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This is my contribution to the fandom

Based on this by @a-kingdom-of-foxes cause they asked nicely

Putting a background on my art? Since when do I do that? Who am I?

Anyway yeah. My Galra Keith KAERRADE, in all his irritable pretty kitty glory. Even when he’s not in his Blade of Marmora gear he still wears the colors.

I am utter trash for these two, and the concept of a First Order art school AU. 

I’m going to tag a bunch of people in this post who I appreciate soooooo very much for all sorts of reasons. I have no reason to do this except for the fact that I want to and I feel like it. So here comes this huge tag mess of amazing beings. I’m not even sure if I’ll post this. Most of this will probably end up sounded repeated and bland honestly, but I just would like to get my thoughts out.

@neko-puff Thank you for creating the Cybertube au, because of it I was able to meet so many great people. I love you, your art, and your blog as a whole.

@caustic-synishade You’re a great person and I can’t even put everything into words how you have inspired me to do more.

@atomiktaco I absolutely adore the small little family like community that you have created, everyone is so loving and accepting and that’s absolutely insane.

@mightybread I’ve only talked to you about once before but you’re an amazing person and I truly think that you’re going to do something great one day.

@trulymightypotato I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you before but you seem like a beautiful human being. You have a way with words that you can easily be mistaken for a publishing writer.

@tintas-galhadas I’ve never talked to you directly or one on one but you’re a very kind person. You may make a lot of Satan jokes and stuff like that but they’re just that, jokes. You’ve inspired me to do more with art and to get back into the run of things after a very long break. Thank you.

@distortional Your blog was one of the firsts that I ever found and I’m glad that it was. Your recording are fantastic and set out very well. I probably have more to say but I’m not quite sure what.

@nyetrussia @that-kitty-dork and @enderlover-3 All three of you like and reblog almost everything of what I post. I would write a separate paragraph for all three of you but sadly I don’t think I have the time. You guys and so many others put up with the random stuff like this that I post.

And finally @cerenamarleu I’ve known you what feels like so many years know even if it’s only been a few. I know that we’ve kinda have gotten out of touch but I still consider you as a friend.

This isn’t everyone because if it was it would be longer than the Great Wall of China. I just felt like thanking you guys and saying how much in appreciate you all. My dms will always be open to everyone, even if I didn’t mention you in this post.

The villagers were all staring at him expressionlessly. Coldly. The village head threw the bright red fabric at his feet. Her cruel expression was shrouded in darkness.

“Leave!” she barked. “Leave and let the wolves be done with you.”


I got tagged by @raijindork thank you!!!

Okay, so this is the most random thing I have ever done. Most of the images on my phone are memes or crap, but I guess that’s what describes me best..

I’m tagging @hedgehog-from-outer-space @setiaprenn @misfitaf and @mandytargaryenofwinterfell


nothing can stop me from bringing this back hahahaha I GOT A JAR OF DIRK I GOT A JAR OF DIIIRK!!! Ok! now that i have that out of my system, i made my own version of a jar of dirk! it has a lot of ikimaru‘s dirk designs and a few canon ones, even ask-oppositestuck‘s dirk. I really hope you guys like it :)

Happy EARLY SHUSH Halloween Guys!! So recently I had the opportunity to do an art collab with the amazing @cindersart!!

We decided on a Solangelo Halloween theme, and LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS LINEART. I had such an incredible time coloring this piece. The atmosphere I got from the original lineart was so cute and playful with the lanterns so I did my best to bring that out with the colors.

Thank you so much for the collab, Cinder!! This was so much fun :D

LINEART IS DRAWN by @cindersart
>> you guys should check her out, her art is phenomenal!!

Coloring by saber // me
Cinder has uploaded the other half of the collab!!
>>Which can be found here <<

And as always, please do not repost.

long post

Just a lil bit of an upd8

The requests in my inbox r piling up, it’s super fucking rad yall luv me drawing (and it really is! I read the tags I’m touched, Lov ya) but I can’t take them all ;-; I got other stuff to do (unless you commission me, supporting me would help and in fact put u at first priority) so sure send requests but there’s no guarantee that I’ll get to it asap or even do it,,,,

There was a pause on this blog ngl, I kno it’s not my job to run this but it’s gaining momentum, I’ve been queuing posts 20-30 a day

Let’s Plays:
Gonna start doing a Stick of Truth Lets Play with my bffl, we’re 1/3 into the game lmao but we’re gonna start recording tomorrow and hopefully get it out soon :^0c So like if you’re interested in gonna put that out there :y


Imagine. It’s the last episode of Arc-V, everyone is happy, and then it happens. A portal appears and out comes a boy, a fifth boy with Yuya’s face. He came from the the Ritual Dimension and then the series ends….

Lolololol just kidding, just kidding. If that happens then I’ll flip a table

Anyways, I designed a Ritual Dimension Yuya for fun XD I call him Yume because I dreamt him up so original I know right?? I have never made an OC for a series so this is how I know I’m in Yugioh Hell.


several of you said I should have a Tourmaline gemsona and damn I wish I still had pink AND turquoize hair but nvm it still works

completely useless blanket-wearing creature that is always changing colour and injuring its gem because it makes up the entirety of its lower right arm

very unstable do not engage

my back was killing me so i had to end the stream early -cry-

here have a quickly put together rhys.. i’m so sorry it’s ugly as all hell oTL

kill me

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