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was thinking about Mikitaka because of yesterday (sept 21)


Me, about to fall into a peaceful slumber: Hope I’m not forgetting anything.

Me: Wait…

A long list of stories I have promised/need to write: Sup.


Me: Crap.



This is the short piece I wrote last night. It’s got some pretty deep and dark content. It has no fandom characters and it isn’t a reader insert, it’s just a short piece that has nothing to do with my blog. It is what I wrote as a person, and not for anyone else. I wanted to share what I have created with all of you, in hopes that you like me writing even if it doesn’t have your favorite characters inside.

Requested: NOPE, I wrote this on my own for myself.

Word Count: 787

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God, it hurts to love someone. It’s the worst pain imaginable, and just to add on more, there isn’t a cure. Her chest aches, her eyes water, her hands do everything they can to distract her from the cruel reality of a completely shattered heart; one so broken, the pieces can’t even be picked up. They are too small to see.

It hurts, to see him smiling without her, living his life normally, while her emotions lay deep inside of her, ripping, clawing, and tearing at her insides with such desperation you would think she was dying, leaving scars on her heart and soul, and obstructing her airway as the climb up her throat, begging and forcing their way out of her tattered body as she cries and shoves them back into the pit of her soul, frantically trying to breathe.

It hurts to watch him laugh and talk with friends while she stands and knows it will never be her making him smile. It’s almost as though everything about her was dragged off of the plane of familiarity while she digs her nails into the ground until they bleed, trying, desperately fighting, to keep a grip, but the tides of a vast frozen void rip her away, kicking her under the merciless biting water and growling waves as she grasps and pleads for air while being thrown deeper into the black depths so that the surface of what she knew no longer existed.

It hurts to hear him talk to her, as if everything was the same as before, even when he knows she still feels everything all at once for him. He assumes she is fine because of the mask she wears, only for him to miss that fact that she’s drowning and being eaten alive all at once while forcing herself to keep the tsunami of raw tears behind the carefully crafted porcelain mask.

It hurts the put the mask on and keep it firmly in place with the glue of secrets, until she is alone at night, and she can take the hammer of reality and the chisel of truth, cracking it open and then destroying the beautifully crafted lie she wears every day, watching as it shatters into a million pieces of who she wishes she still was.

It hurts that no one has seen through her delicate porcelain mask, even with the edges cracking throughout every second of time it stays on her face. Even though the contacts of happiness and hope were losing color the longer they stayed in. Even though the wig on false self-care and joy slid off another inch every time she took a step.

It hurts

It hurts so badly she swears she is being agonizingly slowly ripped apart at the seams, threads of her past attributes snapping and flying away from her cold body. Emotions shove their syringes into the cracks, inserting the purest forms of pain and misery into her already cracking body, making her the very definition of torment and torture as she lives and breathes.

Her eyes, no longer blazing and full of soul, stood as cold as dry ice and as dead as her trust. Pure streams of hope defying agony cascaded down her no longer masked face, burning her skin with the familiar feeling of loneliness.

Her hair, no longer shiny and smooth, sat tangled against her ravaged frame, greasy and stiff. So far away from the fragile beauty, it used to hold, that even skeletons of long-deceased persons would not take the tattered mess of strands.

Her face, no longer full of love and prospect, lay blank and emotionless. Agonizing tears surged down her motionless features, the features that used to display laughter and hope, and a smile so big and bright, it rivaled the sun. Her face now held nothing, it was just a shell of what used to hold humanity.

She was decimated, decayed, ruined. Nothing but a shredded skin of who she used to be. Everything that made her herself was gone. She was unrecognizable, something straight out of a nightmare. A nightmare so bad that it made the devil cower behind his throne to avoid her gaze, and yet as soon as everything had fallen, it was picking itself back up.

He watched through a crack in the door as she pulled out her glue of secrets and reconstructed herself, putting all of the pieces of lies back into place, just as if nothing had ever happened, as if he hadn’t broken her so badly she could never be found, as if he hadn’t decimated her to the point where she no longer existed. As if she was a perfect piece of porcelain.

Okay so several people are asking stuff about this or making comments on it in the tags so I’ll go ahead and make a new post to elaborate for those who are curious.  SPOILERS BENEATH THE CUT:

Club Snubbed is NOT a flashback episode.  It centers on a traditional Mewni dance in which the princes and princesses of various kingdoms all dance with each other.  Tom is clearly ignoring Star as it begins.  Pony Head convinces Star that he is “club snubbing” her, trying to make her want him more by not even acknowledging her presence.  Star tries to do the same to him and eventually the two refuse to dance with each other at the end of the night, culminating in a fight between their fathers.

Tom tries to leave during the chaos but Star follows him outside and they have a fight.  Tom reveals that he heard Ruberiot’s song from “Face the Music” and was trying to give Star space because he thought she was with Marco.  Their fight continues to escalate until they hear their dads fighting inside, at which point they go back in and do their dance to pacify their parents.  But, as you can see by watching the clip, they clearly start getting into it.  By the episode’s end, they have at least rekindled their friendship, and are making plans to hang out sometime.

So yeah, the ending is pretty strongly Tomstar, with it basically seeming like they’re making plans for a date.  It’s not explicit or anything, but it’s really shippy.  It’s not really anti-Starco, Star still gets flustered about it when Tom brings up her crush, but it is a very pro-Tomstar ending.  And I do not ship either pairing specifically, so this is a pretty neutral view, I think.

I am sick tired to see a lot of hate without justification about Saeran’s behavior on V’s route just because “it’s not okay to approve/like/love abusive/obsessive/unhealthy relationships.”

I want to join to the saeran squad protection before I get to punch someone in the tags, I apologise beforehand if I get a mistake, I am like typing this on my mobile and Tumblr app is a mess orz but goddammit I just want to stop seeing people misinterpreting my favorite character for once and think about it before saying bullshit towards their fans about their choice to like him.

Spoilers about v’s route good ending, read it under your own consent.

You can’t come here and say what the heck people should do if you don’t even know what the fuck are you talking about in the first place!! If you are going to talk about these matters (which are sensitive matter, mind you) at LEAST be aware of terms you use because it’s really annoying to see people misleading others just because they don’t fucking like what they see about the fandom liking Saeran more than v.

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Theorists Den

Guys I kinda want to open a blog only for our thought dumps and speculations at peacefull time. There are so few of us that keep on the theories and observations even out of war, it feels hard to find those. 

It’ll be a blog with only reblogs and links to our speculations and theory materials, something easy to access for everyone. A den filled with endless thoughts and possible scenarios.

What do you think?

@no-strings-puppet @archivefullofyoutubers @alliedoesstuff @steffid101 @bartonisamess @viostormcaller @hawkeye221b @hufflepufftrax 

(tagging everyone I saw theorise recently or I know loves theories)

That doesn’t mean you have to be a part of it, it’ll just exist and be accessable for when you’ll might need it… Would you want that?

(or we can just tag our speculations with #theoryden or #theoristsden or something when it’s peacefull time… but it’ll be more messy)

edit:  Ehhhh tag in fellow theorists, I want to see that people actually want this to exist and it won’t be made in vain…

my wanna one voice tag!! xoxo
ya girl
my wanna one voice tag!! xoxo

hello! here is my wanna one voice tag. I didn’t want to rerecord. so it sucks. SORRY! but I actually enjoyed doing this even though I butchered all their names! I was tagged by @laisgrl and @woo-jin-young! ALSO I FUCKING SAID MINION AND IM SO SORRY MINHYUN…. IDK WHY THAT CAME OUT OF ME

1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

I tag @hwangminyeo @wanna-one @ricepot-jisung @101mess @sungwhoon @sewnho @seunghyuks @king-jaehwan @jaehwn @bae-jy @kimsjaehwan @dearlydaehwi @swoojin @pinksausageduo @lycheehwan @idaehwi @memelordjisung @darkpastwoojin @lovebugi @l-guanlin @1guanlins @kangniel @kngniel @donghyun @hasungswoon @jeo-jang @yongs but y'all dont have to do it! i love hearing peoples voices tho~

let’s just cancel all the EPIC FOUR-NIGHT EVENT crossovers in the future and do more, smaller crossovers. 

like, with the EPIC FOUR-NIGHT EVENT crossovers, they’re gonna feel the need to try and go eVEN BIGGER EACH TIME which leads to bullshit like, well, what’s happening with the upcoming crossover. 

like, nobody needs this. the last crossover was poorly written. we don’t need things tO KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND MORE INTENSE!! 

i just want, like, characters to cross more freely between shows. cisco spends a week on the waverider. felicity has girls night with iris and caitlin and sara and amaya in central city (yes i know we’re kiiind of getting this in the crossover but like, casual girls night). mick shows up in star city and dropkicks o/liver. you know, fun stuff. and wow i’m glad supergirl was canceled but if it wasn’t, it would have been cute to have more scenes with cute bros kara and barry! going on ice cream adventures! having eating contests! 

having more, smaller crossovers would eliminate the need to keep going biGGER AND “BETTER” gross and it would make scheduling easier for everyone, probably, and things would probably be better written and more coherent cuz it’s just two writing teams trying to make a coherent plot, rather than FOUR. 

this isn’t gonna happen, i’m just tired and i want this to not happen and this is happening because the white dudes in charge are bullshit but, hey, a girl can hope. 

I know there are still some who do it sometime, but remember when the big Thing for Tumblr edgelords was to go through the “please don’t reblog/don’t reblog/personal/etc” tags and reblog everything, or even make a bot to do so? And they would always get incredibly self-righteous and smug, and act like they’re performing some kind of public service because “you shouldn’t have posted that online if you wanted it private :^) uwu” whenever anyone called them on their shit

Schweets Legacy


  1. Must complete all the expectations for each generation
  2. TRY to refrain from cheats, but if you wanna use them go ahead
  3. Must correlate with what the generation is (if you want to follow the colors i’ve provided you may)
  4. Do not claim my work of art as your own (schweets legacy)
  5. Please please please tag me if you do this challenge i would LOVE to see people doing this legacy :) #schlegacy #schleg1 ,#schleg2 etc… (I thought it’d be easier to remember how to spell “sch” than “schweets” because even III forget)

Chocolate Chip 1 (Brown) *Needs Parenthood, Get to work

You’ve always been kind hearted with a bit of a sweet tooth. You love doing charity work and making other feel part of a team. Of course while making sugary treats to tame your cravings

Aspiration - Friend of the world

Traits - Family Oriented, Good, Foodie


  • Master Baking skill (Cooking if no Get to work) 
  • Master Charisma skill
  • Finish Friend of the world aspiration
  • Join Culinary Career and Choose the Chef branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Volunteer at a bake sale at least three times (If you do not have parenthood then this is not mandatory)
  • If someone shows up to your door or asks if they could go to your home to hang out you HAVE to say yes (you are too sweet to say no)

Pop Rocks 2 (Purple)*Needs City Living, Spa day

Your mother was always cooking fattening food which quickly made you realize that eating sweets and pastries all the time. Made you fat. You do not want that. You want to be healthy and strong and well balanced.

Aspiration - Bodybuilder

Traits - Athletic, Vegetarian (Loves outdoors if no City living), Ambitious  


  • Master Fitness skill
  • Max Wellness skill (Max Gardening if you do not have Spa Day)
  • Master Body Builder Aspiration
  • Go into the Athlete Career
  • Make at least one friend who’s a gym trainer
  • Make at least one friend who’s a spa employee (Not mandatory if no spa day
  • Marry either a gym trainer or spa employee

Candy Cane 3 (Red/White)*Needs  City Living

All you’ve ever really cared about in life was your music and performing. You were in choir in high school and met the love of your life in your choir class. You have always aspired to be a singer and prodigy of music and you plan on achieving that

Aspiration - Musical Genius

Traits - Creative, Music Lover, Perfectionist


  • Master Singing skill (Master another instrument if no City Living) 
  • Master any instrument of your choice
  • Master Musical Genius aspiration
  • Mentor your child in music when able to
  • Be a entertainer and go into the Musician Branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Go to a karaoke bar at least once (Not mandatory if no city living)
  • Meet your soulmate as a teen

Liquorice 4 (Black)

When you grew up you only had ever been known as the famous singers child, behind your own parents shadow. Your parents always pushed you into being a singer just like them. This made you resent your parent for never noticing the pain it brought, being forced to e something you weren’t. You dark, nearly evil. This slowly made you morph into a lawbreaking alcoholic

Aspiration - Public Enemy

Traits - Gloomy, Evil, Kleptomaniac


  • Master Mischief
  • Master Mixology
  • You get a choice to finish the Aspiration but if you want more challenge then you can :)
  • Go into the Culinary career and the Mixologist branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Steal something from at least 10 homes
  • Before your parent dies (the one from the previous generation) have some negative relationship
  • Only have one child
  • Never get married

Sugar 5 (White)

`You grew up watching your parent being so terrible to everyone, drinking all the time and hurting everyone you she met. You never understood why she was so cruel. Your mother is the reason you have decided to be the complete opposite and be as kind as possible and to tell your story of your demented mom. You also as a sim felt your childhood was almost taken away from you due to your parent paying too much attention being rude to people other than their own child. You always had to make yourself feel better and care for yourself which made you mature quickly.

Aspiration - Best Selling Author

Traits - Self-Assured, Neat, Childish


  • Master Writing skill
  • Get level 5 on at least one other skill of your choice
  • Go into the Writer career and the Author branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Have at least 2 kids
  • Get married as a young adult
  • publish at least 6 books

Sour 6 (Green)*Needs Parenthood, Outdoor retreat, City Living

You always felt like an outcast in your family and with your siblings. You definitely were the loner of the family with only one friend. Your awkwardness makes things hard to even happen, or frustrating. So you just don’t go out and make things happen. The worst part is how bad you wanna be a parent but scared to meet the right one to have them with

Aspiration - Super Parent (Big happy family if no parenthood)

Traits - Loner, Unflirty, Squeamish (Hot-headed if no city living) (Neat if no outdoor retreat)


  • Max Parenting skill (if you don’t have parenthood then master any skill of your choice)
  • Get at least level 5 in logic
  • Complete Super Parent aspiration (Complete Big happy family if you do not have parenthood)
  • Go into the Social Media career (you are awkward in real life but online you be yourself) (if no City Living go into writing and the journalist branch)
  • Go camping with your whole family at least once (not mandatory if no outdoor retreat)
  • Do not woohoo until married
  • First woohoo be “try for a baby”
  • Have a complete household (8 sims all together) after you marry “the one”
  • Go camping with the full entire family

Lemonade 7 (Yellow)

You grew up in a huge household, every personality different and you were the geeky nerd one. You were completely at peace with that. You love video gaming and loved computers so much you learned hacking and that’s why your parents THINK you have straight A’s

Aspiration - Computer Whiz

Traits - Geek, Genius, Lazy


  • Master Video Gaming Skill
  • Master Programming Skill
  • Finish Computer Whiz Aspiration
  • Collect all the mysims trophies
  • Go into the Tech Guru Career

Rock Candy 8 (Blue)*Needs Get together

You are definitely a party animal and extremely popular. Which is why you are the perfect leader for nearly anything. All you do is dance drink sleep repeat! All you did in your glory years (high school) is be with a bunch of people and go crazy!! You end up meeting your one and only at a party.. Or are they?

Aspiration - Party Animal

Traits - Dance Machine, Insider, Outgoing (Cheerful if no get together) (bro if no get together)


  • Make a club (If not get to work make at least 5 good friends)
  • Master Dancing skill (not mandatory if no get together)
  • Master DJ Mixing skill (master any skill of your choice if no get together)
  • Join the Astronaut career (why not am I right)
  • Marry someone you meet at the dance club and have one child with them (or bar if no get together)
  • Divorce and marry another sim and have another child with them

Candy Corn 9 (Orange/White/Yellow)*Needs Vampires, Get to work

You have always been into conspiracy theories, your entire life you have been fascinated with the idea if aliens were real or if vampires really roamed at night. You wanted to become a detective so you’d be able to become closer to uncovering if they’re real or not

Aspiration - Vampire Family (if no Vampires then Renaissance Sim)

Traits - Bookworm, Goofball, Insane


  • Master Vampire Lore skill (if no Vampire then Logic Skill)
  • Visit Sixam and make friends with an alien
  • Marry a vampire
  • Have a child before having children with the vampire (if you don’t mind the last generation child being a vampire then do you) (if no vampire then just any sim)
  • Be a detective
  • Collect everything you collect from space

Cotton Candy 10 (Pastel Pink)*Needs Outdoor retreat

You’ve always wanted to do stand up comedy, making others laugh was a huge dream of yours. You love making jokes but also having alone time with your family do to simple things like throw house parties or camp with friends.

Aspiration - Joke Star

Traits - Cheerful, Clumsy, Romantic


  • Master Comedy skill
  • Get at least level 5 in a skill of your choice
  • Complete Joke Star aspiration
  • Throw at least 3 different types of parties
  • Go camping at least once (not mandatory)
  • Move twice in your lifetime.

anonymous asked:

Idk why Klantis feel the need to shit on everyone else... like K/ance already has the biggest following, why attack us Ka//ura, Pi/adin and Sha/adin shippers?? I already have to give up using the Vθltron tag bc it's clogged with K/ance, why they gotta invade my other ships?? How can we politely tell klantis to uh fuck off?



anastasiagranger7  asked:

Hey! Could I get a ship? So I'm with long blonde hair and brown eyes. I love the colour Burgundy and Black. I am rather short 1,54. I'm pretty sarcastic and can associate myself as a rebel, I don't like rules very much but I'm extremely polite(don't know how). I love drawing and being athletic. Well I'm pretty fit. I seem like a sweetheart most of the time, but you don't want to mess up with me. Thank you so much!!

Originally posted by princessofauradon

I ship you with…Carlos! 

He loves how sarcastic you are and finds it pretty amusing when you associate yourself as a rebel. He admires how polite you are, even if you don’t like rules. Carlos loves to watch you draw or see your drawings, and he’s always up to do something athletic with you, usually with Dude tagging along. He finds it cute how much of a sweetheart you are, especially since we all know he’s one as well, but he knows you’re not one to mess with.

(Not my gif) ships are currently closed 

Tagged by @fraink5​, thanks Mina!! <3

Rules: List ten favourite characters from ten fandoms.

I don’t think I even have ten fandoms, but I’ll try!

  1. Dazai Osamu, Bungou Stray Dogs ((sorry Chuuya!))
  2. Muffet, Undertale
  3. Lelouch vi Britannia, Code Geass
  4. Olivier Armstrong, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  5. Egwene Al’Vere, Wheel of Time
  6. Lance, Voltron
  7. Kelsier, Mistborn
  8. Genos, One Punch Man
  9. GLaDOS, Portal
  10. Lucina, Fire Emblem

Tagging @star-tear, @queenofthecrackpit@chuuyabelongswithhappiness and @chuuyay!

i was tagged by the lovely @aqhrodites (who’s a phenomenal writer even if she doesn’t like to believe it) as well as @donnaatroy (whos preview was. so iconic im dead on the floor)

Rules: Post the last thing you wrote (Original/fanfic/etc.)

& this is a….thing that will never be posted lmao

“Ariel?” she said. “I was supposed to be Ariel. Centuries ago, someone told Hans a story about us, with me as the main character. I don’t know if…if it was changed on purpose, or on accident, but they…messed the story up. I never gave away my voice for legs for some…boy who didn’t even know me. There was never a prince, never a happy ending.”

& i tag: @toddcowardd @rax-writes @captainsamwilson @sqoiler aaand anyone else who wants to do this! you’re all tagged ily

emmysrandomthoughts  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

I’ve been tagged by @emmysrandomthoughts, @vitaevandal, and @kenzieam to do this! Here we go:

1. I’m patient. Even under tough circumstances. That said, patient does not equal putting up with unnecessary bullshit.

2. I’m smart. Got through grad school the first time with a perfect 4.0 GPA. And I’m back in grad school again now chasing my second!

3. I’m damn good in the kitchen. The “Badassbaker” moniker isn’t wasted here :)

4. I’m motivated. If I want something, I go for it.

5. I have a good memory. Usually it’s activated to memorize utterly useless facts, but it’s served me well nonetheless.

Tagging @pathybo, @hows-my-hair, @thestarlighthotel, @angelswannawearmyredshooz, @captstefanbrandt, @brinabear458, @bonjourmyloves, @sparklemichele, @thewife101, and @virgosapphire79




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.


A story from the line at McDonald's
  • Me: okay so my sexuality's a complicated deal so let's just call me queer as hell
  • Friend: nono I wanna know can't you explain it
  • Me: well ok mainly I am asexual which means I don't want to do the do nor do I long for it, so it has nothing to do with lack of confidence or anything like that, I simply don't find anyone sexually attractive
  • Friend: right right
  • Me: but I'm also bi romantic. The sexual and romantic attraction are different, and I still fall in love and want to have physical contact with my partner, I just don't need the hanky panky
  • Friend: right cause you have a girlfriend that's pansexual right
  • Me: exactly and as long as we're both happy with not doing the rumba naked, that's a valid relationship
  • Friend: I get it, I get it... I didn't know the entire sexual and romantic orientations were different
  • Me: yeah I know it was an eyeopener for me when I found ou-
  • Lady behind us in line: excuse me so sorry but I couldn't help but overhear but I didn't know half of what you just said and I was just wondering what that thing your girlfriend was is, pansexual?
  • Me: *awkward glance at friend* oh uh I'm not an expert or anything and uh ok so basically it's similar to being bisexual, but there's less value in what gender the one you're attracted to is, at least as I understood it. So a bisexual would be attracted to a person despite their gender, a pansexual wouldn't really care at all in a way uh I'm sorry I'm bad at explaining
  • Lady behind us in line: that's alright I can look it up myself later you gave me a general idea! So where did you find out these things, you're pretty young?
  • Me: well, Internet. Once you're a bit confused about what you might be you usually go looking for explanations...
  • Lady behind us in line: so uh in theory... It's fine if you don't know, I just want to check with you... Is there a thing called aROMANTIC? like you're asexual, is there a equivalent to the romantic orientation you mentioned?
  • Me: oh yeah, absolutely! You can be both asexual and aromantic, or aromantic and heterosexual, literally all combinations are possible!
  • Lady behind us in line: *smiles LIKE REALLY GODDAMNED GENUINELY* thank you so much, I did not know that. *fishes up phone from pocket* now if you excuse me, I'm going to call my mother and tell her I'm not crazy for never having been married or stayed with one guy for long despite being 50+ but still has three children! *steps out of line and walks off while dialing*
  • Friend: wow that was... Amazing
  • Me: see how happy she got? That's the power of right information.
  • And that's why I've been smiling since this happened.

So Chat Noir has the reputation in the Miraculous fandom for incurable punning, because Ladybug and Chat both make puns, but Ladybug occasionally rolls her eyes at his while he rolls with hers without comment, making incidents generally more memorable.

So I know the ‘Marinette hates puns’ interpretation is common, but.

What if Ladybug just thinks her puns are better.


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.