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Hold This For Me?

Request: “How would the paladins react to their s/o doing the; “can you hold this for me?” “Sure” and just placed their hand in theirs and intertwines the fingers, hand holding trick thing to them?”

A/N: i want to do this to someone someday. but i cant -_-

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The barista smiled brightly and asked, “Good morning! How are you?” Like a storm too tightly stuffed with lightning, the witch began:

“I overslept. Twice. I have some of those Reverse Morning clocks, yeah? Well I used two to make sure I wouldn’t oversleep. Smart, right? Fool proof? Well I am the fool’s proof! Or at least I am in this timeline because I reset all of them — in all universes — and overslept. By… a lot, is that the right time? Charms and hexes! Did I mention I lost my keys? Because one of the time traveling me-s decided to do some reorganizing. I try to keep clean, but I’m really bad at it — well, in this timeline apparently. Not everywhere I guess? Somewhere a me is good at it and she has my keys because she is forgetful, that happens to all of us I guess. Or she put them in the “perfect” spot. But “me”-me —
hi — I have no idea where this is. So I get up, grocery shopping isn’t until tomorrow? What?! So no breakfast, yeah? I tried conjuring up waffles and mixed up “mudroot” with “muckroot” — now there is an imp in my home. Possibly it ate my keys — it ate all of my dragonscale, it ate my mandrake, minaturaur horn, and bat wings — it tried to eat my broom but that exploded. Hello expensive repair. And is that THE TIME? Ohsweetmoon I am so late. Again. Buying coffee I can’t afford because I’m definitely going to get fired for walking — walking! it is going to take forever! — into work at lunch time.”

The witch took her first breath in several exhausting moments.

“I’m so sorry… that was a lot. I’ll just have a small swamp water to… go… and thank you.”

The barista recognized the witch as the library assistant at the Peyroux Public Phantasmal Library. Picking up a ceramic mug adorned with scenes of plump black cats comically snoozing in improbably comfortable poses throughout a graveyard, the barista set about making a proper drink. She also knew without asking her name was “Clementine” and that she loves blaqwort fungi sandwiches on specterdough.

“You won’t be fired. If they try, I’ll stop serving your boss, Ms. Vandergloom yeah?, until she hires you back. She’s in here like three times a week at least. And you’re having lunch, I insist. If you’re late already, you’ll get there while everyone else is out eating, so rushing about isn’t going to do you any good.”

The witch began warming up, until — “OH STARS AND STORMS I FORGOT MY WALLET. So thanks for listening and never mind? I’m so sorry.”

“Oh! Don’t worry, this is on me.”

Gently, and with a crimson blush, “Thank you so much. I’ll come by later with the money I promise.”

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Hey, Can you maybe do something John green related? Like which house is which book or quote from him? :)

Gryffindor: “What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Ravenclaw: “My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.”

Hufflepuff: “True love will triumph in the end—which may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.”

Slytherin: “The thing about chameleoning your way through life is that it gets to where nothing is real.”

Thank you for the ask! I have yet to read a John Green book (don’t worry, I will one day). I hope nothing was weird because I took it out of context, but I did my best :)

Quill: [after shooting against bandits that flee the warehouse] I’m out of ammo!
Tony: Who cares? Look at the room! There’s no one here.
Quill: Oh my, they’re gone!
Tony: ‘Oh my, they’re gone!’ Let me ask you a question: Do your interrogations always end up like this, or are you just trying to impress me?
Quill: But no! I usually get to ask at least one question.

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Are there any fics where one person is oblivious to the other person's feelings? A little angsty but with a happy ending or a sad ending? Either way is fine :) Thank you! Also I'm glad to hear that you wrote for the do-itall fic fest!!! 💞

Heyyyy, This is like three quarters of fics that exist(or at least the ones I’m into) (Although now that I look back they aren’t THAT angsty)(hopefully they are angsty enough). It was really hard not to make this list too long. In fact I’m doing it early so I will quit adding stories to it. Also thanks! I hope you’re enjoying the fest so far! 

Only the Moon Howls: One shot (20K) Kyungsoo is an alpha and Jongin is an omega who is new to the group that Kyungsoo takes an immediate interest in. really really good.

Brightest Star: Ongoing. This story is killing me right now. So They are best friends and Jongin has his little secret crush and then Kyungsoo goes and becomes an idol

Myrtles And Love Attempts: One shot. Kyungsoo decides after awhile to at least try to get with Jongin, who is still clueless (did a really bad job with this description)

Headwind: Complete 6 chapters. Just in case you haven’t read it, it’s the epitome of oblivious angst.

The Internet is For Porn: ongoing. Jongin has a hidden crush on his best friend and also on a person he watches on his webcam who looks like Kyungsoo (more funny than angsty)

See Through: One shot. Oblivious Kyungsoo is always talking to Jongin about Chanyeol

My Whole Universe (is you): Complete 3 chapters,They are childhood friends and Jongin protects Kyungsoo from bullies, but as they get older and change Kyungsoo is afraid he is bringing Jongin down (mostly high school)

By the Power of Love: One shot. Kyungsoo is a magician who has a crush on Jongin, the merchant who buys potions from him, but thinks it’s unrequited

kiss me, kiss me on the cheek: One shot. They are neighbors who become close friends through Jongin’s dog, but Jongin has a girlfriend?

Bliss: one shot. Jongin has a secret crush on his roommate and his friends are not really that great of help

A little bit of love: One shot harry potter, All Kyungsoo can think about is Jongin when school starts, but then Jongin starts to spend his time with Soojung Kyungsoo thinks they are together

You Belong With Me: One shot. Kyungsoo communicates with his neighbor through writing on paper they read through the window, but he thinks he doesn’t have a chance

A Sweet Delivery: One shot. Jongin is finding secret admirer mix tapes left for him

Red and White: one shot, warning spoilers in the comments so DON”T read them first, Jongin and Kyungsoo grow up together and Kyungsoo and his family is super religious and Kyyungsoo is oblivous to Jongin’s feelings and has trouble with his family when he starts developing his own

Sunshine yellow: One shot, (funny) Kyungsoo has a secret crush on his best friend, and they are very close and very oblivious.

Wait For Me: One shot Jongin tries to confess to Kyungsoo by watching Broke back mountain with him

Together, Hand in Hand: One shot. Preggo Kyungsoo gets dumped and helped out by Jongin. He thinks Jongin is straight though

The Friend Zone: complete. Kyungsoo is always complaining to Jongin that no one likes him, and he is oblivious that Jongin does


Okay, so I’ve seen quite a few concerns over what occurred in the most recent episode, where Star attempts to get Glossaryck back. I’ve seen some anger  and mixed feelings over his refusal to not come back with Star, and I can understand that - but just hear me out over what I have in mind. 

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Sketch Dump!

So I haven’t posted any art in a long time, mostly because I’ve felt like it isn’t worthy of posting. But that’s dumb, so I’m going to try and post at least one sketch a week. To try and get going again. So here’s just a few sketches to get started. Thanks to everyone who’s still stuck around!


Request: omg can you do a fic where hux is away from some trip or something and you’re like a high ranked officer and kylo talks to you lots bc he likes you and respects you but one night kylo steals hux’s cat bc he’s mad at him (as always) and the reader finds the cat and then kylo is like running down the halls in his sleepwear and no mask and finds millicent with the reader and he’s like wtf this is so cute and you’re like who are you to kylo and he’s like uhhhhh what other 6ft person do you know

A/N: Hello and thank you for the request! I’m amazed at how fast I was able to get this one done when usually it takes me a bit to do requests…I guess since this one was pretty length (the request) it narrowed it for me and made it a bit easier. Anyways, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.4K+

There was nothing like being in control–although it was temporary due to the fact the general was off on a trip–you enjoyed that everyone had to answer to you. Being the second highest in rank, Hux took it in himself to make you take over his position for the time being. Although it was a bit hectic and quite tiring, you didn’t mind. It kept you on your feet and everyone respected you; though they already had, it was hard not to like you. Unlike the commander and general, your personality wasn’t too strong of a quality.

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The Promise is a sweeping romantic epic in the tradition of Dr. Zhivago, its lavish budget denoted by its stars, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale. It includes a scene unlikely to be equalled in importance this year. It is 1915, and Mikael (Isaac) has slipped back through lines of marauding Turkish troops towards his home village, hoping to rescue his family. Instead, he finds the villagers piled like rubbish by a river, the female corpses’ headscarves a futile effort at modesty. The wooded setting could be a Belorussian forest in 1941, in one of the souvenir photos Nazis snapped of the Jewish Holocaust.

But these are Armenians, the Christian minority who lost 1.5 million to systematic extermination by the Ottoman Turkish government in World War One. The term “genocide” was coined by Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in 1944 to describe the Armenians’ destruction, when its pre-echo of ongoing Nazi slaughter was clear. And yet this is the first time a major film has shown audiences what happened. After 102 years, its visceral impact finally pierces the silence.

Isaac, who made his name as the failed folk-singer anti-hero of the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), and found true fame as dashing, sexually ambiguous X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its upcoming sequel, felt the scene’s impact when he read it.

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Today’s SVTFOE2 Recap:

Well, I just wasted four days doing this stupid Search for the Return of the Book of Spells to Star’s Residence, because it turns out that Book of Spells being there?

That wasn’t even supposed to be back there until the season finale.


In this episode that somehow got leaked yesterday, Star’d just gotten tickets for her, Marco and Jackie Lynn Thomas to a Love Sentence concert, and they all head out in Star’s specially-made T-shirts on Jackie’s specially-made skateboards. But while Star and Jackie enjoy hanging out, Marco (who feared that Jackie was gonna feel like a third weel) starts feeling left out on the way there… until they meet a family of ducks, and then the girls decide to cheer him up and make him feel more included. But then when they get to the concert, it’s Star that feels left out when Marco and Jackie start making out, and putting on a smile, she leaves the auditorium, destroying the Love Sentence billboard as she heads home.

Being a Starco shipper myself, I won’t lie; I was kinda excited for this to be the episode where the Star/Marco/Jackie love triangle hits the fan and Star and Marco accidentally kiss during the concert. No. That was just the marketing team being clever and diabolical and making us think it would end leaning towards one ship only for it to lean to the other ship. And yeah, if you think Starco shippers are in turmoil from this, try to imagine how Star herself’s feeling mentally after that ending. But I won’t complain as much (or at least as badly) as most of the others. I DO also like Jarco. They’re cute together as a couple, and if the show wants us to accept that Marco and Jackie are a thing for the time, even to a point that the show could end with Marco staying with Jackie instead of getting together with Star, then I’ll accept it as well, no matter how heartbroken I’ll be.

As for the episode itself, it’s actually a really good slice-of-life episode where we get to see Star, Marco and Jackie hang out as friends. It’s a fun little walk through town to the concert with some good laughs, but it’s also a well-written/storyboarded piece that does the third-wheel story perfectly and ends with, well, not a downer ending, but still a sense that trouble’s about to rear its ugly head in. It’s a great last 11-minute episode for the season to give us, and an important one that’s worth rewatching in the future.

Next Monday: It’s the one-hour season finale, and whether you’re into this show just for the ships or actually into this for the story and characters and humor, I think we can all agree that if the previous two 22-minute Star episodes were dark… then things are about to get a lot worse.

For all of us.

i hope y’all realize it’s twice now that cisco was left out in the dust when Team Flash disbanded. in 2A, cait wanted nothing to do with him. barry didn’t want him or anyone else in STAR Labs which honestly must’ve hurt cisco so much bc he fucking rebuilt that place with cait and eowells and now he’s not allowed in it? he tried so damn hard to get the team back together in 2A, but at least it seemed like he had Joe and Iris and hung around CCPD a lot

and now in 2024, he’s again literally the only one even remotely trying to get the team back together even after losing a close friend (Iris) and getting his hands shattered by someone he thought was his friend, and he’s still out here trying to bring everyone back together. he even visited Wally all the damn time.

when Cindy makes her next appearance i swear she’s gonna make sure barry and KF/cait don’t get within a mile radius of him she’s just gonna swaddle him and let him know how appreciated he is…although to be fair i think barry and cisco are in an ok place they just need to actually still have a Talk and seeing barry and cindy be friends would be interesting

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can you write a tomco story based off the song skater boy if you've heard it and you don't mind have nice day

Of course I can! I also found this comic by @shittyloops

I thought it was drawn really well! I hope you like the story! I haven’t heard this song in ages! I hope you like it!

“I think that Tom kid likes you.” Janna teased. Marco groaned and rolled his eyes. He shut his math book and leaned forward.

“Well it’s a shame that I don’t like him.” Marco scoffered. Janna and Star began laughing hysterically. Marco rolled his eyes and went back to reading and taking notes in his math book. “I don’t have time for a kid like that.” He scoffed.

“Don’t act so condescending.” Star told him. “I think he’s sort of cute.” She told him, looking over at the demon. Tom was laughing with some other bad kids. They were passing around something in a plastic bag. As soon as Star said that, Janna narrowed his eyes with a jealous look. Star laughed a little at the reaction and went back to looking at Marco. “Why don’t you like him? He always tries to talk to you and you ignore him.”

Marco shook his head. “I’m trying to go to Yale.” Marco reminded. “And I can’t do that if I let a skating, drug dealing, freeloading demon waste my time.”

“Oh come on! That is so judgmental!” Star told him. “I think you should give him a chance.” She urged. Marco shook his head and began packing up his backpack. “He’s never done anything to you. I think you should at least talk to him.” She told her roommate.

“Star’s right.” Janna agreed. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Are you kidding me?” Marco asked. “You guys know Tom. He’s getting suspended every other day. He sells raid under the bleachers during gym class. RAID Star!” He cried. Janna nodded and began laughing.

“I uhm… I bought raid from Tom once.” She admitted. “It was weird.”

“See?” Marco pointed at Janna. “I’m not dating my own Janna.” He told the Mewni girl. Star gasped and hugged her girlfriend.

“My Janna is perfect!” She exclaimed. “Maybe stop being so judgmental. I’m sure Tom isn’t a bad guy, besides, you could use a little fun in your life. All you ever do is work and study!” Star reminded him. “Hanging out with a fun person a little bit may be good for you. Get your head out of those books and enjoy your childhood!” Star exclaimed.

“Preach Butterfly!” A voice called. Star turned around and waved to the group of kids who were now sitting on the car. Tom was with the kid who called out, laughing and laughing like something really funny happened. Star tapped Marco’s shoulder and and nudged him forward. Marco blushed deeply and she pushed him some more.

“Go talk to him!” She pushed. Marco groaned.

“I don’t like Tom!” He exclaimed. “But if it’ll make you stop pushing me, then I’ll say hi.” Marco agreed. Star nodded and Marco marched off towards the group of kids. He walked up behind Tom and tapped his shoulder. The demon turned around and grinned very big hen he saw the human standing there.

“Hey Marco.” He laughed. “It’s good to see you.” Tom had a bit of a flirty tone in his voice. Marco grumbled. “So what? Did you come over to be mean to me?” Tom asked, in reference to Marco’s unhappy look.

“What? No, Star said…” Marco blushed and trailed off. “Star told me you had a crush on me?” He asked. Tom blushed a little as well and rubbed the back of his head. A few of his friends were laughing. “So… anything you wanna say about that?” He asked. Tom blushed a little deeper and nodded.

“Yeah. I’d really like to take you out.” He told the human. Marco fell back at this request and Star and Janna gasped, giggling at Marco’s dumbfound expression.

“You want to take me out? Like on a date?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and Marco shook his head. “I don’t think so.” He then walked away. Tom walked next to him and tilted his head.

“Why not?” He asked. “You came over to talk to me, and you brought it up.” He reminded. Marco sighed and nodded, stopping in his tracks.

“Okay, that’s true. But I guess I didn’t expect you to just ask me out right on the spot.” He explained. Tom made a thinking face and nodded, understanding. “I just don’t think we’re compatible.” Marco continued. “I’m a student who wants to go to Yale… and you’re…” Marco trailed off and Tom narrowed his eyes.

“What am I?” He asked. Marco shook his head.

“I didn’t want to offend you but… you’re like a stereotypical skater boy.” He began. “Like the bad boys you see on TV. You’re not really the kid my parents would like to see me hanging out with.” He continued. “Especially if they want me to be valedictorian.”

“Oh I get it.” Tom started. “I had no problem with you not wanting to go out with me, I really didn’t, but now I do because I see the real reason.” He began. Marco fell back confused. “I don’t think you don’t like me, you think you’re better than me. You think I’m not worth your time because you’re the straight A student.” Tom continued.

“Stop that, it’s not true.” Marco tried.

“No, I think it is.” Tom added. “You said yourself, you don’t want to be seen with me by your parents. And probably not your teachers.” He added. “Because god forbid the teacher’s pet be seen with the problem child. I might ruin your chances of getting into an ivy league school.” Tom huffed. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Stop being so over sensitive.” He complained. Tom shook his head and turned away.

“No, you’re right. If I were you I wouldn’t wanna be seen with me either. I guess I was wrong about you, bye Marco.”

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Do you think it's a coincidence that the same day Daisy and Josh decides to mention Reylo in a video, the Star Wars databank is gets uploaded with new information? Or do you think it's part of a bigger scheme to try to get the public on board with the idea of a Reylo romance? It's so interesting that they decided to use the term REYLO. They could have just said Rey and Kylo in the video, but Judi Dench said the ship name. I just don't think Daisy would troll people like that considering she

knows first hand just how many people Iove it.

I expect the Databank information had been up for at least a few days before anyone picked up on it, but I do think that Reylo being brought up on social media and the strength of the connection between Rey and Kylo are probably both part of a concerted effort to make Reylo more media friendly and rehabilitate its image somewhat. Shippers have always seen the evidence for Reylo in the film itself but many others have denied it, so I think we’re starting to see a marketing pushback against that (false) interpretation. 

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That hound division is Such a cool concept! and the outfit is a stunner! Is it just for operatives or can others be drafted?

Thank you! Basically it was born from the nagging thought that yeah, if you know too much and start noticing and rebelling your conditioning as an agent, but you’re still pretty effective it would seem a waste to stick an agent or military member in an imperial prison.  

In summary, the Hound division is mainly made up of military folk of any role the empire is having trouble keeping in line, but still desires continued service. To those who know it exists, it looks prestigious, but 90% of its members are there unwillingly or at least begrudgingly. The handlers have full control over their designated pack, right down to their service outfit. Not just for agents, though they’re more likely to get there. They usually try and balance a pack or squad with members of a generic gameplay party. That’s not always possible though. The number of squads are only a handful, and it’s members don’t last very long as the missions usually do not worry for their safety.

IMAGINE that Thrawn really misses Kallus

Thrawn: Governor Pryce, even if Kallus has escaped, I find it a consolation I at least found him out.

Pryce: Agreed.

Thrawn: Now to get back to work… Pryce, wait, you don’t look right. Here, put on these fake sideburns.

Pryce: Thrawn, what are you doing?

Thrawn: Fulcrum, put on these sideburns.

Pryce: You’re… trying to make me look like Agent Kallus.

Thrawn: Fulcrum, put on this blond wig, a leave a loose curl of messed up bang if you can.

Pryce: Goddammit Thrawn! I’m not Kallus! (Runs off sobbing.)

emerging-writer  asked:

So a lot of people have been saying some negative things about Discovery (re: the uniforms, the klingons, etc) but honestly for me as long as the show is good I don't care?? Like I'm a real easy to please fan and I legit thought the uniforms look great tbh. I think a lot of it is just we don't have context for it yet and it's too early to make judgments on it (like especially cosmetic stuff like this). As long as it's good, I don't really care what it looks like I guess. Just gotta think +

exactly! this trailer is pretty much the only information we have aside from some interviews.

the problem is that its new. and trekkies are real good at gatekeeping and being pretentious and we don’t like new. honestly, call out post @us, especially the older trekkies. its new, it looks different, but we’ll get used to it. when star wars came out with finn and rey fans had about the same reaction we’re having now, but guess what, its fine now! the movies were great and everythings comin up skywalker. we just have to give it time. The same thing happened with voyager (tbh it was way worse for voyager) and ds9. this is just the standard chain of events.

as long as the tv show is good, people will come around. it may take some people a few seasons but they’ll come around, then it will be known as one of the better star trek shows and everyone will get nostalgic for it and we’ll meet all the cast at conventions 50 years later and have them sign our holographic action figures of them.

as long as it is good! ha! we know nothing about it! and I mean maybe them delaying it was a good thing, if they weren’t ready they weren’t ready. I’d rather wait a few extra months and get something good than have it now and it be messy. they’re trying to do it right, at least I think they are. tbh if it wasn’t for that whole cbs all access thing I wouldn’t have any problems. i’ll admit I don’t like how they don’t have red/gold/blue for the uniforms, but maybe theres a reason for that?? idk?? there might be a reason for the Klingons too, who knows!

we wont know anything else until we get another trailer or the show comes out. the end of the first season is the best time to decide if this is a good show or not. ha and even if it isn’t ill still probably watch it! because trek! if our biggest complaint by the end of this is cosmetic I can live with that! costumes and make up can always change. people will calm down, and ill be wearing my llap foam finger. we gonna be fine guys.

Gladio’s Arranged Marriage AU Wins

You probably have realized, Gladio’s arranged AU has won. I will be working on that after Stars in the Night is completed. 

I am currently working on chapter 12, I’m about half way through. I just gotta hit the hay now lol. I’m gonna focus on getting through more requests tomorrow and finishing up chapter 12 to post it tomorrow night. 

We’re nearing the end of Stars in the Night, guys. Prepare for feels. I’m honestly guessing there will be at least 15 chapters total. Mostly because we’ve experienced a lot of these situations in the game. I don’t want to get redundant. So, time skips galore. I promise you it will still be quality and the ending will blow your minds <3. 

I also have a new set of aesthetics in the works. I will try to do those tomorrow. 

Well, I’m off for the night, loves. Hope you enjoyed the stuff I posted today. 

Have a great day/night!

Much love! <3


Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 7,227

Genre: Angst

April 12th

Dear Jimin,

It’s been a while. You must be pretty surprised to hear from me, especially considering how much time has passed. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised myself. It’s been almost six years since we last spoke. I never took the time to realize how long it has been since I left. Recalling the past almost seems like I’m talking about another world at this point, so I’ll just focus on what’s currently happening.

Rather than continuing small talk, I’ll just save you the trouble and get straight to the point. I know I haven’t contacted you once after what happened those six years back, so why am I writing to you now?

Well, I’m back in Seoul.

I know those are probably the last words you would ever want to hear from me, but I’m here, at least for a short while. I’m not sure how long I’m planning to stay, since I do have to get back to my responsibilities overseas. I just figured that while I’m back, I should at least try to fix the damage I caused.

It’s honestly taking all of my willpower not to crumple this paper up and forget I ever thought about doing this. I would have never imagined that I would even try reaching out to you again, let alone using such a traditional and outdated method. I know letters are a bit cliché, but I was always told that writing down my thoughts was the best way to get them out. Plus, you know how lousy I am with any form of human interaction, at least when it comes to more sensitive situations.

Not to mention, I can do this all in the comfort of my lovely, 2-star hotel room, so I’d say this is a pretty acceptable form of communication.

Jimin, I don’t expect you to forgive me for what I’ve done, but I hope that you’ll at least hear me out. Needless to say, I have a lot of explaining to do, six years’ worth of thoughts and actions I have yet to go over, so you can expect some more of these letters soon.

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