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i drew the anxious zombie boy

I don’t know why,,,, but yes a raffle wowow owo wow!!

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Jk u win art


30 entries:

1 bust sketch

50 entries:

1 bust sketch but coloured woo

100 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch

200 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured

200+ entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Third prize: 1 headshot sketch coloured


Six Times I Took A Selfie and One Time I Didn’t (40k, mutuals to lovers, angst, MCD)
my beautiful friend @kyimphobe tagged me for the 7 selfies of 2017 (even tho….we’re only halfway thru the year lmao), so im tagging @queue @zewko @brownmccree and @syeu and all my mutuals, but only if u want to!!!!!

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"ugly doctor/patient ship" holy shit you haters are disgusting, i wonder why i still use tumblr these days, anything thats not a homo relationship its trouble for tumblr people. i was totally disgusted seeing the amount of questions sent to mercy VA about pharmercy, like lmao sending shipping questions to VA is so pathetic, just fyi people would leave you alone if you could gtfo of gen/cy tag and shit with your hate xthx

im not in the gency tag u fucking moron you wanna talk about pathetic? someone hiding behind the anon feature to send anon hate to someone about pharmercy (TO WHICH I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT LMAO) bc they don’t like seeing valid criticism of their stale bread straight ship when all they gotta do is ignore it or just go to /tagged/gency, will yall grow up and stop whining and sending me anons to fuel ur pathetic ship war so gency will “ALWAYS BE SUPERIOR uwu”, ur so annoying

A/N: This is my much-overdue rewrite of what I remember to be my first em fic (?), and I’ve been meaning to rewrite a lot of my old works now but I decided to start with this one since it means a lot to me. I decided to keep it in past tense even though I tend to write in present tense now, just because I had written it in past originally and figured I’d keep that the same. It’s also been a good six months since I’ve written any kind of fic like this, as I’ve more recently been writing random shit inspired the insanity that is my mind :x Which, sidenote, is actually really enjoyable for me, and if you wanna check out some of those works they’re pretty much all that’s in my writing tag rn, lmao. Anyway, I reread this a few times (which I almost never do, I usually can’t stand to proofread my work) and I’m hoping it’ll be okay and coherent, but the tense might’ve still ended up weird at times since it’s hard to switch back to past. Also, I don’t think I cared most about this when I first posted this but I don’t know how more people will feel about this since it’s based from a mix of my strange imagination, a lott of my own headcanons and an experience(s??) to some extent so;;;;; o.o This is technically like my re-debut to the em fandom but I think I’m psyching myself out more than I need to? o: 

Hope you all enjoy~

The night was late, the only sounds to be audible were the soft snores of the boys around him. It had been a very long day, as his days always were. And though there was so much he had to think about, so many things to worry about, his body began to cave, the hands of sleep pulling him in deeper, until he could do nothing but submit.

He could feel his eyelids flutter shut, yet just as he did, he felt an unmistakable weight on his chest.


She mumbled inaudibly.

“You never tell me how you get in here, do you know what could happen if you were found in the boy’s barracks?”

She didn’t reply.

He sighed and shifted slightly, in an effort to shake her off. “We’re all really tired, Mikasa, I’m sure you are too.”

When the words left his mouth, the room fell a deathly quiet, and for a moment he was sure that she’d fallen asleep already, right then and there, but she sat up, long and slow, before he could make another effort to move her off.

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Uh. I'm really curious.

How many of you like snk and HAVENT followed the manga?

I wanna know how many anime-only people we’re gonna have in the snk tag on April 1st, like…

I honestly don’t remember what y'all know and don’t know.


Like if you do follow the manga.

Reblog if you only follow the anime.

Ignore if you don’t follow snk at all.

And reply if you sort of know what’s going on in the manga even if you don’t keep updated.

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i'msorry explain the ghoul grumps au to me???

A nice summary for all of my new followers since Ill never get around to finishing that masterpost lmao Before I even start, this au ships REAL PEOPLE ™; Shipgrumps, polygrumps, whatever the heckie u wanna call it. so like, a big warning for people who Do Not appreciate that 

Ghoul Grumps (au!) is an idea i came up w for the original Ghoul Grumps halloween special. This was before they came up with additional designs for the rest of the crew. Ive been tempted to rename the au so it can stay out of the ghoul grumps tag but im not too sure what to change it too :/

Its the grumps as different hybrid creatures based off of common mythological designs; Arin and Barry as werebeasts, Dan as a Siren, Suzy is a Naga, Holly is a Harpy, and Ross and Brian are Angels. Theres more ppl but the general idea is that have humanoid forms and then a more Extreme monster version of themselves. Arin transforming into a massive bipedal Tiger, Suzy transforming into a snake, Ross transforming into a literal angel. Its just something nice to explore and very fun to draw overall (for me at least lmao)

Its parallel to real life; star//bomb exists, gg exists, its just different monster designs included. Its like your typical Monster au i guess lol

People used to send ALOT of headcanons to me and that the only reason this au grew so big tbh. Theres alot of ideas and spinoffs people added in (a reincarnation au thing for ppl like Ross and Brian, a species swap with all the ppl). Its not to be taken seriously and its just a way to explore lots of nice plots and ideas yanno? I still think about this au on a damn near daily basis, its been a very positive influence for me :> I would like to take the time to go through all of my content from back when I first started bc thats when I was the most active and when I put alot of love into this au.  <3

you know………….my dumb ass realized……….that dio is literally…….my character……….and if i don’t like how they are……..i can change them…………why did no one tell me this

Mercy is a sadistic binch to the fucks that keep on spamming her for healing as they die(I’M LOOKING AT YOU GENJI.) ahhh I love her.>:3c 

       WOW!!!!!  it’s only been a short couple of months and we’ve already hit 300+ followers dudes!  even tho we all know a majority of those follows came from my impressive charm   ;))))   i obviously couldn’t have done it without u guys!!

        SO, to commemorate the occasion, here are some honorable mentions!!    ★

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A Sabriel oneshot

I kinda hate myself rn. I’m procrastinating again. Nevertheless, this idea would not leave me so I decided to write it. Based on this tumblr post I made last night. (also you might wanna check out @kkii2miinebiitche2 ‘s version of this here)

Summary: Sam moves into a new apartment building and realises soon, that the person living one floor below him masterfully plays the piano. He starts to fall in love with the music. Gabriel is an unsatisfied concert pianist, who is desperately needy for some love. lmao this is so fluffy. Fuck. 

Tagging the usual suspects: @lacqueluster @janimoon (you seemed interested) @mrsgabrieltrickster (cuz u know ily) and @luciferthecookie (who inspired the little girl’s name). 

“Dude, how the hell do you even have so much stuff?” Dean’s voice was gruff as he spoke, but there was a certain fondness to it, that not even the most gifted impressionist would be able to replicate. Said man was currently struggling to keep a box, filled to the brim with textbooks and novels, upright.

“Stop whining, Dean - you promised to help me out,” Sam retorted as he sped by Dean, skipping steps as he quickly climbed the staircase.

“I still don’t get why you couldn’t find an apartment with a lift,” Dean continued with an eye-roll. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he climbed the next flight of stairs.

“It’s healthy!” Sam called from a few flights above Dean. The elder Winchester groaned again and turned his head slightly to look at his husband, Castiel.

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confessing to chenle [REQUESTED]
  • lmao, took me 1000000000000000000000000000 years to write
  • so originally, the anon wanted a laser tag w/ confession scenario
  • but i couldn’t pass it up plus i can’t for the life of me write a good scenario
  • sooo this was born bc i still wanna do the request i’m rlly sorry anon
  • sooooooo, y’all were friends even before you became a ‘thing’
  • and tbh, you confessed first bc you really couldn’t wait for this boi to sort out his feelings
  • and it happened after you played laser tag
  • *flashback* (i haven’t played laser tag before, im so srry)
  • alright so lele asked you to join him and the boys for laser tag and ofc you said yes
  • y’all were getting rlly competitive since you weren’t in lele’s team
  • and you were so badass too
  • and like you were targeting jisung, but donghyuck beat you to it muttering something about ‘whooping that disrespectful boi’s ass’
  • and since jaemin was battling somewhere with jeno and mark was grovelling at renjun’s feet
  • that left you with dolphin boi
  • and well, you couldn’t see him anywhere, so you crept around the room until you hear hyena’s laughing behind you
  • hint hint: it sounds pretty much like a dolphin imitating a hyena’s laugh. who else laughs like a dolphin?
  • and then y’all duel
  • and you were actually getting the upper hand when he distracts you by saying ‘fine. i surrender because you look cute like that.’
  • so you gaped at him like a fish out of fucking water
  • and the asshole says ‘sike!’
  • and then you lose and you hear everyone in your team groan in frustration because you lost
  • but you, you were quiet and stuck in your thoughts
  • because what did he mean by you looked cute?
  • was he saying that because he really did think you looked cute or did he say that so you would be distracted?
  • and the better part of you was wishing it was the former rather than the latter
  • but you knew you shouldn’t expect anything, because you might get hurt
  • that doesn’t mean you can’t hope for the best tho
  • because you do.
  • you hope with every fibre of your being, that he likes you as much as you like him
  • and so for the entire day, chenle keeps throwing mixed signals at you and its seriously confusing you
  • like for a minute he’d look at you with affection but then the next he’s avoiding your hand as you absentmindedly reach out for his
  • and it hurts a tiny bit
  • because you keep hoping something is there when it’s absolutely empty
  • and it’s sort of killing you inside
  • so you confess to him as he walks you home
  • but it’s basically just you laughing about some joke and you say, ‘did you mean what you said when you told me i looked cute?’
  • and his mouth closes and presses into a tight line as he looks away
  • and it feels like your heart broke
  • you: oh. i just uh. i just thought you meant what you said. look, chenle, i like you, and hearing you say that made me realize how much i wanted you to know. but it seems like my feelings blurred out reality and replaced it with a dream. im sorry if i made things awkward between us, you don’t even have to respond, i’ll just walk home by myself. see you.’
  • and you walk away with a heavy heart
  • this turned angsty real quick
  • and so chenle stands there, flabbergasted and annoyed with himself
  • because why did he let you walk away thinking he didn’t like you back? 
  • and he stands there screaming and scrunching out his hair in frustration
  • until he decides that he can’t go home without telling you that he likes you back
  • so he runs toward the direction of your house, and when he gets there panting and sweating, he rings your doorbell
  • and luckily, you’re the one who answers
  • because he wouldn’t know what to say if your dad was the one who answered
  • ‘hi sir. i’m here to confess my undying love to your daughter. how’s your day been?’ wouldn’t really work in his favor
  • and you are taken off guard as soon as you see chenle 
  • the chenle you just confessed to
  • and yeah, he’s stuttering and his hands are shaking and you’re stuttering and your hands are shaking
  • and then his voice cracks as he says ‘i like you too’
  • and he’s his cheeks are vv red, and you can feel your heart beating 100 miles per minute and you just both stare at the ground in shame
  • until your older brother winwin enters the scene with a raised eyebrow
  • winwin: lol you just found out that the feeling is mutual. why are y’all still staring at the ground? i would’ve kissed with person but since y’all are still vv young and you are my bby sibling, you guys can only hug.
  • and like you’re so embarrasseddd because winwin gege, why must you do dis
  • winwin: are you gonna hug or what? the clock is ticking kid, i’m giving you a chance to hug my bby sibling. do it while you still can
  • and when none of you would move winwin just sighs and pulls chenle inside and puts his arms around you, closes the door and turns toward the living room 
  • and both you and chenle turn to stone for a moment
  • bc ohmygosh his arms are around you
  • ohmygosh he just confessed
  • and ohmygosh winwin gege
  • and then you two burst out laughing
  • and, that’s really it. you guys confessed and maybe confessing changes things up a bit, but you guys aren’t really ready for a relationship
  • but you’re content with your sort of friendship with chenle
  • one day, it’ll be something more and winwin won’t have to make you guys do what you want to do 
  • and everything will work out in the end. you’ll just have to wait for the right time

answer the 20 questions and tag 20 followers that you would like to know better.

tagged by @jiminms ily sm <3333

name: nina
nickname: neens, neen, even rina
zodiac sign: leo
height: 5′0″/ 152.4cm (i am a smol bean but i will still fite)
orientation: straight
nationality: hispanic!
fave fruit: oranges
fave season: summer
fave flower: sunflowers and buttercups
fave scent: i like vanilla or pumpkin
fave color: blue 
fave animal: all types of cats (tigers to my bubs at home)
average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 maybe? depends on how destructive i feel like being towards myself lol
fave fictional character: lmao idk maybe percy jackson or zuko from atla 
number of blankets you sleep with: 2 or 3 bc i like to be comfy!
dream trip: alaska or iceland
blog created: january 2017 but i didn’t really start using it until recently

i tag: @jimology, @eternaljimin, @vminswife, @philophobia999, @silkguk, @taesflower, @parkesjimin, @jungkookio, @toughchim, @otpvmin, @kisano, @apricotmin, @xseokjiin, @yoongsb, @93-jpg, @sugaidc, @marude, @existentialjimin, @purrjimin, and @stanjimiin

11 Qustions

thank you @perhaps-trees-and-tea for tagging me !! <3 

Rules: always post the rules, do all 11 questions by the tagger, write 11 of your own questions, and tag 11 people to answer said questions

1. Favorite animal: a fox

2. When is your birthday? December, 25th

3. Do you have any pets? no, unfortunately 

4.  Last movie you watched. Would you recommend it? The Other Woman. yeah, i do recommend. though it’s not that great. it’s like a chill out light comedy movie to unwind to after a stressful day. plus, Leslie Mann’s character is funny (movie reviews with julia lmao) 

5.  Do you remember a toy that you really liked to play with when you were a child? i liked my Bratz a lot ,but also the classic spiderman toy because you could move every part of its body.. that sounds weird. but meh.

6.  What color are your eyes? dark brown 

7. Addicted to any music at the moment? yes! i’m into Dodie and Troye atm, and i have recently discovered Jorja Smith

8.  What color pen do you use the most to write? blue or purple

9.  Do you prefer writing on the computer or on paper? paper. but writing on the computer is more convenient these days (i sound like a grandma Lol)

10.  Do you wear glasses? no

11.  How are you feeling right now? a little bit sad and a little bit meh because exams.:’)

My Questions:

1. What’s your favorite sound?  2. What’s your go-to comfort movie?  3. Would you clone yourself if you could?  4. pastel, bright or dark colors? 5. What’s your favorite joke?  6. Marvel or DC?  7. Did you have a crazy dream job when you were younger?  8. are you a morning person or a night owl? 9. has anyone inspired or helped you get into a hobby that you still love till this day? 10. do you have any siblings?  11. favorite book quote? 

i tag: @nviles @poisonous-attributes @all-things-slytherin @sun-angel12 @adorablephilly @aceoflesters @philoquence @the-julienne-ihnat @phan-is-at-the-disco @the-tol-one @booknymph02

I magically gained the ability to draw temporarily (and now I’m covered in sweat, what a trade…..), and anyway I drew me! I’ll maybe try to color it later? In photoshop? If I can do so without butchering the lines? anyways, Hi, I’m Nekhem/Nekhimiel! The tear-tracks were my markings. And the bell was tied onto a cloth around my neck but I couldn’t get it to come out?