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☆What to put in your Book Of Shadows!☆

(This post is inspired by a baby witch in our Coven @andtrickfucker)

Starting as up as a witch can often be overwhelming and confusing. We’ve all been there when we sit with our grimoire, a pen out as we stare down at an empty piece of paper, a small (hypothetical) tear rolling down our face as we attempt to write something down, only to discover that we have no idea what to do and where to start. As two witches who have most definitely struggled with this before we decided that it would be very important for us to make a list to help you all out!

Firstly, we’d start out with the very basics of witchcraft! 

(Obviously according to whatever craft you do but lets just assume the general craft for now and work with what we’ve got.)

☆ Ask yourself what path you follow, what sort of craft do you practice? Is there anything specific you what to jot down about your craft? If so, note it at the start of your grimoire! It could be super helpful to you in the future.
      ☆ If you’re not an atheistic witch then you can also mention what deities you worship and those in their pantheon (unless you’re an animistic witch!)
☆ You could write about the elements and moon cycles, as some witches find this to be very important to them! 
☆ Do you have some crystals that are your favourite to work with? Write them down, and what you use them for! (We have some information about this here!)
      ☆ You can even write down how to charge and cleanse them and even how you intended to use them in spells!  
☆ Do you use a lot of herbs and plants? Write them down too! If you’re fairly arty like us don’t be afraid to do a little sketch of whatever you’re writing!
      ☆ Like crystals, you could write down when or how to use them. It doesn’t have to be detailed or complex, just do it in a way that you’ll remember or understand!
☆ Candles are often important too, so (even if you’re not particularly interested in candle magic) it might be helpful to have them in there as well. If you write their correspondences down too, it’ll save you a bunch of time looking through the internet for their meaning, trust me.

Do you practice divination and spirit work?

☆Tarot references can be helpful, especially if you don’t have a book to learn or work from! You could even write down the results of your tarot readings, keeping a note of exactly what you’ve been pulling and how you’ve been doing reading wise!(You might wanna ask for permission if you’re going to write about readings you’ve done on others though!) 
☆ How to use a crystal ball, if you have one!
☆ How to sense auras and what they mean.
☆ If you use rune stones it might be helpful for you to write down their names and meanings!(Wilde uses runes a lot and had to do this because she gets confused and forgets the meanings of runes almost 24/7) Again, if you want, you can write about the outcomes of your readings.
☆ How to use a pendulum.

Spell work

☆ An inventory of different salts, herbs and crystals; branching away from your most used and favourites! you never know, one might catch your eye!
☆ Different types of spells (clearly)! We find it helps if you split them up categorically but if you don’t want to then don’t do it! Write down your hexes, curses, charms and your run of the mill spells, especially ones that you’ve written yourself!


☆ How to make sigils and the sigils themselves!
        ☆ If you use other peoples sigils write them down with there meanings too, that way you don’t forget or you don’t use a sigil that you wanted to work with later on!
☆ Notes on how you feel or your specific emotions. This is important because emotions can obviously influence and change the way spells and sigils work! 
☆ Do you use astrology? Write down the zodiac signs and their correspondences, along with the stars, the planets and everything in between!
☆ How to meditate and the benefits of meditation.
☆ Types of salts and their purposes.
☆ How to make different types of oils.
☆ How to make different types of waters!
☆ How to make your own candles.
☆ How to make your own salves!
☆ A magical cookbook!

Remember! Your grimoire doesn’t have to look perfect (Quinn’s is an absolute state) As long as it holds the information you need and as long as you can read it that’s the only thing that matters!

As suggested by @maikawethiel make a digital version to keep with you at all times! You can do this via word online, google documents or even evernote which you can then download onto a portable device! This can be handy for emergancy situations too!

I know this isn’t everything you could possibly put in your grimoire however feel free to reblog and add to it!! Blessed be! -Wilde and Quinn


LIVINGTHEGIFS : looking for new members!


I need new members cause i’m the only one that makes gifs for this blog and it got to a point where i’m not being able to do all the requests. T.T

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hi guys

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On 2017, No-Platforming, and This Blog

As some (or many!) of you may have heard already, as of today, there is a push starting to no-platform people who hold the ahistorical and insulting opinion that aces and aros should not be included in the LGBT+/MOGAI/other acronym of choice community.

This does not mean that we will stop debunking the harmful rhetoric they use, or the misinformation they try to spread. It does mean that we are not going to spread their posts, and give a wider platform to their nonsense.

With that in mind, I fully intend to keep running this blog as usual (which, unfortunately, has to mean something like “sporadically, when I have both time and energy”). However, it means that I will not be reblogging from people who feel they get to decide who to exclude from our community.

Which means I have a request for all of you.

As of today, please do not reblog exclusionist rhetoric or hateful, inaccurate posts (whether these posts were originally made by exclusionists or are add-ons to another post) to tag me into a discussion. Instead, please send me links, or simply topics that you want me to address, and I will continue to make original posts about them.

You can do this via ask (by saying, for example, “hey, can you look at post/155251105407 on historicallyace’s blog and do a historical accuracy check?”), via Tumblr IM, or via fanmail (if that’s even still a thing? I haven’t gotten any fanmail in a long time and tbh I need to check the settings for it on this blog). If I’m not responding quickly enough, because like I said, I’m only here sporadically, feel free to message me on my main, which is currently @snowenby (but if you’re finding an empty blog there, check back to the original version of this post because I will update it as my URL changes).

Let’s all have a wonderful, peaceful, and historically accurate new year!

anonymous asked:

(1) I need advice for how to avoid making rage-prone people angry. My sister has sensory integration disorder. She can go to school, but she can't do basic household chores, or cook. She doesn't respond to noise in public, but at home she screams and curses and name-calls. Even outside of reactions to noise, anger is her default emotional response. It's like I'm playing Don't Wake the Dragon. I'm not very good at Don't Wake the Dragon. This shouldn't be a lifelong problem because I'm moving

out soon, but she may be unable to live alone when she’s out of high school and college. Her easy-to-trigger anger stresses my parents out. I don’t think it would be healthy or safe for her to live with them when she’s older, which is why I’ve decided that, if she can’t live alone, she can live with me. She’s already expressed that she expects to be my roommate when she goes to college. It’s what’s best for everyone. The biggest problem is that I’m not as good as I should be at avoiding  making her mad. Part of it’s because I’m kind of clumsy and awkward and spacey (thanks, ADD and Autism) and that irritates her. I need to be much better at keeping her calm, because it’s going to be a problem if we’re living in an apartment and she’s shouting and stomping around because I failed to avoid pissing her off.

 Are there any failsafe ways to avoid angering someone with a hair-trigger temper? 

(emphasis mine)

Oh,  sweetheart. Would that there were.

Okay, so, stepping back even from my place as a person with a bad temper and into, instead, my position as a person whose day job involves occasionally working with children/teens with sensory processing issues, I can tell you one thing right out of the gate: there is literally nothing that you can do that can help your sister if she is not involved in the process and she does not consent.

You two need to work this out together, and the sooner the better. You basically have to make a lifestyle change, which is why your sister has to be involved and has to consent to it. She has to agree that her behavior pattern is damaging to her relationships. She has to agree that she wants to change that. She has to commit to putting in the effort.

And you, my dear little sweetpea flower, need to establish that those are the bare minimum requirements for you volunteering to take on her care.

Let me explain why.

I read Autism Self Advocacy Network blogs and I integrate them into my practice. I know that people with processing issues, especially those that affect executive function, require disability accommodations. That is non-negotiable. As a caregiver, though, and one who has seen caregiver burnout first-hand in the case of elder/end-of-life care, up to and including nervous breakdowns, you do not owe your sister your own life. You just do not. Nobody can reasonably expect that of you, and anyone who says they can is just wrong.

You say that she can’t do household chores. Is that everything? Maybe she can’t do tub scrubbing because of the scent or texture, or the vacuum cleaner because of the noise, but can she sweep the floor? Can she wash dishes (by hand), load the dishwasher (without turning it on), dry them, or put them away? Can she sort or fold the laundry even if she can’t wash it? Can she make her own bed? There has to be some division of labor if there are only two people in the house. Expecting you to go to school, work, keep house, and act as your sister’s caretaker with no support network and no breaks is not feasible. That is too much to ask of any one person. You are going to need help.

You can also work on nonverbal communication. I’ve talked about my NVC necklace, and how my therapist, my roommates, and I all discuss my labels, because I’m bipolar and not autistic, so mine indicates spoon count and not social approach safety. The necklace is useful, but J has admitted she struggles with it because it is so small. I’ve gotten used to people who know about it asking me for my color level before initiating conversations with me. It really helps.

I’ve also gotten used to hand signals to indicate a need for volume adjustments, or my need to interrupt someone. A raised index finger is “pause,” a raised palm is “stop.” The pause is usually for a clarification question, or to inform the person of a spoon count, or that they are interrupting a thought that is important to me and I need to finish it before I can give them my attention. The palm is more forceful, but so useful. When I use it, people are learning to stop talking to me. I don’t mind explaining a reason if I have to, but I limit my explanations to as few words as possible: I need to process, I am getting frustrated, you are using too many words, I need to get back to you, can you leave me a note?

Notes are so important. In addition to notes, I use doorknob hangers. I use Skype status messages so my online friends know what they’re getting into. I am working out a SYSTEM.

You and your sister need to work out a system. Especially since you are on the spectrum and have ADD yourself, you need a system. You need to work it out together. Use calendars, schedules, notes, whatever works for you. You may need to create a code that hangs by the door to your apartment that indicates one or both of you are in a place where you are not going to speak or make any noise, and communicate only via text message even though you are in the same house. Do not worry if your system seems complex or tedious to others. It is not for others. It is for your house.

But Step One is getting your sister onboard. Without that, you’re both screwed.