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  • you fools: klance vs laith discourse
  • me, an absolute intellectual. the literal embodiment of the last stage of the brain meme: LaKe.

Day 1: Music/ Relationship Goals

what was he expecting really smh…


rose-colored girl! 🌸

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  • dan: "i used to be an emo"
  • also dan: wears the same three pairs of black skinny jeans at all times, talks about how dark his soul is every chance he gets, plays loud music in a locked bathroom when he's upset, cries a lot
  • me: right...used to be...

“pat,” patton breathed out, staring at himself in the mirror. “patton, i hope you know that you’re… you’re wonderful. we’re good people. we’re also incredibly handsome…” patton trailed off, before cupping his cheek with one hand.

“may i?” he murmured. his reflection nodded, so he let his eyes flutter shut as he leant in. the surface was cold and the kiss was messy, but at least patton could finally learn the one thing he had been holding back on…



Hello 8) I’ve been tagged by @nacdrak, @wrestlethedevil and @mathiasismywhore to post a selfie, thank you all 😊
Today is not a good day for Summer outfits so woohoo, sweatshirt dress, amazing.
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*grass rustling as it moves away*

*camera shakily pans up over Kaladin, standing on guard a few yards away. The camera-holder is obviously hiding behind a spur of rock*

Rock, speaking in a whisper: Kaladin, he has been awake for over forty-eight hours. For the last twelve we switch his ridgebark out for sleep medication

*the camera turns to Teft, very close and a little blurry for it*

Teft, also in a whisper: So far it hasn’t made any difference

*the camera focuses back on Kaladin. After a moment, his head starts to droop*

Rock: Wait. Keep watching.

*Kaladin takes a deep breath, whacks himself over the head with his spear, shakes his head, and keeps standing guard*

*camera turns back to Teft*

Teft: So that’s the secret, new bridgemen. Our Captain doesn’t sleep. He’s watching. He’s always watching.

*camera turns with a blur back to an extreme closeup of Rock’s nose and a bit of his ear*

Rock: so he knows which one put soap in stew the last night

*video cuts to black*

*cue bridgemen screaming*

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