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Hiii! I wanted to know what advice you have when it comes to writing twilight fanfiction with an OC? As yours seems to be very well-done which isn't always the case with other fics...Also, do you have any blogs that you can recommend that could be used as resources for writing twilight fanfiction? Thank you!!!

God I’m so sorry this took so long! I answered it partially and saved it to my drafts and totally forgot, I am the worst.

First off, thank you so much, that really means a lot :)
Okay I just posted a list of petpeeves about fanfiction, but that’s obviously just my opinion. Mostly I just watch what I dislike and like in fanfiction myself, and then I avoid/ do that, that already helps a lot!

What I think is important is that your OC is a somewhat complete person, even if none of the canon characters existed. They need family or friends, at least a reasonable amount of backstory that explains why they are who they are, a few interests or hobbies, a fear, something they dislike. Give them some aspirations too.
And the most important part is- stick with them! So many writers establish these things at the beginning, but then drop them, never to be mentioned again.
That way they appear more like an excuse or make your character seem like they’ve become extremely dependant on the canon characters. If you establish that your character goes swimming once a week and really loves that, but from chapter 3 on they never do that again, your readers will wonder a) why you mentioned it in the first place and b) think that now the canon characters are there they’re more important than everything the OC normally did before. In the end, your OC will be someone entirely else than they were at the beginning, and unless that’s something you WANT to happen, that’s kinda bad.

…Which is, by the way, exactly the problem a lot of people have with Bella.
At the beginning of Twilight SM establishes this about Bella:
- she loves Phoenix and the sun/hates Forks and rain
- her mom is her best friend and she’s very close with her.
- she’s selfless
- she dislikes being the center of attention
- she’s a bookworm
- she’s clumsy
- she’s not particularly good or bad at anything.

Now by the end of the series, none of these things are true anymore.
- Forks is her home ( because of Edward, not because she’s grown to love Forks itself)
- She has effectively cut her mother out of her life.
- ( this is not meant as judgement, just as a fact) She asks dozens of strangers to sacrifice their life for her and her family- based on decisions she made
- “I was amazing now. This was the place I shined.” Arguable, but I do think she is enjoying that. A lot.
- She reads to Renesmee, but we never see her read herself anymore.
- “That was graceful- even for a vampire”
- The Shield. The selfcontrol.

Which would be okay if those were organic changes, but the thing is, most of these things aren’t even true in Twilight? Her mom is her best friend, but she dodges her mails and is hesitant to talk to her from the beginning of the book. We see her read a book all of two times- which would be an easy fix, just have Mike come up to her and tell us she closes her book to talk to him, have Edward climb in and find her reading, let her drop her bag and let books fall out. She also isn’t that selfless? I mean the whole love triangle disaster was very selfish on her part too, cause she tried to keep both around when it clearly made all of them miserable. She adjusts to Forks as soon as she falls in love with Edward- when in reality, she might choose to stay, but still moan about the rain now and then. Her clumsiness is the only constant thing, but sadly reads as more of a plotdevice than anything else.
So SM tells us all these things about her, but doesn‘t follow through- these things never actually happen or play any role in the story. Even more- Bella ( and this is because SM intended her as a reader proxy, I do realize that) has no aspriations at all. We have NO idea what she might’ve wanted to do with her life besides becoming a vampire. Fanon puts its money on author cause she likes to read, but I can’t really see that. She has no hobbies besides reading- which she stops doing by the middle of book one.

Which is… a little wasteful, cause you can use hobbies and aspirations to tie people together.  How to you bond with people in real life? Because you share an opinon, an aspiration, a hobby, an interest.
Give your OC interests that make them stronger, that tie them to the canon characters, or that move the plot forwards. All the things you tell us about your OC need to DO something for the story- otherwise they shouldn’t be in there.

Also, take the time to actually build a relationship. Now, E/B is a teenage romance, so that is somewhat of an excuse, however, if you look at it, there’s really no reason why Bella fell for Edward except his looks. I’m talking strictly about Twilight here- up until the point she first admits to herself that she loves him, he really hasn’t shown any qualities that make him very loveable? He’s saved her life, yes, but he called her crazy afterwards, and ignored her, he was rude and ellusive. But he was also beautiful and mysterious, and that’s what has drawn her to him. By the time she says “I am irrevocably in love with him” she doesn’t even know he’s a vampire who forgoes human blood!
Obviously, as a teenager that didn’t bother me, but today it kind of makes me raise an eyebrow. This sort of thing happens a lot in fiction, actually. People proclaim “I love him! He is the best person I know!” and yet that character hasn’t really done anything remarkable at all?

So yeah, sorry this got so long and ranty. Just, give your OC’s a life apart from the canon characters and let them keep it, too. Let it influence the plot- more so, let it influence the canon characters! If you throw a new person in, your canon characters shouldn’t remain unchanged either. Keep it consistent, don’t rush relationships and instead give your characters reasons to fall in love. Tie the hobbies of your OC in to make them feel real, even if it’s just something like… paint stains under their fingernails. Even better, let it influence the way they speak! If your character likes to cook, they might say and idea is “half-cooked”, if they like music they might say, “ Her sister plays the second fiddle in that family” instead of “ she takes a back seat compared to her sister”. Get my drift?

I hope this is somewhat comprehensible and that it helps a bit. Again, sorry for the late answer!

sometimes i am honestly so sad that i am trans. not because i hate it (now, 4 years into transitioning, i feel great about my body and my identity and everything) but because i hate that i constantly have to explain everything about myself when i just wanna fuck some dude. so many men are interested but when i tell them i’m trans, it’s suddenly too complicated. even with those that are genuinely interested in having sex with a trans guy. they are just so endlessly curious.

i’d channel my inner slut way more often if i had a dick. i’d have way more casual dates and would probably fuck in dark corners in clubs if it were okay to do that there. dudes just need to chill and appreciate my body the way i do!!! i deserve great sex!! i deserve simple sex!!! ughhhh

You Don't

Need to explain yourself to NO one. Stand your ground and stick to your standards.

If you have the desire to date older, mature, wealthy men then that’s what the fuck you do.

Sorry, not sorry.

I’ve had my share of average, broke, basic ‘boys’ and I have NO desire to entertain the fuck-ness anymore.

My mindset has elevated so much that I can’t even see myself dealing with anything other then a successful man.


And, idgaf what anybody has to say. I’ll die single and lonely then to deal with another broke boy my age ever again in life.

If I want problems and a broken heart, let it at least be with a man with riches so my bank account ain’t suffering from a broken heart either.

I’m not attracted to cute anymore, I need you to upgrade my life, plain and simple.

No Netflix and chill. I need either your credit card or 100 dollar bills!


I need help.

I told my friend that I’m bisexual yesterday and she said it’s not a big deal because there’s no hate towards it.
I tried to explain to her that I have not kept this to myself for 4 years for nothing.
The hate is there, people have become numb to the fact that they are even promoting this hate.
I tried to explain that the words “gay”, “faggot” and “queer” have become day to day descriptions for negative things.
She doesn’t understand.
Please, I am not doing this for notes or attention, I’m doing this to show her that hate, even subconscious hate hurts and is there constantly.
Like or Reblog this if you have ever seen or heard somebody hate on/experienced hate for being gay, lesbian, bi, trans, anything.

I love that people think it’s okay to criticize how I handled being misgendered.
I don’t owe anyone who misgenders me kindness and I do not have to kiss their ass, especially when it’s someone who should know better that follows me and had followed me for a long time.
Tagging random strangers pictures with #’s that misgender them is quite ignorant and rude.
I definitely explained WHY it wasn’t okay and why I was upset when I didn’t even have to.
Also them trying to invalidate me and belittle why I was upset was wrong of them.

Yes, I’m upset that someone misgendered me and refused to educate themselves about it. Lol y'all love to shit on trans people and think that they OWE YOU an explanation

I am ALLOWED to be upset that I was misgendered. And I’m allowed to tell them WHY I was upset (which I did not have to explain myself but I DID) I do not need to EARN non trans people’s respect, it is required as a decent person.
it was sudden, but i fell fast. i walked into her at the grocery store, and when i bent down to help her pick up her shopping list our eyes met and i was gone. i saw her at school every so often, but i was always swept away by my friends- talking about the latest game and our plan for the next one. it was like i was a piece of paper being torn in two, two personalities trapped in a single body. one day in calculus class, i worked up the courage to talk to her. “cmon. if you can score the winning touchdown, you can talk to her,” i told myself. i stumbled into the seat next to her, and asked for help on the last homework problem, even though i already knew how to do it. she explained it step by step, and offered to tutor me after school on wednesdays. for weeks my only motivation was wednesday, and soon she began to catch on that i didn’t need help. after all, it was beginning to get harder to hide my perfect test scores from her in class, as she moved seats to sit next to me. our conversation escalated from calculus to movies; from education to pop culture. we talked about life and death and everything in between, and fought about the deaths of our favorite tv characters. she started coming to my football games, and i began visiting her at her competitions. i was her cheerleader, and she was mine. my friends laughed at me, asking when i would “get some” but i nodded it off, forcing a smile on my face when they whistled. her smiles were worth more to me than their jokes and fooling around. weeks flew by, and our wednesday tutoring turned into movie dates, or going out for burgers. she would steal my fries, and i’d pretend i didn’t notice. i’d sneak my arm around her shoulder, and she’d casually lean back. she was everything. it was now a few weeks before prom, and i had the perfect plan. i ran around for days, planning everything so it would be perfect. i missed practice, and had to explain to my team why (they laughed). it was the final hour, and i stood patiently inside the grocery store, flowers in my hand and a special shopping list tucked into the bouquet. she walked in, and my heart stopped. she was everything- i had never sacrificed this much or shown this much of myself to anyone before, and i was afraid of being left in the dust. then she stepped towards me, a hand already holding hers. the flowers fell to the ground, and his hand picked them up. i heard his laughter as i ran out of the store, trying to push the bad memories in a locked corner of my mind as i dialed my coach, asking for some extra practices. it was slow, and i fell blindly, leaving a black and blue soul.
—  @alltheloveyougiveaway heartbreak from a male perspective
Jimin’s personality

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To me, Jimin is the easiest member to do this series for. So this is going to be fun ^^

So, I did Jimin yesterday as well, and chose the words open, caring, warm, comfortable and sweet. And I haven’t changed my mind.

Open, because like I said yesterday, he is a very friendly person. He might not always be the one to start the conversation, but when the other person does, he’s probably very talkative and easy to get to know. If you don’t hold back, he’s not going to hold back either. Except for like very personal things. But in general, he doesn’t seem like a very secretive person. 

Caring, because I’ve never seen someone who cares for people like he does. Do I even need to explain myself further? How he got Yoongi a shirt for his birthday, because he knows Yoongi would like something practical, and clothes are always practical. When he got Hobi a pair of boots he really wanted for his birthday, and had to pull all of his strings to get them there on time. The way he’s always there to hug the members when they are crying. Plus the fact that all of the members go to him whenever they need comfort.

Warm, because he just gives off that kind of aura. I think he is the kind of person where you always feel welcome in his presence. It doesn’t matter when or where. If you talk to him, he is going to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. It’s probably pretty much impossible to feel bad when he’s around.

Comfortable, because he doesn’t seem like the type to judge people and what they choose to do. He is going to accept people just how they are, and he never wants you to feel uncomfortable or awkward around him. If you do, he will always try to help you get rid of that feeling. People can be themselves around him, without worrying about being judged.

Sweet, because that I pretty much what you get when you add up the other four words. He is a kind, sensitive, open and accepting individual in all senses of the words. He cares deeply for everyone. And if people can’t see that, they’ve only seen him hip thrusting on stage.

20 Struggles of an INTJ

1. We hardly enjoy mainstream movies because we successfully predict the rest of the movie as we go on watching it. We get an urge to say “I told you this would happen!” every time something we predicted happens. But we have to shut up because it’s pissing people off.

2.We always end up finding different solutions to curb the chaos and confusion we encounter in daily life. Then we go on a tirade about how it can be improved/avoided but even after having all the right ideas, we can’t do shit about it, and that’s really irritating.

3. We vanish off the face of the Earth for 10 hours straight, not even realizing it. When all our friends later ask us where we went, we’re not able to explain that we got busy doing/reading something interesting, and didn’t feel like being disturbed.

4. Our extrovert friends don’t understand why we can’t go out everyday. It’s mentally draining. I need some time by myself to relax, and think, and then mentally prepare for the next outing.

5.When we state our extremely liberal opinion about something and watch people’s mouths drop. Like no, there’s nothing wrong with the way I think. Y’all are too wrapped up in the mainstream culture, to look beyond it.

6.We tend to  block out external sounds, and that’s great when we need to get some work done, but it’s not great when there’s a person standing next to us, talking on and on about something (or even on the phone) and we have no idea what they said because we were busy thinking.

7. Our mouth really needs a ‘harsh and cruel things’ filter because we’re just trying to be straightforward and honest but more often than not we just end up saying the bitter truths the other person doesn’t want to hear. Sometimes I know I’m being harsh and I should maybe not be that honest, but I can’t stop it.

8.As much as we love to debate and argue, there’s always the possibility that we’ll lose an argument, and there’s nothing more vexing (unless our logic is faulty, in which case it’s okay. But our logic is almost never wrong, so losing in that case hurts our ego)

9.When talking to one of our acquaintances, we have to keep in check the information  we reveal that we know about that person. So that we don’t appear to be stalkers, when in reality we’re just really observant and remember tiny things about people (Also, we might have gone through their Facebook page once or twice)

10. We despise group projects. Not only will we have to work with comparatively inefficient people, their skills and hard work will affect our success (what a nightmare!) The only way we’re going to be even remotely comfortable with this group things is if everyone listens to us and tries to follow the proper steps that will cause the work to finish on time and in an efficient manner.

11. If suddenly something captures our attention, we just have to know each and everything about it. It often leads to us not doing other things that require our attention more. Same goes with puzzles or problems that involve calculation. We don’t let go until we’ve solved it, and our methods are almost always different from the mainstream methods, so it pisses us off even more when it doesn’t seem to work.

12. It’s difficult for us to digest compliments and react to them. Like if someone says we’re “cute” or “smart”, we resist the urge to say “I know”, because we do. We are self confident individuals who know our strengths and weaknesses. Plus, we’ve been told that so often that saying “thank you” again and again has become tiresome.

13. Our flirting style is an awkward mix of subtle compliments and sarcastic good humored insults. It’s kinda different from mainstream flirting which is why our crushes never realize that we genuinely like them.

14. We can’t take it when someone does something very slowly (unless performing that action in a slow manner would improve the quality of the work) Nothing is more excrutiating then sitting beside someone, seeing them struggle as they slowly do whatever has to be done. We resist the urge to push them off and do it in their place (Sorry, Te function makes us that way)

15. Whenever we end up in a situation where logic defies us and feelings take over, there’s at least one moment when we go completely bonkers and try to get rid of those feelings (”Nope, nope, nope. Feelings? Nope.”) It’s terrifying yet exciting at the same time.

16. Wanting to kill people on a daily basis (don’t even deny it) because they act dumb, foolish, incompetent or plain annoying.

17. Having to deal with small talk. Like no, I don’t want you to ask me how my day was. I don’t want to ask you how your day was. I want to question the existence of humanity and discuss the mysteries of this world (and conspiracy theories! And a certain book/movie/game etc.)

18. When we have a fight with someone, especially someone who is close to us, we often end up saying very hurtful things that we know will hit the spot. It’s like a battle of words, and we sure as hell don’t plan to lose. So we play dirty, often hurting those who mean the world to us. Only realizing a couple of hours later that what we did was absolutely unacceptable.

19. We’re great with pre-project preparation and planning. Sometimes we get interested in something out of the blue, and spend hours researhing about it and making notes and planning things. But when the time to implement it comes around, we realize we’ve lost interest.

20. Spending uneccessary time perfecting something knowing full well that no one besides us would notice that folly. Sometimes being a perfectionist sucks.

I pictured myself falling into your arms and I felt better somehow. Even though I might never be able to do it again, the thought of you catching me gives me a feeling of security that I can’t explain. For someone that shuts down periodically, it’s a really comforting thought.
—  Miles between us

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Mica your drawing looks so pretty! I wanted to ask, would you ever do a colouring tutorial? You shade things so well and your colours always look so pretty...! Love you!

Thank you!!! :’) I might even though I’ll probably fail misserably trying to explain myself T-T I need to learn how to do speed paint videos and upload them on youtube or something.

So I have been seeing some Roisa hate after the finale, saying that their relationship is toxic and unhealthy, and I am the first to admit that it is.

Rose has no regard for Luisa’s feelings, at all. She does things without thinking of what it will do to Luisa.

Killing Emilio was nothing to her, she probably hadn’t even considered what it would do to Luisa. Because she does not understand emotions very well, she’s a sociopath, she doesn’t feel emotions like other people, and Luisa feels so much and she can’t comprehend emotions beyond the very basic ones. She thinks in black and white while Luisa’s emotions (the ones concerning Rose for sure) are more grey.

Rose does genuinely love Luisa and she knows Luisa loves her too, but she does not understand that Luisa’s love for her is conflicted.

So when Luisa said she loved her Rose saw that as confirmation that Luisa would chose to run away with her, because if she loves her, why wouldn’t she?

As they are both minor characters, I can only speculate about their motives. We simply don’t know.

But I believe, judging by the timing, that Rose “became” Susanna to protect Luisa (also to get back at Elena and to get the chip/money but mostly for Luisa) Because Susanna appeared the very same day Mutter released Luisa. And to make sure Luisa never got hurt again, Rose wanted to be there for her. She might have never intended to have Luisa fall for her again. But it happened, and canonically Luisa is Rose’s only weakness, so it is very possible she tried not to (judging by Susanna’s earlier reluctance to kissing Luisa) have Luisa fall in love again.

But they are minor characters and we just don’t know.

So once again Rose messed up and hurt Luisa. So that is why I (and I am pretty certain everyone else in the Roisa ship) do not want them to run away together right now. It would be unhealthy and Luisa would be miserable.

Once again she started to rebuilt only to have Rose tear it all apart again. Luisa needs to take care of herself first. She as an individual is more important to me than this ship. I want her to be happy.

What I would like to see is Rose actually growing as a character, she does most of the things concerning Luisa out of a misguided form of love, but her schemes and plans still came first. What I would like to see is Rose putting Luisa first. To work on understanding Luisa’s feelings.

What I want is Rose to give up the 200 million for Luisa. To disband her business. To let Luisa actually know the real her. Not the trophy wife and not the detective. Just who Rose really is behind the fake identities.

So I want them together, but not in this fucked up state. I want real character development. I don’t want this stalker thing Rose pulled to be romanticized. I want her to put in the work and change.

Because I truly believe they belong together, but they have a long way to go. A Very long way.

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jensen ackles, chris evans, sebstan

Jensen Ackles:
Not my type | Eh | He’s Alright | He’s cute| Totally Adorable | I’d Kiss Him | He is gorgeous | I can’t stop staring | FUCK ME - anytime/anywhere

Yes, all of those. Because the crisis is strong today.

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Chris Evans:

Not my type | Eh | He’s Alright | He’s cute| Totally Adorable | I’d Kiss Him | He is gorgeous | I can’t stop staring | FUCK ME - anytime/anywhere 

Do I even need to explain myself?

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Sebastian Stan:
Not my type | Eh | He’s Alright | He’s cute| Totally Adorable | I’d Kiss Him | He is gorgeous | I can’t stop staring | FUCK ME - anytime/anywhere

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Let’s Play - How hot is the celebrity

my gender therapist (a cis woman) hasnt called me back in almost 4 months now and its probs bc i couldnt answer her open questions (even tho i explained i got autism and cant do that) and my Tragic BackStory™ she kept trying to find wasnt good enough, bc everyone knows you need a Tragic BackStory™ to be a Real Life Trans*genderederer™

Everytime i leave that office i doubt myself and hate myself a lil more

I just want my fucking hormone therapy god i hate her

I feel that we on SJ tumblr need to take a more educational stance towards those we disagree with, especially if they are young and/or they don’t understand the gravity of what they’re saying.

I too often see adults on here being rude and dismissive. This is not to say we don’t have a right to be angry at bigotry, or that we need to dedicate our time and labor to explaining, or even that I don’t do get unkind sometimes myself. Maybe this is my overly nurturing and forgiving personality talking, but I just wonder what the point is of reblogging an ignorant post with an insult directed at OP when everyone would be better served either by ignoring it altogether or trying to talk to them to see if they’re open to learning better.

So I’m rather curious, why is it such a big deal that people are only interested in dating/being physically intimate with someone that has certain genitalia? I don’t see how this is offensive to anyone, how this could be considered gross is understandable since genitals aren’t so freely talked about and are considered “dirty”. I honestly can not wrap my head around this.

And yeah I’m referring to the discourse about lesbians who only date women with nature made vaginas, which exclude transwomen especially those who haven’t had bottom surgery. Like, I’m a lesbian and I find penis repulsive. Isn’t that enough? Why do I even need to explain myself? Why do I need to give anyone a “good enough” reason to not want to fuck them? Isn’t “because I don’t want to” enough?


I can’t help but be a shipper myself but I just gotta say… 

 the thing about ROTG ships
its so awkward i mean
every ROTG ship is fucked up in some way
and i don’t even need to explain the ships i can just explain the characters individually

Tooth - chimera ; this is half beastiality and how the fuck do you deal with all those feathers??????? I’ve never seen birds fuck and i don’t think i want to know how they fuck

Sandman - a super old alien from space made of fuckin sandy dust; he’d fall asleep during sex and so would his partner

Bunnymund - ok….  I know “fuck like rabbits” is a popular saying; but … but the amount of lines…. being crossed here… this is a mixed species bunny…. this is far beyond the line of beastiality

North - he’s old. Like….. really old… at least in body… so… there’s that… plus this is Santa Claus we’re talking about….. other fairy tales fucking santa claus… what has the world come to

Pitch Black - he’s the oldest out of all of them, but luckily his body doesn’t show that; but either way he’d be considered a sugar daddy. Plus he’s a shadow… i know he’s seductive and all but still its so awkward to be in a dark room and you’re fucking and you see those golden eyes staring at you like who the fuck wouldn’t be uncomfortable with that

Jack Frost may be young but he’s a frozen corpse….. that’s quite the necrophilia kink right there

Jamie on the other hand is a fuckin 10 year old child… thank god some people have the conscience to have him older when they ship but otherwise dear lord pedophilia 101 

So We’ve got either pedophilia, beastiality, or necrophilia… 


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*rubs hands together* Tendou, Oikawa, Saeko, Futakuchi, Iwaizumi, and Bokuto

i didn’t even need to think for this. up ur game shisho.

  • do the sexy love™ with: Iwaizumi. do i even need to explain why.
  • sacrifice myself for: bokuto. (i once saw a man so beautiful i started crying. i immediately felt compelled to give them nine dollars–)
  • kick: oikawa. iwaizumi seems to punch the guy fairly often so i might be able to get away with it too.
  • take to prom: tendou. we’re going to kill the off with your head dance routine and win prom royals.
  • abandon in jurassic park: saeko. if just because i think she’ll be able to tame any dinosaur. i just hope she won’t try to get back at me with her army of gigantic lizards. 
  • push off a bridge: futakuchi. i’ll laugh my cheeks off while he screams from the bungee jump.