do i get my reward now


I finished off my UI and sprites so I rewarded myself with doing some Mob Psycho sketches shhhhh this is self-indulgence

I thought the first one was just cute and I’ll let you all know when I get tired of drawing Teruki blushing. But I won’t because blushing characters are one of my most favourite things in the world.

And the second one. Now the second one was directly inspired by this piece of writing by @brostrid cause god damn now my heart hurts


I always assumed, based on the scenes, that Han has seen a young version of himself in this kid. Han starts out and really enters this journey on the motivation of getting a reward from royalty for helping Princess Leia. And it’s the same in the sense that Finn’s circumstance, it influences an element of dishonesty and Han sees that, he susses it. He’s like, “I know what you’re doing, kid,” and he susses that out. But also, it’s a nice charming relationship, because Finn doesn’t have respect for him. Finn is not like, “oh my gosh, you’re…” Finn’s just kind of like, “yeah, so how’re you going to help?” And that makes a funny relationship. And also, Han knowing so much now, it’s like, “this kid is like me and I’m gonna have his back.” And I love that. - John Boyega.

Hi could everyone stop reblogging @eclecticwitcheryafoot‘s pirated books bullshit post and actually support the authors in our field? Maybe even call out this sort off asshole behavior in our community instead of rewarding it with copious notes? She knows she’s doing something wrong and does it anyway, don’t reward someone who’s ripping off authors in our community when you could get these books through a library, seek them out used, contact people for book trades, etc.

I’ve not bothered saying anything about it before and just helped authors report content theft but I have seen this post cross my dash multiple times, now with her complaints that tumblr keeps deleting it. Gee I wonder why. Like come on, I know at least one of these authors in person, and he’s not rich, these authors are not all dead and they’re not mythic figures who get money and food from fairies and ghosts.

Once an old lady came up to my register and as I was ringing her up she was slightly giving me the tone that every question I was asking her was annoying or wrong? Like she said them all with like a smile but it sounded like annoyed parent voice

Me: Do you have a rewards card?
Her, digging through her purse: I’m getting it RIGHT now :)
Me, eyeing her huge purse: Do you need a bag?
Her: Well, of COURSE :)

And then when I asked her if she wanted her receipt, which I ask everyone who doesn’t immediately walk away, she gets the most annoying and this part really made me irritated

Me, a simple meme farmer: Do you want your receipt?
Her, apparently knows better than me: Don’t ever ask that question. I’ve been shopping at greenwalls for a long time and I know that it’s greenwalls policy to always give the receipt :)
Me, done: Have a nice day ma'am :))))))))))))

And then she went to the next cashier’s counter talk to my coworker, an older lady that love to chat with customers and is friends with lots of them

As that’s happening, the young guy who walked up to the line just as I was finishing the last transaction came up to my register with like one item. At the end, while the lady was still right next to us chatting, I asked if he wanted his receipt and he laughed and rolled his eyes towards the lady and said no. That made me feel better because that means it’s not just me who thought she was being annoying lol

I mean, I’ve been working here for almost a year and was trained on the register by the coworker the lady was actually talking to! She asks people if they want their receipts, literally everyone does, even the managers when they ring. No one ever told me it was policy to just give them whether the customer wants it or not. Even other locations ask 😞

“Don’t look away Cheryl”

“I’m not supposed to do this, my boyfriend…”

“your boyfriend isn’t here right now, but I am, you do like the taste of my cock don’t you?”

“yes…. “

“”yes what?”

“yes master”

“Good girl, now whose cock tastes better mine or your boyfriend?”

“Yours master, I love the taste of your cock and I love it when you cum down my throat” 

“Good girl, now turn around and get on your knees, I’m going to reward you for being such a good girl…”

There’s this new dynamic where journalists now sit on the same venue with one another all day long, which is twitter. They’re constantly monitoring how they’re being judged and assessed by their peers. There’s immediate feedback to whatever they do. So if they publish something that their peers dislike they get attacked and they get denounced and they get condemned– which nobody likes. And if they do something that is popular they get rewarded and praised and retweeted–and their social media following grows. It is, I think, the most powerful tool of generating groupthink that I’ve seen in my life time.  And there’s nothing worse in journalism than groupthink because journalists ought to be the ones pushing back against orthodoxies and conventions.
—  Glenn Greenwald

Amy slipped this in my inbox during the liveblog, which unfortunately meant it got buried, and I only unearthed it a couple days ago. Getting to post it has been my reward for finishing up the WORDS I wanted to write.


I laughed so hard when I saw this. Usagi, all naked and savioury. BUT LO WHAT IS THAT UPON HER FEET. As angry Rei Star Seed manages, somehow, to stomp off despite having no legs, muttering “I gotta do fucking everything …”


There is no @amymebberson quite as good as this @amymebberson.

Things I, an actual living, breathing human woman, have said (OUT LOUD) while out adventuring with my companion, Malavai Quinn, a completely fictional character in an entirely computer-generated world:

(As he’s frantically spraying me with kolto even though I’m not at all injured): “Calm your tits, Quinn, for fucks sake.”

(As he’s bugged out somewhere in the back of a heroic and I’m dying horribly without him to heal me): “OH MY GOD WHAT DO I EVEN PAY YOU FOR?!?”

(As our enemies are killing him because I can’t hold aggro for shit): “Stop hurting him! He’s so squishy! Oh my god stop hurting him – Oh, good, now get the fuck over here and heal me, you jackass.”

(After I accidentally poke him and he says something about how working for me is its own reward): “Shut up, Quinn, you magnificent bastard.”

(As he once again expresses approval because I’ve said something incredibly Sith-like and/or supportive of the Empire): (mimicking his voice) “Stop, stop, my penis can only get so erect!”

My husband thinks I’m insane. This will all be used as evidence at my eventual mental competency hearing, I’m sure. (He’s already keeping track of the dumbass shit I say while gaming. I have a counter-list from his playthroughs of Fallout 4.)

I am here for Chloe and Nadine exploring in a jeep. I am here for awkward conversation pieces next to rushing waterfalls and over sharing childhood stories under the shadow of the Western Ghats as the music dims. I’m here for the slow burning trust between a second-rate treasure hunter and a gun-for-hire who both have something to prove. I am here for the characters who, for whatever reason, did not get their due rewards previously, but now they do get a second pass at greatness, and change, and a chance in the spotlight to explain who they are to people who really want to know. I’m here for the expansion of our beloved Uncharted universe through the coming together of two women who had subdued the previous protagonist in very different ways. I am here for the ladies of Uncharted. I am so fucking here for The Lost Legacy. 

Guys, I got an email that totally brightened up my day!! :D

If I checked my email sooner I would’ve seen this before, but I always check my professional email and not my school one… oops.

Anyway, it feels really great to get recognized for something like this. Sometimes when I put in a lot of hard work into something I wonder if it’s worth it, and awards or recognition like this helps me remember to not give up!

Even if you don’t get an award, it’s always the personal self-fulfillment that becomes your reward. The smirk on your face when people compliment your work. The warmth your cheeks get when your professor uses you as an example. Knowing that I’m doing my best and making something I’m proud of has been what keeps me going.

Every once in a while I’ll think about giving up, but now I really don’t want to give up at all. What kind of Junior of the Year would I be if I did? ;)

Anyway, this is just me getting excited… so there’s that, haha.

RG federations
  • Russia : never enough crystal on a leo, never enough kakalin remixes. We get all the golds and we revolutionized RG!! No! no doping, corruption, Gazprom money or BFF Putin, why do you ask ? 5 points penalty !!!
  • Ukraine : Why do you need apparatus difficulty when you have Deriugina legs™
  • Belarus : how many cossack pivot variations does it take to be acknowledged and rewarded ?
  • Azerbaijan : uumm that's a nice gymnast you have here, how much ? INQUIRY. Yeah I like to almost choke my gymnasts to death before they perform to remember them I'm a good coach
  • Israel : PARTy music, now you dance!! what do you mean the qualification rules for Rio changed ?
  • Spain : *still does 6 illusions in a row after 18 olympics* now show me your expressive fierce flamenco face
  • Korea : *owes Russia 100K*
  • Italy : We're coming for you medals next quad
  • Georgia : SALOME, you'll get heating in your gym when you achieve results *medals at european games and Grand Prix, top 5 in the world* WHaT now you want a physiotherapist ?
  • South Africa : No Grace, you didn't deserve to go to the Olympics
Reaction (Seventeen): When they’re hanging with the guys, and you start sexting them

Scoups: “I wasn’t expecting this, but it is pretty damn amazing.” 

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Jeonghan: “Yeah that’s right. My jagiya knows what her oppa likes and when he likes it.” 

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Jun: “What a pleasant surprise this is. Junhui likes.” 

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Woozi: “Oh jesus, what is this girl trying to do to me?” *freaks out*

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Hoshi: “I don’t know whether to yell at her for doing this when I’m with my hyungs, or reward her for it.” 

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Mingyu: *gif explains itself*

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DK: “She really wants to do this now? No problem.”

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Wonwoo: *doesn’t know what to think*

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Joshua: “Aish, this girl is gonna get me in trouble.” 

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I want a new piercing 😍

I wanted to do another piercing directly after the last one I decided to have. But of course I wanted to take some time for my ear to heal first because I’ve got 2 piercings in a short amount of time (July and then November of 2015) and that cartilage needs almost 1 year to totally cicatrise. So Yeah it was best for me to wait. And then that idea disappeared somewhere in my head and I wasn’t thinking much about it… Until last week! First I saw a girl in the metro with such a beautiful piercing and then one of my friends told me she wanted another piercing as well, and it’s exactly the same as I’d like to have! So we were thinking about doing it together, maybe in the very near future. So now the question is : do I wait some extra time to get it as a “reward” for my weight loss journey and motivate me to keep on going? Or do I follow my heart and go get it this week? 🤔

I don’t understand people that use judgement and criticism to somehow get the results they want. Like parents who tell their children that they are living in a sty and it’s filthy and disgusting and all that stuff. Does that sound motivating to you? It’s like “Oh. Thank you for taking a shit on my existence. I absolutely want to clean it now.”

Why can’t more people be like “Hey, I’ve noticed you’re living in squalor. Are you depressed?” or even better like “You know, honey, you always feel more motivated and happier when your room is clean. Want to spend some time doing that? We can go to lunch later if you get it done this morning.”

I mean like… that sounds awesome, right? Compliments? LUNCH??? I’m game. I trick myself with rewards all the time. For instance, right now I just finished breaking down a bunch of boxes for recycling. You know what my reward was? Writing this!

Anywho. Brain thoughts.

Sakamaki: cards against humanity. Requested by anon.

You were sitting her with your boyfriend, sitting on the bed; across from one another.
The two of you were playing a rather funny card game, but everything was sexual that they made. You don’t know how they managed to do it every time but it was always very sexual. By this point you were sure they were doing this on purpose some how.


You were rather shocked by how naughty Kanato was being. As he smirked at you then frowned as he sat his cards aside. And tossed all the cards off the bed.
“Do you not want me?” He frowned as he grabbed your chin. “Because I want you.”


He was in a fit of giggles, as he won the game. “I win now my reward.” He tapped his lips with a cheeky grin.
“Fine.” You huffed as you kissed him softly and briefly “That’s all you get.” You chirped as you tried to dart off only to have his arms wrap around you. And pulled you back onto the bed.


This was a very interesting sight to see, your blushing bun bun being perverse.
“How charming.” You smirked at him and he smirked back.
“Heh maybe it’s the full moon. But I find myself about to tackle you to this bed. So step lightly.” He warned playfully.
“Oh really, come at me bunny boy.” You purred and suddenly you were pinned to the bed.
“I warned you.” He purred.

Our Bro Abv Khalid

Subhān'Allāh once again I was reminded of how what we write, post or share online can affect our Ākhirah…

Many people are speaking of a young brother (Abu Bakr رحمه الله also known online as Abu Khalid) who passed away a few days ago in Leicester while he was at home…I don’t think I have met him but from the little I know of him, I love him for the sake of Allah for indeed he was a man of Tawhīd.

I just came across one of his accounts and was reading through tens of posts that he made and I can honestly say that he took advantage of his time at such a young age, sharing beneficial knowledge, and he is continuing to get reward for this by the permission of Allah, even now that he is in his grave while other people are benefitting from what he wrote and posted.

My dear brother…my dear sister…let us think about our own situation…do you think we will acquire reward from what we have posted if Allah takes our soul today, or will we just acquire sin due to the bad things we posted and shared…?

May Allāh wipe away your sins and have mercy on you Yā Abā Bakr and may He enter you into al-Firdaws al-A'lā.

OUAT 6x12

I liked Charming, David & James backstory and the appearance of August/Pinochhio. thats it.

I was glad that we got a Charming centric episode, but it turns out if was all about Hook (again). He will never ever be a hero. Once a pirate, always a priate (and not a good one). They writers try so hard to make him good, but fail. Seriously. He lies to Emma all the time, wanted to kill Emma´s family (even Henry), wanted to send them all to hell, now lying about David´s dad. And then everybody should forgive him and he gets Emma? Is this a reward for lying or what? Throw this episode my feeling was, that Hook only trys to help Charming, so that he likes him and give him his blessing. Nothing more, not because he cares for his “mate”. I seriously don´t know what the writers are thinking. Do they droll so much over the pirate or what is it?

If A&E are seriously go for an CS wedding (still hoping its a dream or something) I don´t know what to say..Emma deserves so much better. Speaking of Emma, that wardrobe. No way.

Robin Hood back and useless as ever. Regina realised that he is not the same. and now he is here doing whatever..Whats the point of him beeing back? Just to make Regina (and also OQ fans tbh) suffer? Does A&E can´t think of an better storyline for Regina, so lets bring Hood back? What is it?

Sexual NSFW-Starter Sentences

“Bite a Pillow”
“Bend over so I can Punish you!”
“Oh my, are these handcuffs in your drawer?”
“Get on your knees”
“That’s right..Scream for me like that”
“Don’t go so deep!”
“OH Hoo Hoo! Is your body Ready?”
“I think you’ve earned a reward..”
“Now that you’re all tied up..Let the teasing begin..”
“Put this blindfold on”
“I think you’d look amazing in this..”
“You do look fetching in black..”
“I really want to worship your body..”
“I have a fetish I was hoping you’d do with me..”
“I was thinking we should..Role Play.”
“Why are you not sitting in my lap?”
“I’m going to use your face as a rocking chair!”
“I have this warm oil, how about a massage?”
“I feel so stressed…Help Me!”
“How about we record it this time?”
“Uhm, Why do you have that whip cream?”

If I were Hawkmoth...

Me: Fly my little akuma! And transform him!
Akuma: *flies away*
Villain: I am under your control, Hawkmoth…
Me: Yes… yes…! I am your master now! *evil laughter*
V: And what would you like me to do first, Hawkmoth? Destroy all of Paris? Steal the miraculouses from Chat Noir and Ladybug?
Me: Do my laundry!!! *evil laughter*
Me: Don’t give me that look. Do as your master says!!
Me: And while you’re at that, I’ll get u some sandwiches.
Me: As a tip. Your work should be rewarded, I’m not a dick. *glances at Gabriel Agreste*