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In my mind, Jasper eventually gets fed up with the Cullen's treatment of him and leaves, and the occasional visit because Alice. I think once Jasper finally does this, Rosalie decides she's done being the scapegoat and leaves, too. I can see Rosalie and even Alice following the "diet" still, but Jasper probably doesn't angst as much when he slips and Emmett is just happy to be out of Calculus in my head. What do you think?

This is undoubtedly possible. 

The most crucial thing when writing found families, I think, is giving all the characters a clear reason for loving each other and wanting to be together. In more dramatic works, it can be something as basic as “we want to save the world” or “everyone else is dead”. Because Twilight has lower stakes, all the Cullens need to have distinct, convincing motivations. Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and even Emmett, as you point out, don’t necessarily have those. 

To begin with Alice, it seems like she had a series of visions and decided that she was destined to join the Cullens. Still, she acknowledges that her gift is fickle. Her visions certainly didn’t imply an eternity with the family, and she may very well decide to leave, taking Jasper with her. And, speaking of Jasper, it’s hard to pinpoint anything in the text which suggests that he’s happier with the Cullens than he would be with just Alice. Either of them could easily grow impatient/bored/stifled and leave. (From a purely pragmatic standpoint, it seems like Alice and Jasper bring a lot of benefits with them. She’s responsible for the Cullens’ wealth, whereas he keeps the peace and is a competent fighter. In other words, there’s nothing keeping them in the family.)

Although Rosalie is tremendously loyal to the Cullens, I’m not really sure why. Is it just the concept of family? Does she like them? Do they provide her with emotional support/intimacy/connection? None of that makes it onto the page, and the amount of sheer malice they ascribe to her is astounding. Anyway, I could see her getting tired of that– as you say– and leaving, Emmett going with her. He already appreciates “breaks” from the family; I can’t imagine him minding seeing them periodically instead of all the time.

an anniversary of sorts

5 years ago today I began focusing on bettering my mental health because I decided I wanted to live. 

I’ve lost some people I thought were friends and family along the way, but I’ve gained so much more in quantity and quality. Learning how to manage my emotions and take care of myself has not only helped bolster my own quality of life, but strengthened relationships with everyone around me who was negatively affected by my symptoms. It was hard, but worth it.

Through a lot of hard work coupled with counseling and medication, I have gone from meeting diagnosing criteria for borderline personality disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia to, as of very recently, just the anxiety and depression. 

I still have work to do, and I’ve had my fair share of bad days - as most of you who have been following me for years or even months probably know. But I’m getting better all the time. I know who I am, I’m stronger, and most importantly, I want to live and make it a life worth living.

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So, I left tumblr and you were watching El dorado/ prince of Egypt (great movie choices A+++) and I come back to ??? I caught up after scrolling and stuff. I'm glad it seems things will be better now. But I just wanna know how your doing???

yeah i was having an underrated cartoon movie day and then i sorta like. hit the final straw and went off but like. all things considered? i’m doing like. so well? i was so ready to like. lose followers and get hate and backlash and have people defending john and to maybe even just end up even angrier than i had started but? everything went like exactly the opposite? i got nothing but support and love from all yall (thank you!!) and i gained 28(!!) followers (THANK YOU) and i was able to free myself from him and still i have not received one single hate and i am just in awe and i love you all so much i haven’t felt this relaxed since like. halloween

{{All right. I’ve had enough.}}

{{So since October or so I’ve been being harassed by one particular individual. They sent rude things, generally bothering me ever since. I even left Tumblr for a good chunk of time but they found my new blogs after I remade and started harassing me in the beginning of March or even before that.}}

{{This morning, they decided to sent me a gif image of a woman burning to death in a car accident and since then I have notified the police. I have also deleted the message, but I have a screen shot of it here:}}

{{WARNING TO MY FOLLOWERS, DO NOT LOOK AT THE LINK. It is apparently of a woman burning to death, though it took me some time to realize as such. Still, tread with caution.}}

{{To the Anon who sent this gif image to me, if you continue to harass me, there will be serious consequences to your actions. I am no push over. I will make you regret it.}}

{{I know why you’re harassing me. I’ve had my suspicions of you being the culprit for a while–but out of respect and human decency, I’m not taking action beyond the notifying of the police, for now. They are ready to take action if you continue this, and if you do, I will not hesitate to do everything in my power to make sure you regret crossing me.}}

{{Leave me alone. Go and live your life and forget about me already. I want to forget about you, and to be honest I mostly have. I don’t care about you anymore. So just go away and let me rp/blog in peace.}}

{{Anons are off and are staying off for a while. Until Anon decides to finally move on. Sorry to anyone who liked sending me in anonymous memes, but I’m not here to watch women burning to death because someone has a stupid vendetta against me.}}

{{So to the person who’s been harassing me for months, You know who you are. I know it’s you. I know you’re changing your IP address constantly to hide but your methods aren’t good enough. I’ve found your real location and again, the police have been notified. Leave me alone. I want nothing to do with you anymore.}}

{{Leave me alone.}}

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I just... Ugh. I literally even said that plural communities have always been accepting, and it's only Tumblr creating this unnecessary rift. Their response was outright saying that non-disordered systems just ~don't exist~! The problem is that, yeah, there are plenty of non-disordered systems /in this very community/, including us. I am really not equipped for this, nor do I know how to warn anyone (who may not follow the community blog) to stay away.

…I don’t understand how someone can deny something exists when proof is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES but then again people still think the earth is flat.

Hey, just a word of warning to all my followers, please remember that it is a Class E Felony to wish harm or death upon the President of the United States . Yes, even on social media. People have gotten deported over this in the past.

I wholeheartedly support #notmypresident but unfortunately, this law would still apply. Be careful with those assassination jokes, which do qualify as a federal offense now. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

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You have a mostly adult fan base. Why do you keep everything so G rated? You don't cuss, talk about sex, your love life or anything. Do you think we can't handle it?

Yup! That’s what I think!

Lol no!! I do talk about my love life to an extent, only to the point I, myself, am feeling up to talking to you all about it. And as much as you may think I have a mostly adult audience, I do have lots of kids who follow me, and it is a great opportunity to keep my videos accessible to them, while also discussing things that may not get to be talked about a lot in school (Black History, women’s rights, gender identity, body positivity, etc.). Future topics will cover other things like sexuality, gender identities, possibly even safe practices, but my channel is still relatively new. And it’s not just kids, a lot of people of all ages would prefer not to watch something with expletives or sexual content. It’s not that they can’t handle it, but that they would prefer not to have it, or that they would like to watch something while there are kids around. I’m not even a big curser myself, although I’m never offended if anyone were to curse around me. I’m just a big believer in keeping my videos accessible to all!

Dear RPers who have wanted to interact.

I feel like i need to address this because i find it’s an issue many people, especially newcomers, have in RP.


There’s no reason to be anxious or hesitant if you want to talk to me. I will happily accept a random starter, or a random tag, or an inbox message! Even if we’ve never interacted or even acknowledged one another, i will still HAPPILY interact with you!

You’re not bothering me. You’re not annoying. You’re not making me uncomfortable. I LIKE to interact with new people, it’s very exciting and fun!

Please, PLEASE, don’t be hesitant when sending in ANYTHING. I’m having a lot more fun than your anxiety tells you!


hey you, yeah, you. the one reading this. you know, if you’re reading this that means you’re alive and you know what that means? that means you’re awesome. you’re awesome bc you’re alive and breathing. no matter what you’re going through i’m always here to talk just message me. you don’t even have to follow me bc my messages are always open to everyone! but even if you are going through a tough time, i think it’s cool that you’re still here and if you’re thinking of ending it, don’t. please. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. it’s gonna be okay soon, i promise. just stay alive and stay strong and you can do anything you put your mind to. i love you and i care. stay alive! i believe in you and i’m proud of you, you beautiful human being!

No but we are so lucky to be fans of someone like Mike Dirnt. 

He’s under no obligation to reply to fans on Instagram or acknowledge them in any way. But he still does. Even now, when he has hundreds of thousands of followers, he still regrams fanart and likes posts and sometimes replies to fans. I remember a few years ago, when he had fewer followers and it was easier for him to do it, it wasn’t unusual to see him to spending hours upon hours talking to fans. He’d do cute little things like reply to comments with only emojis so people would have a riot trying to figure out what he was saying. One time a fan made an account called “mikedirntshomies” and he thought it was cute so he tagged them in every instagram post for weeks and eventually followed them. I think he still follows them. And that account gained like 10k followers and became this little community that fans could share fanart and stuff on and mike would like everything and leave nice messages complimenting people’s art. 

He’s wished so many happy birthdays, answered hundreds of questions, and given gentle replies to fans who were in pain because he knows that even something so small can mean the world to someone or maybe even change their life. And when Brittney faced a battle with cancer, she and Mike let us in. They kept us updated and shared the whole experience with us. Even some of what must have been their most fragile moments, such as Mike shaving off Brittney’s hair and Brittney being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. How many other celebrities care so much? How many connect so intimately with their audience?

It’s an absolute honour to be a fan of Mike Dirnt.

The best part of the How to Train Your Dragon movies isn’t even the plot.

It’s the emotions, the reactions, the expressions, the details.

They don’t follow cliches.

When he found Toothless, it wasn’t the fish that made them friends. It made Toothless less murderous, but he still wouldn’t let Hiccup near him. It was a moment of bonding that let them be friends. A drawing, a dance, and patience. That’s what it took.

When he was in the battle arena, Hiccup tried to make Toothless leave after he saved him. But Toothless wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t listen because he thought Hiccup was still in danger. But when Hiccup yelled no, Toothless listened then because of the way it was said. When he told him to leave, he was worried. When he told him to stop, he was scared.

When you see a loved one you thought you lost, or you are the loved one. It cliches them running, and hugging and crying. But these movies show a different reaction. Hiccup is confused, Stoick is quiet and careful, and Valka is afraid.

Things that usually make movies boring, re-imagined. All of these things that you sometimes know are coming, and they do. But they come in a different way. Instead of when someone dies, the MC immediately attacks the cause, or killer, Hiccup went over and cried over his dad for a moment. He never attacked or yelled at Drago about it. He never even mentioned it to him. 

Hiccup didn’t hold a grudge against Toothless. He yelled at him a moment, but that is a natural reaction. You can tell he regrets it very fast. He tries to save Toothless before being held back.

These movies showed so much love and trust between Hiccup and Toothless. Toothless tried harder to get out of the place where he fell to save Hiccup then he did to save himself. Hiccup trusted Toothless to save him from pillars when he was flying top speed towards them. 

Hiccup challenged his tribe, and his own father, for Toothless.

Toothless challenged a dragon 1000 times his size for Hiccup.

This is why I love these movies so much. This is the reason I have watched them at least 20 times this month alone. 

This is what Dreamworks needs to aim for every time.

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Happy New year everyone// 

 I’d like to thank all of you for sticking around this year, also for the support you guys have been giving me throughout the 2016! It means a lot to me  ❤❤❤

 This might have not been the best one, but hey we can try to make the new one better. I hope you have good New Years and that we all are gonna step right into 2017 together. 

wow! first of all: thank you very much for - ̗̀ 17k ̖́ - that’s a mind-blowing amount of audience and im still very #shookt !! ok… so anyway, the last time i had my faves page, i only have like less than a third of my followers now (that was like, last year) so i thought maybe to thank you guys for being so lovely, i should finally update it !!

don’t delete the text bc it wont even show up on your blog ✨

what you must do:

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what you will get:

  • follow from me if im not following you yet !!
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  • huge chance to get a new adorable buddy (hint: that buddy is me)
  • daily/regular dose of cute messages from smol bean (in the form of me)
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  • also my queue-bot will depend on you REGULARLY!!
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how to increase your chances:

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i’ll be picking around 10-20 blogs depending on the number of entries!! thank you very much! keep on reblooping and i hope you guys will join!! ily !!! ily !! <3

I have to say this.

I know some of my followers are not American- if you’re not, you’re still welcome to read this. I am legitimately terrified. The man I was scared to even hear speak is now our President. So I just need to say- I do not support him. I did not want this. To all of my followers that have felt attacked, threatened, and are scared for our future: I am here for you. I support you, I will always listen, I will always be here for you. You are not alone. Remember that. And now..we just have to hope that…something will change. I hope to God it does. I love you all. I will always be here to listen. Always.

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Please can you do a little follow up to that last TFLN??? 😙

Omg could you do like a mini/quick follow up blurb to that last TFLN? Maybe when they meet? Just like an overview quickly doesn’t have to be too long/detailed! Please 😋😋😋


Even though they’d have broken up, they’d still be in contact with one another and they’d try and talk as much as they could without it getting too weird and awkward between them. He’d text her a hello and he’d ask how she was and what she’d been up too and she’d text him her congratulations on a good show and ask him how it is to perform in a huge stadium filled with fans and supporters. She’d still be really good friends with Gemma, and over the month of their break-up, she’d still be on good-ish terms with Harry, so when Gemma and Anne suggest a trip to Manchester to see one another and to attend a concert, she’d agree after being a little hesitant about it.

She’d stay at Anne’s house with Gemma, taking the last of the spare rooms, that would be located between Gemma’s and Harry’s old childhood bedrooms. Anne would be knowledgeable on the break-up but she’d still treat her like a special part to the family because, after two years, they’d created a really loving bond. The day of the show, when it’s One Direction’s first Manchester show, she’d be feeling really nervous and toying with her breakfast and feeling a little peachy at the mention of seeing them again. 

Entering the stadium, she’d follow his family towards the backstage area and, from the end of the corridor, she can hear Harry’s loud laugh and it’d warm her heart and make her feel all fuzzy inside. And, upon her entrance to the room, his eyes would widen and all he’d want to do is run towards her and hug her and squeeze her and just kiss her extremely passionately and forget all about the hardest month he’d had to endure.

“Hey,” he’d murmur, walking over hesitantly and smiling softly, “I didn’t know you were going to agree on taking that ticket. I sent an extra in case you did want too. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“Were still on good terms, Harry. I’m not going to miss out on an opportunity to see you in a huge stadium.”

“Can I, uhm, can I hug you? Or is that too-” 

But he’d be interrupted and let out an ‘ooph’ sound when she’d wrap her arms around his waist and hold him tightly, pushing herself into his chest. Resting her cheek against his chest as he’d wrap his arms around her shoulders and cosy her to his body.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

“This doesn’t mean anything, okay?”

“I know. I know.”

Throughout the show, the boys would see a huge change in the way he performs and he’d be a lot more cheery and jokey and laughing with everyone. Being more talkative and not taking as many trips backstage to calm himself down in the loo. Gemma would see a change in her appearance and she’d be smiling widely and catching eye contact with Harry and blushing profusely.

By the time the show ends, the atmosphere between Harry and the missus would disintegrate and it would be like old times. Except, no relationship would be pursued between the two of them. Until they both took the trip back to Anne’s house, where he’d be spending a couple of days before heading off to another city to perform in. They’d all separate into the own bedrooms; Harry in his childhood room, Gemma in hers and the missus in the spare room between the two. However, they’d be unable to sleep and join in the kitchen, where Harry’s making himself a cup of tea. Dressed in a pair of pyjama trousers and a baggy sweatshirt that made him look tiny and cosy.

“Can’t sleep?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep since the moment you left.”


“No, listen to me, please. Please.”

“Make me a cuppa and we have a deal.”


Once tea had been made and they’d found comfort on the living room sofa, they’d propel into a conversation that was very much needed. Talking about how the last month had treated them and how they regret everything that was said.

“What happened, on the night of that huge fight between us, it was so painful. I can’t believe what was being thrown away. By me, mostly. I broke your heart, made you leave and I haven’t forgiven myself since then. I go to sleep feeling guilty. I go to sleep picturing your heartbroken face. I go to sleep in an empty bed every single night and it’s like a constant reminder of what I did. I can still feel the tingle in my cheek from the slap you gave me, you know?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I needed it. I deserved it. Christ, I deserved it so much. Because it meant I had taken things too far. I got so many punches to my arm from Gemma and my mum scolded me and she looked so disappointed in me when I told them both and it really made me realise how special you were, to not only me, but to my family.”

“It’s kind of hard to think about. I feel so close to all of them.”

“And, it hurts knowing that I put a wedge between that bond. I feel awful.”

“It didn’t. It did make me feel awkward when I met with Gemma because I had no reason to see her. You aren’t my boyfriend anymore so I shouldn’t even be here, right now, staying in your childhood house with your mother and your sister.”

“You’re one of Gemma’s best friends, lo- (YN). Tells me that every time I see her. She loves her time with you and it makes me feel even worse knowing I would have ruined that friendship. As well as the bond with my mum.”

He’d take a sip from his tea before putting it down on the coffee table, reaching for your tea and sliding it from your hold, and placing it down beside his before he took your hands in his, “can we forget everything? Can we start again? I can’t take another day without you.”

“I don’t know, Harry.”

“Please? I,” he’d look down to his lap, biting his lip to hold back the tears, “I love you. I can’t bear this anymore. You said, when the time is right, we’d see one another again and we can continue from where we left off. You must feel something or else you wouldn’t have come to Manchester to see us. You can’t say that you came to stay friends.”

“And what if that is the case, Harry? What if I decided to come and agree to be friends? Would you want that?”

“No,” he’d admit, looking deeply into her eyes, “no, I wouldn’t want that. But, I’d happily wait for you.”

“I don’t want to be friends, Harry. I want you back. I came for a reason and,” you breathed out a sigh, “I think we should try again.”

A grin would lift up his cheeks, his dimples popping as he lunged forward and engulfed her into a tight hug, letting her sob happily into his neck. He’d pull away briefly and look at her before they’d close the gap and kiss one another hungrily and passionately, her figure sliding onto his lap as she straddled him and let her hands rake through his hair.

In the morning, Anne would pop into Harry’s bedroom to see if he wanted any breakfast or if he was heading off to the stadium again, but, she’d be stunned when he wasn’t in his bed. His folded clothes for the few days still sitting on the chair in the corner. The shower in the house untouched and the bathroom would be quiet and she’d be confused as to where he’d gone. Until she walked towards Gemma’s room and peeked through the gap to the missus’ temporary bedroom. His figure laid under the comforter, one foot hanging over the edge of the bed and his clothes and the missus’ strewn across the carpet, a smile on her lips.

“Why are you staring at (YN), mum?”

“Gem, look.”

Gemma would peek into the gap, her eyes widening in shock as she looked up, “do you think?”

“I think so, Gem. I think they may just be back together.”

“I can hear yeh. And yes we are back together,” Harry would murmur, looking up from the pillow, a smile on his face, “now, as much as I love you both, can you shove off, please? I’m enjoyin’ this morning.” xx

I remember a few million years ago, an anon had asked me for Yugi in a suit

Making You Stay

This was very much unplanned but I had to, thanks to all the torture from @hestylesno and @yetanotherharry. I’m still not used to writing smut so I apologize in advance. All constructive criticisms are always welcomed. Here are my other work.

You stand there hands fisting by your side as you watch him duck the hits. Each time making your heart do a flip in anxiety. You hated this. You hated this and even more so the feeling you get when you watch him do this. There was no reason for you to stand here and be tortured but at the same time you didn’t have the heart to walk out on him.

Your eyes follow him as he stalks his opponent planning his next move. Eyes furrowed, lips parted, biceps bulging through his t shirt, he was cut out for this. Thus he easily ditches the next blow thrown aiming right at his jaw. But that didn’t keep you from gasping loudly grabbing their attention. He gives you a quick glance, eyes falling on your hands clutching on your chest and back to meet yours. Your heart is still racing, threatening to explode out of your chest but your hands drop at his reaction, or rather the lack of. He looks at you for another second, the corner of his lips raising and falling, before shaking his head lightly making the sweat drop from his brow drip.

“Jerk” you mutter under your breath turning back to walk away, refusing to be tortured any further. But you don’t reach far when you hear a loud thud followed by a raspy, “Bloody fuck!”

You turn back to see Harry recoil onto him, gloved hands pulled to his chest as his eyes squeeze tightly breathing silent cusses. In a heartbeat you reach up to him, nearly tripping while getting in the ring. His opponent steps back giving you your space and rambling halfhearted explanations about how it isn’t his fault and its Harry taking a shot prematurely, though it all falls to deaf ears.

“Are you fine?” you ask leaning to him. Your hands rub against the sweaty shirt sticking to his back. He nods lightly before letting out a “Yeah” but you are not convinced and pull his wrists up. He opens his mouth to protest but it turns into a whimper as you tug the glove away exposing the red skin of his wrist.

The anger is evident in your eyes as you look up at him. His eyes lower in guilt, biting on the insides of his cheeks. He is embarrassed but that doesn’t keep him from protesting when you pull him to the corner of the ring. “I’m fine, love. ‘Tis jus- Ouch! Easy there. No, tha’s-wait bu’ “

You have to force him to sit as he takes his seat and you kneel down. The emergency box soon handed to you by his opponent before he disappears in the locker room leaving Harry alone to face your wrath.

“‘Tis nothing, swear. Jus’ a bit of a twist there but ‘m fine.” He keeps on rambling between gasps and cries as you don’t bother to go soft on him right now and he notices that.

“Love, are yeh angry? Please, don’t be.” He reaches up to pull a strand of hair back from your face to see the frown on your forehead. “Hey, you cannot blame me. Yeh were the one walking out on me. Would have left me if it weren’t for m’broken hand, yeah?”

He chuckles but you don’t find the humor when your lips are held in a tight line and your eyes are stinging. He shuts seeing your blazing eyes. You return to his hand tying the black elastic for support a bit more tightly than necessary, winning another whimper from him.

“First of all, it’s not broken. So if that was your plan, you failed. Secondly,” you sit back on your heels, hands falling on your knees as you meet his eyes. “wasn’t leaving you, you know that. But you cannot expect me to stand here watching you hurt yourself.”

“I didn’t-“

“Don’t tell me you were that stupid to take that blow intentionally. In fact, this whole thing is stupid. You just have to drag me here to watch you take hits upon hits and jus- “

You are cut off by his lips as he pulls you with his working hand. You try to push him but couldn’t when he is begging you with his lips smacking against yours and tongue swiping on it. You give up pulling him closer with his wet shirt and he obliges moaning in your mouth.

“You know I need yeh here.” He says through heavy breathing when he pulls away, eyes finding yours.

It breaks your heart a little to see him like this, all vulnerable and begging. When you both know that your relation has gone way beyond casual fuck but neither of you can bring yourself to say that out loud, not with the circumstance he is in.

You cannot bring yourself to answer that so you opt to press your lips against his avoiding his eyes. And he too picks on it as his hands squeeze around your waist pulling you closer. The kiss intenses as your tongues battle and your one leg swings over his to straddle him, feeling him harden right underneath you. But your senses recover for a second when you pull away and look around investigating your surrounding for any prying eyes.

“Harry, not here.” You moan as his teeth graze over your neck exposed to him and he hums in agreement pulling you up with one hand. It is a struggle when you are clinging on him, pepper kissing your way from his jaw to his chest and he has only one functioning hand to balance you both, nearly falling off the ring when tackling with the ropes and knocking into a punching bag while pawing at each other.

At last you find yourself in the haven of the musty locker room, which has now been thankfully abandoned by any other users allowing him to back you into a locker, your head hitting the locker door with a bang. His bandaged hand comes instinctively to cup head for an ineffective massage along with his muffled apologies as his mouth is still press on the crook of your neck, sucking hard determined to leave a mark later. His other hand grips at your waist, pulling you into him as he pokes in your stomach.

Your hands rest on his shoulders, halfheartedly pushing him to straighten your back.

“Yeah, pet?” he asks pulling back though his grip on your waist doesn’t loosen. The cool stale air of the room hits you through your now wet shirt soaked in his sweat and you shiver a bit forming the words in your head.

“Your hand.” You manage to say reaching for the wrapped hand from behind your head.

“S’fine, s’fine.” He says shaking his head pulling his hand out of yours. But you glare at him and he has to smile at your stubbornness.

He leans in to give a peck on your lips but lingers a bit longer letting his hand trace your curves and squeezing at the pudge of your hip before abruptly backing off requesting a breathy “Turn ‘round f’me, love, will yeh?”

And you do turn around but not before giving him a sharp look to see his blown off eyes and disheveled hair, puffing through his parted swollen lips and you know you would have obliged anyway. Your hands press against the locker as he kneads and squeezes your bum. A hand snaking in the front palming your sex earning a groan from you.

“Want me, pet?” He knows he is pushing his luck but you are too gone to say anything and just nod allowing him to reach for the button of your jeans. He struggles a bit, having to unbutton from a different angle at last making you come to his aid clucking at him in frustration.

“Shit!” he mutters kneading on your bare cheeks as your jeans pool around your feet along with your panties.

You can feel his hot breath fanning on your equally heated skin making you feel woozy. His fingers rim around your entrance before sliding in your folds. “Wet, are yeh? Wet f’me.” His smirk resonating in his voice.

You buck on his fingers but he removes them moving back.

“You got any rubber on yeh?” he is unsure of the question but sighs in relief when you nod. You make a futile effort to bend to get your jeans but your mind is hazy and your hands numb. Thankfully he is faster and more sober than you to get the foil from your back pocket and in a blink his boxing shorts joins your jeans on the floor.

You resume your position on weak knees when he sighs again. “Yeh ready, pet?”

You nod but he is too impatient as you feel him push in you at your first bob. He is big and you are tight, but it is a snug fit and you relax around him at last exulting in the feeling of being filled up.

There is a momentary pause for you to adjust to him before you nod against his shoulder and he impels making you both moan with each thrust. His parted lips are pressed on your sweaty temple as your head tilt back on his shoulder with your mouth stretching in a silent cry.

His working hand press beside yours against the locker supporting as a leverage while you pull on the other over you stomach, holding it right above the bandage to keep yourself from falling. You desperately try to be mindful of it but often miss your grip running over the bandage making his teeth nick at your skin.

“You’re so good t’me, love. Gonna stay, won’t yeh?”he says into your skin between moans and expletives.

You cannot believe he is doing this now, you want to fight him off and tell on him but right now you’re on your edge and he feels so good that you can only moan his name.

“Didn’t I tell yeh, I-I’m fine. Doin’ so good for you, yeah?”

A groan escapes your lips when his fingers add to pleasure you, rubbing on your aching button. You are zoning out, your ears buzzing. Your head rolls on his shoulders at the building up feeling and you can feel him approach his high as well when he gives a throaty groan in your ear getting sloppier with each thrust.

“Need yeh here. Need yeh with me. Need… I need…” his words dissolves in your bliss as you tremble with your orgasm. His hurt hand tightening over you to keep you from falling off. Soon his teeth grit beside your ears with the intensity of his high and you mewl at the feeling of him cumming inside you, though through a barrier.

After he is spent and you gain your senses, you both stay like that, close, clinging on to each other as a support, covered in sticky sweat drenched clothes, panting and you know you won’t ever be able to actually walk out on him.

“Did yeh good, didn’t I? Got something good out of breaking m’hand.”

You fall forward, your flushed cheek pressed to the cool locker, letting go of his hurt hand.

“Not broken.” You say between pants and though you can’t see his face you know he has that smug grin when he pats on your bum before walking past you.

You look at him pulling on his shorts as he throws the used condom in the bin, your mind going back to what he was ranting about when he was inside you. You have to screw your eyes shut recalling his desperate voice and pleading, hoping that it was only the pleasure talking. And yet feeling torn between your feelings and reasons.

“Take a shower.” You say to him after clearing your mind to contemplate on it later as he sits on the bench to ease his breathing. He looks up at you as you pull on your jeans.

“You’re leaving?” he enquires with an underlying panic.

You head to the door but look over your shoulder to find him still looking at you with tensed eyes and you have to smile at this 6 feet tall baby in front of you.

“I will for sure if you don’t drag your sweaty ass in the shower.”

And though you don’t wait to see his reaction you know he is giving that dimply smile that will always make you stay.

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