do i get a star for trying at least

heavy breathes.  hi it’s your local star-lord™,  who is very close to his next 100,  apparently.

I hope this year I get to grow.
Properly, fully, prosperously.
I hope I can finally overcome my laziness and depression and fly out of my comfort zone.

I hope I say ‘yes’ to every single opportunity I get given. Even if it seems like the dullest challenge.

I hope I stick to a routine, and reach for the moon. So that by the end of the year, at least I’ll be among the stars.

I hope that this year, I’ll become more confident. With my appearance and personality. I don’t know, myself, what I’m capable of because the world is so much bigger than my mind, itself. So it’s worth a good try. Whenever I feel down and want to go on a walk, I hope I do. Get off my lazy butt and get out there, walk about, experience things.

I wish for you all to do the same. I hope that whatever has been bothering you this year, whatever has been putting you down. I wish that you all overcome it in 2017.

—  May everything go your way next year x
the signs as "just astrologer things"

aries: “google is your friend”
taurus: “oh look, this planet is in this sign… guess I can’t do my homework :)”
gemini: the gemini jokes
cancer: explaining at least ten times that yes, you are in fact compatible with anyone
leo: trying not to get irritated around people who don’t know astrology and say they do
virgo: explaining why ophiuchus isn’t a sign at least fifty times
libra: doodling the astrology symbols somewhere and someone going “what do those symbols mean?”
scorpio: “no, scorpio is not satan, no, virgo is not a neat freak, no geminis are not two faced bitches, no, aquas are not aliens”
sagittarius: “when’s your birthday haha? no im not a creep i promise”
capricorn: dealing with people who want to prove astrology is bullshit and trying to keep your cool
aquarius: explaining what a birth chart is, why someone isn’t like their sun sign and sounding like a weirdo
pisces: reading/typing “pieces” as “pisces”

sun: nothing could have ever stopped this. from the first moment we met, the wind carried my heart to yours and I haven’t seen it by my side since

moon: maybe I should have tried to stop this, at least for a moment, but it would have been like trying to stop the world from turning or the stars from burning

sun: hating you is like hating my own arm or the breeze pressed gentle against my skin. it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t deserve it, but I hate it because of its own innocence

moon: loving you is like praying, I never know if I’ll get anything in return, but there is nothing like submitting yourself against something you’ll never understand

sun: there’s no use in comparing our love to forces of nature. they can never break or tire, but I am already broken and your eyes have more shadows than the light will allow

moon: after you, hurricanes never looked so lovely. firestorms seem tame after the light in your eyes. lightning never tasted so sweet as when I tasted it from you

sun: you never listen, do you?

moon: no, I learned that from you
—  when the sun loves the moon they can do nothing but burn | jocelyn

ok but finn totally thinks that poe is this suave worldly guy only he has no idea that poe actually turns into this embarrassing wreck around him, literally blurting out his feelings and then badly trying to cover it up like, ‘finn, you look amazing..buddy! ha ha, i mean, did you do something new with your hair?? uh i uh need to go over there..right now’ after which he runs away to sit with his head in his hands and resist the urge to fly himself into the fuckin sun. all the other pilots are ashamed of him. but in the end it doesn’t matter because finn’s totally gone on him anyway (even after he finds out that poe turns into a big pile of dumb mush around him)

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For the Star Wars ask meme: 6, 12, 13?

6. If you were a Padawan and could choose your master, who would they be?

Young Obi-Wan for sure! He’s roguish and charming and gets up to lots of adventures. Also snark is turned up to 11. Gimme dat Kenobi.

12. Your favourite and least favourite character are on the same mission together. What would happen?

Oh boy, Hux and Boba Fett. I can imagine Hux trying to give orders and Boba completely ignoring them and doing whatever he wanted to do. The entire mission would probably be a giant debacle, unless it was sniper!Hux, then they might actually work pretty well together.

13. If you could change one line from Star Wars films, books or animated series into something else, what would it be and what would the new line be?

“Do or do not. There is no try.” There sure as hell is try, and fail sometimes and succeed sometimes. It’s not all black and white, Yoda, jeez.


Disclaimer: GIF does not belong to alecvolturitrash, the picture prompt and writing do.

Requested by anonymous:  Could I request an imagine where: you’re Alec’s mate and he’s trying to teach you Italian? The reader could be fumbling over her words and getting frustrated and he could just be holding in laughter over their mistakes? Just a lot of fluffy stuff? Thank you so much! 💕

“You know I still don’t know Italian,” you mentioned as you walked hand in hand with your mate, Alec. He had brought you on yet another beautiful date: champagne under the stars in the Tuscan countryside. He always chose the most romantic things to do, as well as using terms of endearment in Italian. At least, you hoped they were endearment.

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Name: Jessi[ca]
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 5′5
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Hogwarts house: Never read\seen any Harry Potter’s but I know I’d be in Ravenclaw.
Favourite colour: Red and black.
Favourite animal: Dogs, Squirrels and Cats. Honestly, any animal except insects. 
Average hours of sleep: Fuck if I know. I try to get at least 7.
Cat or dog person: Both but pups more.
Favourite fictional characters: Nana Osaki from “Nana”. Bucky Barnes\Winter Soldier in Marvel Comics. Donnie Darko from “Donnie Darko”. Piccolo from “Dragon Ball” – I’ll end it here.
Favourite singer/band: Alkaline Trio, Blink182, The Menzingers, The Bouncing Souls, The Misfits, Bayside. etc 
Dream trip: San Diego, California. Tokyo, Japan. URGH. So many places, but those two at the top.
Dream job: Don’t really have one anymore. Not sure what I want to do at this age that is 27. What I’m trying to do right now is just get a full time job that I am happy with and can take care of myself financially. 
When my blog was made:  4\12\11 I came back because this started off as a music Tumblr because my last Tumblr that I deleted due to bad memories, was gone and full of random shit. I met a few good people, who I follow here again but my last one was full with bullies who were children younger than me. My old username was taken. Alas, Jessi Remembers Halloween was born. Hi.
Follow count: 663 but I’m sure it’s all thanks to porn\spam. Hey. [If you’re asking me how many I personally follow, it’s 108. Some blogs are dead but I just can’t let ‘em go]
What made you make a blog: Anthony Raneri from Bayside. A friend at the time followed him, told me to make one. I made it for Anthony, to follow his beautiful mind. My return, was to be a music Tumblr but it failed. I’m glad it did sort of.

Alright, I’ve got a lot of volunteers for editing and acting but still no writers. I saw a volunteer to proof read the writing, but none to actually do it. I’ll gladly do it myself since it’s the only job in need, but I need at least one person helping me for when I hit a point I don’t know what to add anymore. At the very least, try and share some basic plot ideas we could do. If I can just get a basic story I may be able to script it myself if nobody volunteers as a writer within the next day or two.

UPDATE: I took a scroll and saw I have one person offering to help write. I’ll do it as well, so that’ll give two. Between two people, it can definitely happen but the more the merrier! Still, feel free to share basic plot ideas as it’ll give us something to work off of.

I received another tag on my forehead, again by @dragon-in-drag - thank you! You’re too kind. :)

Relationship Status: It’s complicated. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: I use chapstick more frequently but don’t really have a preference. 

Last song I listened to: In the Mood for Love by Shigeru Umebayashi

Top Three Shows: Uhm. In no specific order:

Broadchurch, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. But I still have lots of shows on my to-watch list. 

Top Three Books (I’m not including classical literature, because there’s a wide range and a lot to recommend): Harry Potter saga (Including all books here. Everyone should at least give them a try and let themselves get sucked into this universe.), The Miniaturist (by Jessie Burton), The Botticelli Secret (by Marina Fiorato)

Top Three Games: I do not play much video games as of now. But my favorite games used to be: Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon - in various editions - and Mass Effect.

Top Three Characters: I’ll wildly have a pick from my bucket of favorites and go with Nealfire (Ouat), Albus Dumbledore (HP) and Lan Fan (Fullmetal Alchemist - because it won’t cost you an arm to give her more love, she definitely deserves it!)

I’m tagging: @angel-with-a-pipette, @geissbock, @anice-1, @kierkegarden, @misfortunate-margravine, @stanzi-manzi, @grrhatlet

…I’m sorry for tagging the same people over and over again, I can’t help it. If it’s a nuisance to you, please bear with me and simply ignore it. 

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Post blocked. Show it anywaygaylalondesrebloggedcatglove what the actual fuck just happened all i wanted to copy was a star

vriska would totally try to steal shit from him whenever she would had a good chance to. just fucking take shit off the counter when hes doing something and not looking. possibly sneak it back into place as soon as he found something else just to fuck with him. the risk of being caught and getting punched by the 8 foot boulder makes it an Adventure

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Nickname: usually go by luisa but a few also call me lu so feel free to call me that aswell
Gender: female
Star sign: cancer
Sexual orientation: im so very bi
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
Favourite colour: ah idk maybe something like grey which isnt even a colour lmao
Favourite animal: dogs (and owls)
Average hours of sleep: i try to get at least 7 which isnt always working
Cat or dog person: dog person
Favourite fictional character: idk dont ask me (maybe remus lupin)
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
Favourite singer/band: bastille
Dream trip: iceland. (scandinavia in general tbh)
Dream job: writer or working in publishing tbh
When was this blog created: idk omg if i had to guess probably 2010
Current number of followers: 515
When did your blog reach its peak: it still hasnt lmao probably never will
What made you decide to make this tumblr: one of my friends forced me to join bc she didnt know anyone else who had tumblr lmao

i tag @notacoolkat @foreverhector @marcbcrtra hav e fun thats it xoxo

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What advice do you have for a 13-year-old who wants to be a physician/surgeon when they are older? Is there anything you wish you would've known before you picked this profession?

What follows is basically an updated version of this post from 2011. Some of these are things I did and others are things I wish I did back when. 

1. Calm down tiny one. You are 13. Please gaze upon this calming kitten for 2-12 minutes and then continue reading on.

2. Be 13. And 14. And 15. Forget about med school. You are, at the very least, 7 or 8 years away from medical school. That is many moons. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Be 13 please.

3. Get the stars out of your eyes. I’m not trying to be discouraging, but understand that it is nearly impossible for you to have any real understanding of what a career in medicine will be like when you are 13. Wait a few years and then start doing some shadowing so you can get a tiny taste of reality.

4. Read and learn everything you can. On all subjects, not just medicine and science. Pre-med and med school is the time to dig deep into the science books. For now, learn about the stuff you won’t have time to learn about then, and cultivate other subjects you’re good at. Learn to play an instrument or crochet or paint watercolors or what politics is all about or how to invest money or how to fix cars or how to cook your grandma’s best dishes or how to write computer code or what the heck Faulkner was thinking when he wrote those impossibly long sentences or… (oh look now I’m doing it).

5. Work hard. Develop your study skills and work ethic now. But don’t stress too much about your grades right now. Do your best and get into a college that fits your personality, but don’t believe the lie that med schools care about your high school GPA. 

6. Get a job when you’re old enough. Preferably retail or manual labor or waiting table. Don’t work so much that you can’t keep up in school, but do work. Learn the value of working through tiredness and how to deal with unreasonable customers. That’s a big chunk of medicine right there. 

7. At some point before med school, learn how to be responsible with your money. You will be broke for basically your entire education, so learn how to make dollars stretch and how not to dig yourself deeper in debt. 

8. Get some life experiences. Travel. Talk to people who you wouldn’t usually speak to. Go do something new or something that makes you slightly uncomfortable.

9. Don’t go to med school to save the world or because your grandma had cancer or because you’re smart and your parents think all smart people should be doctors or because you think being a doctor will be a great way to get rich. None of those things will sustain you in your years of studying. You gotta understand what you’re reaching for and also have the intelligence and work ethic for it. And for goodness sake, be realistic. You may “love medicine” (or whatever that means when you’re 13), but if you do not have the academic prowess or the work ethic for it, look for something else. 

10. Look into other fields besides doctoring. You may find out that you’re more interested in physical therapy or being a PA or a nurse. Keep your mind open to all the possibilities, especially when you’re so young.

IDEK what this ridiculously over-colorful thing is but I’m trying to get used to drawing on the desktop instead of my laptop :0 It was overall rather frustrating, so… very colorful, saturated, glittery birdmom. And a rose that looks more like a peony or something. Might redo this one some time in the future lol

at least I got to use a big canvas! YAY!

Frostironfest, request #19

Pastry Chef AU: an AU where Loki is an artisan pastry chef and Tony comes by every day to buy a little cupcake from him even though it’s just a vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting but only he and Loki share the understanding that the perfection of the cupcake is in its simplicity.

…probably not exactly what the requester had in mind, but eh. My mind goes in strange directions sometimes. Hopefully they’ll like it anyway! :D

This is so laaaaate, but I really wanted to do at least two of the prompts, dammit.

Well, happy Christmas New Year, my anonymous prompter! Try not to get blinded by the bling from all the stars… it’s the end of the year, excess is the key!

Can You Show Me?: A Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Imagine

IMPORTANT A/N: Hi! It’s taken me a long time to get around to this Anne Nonnie request, but I’m here now, and I’m writing it! I am SO SO sorry to all of you, it’s taken too long for me to do this, and I get it if you’re disappointed or upset. I’m sorry, and I really, really will try my best not to let it happen again. I know I don’t get a huge amount of requests, so I should at least be decent enough to keep up with them. Anyway, this is Y/N teaching Reid how to use chopsticks - Fuckeree

Rating: PG13

Warnings: Nothing I can think of, ta. 


You had your quirks, singing in the shower, watching your favourite movie every single night before bed, attempting to get 5 stars on every Just Dance game ever made.. But today, you were eating lunch with chopsticks, and by the looks of it, amazing the very talented Spencer Reid. 

You pick away at your food, tossing aside what you want to eat last, and look at him through the corner of your eye, to watch as he stares, intrigued. 

JJ pulls up a chair next to you, and sighs heavily as she maneuvers her very pregnant belly into the seat. Brushing hair back from her sweat covered face and you swallow what’s in your mouth.

“Hey mama lady, how are you feeling?” you ask, as she smiles at you, laced with sarcasm. “I am feeling like Moby Dick, and I just pray that my ankles don’t swell anymore, because these shoes are all I have left, and they’re not even my own”. 

You laugh, and offer a bottle of water to her, she takes it graciously and takes a long drink. It was hot, and everyone was feeling the heat today, but JJ was feeling it more than anyone else. 

After her miscarriage, her and Will had talked to Henry about what he would think of a sibling. He had been in deep thought for many days, to the point where everyone figured he had forgotten about it, when Will had dropped by for a visit on one of his days off. 

Henry had sat up on your lap, and played with your Etch-A-Sketch, while you played with his ever-growing, smooth as silk hair. “You know what Auntie Y/N?” he had said, his tongue peeking out the side of his mouth as he struggled to spell his name with the dials. 

“What should I know Henry?” you had answered, and he had said “I want a sister so I can protect her”. Then he had asked you to teach him how to use chop sticks, and now, as you pick yours back up, you think of him. 

“You look absolutely stunning, how is Henry coming with his chop sticks and etch-a-sketch?” she rolls her eyes and points to you. “You have got him hooked, he wants to eat everything with those damn sticks, but it’s awesome for his fine motor skills, and his large motor skills too, come to think of it”.

You hear a throat clear to your right, and you look up, as Reid stands stock-still, a pleasant look stuck on his face. “Hey ladies, I was wondering if I could talk to you” he says, and you gesture to the seat opposite you. “Of course Spence, you didn’t have to ask, we’re a team you crazy kid” JJ says, and sits up straighter, as if it’s possible for her. 

“I am in need of a washroom and a fan” she groans, as she pulls herself up, and steadies. “Okay, talk to you later” you say, and she nods as she waddles off. 

“How can I help you Doctor, you seem rather… Perplexed” you say, and he nods, “This may seem funny, but I am, and I was wondering if you could teach me something?”.

You nearly fire water out of your nose, and choke back a laugh, but struggle to contain your amazement. “Me, teach you something? Reid, you’re literally a genius, what can I possibly teach you?”. 

He smiles, a hint of red in his face, and he points to your hand. “Can you show me? How to use those I mean”. 

You look down at the chopsticks, poised over your food, and nod, “I taught Henry too, so if I can teach your godson, of course I can teach you” you say happily, and pat the seat closer to you, so that he can be nearer. 

He stands, and quickly switches spots, leaning in to watch what you do as you talk him through it. 

“Here, take mine, I’ll just wipe them with a napkin” you clean the food off of them, and feel slightly embarrassed as he takes them. “Now, just cradle this one here” you point the the spot on your hand, in between your thumb and first finger, but cradled by the third finger, and he tries to set it there properly. 

“Good, now set this second one in between here” you point out the space again, and he tucks it in, held by the thumb and the base of the first two fingers. “Now you just have to practice putting them together and bringing them apart, before you get to spilling food everywhere”. 

He laughs as he concentrates, with almost an identical face to Henry, as he opens and closes them. 

“You can try it with this if you’d like” you push your plate, with cubes of meat (or a tofu, or a vegetable, or a cheese, no discrimination on what you eat), toward him, and he shakes his head. 

“No, I don’t want to ruin your lunch. How about tomorrow, I pick up my own chopsticks before work, and we have lunch together?” he says, and you nod. “That sounds like a great idea, but I insist, try this, okay?” you encourage him, and he finally gives up protesting. 

He tries, but the chunk slips through, and drops onto the table. He stares at it, his jaw tensed, and then stares at you. “Much harder with props” he says, and chuckles at his own joke. 

“Can I help?” you ask quietly, and he nods quickly, offering his hand, chopsticks clutched. 

You softly place your hand around his, and take his hand over top of the plate, positioning it so that he can try again. As he lowers his hand, you tuck yours in, and help with the initial “grab”. As he picks it back up, you let go, letting him take the lead. 

“Hey, I got it!” he says excitedly, and he lifts it up. “Here” he says, and he points to you. You laugh as you hold your mouth open. He slowly brings it over, and drops it softly. 

“Yum, and I didn’t do any of the work” you say after you swallow, and he smiles, looking at his feet. 

“Lunch, tomorrow, right?” you say, as you realize that the clock is nearing the end of your break. “Yes! It’s a.. It’s a date?” he says, and you tuck hair behind your ear. “If you say so Doctor, keep practicing” you murmur, as he hands you back the chopsticks and sticks his hands in his pockets, heading back to his desk. 

“Two men taught, maybe I should change my job” you say, grinning to yourself. 

So according to spoilers, Lenny might get a wedding re-do in the season finale and that might explain the presence of those guest stars we know about.
Now I’ve decided I’ll try not to have Shamy expectations for the episode because I had great hopes for 9.23 as well and apparently we got nothing (at least not what I was hoping for).
If I remember correctly, they haven’t touched since 9.11, like literally (and I’m not counting the Meemaw episode). And believe me I’m not complaining too much about it, we’ve been extremely blessed with this season, at least the second part of it, and Shamy are in a great place right now. But if I can get one single wish for the last episode of the season is this one: while Lenny exchange vows, Sheldon looking at Amy with the realization in his eyes that she is the love of his life and he can’t wait to marry her. Then he grabs her hand. More like the tag in 5.24. Just that, so simple. I don’t even need a proposal. Just love and casual physical contact. Is it too much to ask for?
American rom-coms have ruined me.

  • what she says : I'm fine
  • what she means : I'm terrified that Disney will cast someone who is not even close to what I imagine a young Han Solo would be like . I'm scared that they'll cast some stereotypical baby faced actor who can's smile like Han. I would literally be happier with Harrison Ford playing a young Han Solo than any actors on the list Disney released . If they can't get Harrison to do it than they should at least choose someone who looks like him even if this person is not as well known as the others on the list or hasn't been in any big movie yet . I'm just really worried that Disney will destroy one of cinemas most beloved characters by choosing the wrong actor for the role and I'm trying to think of something the Star Wars fan base can actively do to prevent Disney from casting the wrong actor...