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i don't know if you do this kind of thing,,but do you have any klance headcanons? i desperately need more klance in my life

this is it. this is my moment. well, my dude, you have come to the right place. get ready bc this is going to get very very very klance-y

  • keith, being the touch-starved emo alien cat that he is, has these moments where he just,,wraps his arms around an unsuspecting victim and just lays there. sometimes for hours. (read:lance is usually said unsuspecting victim)
  • “you do realize there’s a drill going on right now, right?” “shut up and hold me.”
  • during training, they try so hard to one-up each-other that they end up passing out from exhaustion
  • “keith, keith, keith, show them the thing!” “blep.” “oh my gOD-”
  • maybe blep will be our always
  • lance is always walking around the castle shirtless in the morning, the reason being keith is always taking damn shirts and never giving them back
  • “lance, where are your clothes?” “idk ask keith.”
  • regardless of height, lance is always the little spoon. always. forever. don’t question it.
  • the castle went under maintenance once, and keith was forced to share a room with lance. needless to say, even after his room was finished, keith never left
  • lance gives off a lot of body heat, which makes him the perfect person to cuddle with, especially for keith, whose about as warm as a box of penguins (aka cold af someone gives this boy a jacket or smth)
  • also, since lance is always so goddamn warm, he and keith don’t even need blankets when they sleep together
  • did i mention keith was a closet meme
  • *lance is about to do something reckless with his lion* “hoe don’t do it-” *lance does it* “oh my god.”
  • “this is, as you Earth people say, lit?” “say lit one more time.”
  • lance loves his meme bf
  • keith knows that lance is Disgusted by his texan accent, so he makes it a point to slip into it just to annoy the hell out him
  • “hey y’all, what do-” “nonono keith ily but shUT YOUR QUIZNAK.”
  • pineapple on pizza discourse
  • “lance i swear to god if you eat that i will never kiss you again”
  • lance does it anyways
  • the Bonding Moment is an inside joke of theirs
  • “Hey Keith?” “Lance it’s like 2 in the morning what do you want?” “Do you think Vrepit Sa stands for Dicks Out for Zarkon?”
  • pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk
  • their relationship is just disgusting
"Pass the salt daddy" Scenarios

okay don’t judge me i felt the need to do this sweats I GOT ALL MY ASKS ALMOST READY TO GO THOUGH SO FEEL FREE TO SEND MORE IN !!


how the main boys would react to the “pass the salt daddy” thing


-fucking would pass the salt
-after their dad was like “bitch???” souji would say smth like “you gotta be more specific (y/n)~”
-y are u like this


-wouldn’t even say anything after reaching for it would just look down at his plate
-inner thoughts of ‘fuck what the fuck how the fuck’


-it was then that toshi realized. he fucked up
-he looks ANNOYED for the rest of dinner and has a darrrkkkk blush on his face


-would pass it to their father and then grab the pepper
-he’s fuckin sly


-would be all giddy with passing it to his s/o
-then would realize their dad was right. there.


-fuck this guy
-he would legit fucking SMIRK at you and your father as he passes the salt to you
-seriously what the fuck

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What do you mean by that ACV post? I read that somewhere as well (like ACV being the only alkaline vinegar or smth like that), and I use ACV to mix in with my aztec mask. Is that safe? Too acidic/alkaline?

I was being shady! 😁  I saw a “BIG HOE 💦  TIPS!111!!!!!11!!🍆” type post ranting about how alkaline apple cider vinegar was, so I felt the need to comment!

Originally posted by jazziness101

Apple cider vinegar is acidic/has a low pH. Our skin is slightly acidic, at about a pH of 4-5.

I was saying that, if a person doesn’t even know that much (and they think that it’s alkaline/very basic of all things), they shouldn’t be giving advice on skin care

When ACV is broken down in the human digestive tract, it becomes more alkaline. However, this break down does not occur on the human skin. Therefore, if you apply ACV to the skin, it is still very acidic.

It is not only safe to mix ACV into your aztec clay mask, I recommend it. The mask, when mixed with water, has a pH of about 8. Look back at the scale. That’s no good for your skin, making it almost baking soda levels of alkaline *shudder*. When mixed with ACV, the pH is about 5. That’s much better! Always use ACV with your aztec clay mask!

There’s your mini science lesson of the day! I hope this helped to assuage any fears you had!

Seventeen Personality Traits in real life: Vernon Edition (My Opinion)

Due to high demand and being one of my biases.

1. Personality wise overall, he’s hyperactive all the time. This is one thing that makes Vernon and DK similar by birthday that they are both the hyperactive energetic aquirions. BUT you must have noticed, Vernon is a lot quieter. But when he speaks, he’s just as stupid-sounding and funny as DK (lol), which kinda breaks his image cause none of us expected him to be this way from his face. He’s one of those chill guys. He doesn’t worry much and if in school there would be a bunch of kids who don’t like him, he probably wouldn’t let that affect him even a bit. It’s a natural trait of his. We can see this on SMTM as well because he’s hardly bothered even if he got insulted on camera. He just isn’t bothered about what people think of him. IMO, that’s something we all should learn from him.

2. Encountering a pretty girl. Now we don’t exactly know his ideal girl cause he refrains from mentioning, but I guess he knows he doesn’t want girls to change themselves because of traits he mentions. Have you noticed he almost NEVER picks specific traits unlike other members? One thing that comes from being half american (because staying with his mom, quite a lot of her ideas must have caused his schema to be shaped in that way even if he hasn’t lived in America) that an image of ‘ideal type’ isn’t a prominent feature on which you will judge a girl. Joshua’s explanations on ideal type is pretty much the same. But for real, if he does come across a pretty girl on his taste, I don’t suppose he will approach her. But rather if they hang out in a group, he will most likely laugh at her jokes more, try to make her laugh but not make it obvious. He wouldn’t devote all of his attention to her even if he’s thinking about her all the time cause it’ll just let it blow. 

3. In a relationship. Personally, he will not be demanding. I guess he’s pretty understanding about things. If you’re busy and can’t meet him today, ah that’s okay. If you keep saying this for an entire week, he will joke about it with something like: Do you ever have time with me or do I need to make an appointment with you? *laughs* (or smth like that). He’s not going to get angry at all and the relationship between you guys is also going to be chill and spacious. He wouldn’t want to cling to you all the time but wouldn’t mind either. I also think he’s appreciative about whatever you do. Any gift you get him, he’ll smile the same, thank you and be happy no matter what you got him. Also another thing I know about Vernon is that he can be conservative at times so don’t expect him to tell you every bit of details about him cause 1) He himself forgets what happens on a day to day basis to him and 2) He just wouldn’t consider it something important enough to talk about (Because he has that ‘yeah whatever’ attitude about majority of petty, superficial things that most of us waste our time on). He’s not the kind to cry or get upset about things so in case you plan to break up, he’ll not protest so much and will eventually go with it. When it comes to love, he’ll be unexpressive about it, but he might inspire raps from his thoughts about you. He’ll also find it hard to admit that you’re his weakness. He’ll also keep you in mind at a lot of things. LIKE, “oh, a quatz necklace? I think she’ll like that” if he goes shopping with his hyungs or something. So he is considerate, but not openly.

4. Getting jealous. I don’t think Vernon is the kind to get jealous at all. If you hang out with some dude for a month in front of him, chances are he still wouldn’t ask you who the guy is. But if you cheat on Vernon and he finds out, he’ll probably be internally disappointed and be like, uh? but you’re not supposed to do this? and I don’t think he’ll know how to handle the situation.

5. Getting intimate. Looking at him on OFD and V live, he isn’t the kind to get intimate first but if you plan on getting intimate he wouldn’t mind. He needs that assurance from your side that you want to do it too or else he’s gonna be uncomfortable. But if you give a little bit of a hint while dating him, eg taking him to a quiet place and holding his hand and leaning in, chances are he’ll be the one to kiss you. OH and to make it better to imagine, I know he’s an ass guy (Isn’t that his favourite part of Seungkwan?) so umm if you’re making out there’s gonna be tons of ass grabbing from Vernon’s side. He’s also the kind to smile after kissing (that gorgeous smile of his) and while sex, he’s gonna be loud. LOL. Those moans during his rapping are normally louder than his actual rapping. Also, I guess the guy also enjoys sexting while you guys are away and would love a strip tease once in a while. Don’t you wanna be able to look at his expressions while watching you strip?

Let me know if you want me to give his personality under any other category than the 5 mentioned and also let me know any other member or group’s you’d like to know.

-Oppa’s Ideal girl

Let's talk about episode 8 of riverdale

…it’s episode 8 right???

- I start with that every time ok
- valerie doesn’t deserve this
- bughead bughead bughead
- i love bughead ok
- what was i gonna say lol
- and come to think of it didn’t some ppl mention that alice was bullied by hermoine when they were in high school
- now i really feel bad omg
- i actually saw a lot of betty in alice when she was confronting hal
- like mother like daughter aw :’)
- #strongcooperwomen
- betty meeting fp jones
- i still wanna understand how fp hasn’t met betty before
- i mean one of his childhood friends
- whatkindoffrienddoesthatarchie
- whatkindoffrienddoesthatarchiept.2
- (also i really gotta hurry up with this list it’s getting too long)
- smth about joaquin and fp jones
- but apparently joaquin is uP TO NO GOOD AND I’M WORRIED
- we need to see more of their relationship btw
- creepy ass ppl living in a creepy ass house with a creepy ass graveyard
- ok i’m done

- what’s happening with veronica oh no
- alice cooper just breaking the window like a boss
- valerie doesn’t deserve this pt. 2
- i am officially done with archie’s bullshit
- and with this post
- ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

wait now we gotta wait until next thrusday?????? lol r.i.p me

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How would the boys react to a bride who's easily embarrassed if they even mention anything about sex or kissing. Like they say "give me a kiss" and she's blushing and freezing bc she's embarrassed or smth xD

Shuu: “If she just shuts up because of her embarassment, that would be so nice. Such a quiet person… but if she’s gonna be agitated and whiny… Tch, annoying, l would just teach her how to sing more pleasant sounds… if you know what I mean, heh”.

Reiji: “If I demand her to do such a thing, she should just comply with it. Hasn’t she learned her place yet? There’s no need to be embarassed. Though… I admit that sometimes it’d be quite entertaining seeing her blushing face.”

Laito: “Aaaah, that’d be sooo cute~ Fufufu, if she just blushes with such a little request, I wonder how will she react to moreAaaaa-” [MTK: JUST STOP HERE.]

Kanato: “Oh, a cute blushing face would just suit my doll, right, Teddy? As long as she do as I said, I will accept her embarassed behaviour. But if she doesn’t… DOESN’T SHE LOVE ME?! WHY DOESN’T SHE DO WHAT I WANT?”

Ayato: “Heh, this would be fun! What matters is that she won’t refuse to do so; everything Ore-sama says it’s an order! I would tease her so much that her embarassed attitude is just gonna duel the moment!” [MTK: I think you meant “fuel”…]

Subaru: “T-That’s…” [MTK: She’s just like you, we know.] “What?! I’m n-not easily e-embarassed! Tch, whatever, who cares! I don’t care how will she react, I’ll just do as I please!” 

Ruki: “Mh, such a cute Livestock. As long as she do as I say, I will let her blush and be embarassed about it… Oh my, but what if I order her to kiss me without being shy? Heh, I’d love to see her reaction.”

Kou: “Hehehe, that’s bit mean, Ruki-kun~ But she would be cute indeed, ne, Yuuma-kun?”

Yuuma: “I agree, heh! Sow would just such a mess everytime we play… Just making me want to do more~”

Azusa: “Mh… Yes… she would be… really cute… would she blush… even when… I ask her… to cut me…?”

[MTK: Uhm, guys…??? Stop it! O^O]

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honestly do you think its fair for a tumblr to get threateningly harassed and bullied for speaking up against armys and their constant bullshit??

It isn’t fair. This has been going on with me for the past year. I wake up and I have 20 anons telling me that I’m a waste of life and need to shut the fuck up or other insulting things. It’s got to the point where even if you send me sarcastic passive aggressive shit, I just block straight away. 

Today was no exception. Anons are lucky that I haven’t broken down yet like others in my place would probably do because honestly it’s too much. It really is disgusting and horrible that they feel the need to constantly harass me or send stupid anons because of a KPOP GROUP, Let that sink in: you care about BTS and your army pride so much that you would send death threats to another HUMAN for saying smth you didn’t like abt them. If you’re one of those thousands of armys who have sent those anons to my ask and are reading this than I hope that you look in the mirror one day and realize what you are: obsessed, disgusting, and pathetic. I don’t know how you can hide behind a screen and deliver malice after malice to strangers you don’t even know and then turn around and go on living life. I would be ashamed to face my family and friends if I ever uttered those words to someone. 

By all means, keep sending them in; the more you do, the more sad and pathetic you become. Congratulations, for officially becoming scum.

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will meito be released at all? sorry if i sound demanding or something but it's been a while since you last spoke about his dl ;w; if you aren't planning to, or aren't looking to any soon, it's okay, i just wanted to know ^]^d

good question

jk idk i need to redo his face or smth but i havent been doing genderbends for a while bc i lost interest oopz (unless u count from my most recent nero/dell)

so for now, well i obviously can’t say i’m not gna release him bc i mean i’m pretty known as someone who releases most of my edits so i dont think i even have the right at this point so i’ll most likely release him esp to replace my old shitty edits hehe (and 2 b more exact on time i’ll probably release him once may redoes luki and that can b my final genderbend thing until i’m into it again)

thnx for asking and no need to apologise meito’s been rotting in my folders and he’s kinda stinky and i think he wants out too i ain’t gna keep him imprisoned

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So a couple weeks a ago I came out as a Lesbian for the very first time to my guy friend(straight) and he was so supportive of me. We continued to talk, bonding over stuff I never talked about before. He was always there for me, especially when I needed to talk about my depression,but he got his gf back and stopped answering me. I got really depressed again and needed to talk with him,but he said "I'm sorry I don't believe u" I don't want to lose him but I feel he has moved on,what should I do?

He acts like a jerk, like you were friends and now he says he doesnt believe you? Just remember that its not worth to try to do smth for person that doesnt care about you at all, if he acts so you can act so too. Sometimes even close people do those things, unfortunately, but thats how life works, everything can happen

title: how to get a boyfriend: a comprehensive guide by kuroo tetsurou
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kurodai
word count: 2311
summary: kuroo asks daichi out thru texts, then regrets it: the fic

for @maskyoursmile! i hope this is everything that u wanted!!

here on ao3

Daichi lets out a long, relieved sigh as he finally finishes his homework for the weekend. It’s only Friday, but he’s always found it much easier to do all of his homework as soon as he gets home from school instead of leaving it until Sunday night. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy his weekend, he finds, so even though the guys poke fun at him for it, he sticks to his routine because it’s something that works for him.

After a nice stretch of his arms and spine that leaves his bones feeling pleasantly melty, he reaches for his phone. He always turns it on silent and leaves it facedown while he does his homework to avoid any distractions, but Suga always sends him messages anyway so he figures he should probably check them and get back to him.

When he turns his phone over, however, he finds the screen flashing with an incoming call from Kuroo Tetsurou.

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Dating Jungkook (BTS) Would Include:

Gonna review the Jimin one later; wasn’t all too happy with it :\ Hope you guys like this one ^^

  • When it comes to confessing I think he’d think about it multiple times but shy out every time before Jimin told him to grow a pair before he asked you out instead (as a joke) but that made Kook realise he really liked you bc that joke made him worried he’d lose you before you were his :3
  • You’re kinda like “finally”
  • Skinship in public is limited to hand holding at first bc he’s a shy bean
  • In private though he is a clingy lil child
  • Favors nose, cheek, and forehead kisses bc he loves the way you blush
  • Sitting on opposite sides of the room results in silly faces
  • You know ‘the face’
  • Dancing randomly a lot
  • You know ‘the dance’ k Ill stop XD
  • When you’re together around his members he shies away from kisses and stuff bc he gets embarrassed
  • Yet he still constantly asks his hyungs for advice
  • He once asked Jimin which he regretted XD
  • Playing pranks on the other members
  • Begging him to do aegyo and him acting like he hates it but he’s a natural
  • Becomes instinct to do aegyo when you’re down
  • Or just hug you
  • His hugs are the best
  • Big and warm and you feel secure bc he strong
  • Him picking you up a lot for no apparent reason probs showing off his strength again
  • Piggyback rides are commonplace and fun af
  • Going to see him at practice and bringing them food
  • Results in you staying and watching him for hours
  • And begging him to take a break bc he won’t stop until he’s perfected every move of the dance though everyone else is taking a break
  • He finally gives in bc you’re worrying about his health and comes and lays across you all sweaty like “happy now”
  • And he’s sticky and gross but you are happy bc he needs to r e s t
  • Tons and tons of smirks which you both hate and love bc they kill you
  • Too many inside jokes
  • The members never quite know why you’re laughing so hard
  • Cute, chaste kisses most of the time
  • But when he has more time and he’s feelin it long, slow makeouts
  • Generally whilst you cuddle or smth
  • Bc he works so hard and so much you don’t cuddle all that much
  • Generally at night when you’re curled up to his side
  • Loves it when you call him oppa
  • Even if you’re older
  • Going to the gym together which results in you watching him flex he just wants to prove how strong he is dammit he doesnt n e e d to
  • Any opportunity he gets he wants to sing to you
  • Whilst you’re falling asleep
  • Whilst you walk somewhere together
  • Whilst in the car
  • His fave song to sing to you? Miss Right coincidentally his ringtone for you ;)
  • When on tour he phones you at night bc the last thing he wants to hear before he sleeps is your voice
  • Sings you to sleep over the phone
  • Despite him being cheeky and mischievous and fun to be around he’s always lowkey nervous
  • Bc you’re cute and hot and p e r f e c t to him and he doesn’t want to mess anything up
  • But even when he does you can never be mad at him
  • Not for very long anyway
  • When big fights do happen depending on who’s fault it was he gets v cold or v clingy and apologetic
  • Taking forever to say ‘I love you’ so you almost say it first but he just blurts it out like when you’re about to sleep or smth bc he cannot hold back anymore you need to know
  • But you already do
  • All-nighters involving games upon games
  • You wearing his sweatshirts and him being all
  • “Jagiya you know I don’t share clothes”
  • But you don’t stop and he finds you positively adorable in them or sexy af so he gives up and starts ‘accidentally’ leaving them around
  • Being besties with the maknae line
  • Laughing with them and Kook wondering why bc he wasn’t included in that little convo he’s playing a game on his phone he mUST KNOW
  • Him being a clingy little shit when he thinks you’re giving them too much attention and him too little
  • “Jagiiiiii look at me~~~” *starts doing aegyo*
  • Travelling together a lot when he gets free time
  • Overall you’re his miss right and whilst he may not be the best at expressing his feelings he wants to make sure you know! Little gestures of affection are common in your relationship with him and the other members love seeing him so happy bc being with you turned him into a smiling, even more hardworking blushy mess! He wants to prove himself to you and let you see his best, and so sings and dances with even more passion than he could before, thanks to you. He’s forever thankful he found someone as understanding and like him as you and that’s why your relationship is so very strong, you’re basically best friends with a lil more skinship and a lot more blushing :3

Originally posted by chimchams

-Admin Belle

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I really want to come out to my family and I know they'd be accepting, but I'm scared to be looked at differently. I don't want to be a spectacle if you know what I mean. I just feel like after I come out things are going to be awkward. Any tips on overcoming these feelings? They're stopping me from coming out even though I want to. :/

I think that if your parents are accepting, nothing bad would happen actually. Coming out to your family rarely goes without changing smth, and you’re really lucky to have accepting parents bc some are saying that gay people are need to be killed (like mine do) and its really dangerous to come out, and yours would probably support you on that. Just convince yourself to do this and you’ll see that your fear wasn’t true

Ok making this public bc multiple ppl spoke up about it

I explicitly said that Hermione’s hair is 100% black bc yes non-black ppl can have hair with hella volume BUT:

1) Joanne emphasized Hermione’s hair as a socially negative thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t 99.9% of chemical hair straighteners geared towards women of the African diaspora? Aren’t there tons of articles scrutinizing a black woman’s hair?

When I hear a non-black woman complain about the volume of her hair, it’s usually hyperbolic and nowhere near as much as black hair. Also, it’s usually a personal thing. I’ve never heard a non-black person say that they want to change their hair bc of societal pressures. They usually want to do smth bc it’s a burden TO THEM.

2) Hermione used excessive amounts of a magical chemical to straighten her hair for the Yule ball. Last time I checked, all non-black women need is a straightener.

I never said VOLUME is exclusive to black women. And curls aren’t even exclusive to black women. But curls that are only addressed as a problem in the ways listed above? I don’t fucking think so

And if you truly feel excluded by my reasoning, then I wonder if you feel excluded by the natural hair movement. I wonder if you look at black women’s hair and say “I’ve got a tighter curl pattern than her. She’s 2a, I’m 2c”

height headcanons !!
  • do i even need to say that remus is a fkin giant (6′3″ or smth) and sirius is a tiny child (5′5″ish)
  • james is average, about 5′9″, and lily is about an inch and a half shorter
  • however she always wears high heels to look taller than him bc lily is competitive af lbr
  • then james borrows her pumps for revenge and he ends up tripping on his third step and breaking his nose
  • she laughs for like 15 minutes straight before james reminds her that “i am in pain, evans, thank you v ery much!”
  • lily and remus both tease sirius about his height like 24/7
  • they get matching tees that have an arrow pointing to the side with ‘taller than him’ written on it 
  • remus always ruffles sirius’ head when he gets dramatic (which is all the time who are we kidding) and says “there, there, sonny” in the most suburban baseball dad voice ever
  • (sirius doesnt mind when his height comes in handy for cuddling though)
  • peter is like 5′3″ he’s a very indignant tiny person
  • the other marauders used to tease him about being super small but they stopped when he would sneakily enchant all the door frames to be a little bit lower just before they walked under them and remus and james got about nine concussions each
  • moral of the lesson: never tease peter about his height
  • marauders height headcanons !!

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I don't know if you have already answered this before but can I ask why do you adore mino so much? I'm too a trash for him but I can't seem to put my adoration for him into words!?!

wow this ask is packed i’m actually speechless. um, i think we all have different reasons why we ‘adore’ people and i don’t think i’m any different from you because i’m literally blanking right now i don’t know what to write and how to answer this question but

i think my ‘adoration’ for him grew into what it is now when i started seeing him as more than just an idol, a rapper. more than just the amazing artist that he is, and i started seeing him as a real human person who can very well be one of my friends. that it’s so easy to be fazed by the mistakes that you make or to give up but he doesn’t. and that’s only the tip of the iceberg if we’re talking about stuff that you should appreciate song minho for.

mino is hardworking, passionate (even non-fans admire this about him) and very inspiring. his story literally breaks my heart everytime i think about it. he trained to be part of block b but, because of personal reasons, had to leave before he could debut with them (which is one of the only two times that zico ever cried ever ever). he debuts with b.o.m soon after but the group had to eventually disband because of ‘lack of popularity’, then he had to be part of a survival show before he gets into yg to be part of (you guessed it) ANOTHER SURVIVAL SHOW. he was the last member to join winner but was made to be the leader of the group (as if it’s not hard enough to try to fit in an already established group of people, yg just has to put him in charge of these four kids as well) just for that position be taken away from him because of an injury. ultimately, team a wins the competition and all his hard work finally pays off, proven by the group’s successful debut.

HE IS SO TALENTED. and this is evident in all the tracks that he had put out before and after debuting with winner. he was part of an underground hiphop crew called royal class and has been writing his own lyrics ever since he was young. his dad used to be a dj which is why he was inspired to do music. with winner’s debut album, mino puts out his solo song ‘i’m him’ which literally has way too many references and punchlines for a normal human to understand in just one listen. it’s great though, and even better with the mv.

then enters smtm4 which literally gave him the good, the bad, and the ugly all in one. but more than all the amazing tracks that he’s released (bless u zico), the witty lyrics he wrote, the collaborations he did in the course of his participation on the show, i think what smtm4 really showed us is how headstrong and brave mino was. that amidst all the controversies, the issues, and the criticisms thrown at him, he remained standing and continued fighting until the end. there were times when i worried about his well-being and all i wanted was to protect him from everything but every time he would come out with a smile on his face and he would give nothing less than his best in everything that he does.

mino loves his family. like, it literally makes me sob thinking of his love for his family and the fact that he’s not afraid to show that to them and to everyone. he’s used to showing affection to his mom and is not ashamed to do that even if ‘he’s already 22’ lmao. he dedicated his smtm4 semi finals song to his dad and even sent a heart to his mom during his stage. he’s loves his younger sister danah so much and took care of her ever since they were young. mino has a close relationship with his family which i really admire because those are the values that you would want in guy.

he’s a great friend and i say this in a sense that he literally can make friends in a newly discovered territory even if he’s just been there for two seconds because he has that glow about him and that charm that just sucks people in. his bestfriends (who are also great guys, btw) are legit his ride or dies he calls them ‘his shoulders’ because they’ve always been there for each other from the very start and i can only hope i had the same ability to maintain friendships like he does tbh he needs to do a seminar on this or smth bc i’m here for all that

and have i talked about his sense of humour? this guy literally couldn’t give two fucks about how he looks like as long as he could make people laugh. everytime, on interviews, when the members are asked about mino’s role in the group, they never fail to mention how funny he is and how he’s the mood-maker of winner. seungyoon once said that when the members are tired, mino will be there to cheer them up and recharge them. he also says the most random shit that will just have you ?????? and make you question if you’re the stupid one for not getting what he means. to top it all off, he’s there to laugh at himself with you. with his most beautiful smile that’s brighter than a thousand suns @minhosducks​ will back me up on this

lastly, though i think this is already pretty obvious, mino is so damn handsome he literally could model for banana republic and he’d fit right in with them other gorgeous males. AND THAT MELANIN THO god bless his dad for giving him such beautiful sun-kissed tanned skin <3 #StopWhiteWashingSongMinho2k15 and can we talk about his shoulders though like i’m pretty sure that’s got its own zip code or smth it’s so damn wide a plane could land on it tbh AND HE’S TALL TOO GOOD GOD IM A GONER

now to wrap this up (i have to stop at some point but tbh i can go on forever talking about this) song minho is an amazing artist, a good son and brother, a great friend, and just an overall amazing person. there’s so many things to love about him and i hope more people see that.

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Btw Pidge, about AUs: The Kylux fandom is so huge and a lot of ppl have AUs and a lot of these AUs are really great but the thing is: it's hard to get noticed in such a huge pond. In all honesty, I felt like I wanted to leave this fandom for a while now bc nothing I do seems to matter. I know a lot of people say 'don't do it for the notes' but what's the point if you can't connect to people? (1/2)

I’m so depressed about this, tbh. I just wished I could create smth that ppl love so much that they would draw fanart or even write fics or whatever but nah it’s not happening. It also didn’t help that the kylux-positivity week blog reblogged like 90 % of artists that were already super popular in the fandom and didn’t need the publicity. I’m just sort of down about this and the only reason I’m taking this to you is bc you’re a positivity hub - sort of. Sorry. (2/2)


ohhh man… this is one of the most difficult Asks i’ve ever received… (o   0 o) in a perfect world, i want everyone in the fandom to feel happy and loved and enjoy their time here! but i know that just isn’t how it is in reality. I’m really happy you find solace in the positive vibe of my blog though! thank you! <3 but i’m also really sorry that you find yourself feeling this way Anon, and also that i don’t quite know how to respond to this… hmmm… (=  3 =);;;

I don’t run the kind of blog that has thousands of followers, and i don’t get thousands of notes per post ~ but i DO feel loved and appreciated, and have dear, dear friends in the community! so regardless of my perceived status, i’m just here because i love being here! <3 fandom is a complicated beast and i’m only just learning about it myself. this is my very first fandom! and my very first blog! i’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over five months! so i can’t claim to have much wisdom or insight about the way things work; i can only talk about my own experience.

though… (O ___O);;; even then… my experience hasn’t been the kind of one a lot of other people CAN have. i don’t go to school anymore, and i don’t have to leave home to work for half of my week, so i have more time than the average person to devote to my art and my relationships here, which is a big part of how i started to have the confidence and inspiration to keep drawing and growing as an artist ~ and also how come the wellspring in my heart for this fandom never runs dry! what i think i might mean is… (and omg… i really hope this doesn’t sound mean, or awful, or like i’m saying you don’t work hard, or try hard ~ cuz dear gawd, that’s not what i mean!!!) you get out of the fandom what you put into it.

If you want to eat cake, you gotta have a cake to eat. You can go out and buy that cake from someone else - and it’ll be perfect, and beautiful, and you’ll enjoy the fuck out of it!!! but if you want the satisfaction that comes from eating a cake you made yourself, then you’re gonna have to not only bake that cake, but get all the ingredients, skills, and tools necessary to make it in the first place!

the “i just wanna eat cake” crowd, are the people who just LOVE the fandom! all the people who like and reblog and enjoy the works of others! they’re so, SO important to the health and vitality of the fandom as a whole! people who leave comments and thoughtful tags are the ones spurring creators into creating more! and it sounds like you’re searching for the feeling of baking a cake that everybody wants a slice of! (-^ O^-) the fulfilling feeling of creating content that people want to talk with you about! but people aren’t gonna eat your cake just because you baked it… which is the sad part… so you just have to keep making cakes over and over and over until they are either SO fancy that nobody can miss them, or you’ve made SO much cake that nobody can help but notice your passion for cake making!

(O   A O);;; this cake metaphor is making me realize that i’m starving… omg… lol lol lol XD it’s 6am! this is no time for cake! (^ ___^) i’m sorry… lol… i’ll try to be more serious… Ummmm… (O  vO) anyway… the things is… you just gotta keep doing what you’re doing. there is a rule i believe exists in the world, one that i hate because it’s incredibly exploitable… but one that is also very positive with the right intentions: “it’s not what you do. it’s how much you do it.” When you make your work, and keep on making it, and keep on making it, regardless of how people value it or don’t value it… regardless of the feedback… you just keep creating and being positive about your own experience - i think THAT is how we build the foundations for our own success and growth. My work when i first came here was NOT spectacular, and i didn’t have single follower on day one ~ just like everybody else ~ but i just kept making things, and making things, and making things, and now it’s nearly been half a year!

You know who i really admire and think is an amazing example of being passionate about the fandom no matter what? @katherine1753 !!! i ADORE her. she doesn’t get tons of notes or have thousands of followers, but she is SO passionate and SO positive! in the short time i’ve been following her work, she has already created so much and grown so much as an artist! she also gives of herself without expecting anything in return and people around her see this and want to interact with her! she gives and gives and gives to the fandom, and we are all lucky to have her, even if not everybody knows it. because you just have to keep growing and changing with positive intentions for YOURSELF, and THAT is what people find engaging! when you believe in yourself other people want to support you; and that’s the thing about this fandom! making friends is easy if you try! (^ O^) we’re all here for the same reasons!!!

now… i don’t want this next part to sound like grandstanding… ((oO ^Oo)) or like i’m trying to talk myself up… i’m just trying to say what it’s been like for me…

i don’t care about the number of followers i have or the amount of notes i receive; the core group of followers and friends who show me undue kindness and love every day, are already more than i deserve <3 <3 <3 <3 but the REAL amazing thing has been my own personal growth as an artist and how much much positivity this experience makes me feel! and i think THAT is what people follow me for. Every day i feel SO in love with the fandom, and with my own ever-changing work, and with the chances i get to talk to people! and i think others pick up on that! <3 doing what you love for YOU is what will make other people enjoy loving the experience of it along with you <3

the very first piece i posted to Tumblr was this:

character sketches for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU! (-^  v ^-) i didn’t find her because she was running a high-profile blog, and i wasn’t making work that was seen by tons of people! i just found her by accident and fell in love with her work! and now, the experience of her friendship is one i wouldn’t trade for anything! her positivity towards my work fostered my own positivity towards my work! and it’s just grown and grown from a tiny sapling to a huge tree since then!!!

so just now i drew this:

and i think it’s safe to say that i have grown and changed a lot since that first post! (-^ O^-) and so has my blog!!! (o   w o) <3 i’ve made wonderful friendships along the way, enjoyed the kindness of strangers, and learned so much from all the wonderful and talented people around here!!! but it took a HUGE investment of time and love and never giving up!

it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! nobody gave a crap what i made or what i did - nobody @’d me in posts or wrote about me - and that was fine! it didn’t stop me from making things! i’ve always been here for me and my own growth first. and regardless of my timeline, the fact still remains that i’ve drawn over 130 piece for this fandom, and drawn over 140 reaction selfies to interact with people on my blog. i put in time and effort and withstood the slings and arrows that come along with doing things that not everybody agrees with… but… you don’t get to eat the cake unless you make it! and if you’ve never made a cake before… the first one sure as hell isn’t going to be perfect! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (-^ O^-)

so don’t get discouraged!!! people are right when they say “don’t do it for the notes”. no matter what fandom you go to, it will always start the same. you will always be a small fish in a big pond in the beginning! we all are! and that isn’t a bad thing! you just need to grow! and you grow and get stronger the more you do! <3 just like anything in life, you’re going to get out of it what you put in. if you put in time and positivity, other people are going to give you their time and positivity back. not right away. but eventually (-^ ___^-) building up a following and growing your blog, those are things that happen a tiny bit at a time with every piece of original content you make. so if you want to grow… you gotta just keep going! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) it takes a long time! it really does! there is no easy answer and no short cut to take! but everything you do will help you to grow and change, and THAT is the really, really valuable stuff!

Good luck with all of your projects in the future! never stop doing what you love! if you don’t love it… move on to the next thing. and keep moving forward and moving forward with love, passion, and positivity!!! <3

reasons why skam is amazing and why everyone should watch it

• girls supporting girls
• strong female characters who call other people out on their bullshit
• no slut shaming
• girls being independent and standing up for themselves
• portraying a healthy and happy mlm relationship
• accurate representation of coming out
• real representation of mental illness
• boys showing emotions (such as crying etc)
• boys being supportive of their friend coming out to them
• the same boys helping their friend when he is texting his crush
• supportive friends
• healthy relationships
• do I even need to say more?

Tomorrow is the day where Huang Zitao has clearly done something to make him my bias 5ever. 

He released his solo album and I’m already really proud of him.

His songs don’t even need to be good, to make us fans proud of him. He has managed to built up his own songs and his own album. He doesn’t need a company that forces him to do more than he can do.

He needs to be himself and under an happy envirement to do this.

I’m honestly so proud of Tao and I wish him best luck with his album.

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Nah. The second anon wasn't me. And i did say i like your art, it's heartwarming, really. If my opinion made you uncomfortable,sorry i guess. But what's wrong with getting even better, than you currently are? Experimenting, trying different styles and so on. There was no need to get so offended. Plus all those anons were different people and they all think you are kinda stuck, that's saying smth.

there is need to get offended when you get for 3 times a message more or less saying “hey I like your art but at the same time it kinda sucks lol”??

I am free to do whatever I want with my art, and even if you think it’s stuck so what? do you think I’m not already trying to improve? as I said at the moment it’s already something that I manage to draw at all, plus the third anon just sounded like they were trolling

“that’s saying something” I just…I don’t care, really, who cares! I just want to have fun

I don’t want to feel constantly pressured to get better or whatever, or to please people and keep up to their standards and whatnot

I draw for the people who DO enjoy my drawings not for those who sit there nitpicking without even knowing what they’re talking about or what’s my current situation!

can’t I enjoy something without people telling me “it could be better” yeah it could! so what, maybe I’m too lazy to make it better, maybe I can’t do it, still, SO WHAT