piped in, an amused smirk plastered across his face.

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Seth Rollins - I Still Hate Crossfit.

Seth Rollins - Prompt #42 “If if I die, I’m going to come back and haunt you”

Requested for - Anon

Warnings - Swearing (Tbh is this even a warning for our imagines now? All we do is swear)

Word Count - 952 Words. 

Originally posted by stellarollins

I rolled over in the smallish bed (still feeling slightly groggy from last nights alcohol intake) only to discover a certain someone was missing from the other side. I groaned; sounding more like some sort of wild animal than a human as I grabbed my phone off the bedside cabinet and attempted to force my eyes to adjust to the harsh brightness of your phone. Struggling to read the text on the screen; once your eyes had finally woken up you saw the message was from your boyfriend of little over a year, and it had only been sent 10 minutes ago.

Seth: Morning Beautiful, I’m at the crossfit gym next street over. If I’m not back come join me :)

My muscles all groaned (still aching from yesterdays match) as I stepped out of the warm; and surprisingly comfortable bed. I pinged a quick text of to Seth, telling him I’d join him before chucking my phone onto the bed and heading towards the huge pile of clothes in the corner of the of the room that somewhere contained my gym clothes. I pulled them from the bottom of the pile in triumph as I quickly threw them on, grabbed my phone along with my bottle and headed out the door. Ready for the short jog to the gym

The minute I entered the relatively empty gym I instantly saw Seth over and the weights part of the gym, he has his back facing my direction; man does he have a nice back I thought to myself, also realising it gave the perfect opportunity to sneak up on him. I slowly walked my way over to the corner of the gym where he was distracted by re-tying his hand wraps, ready to move on to the next part of his gym regime. 

As I reached my man I wrapped my arms round his waist and lifted him off the floor with a giggle. My laughter only increased upon hearing him squeal like a little girl at the shock.

“Morning Handsome” I smiled through my laughter as he clutched his chest; his breathing a little heavier from the scare I’d given him. After a short minute of us trying to compose ourselves he pulled me into a tight hug, complete with a bruising kiss to my lips; his untamed beard tickling my cheeks.

“Well good morning to you two, It would’ve been better if you didn’t nearly give me a fucking heart attack” he spoke, his voice getting higher and more sarcastic as he pinched my sides in an attempt to tickle me. I promptly wriggled out of his grasp with a displeased look on my face.

“Never try and fucking tickle me again” I glared at him, my eyebrow raised as some sort of warning. “Anyway, what are we doing” I quickly returned to my happy and bubbly attitude.

“Well, considering you’re here were gonna do the box jumps; you promised me last time we were at the gym that you would do the jumps next time we came. And here we are, so you’re doing them. No arguments!” he almost scolded me as he dragged me over to where the boxes where set up. 

He stood you in front of the 4ft (possibly a bit taller) box. “Here try this one”. I turned my head towards him and stared at him like he was insane. He just kept motioning for me to jump onto the box as I continued to look at him with the most displeased look on my face.

“You’re actually stupid if you think I’m even going to attempt to jump onto that” I sassed at him as he stood with his hands placed on his hips expectantly. I rolled my eyes and began to walk back over towards the weights. 

“Oh no no no, you’re not going anywhere until you at least attempt that box” he lifted me over his shoulders and carried me back over to the boxes. “If you do a might reward you later” he whispered placing a few kisses along my neck as I studied the box. “I promise I’ll catch you” he muttered.

“I know I’m going to die, that box is 4ft and a bit tall and I’m 5ft fuck all, it is not physically possible!” I sighed exasperatedly. I heard him chuckled behind me. “Seriously Seth, if I die, I’m going to come back and haunt you” I managed to speak through gritted teeth, just as I bent my knees ready to take the jump.

The next thing I knew I was standing; feet planted firmly upon the middle of box. Sounds of Seth’s claps and small cheers of encouragement sounding from behind me, bringing a small smile to my lips. 

“Oh my god, Sethie! I did it!” I squealed jumping up and down in excitement, as he lifted me down from the box and placed another passionate kiss on my lips. “I still hate crossfit though” you giggled.

“See I told you that you could do it, you can try the 5ft box next” he smiled, pecking my lips once again.

“Look babe, I know I haven’t really been productive at the gym today…but it’s definitely time to head back to the hotel” I smirked a little at the end of my sentence. Seth’s face contorted to confusion. “You said, that if I did the jump I’d get a reward and as far as I’m aware I 100% did that jump” I bit my lip as his eyes widened in understanding.

“We’re leaving. Now.” Seth ordered as he grabbed my wrist and his bag from next to us. “You’ll get your rewards Beautiful, don’t you worry”

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