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Not to sound stalkerish but have you ever posted a selfie here? I am just curious or have you ever considered doing something like queerofcups did? The recording thing like a podcast. Imagine one with you nihilist and queerofcups omg I would pay for hearing you 3 talking

I have definitely posted selfies here! I’m also not that hard to find on other social media sites, my url is pretty consistent and often my profile pics are my actual face. 

lmao no what you want is a podcast of Leela and Dann. Even if I joined them, it would be 45 minutes of them saying really insightful, intelligent, witty things and me being a socially anxious mouse in the background totally unable to keep up on any level.  

Okay so I love exo so much. They’re my ultimate group with Xiumin as my bias. But I can’t stand for the fact that Yixing is completely erased from this comeback. He is still apart of exo and should be treated as such. I love this new album but it’s not the same without OT9. They should at least talk about him. It’s not a taboo subject to talk about a member. Other groups have like standees or pics of the member that is missing. They can’t even do that??? Like I get it, you’re used to him not being there but he still is a member and should be treated with the same respect any other member is treated with

Oh I think a little bit of this is happening right now over in the Loser Lounge:

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We have had not one, not two, but now 3 examples of the locals roaming around in the Loser Lounge showing  just how fried their shared brain cell is by commenting on an IG account that has is either a family member or friend of RK. Right now, they are 3 for 3 on Jules (K’s mom’s ig). 

THAT is a great, big, fat 

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You spend the day crossing over the aisle to stalk, mock, call names, bully, harass, annoy all to be right. But then, one or more of you, goes out on a limb and does this…..

 I am sure Jules is thinking: 

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or in this case comments!!

Dang, you lot have really gotten your knickers twisted! And over what, someone liking pics on instant gram! Dah! That is what you are supposed to do.

Why do you even care? I mean you said you don’t, but that is obviously a big fat lie……or else you’d not make any comments. You’d just keep moving along. 

Yes, you don’t like it. But, you are not the twitter or instant gram

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You don’t make the rules!! You don’t get to tell anyone what they can post, like or whatever. The only time that happens is when the account belongs to you!!


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Dusky I don't understand, how do the "skeptics" still think that sophie and Benedict's children are a PR stunt?? They claim the pr team is reading their blogs because Benedict wore clothes according to their predictions during hamlet period, I mean what?? First they said it's pr for tig, and now that narrative doesn't even follow through but they kept assuming things like Sophie is an escort and Ben is a sex addict,I mean WHAT??? How do they seriously believe this??? I'm dumbfounded

oh I’m so sorry but it is!

I’ve been closely scrutinising pap pics and red carpet images and it’s obvious to me that BC is indeed playing the long-game to win that 2025 Oscar by carefully selecting a broken, amoral woman to collude with him, his PR team, all his friends, and heads of major studios to buy babies off the black market over an extended period in order to meet the Academy’s strict and somewhat arcane criteria for nominees to win etc etc.

i’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i felt someone should tell you xx

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You still have a vagina, girl. Stop trying to fake it and brag about your "diploma", like it's difficult to get one in humanities, you probably faked them too.


Fake it how exactly? How do you fake being trans, my lil coward who can’t show their face? <3 I have a diagnosis, operations set. And, alas, one day I will have my beautiful phallo and I’ll make sure to send you a pic, so you can choke on it <3.

As for me faking my studies, LOL. Do you even know how it works with the academical world or…idk, in the world in general? Do you know you need degrees to publish and to work in specific roles? I promise you without them I wouldn’t be allowed to teach. Also one of the three degrees technically doesn’t even fall under humanities but under a “humanities-scientific” conjunction, fyi. 

You sure shit a lot from your mouth. Is your anus unemployed as a consequence? 

It may be easy taking 3 degrees in humanities, but it is also easier to not click on anon and hold up to the shit your sprout. I may not be a man to you but for sure I have more metaphorical balls than you do, honey.

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honestly i think your love for ten is so great? like you're so passionate about him publicly and it's so cute like i lowkey wish i had someone that loved me the way you love ten lmao

😔😔i seriously thought my love for ten would start to get annoying but I DON’T GIVE A shit! sigh. i can’t believe i’ve been a stan for almost 2 years. it’s legit crazy like time is FAKE but my love for ten goes on. i never stanned someone this long except pcy but. even with him i had a break and ulted taehyung for a couple months in 2014 i would NEVER do that with ten there’s just… no one that can get to him and it’ll just always stay that way. like i get excited when tens ugly ass airport pics come out and he looks the same everyday but you all know damn well i’ll still hype the shit out of him! sigh. siiiigh. i hate getting cheesy i really do i don’t like it but with ten i’m just like :(…. he brings out my soft core like no one else did. and that’s POWERFUL

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Yeah. The Error cast seemed to be more fun. In SDCC 2015, all of them were making funny faces, the Dead Sea was saying something about "Transformers" in a kid's voice and everyone was laughing, because of him. They even did that "Mannequin" challenge while Thelma just took pics of her seating card at the table read.

Errow may have a shit show, but their cast is usually fun when they are doing ish like comic con. 

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I think the balloon squad were originally meant to play a much bigger part in the story like not only that unseen vs pic but also the fact that Elias got his own public insta which not even Eskild got!!! Lmao also the fact that even's sa was mentioned once for drama then only brought up in passing in a video that wasn't even published on the skam page but maybe I just don't want to believe Julie would intentionally do even so dirty like that

yeah definitely!! i forgot about elias’ ig omg i ..ugh so much potential in this season its sad it ended up like this

out of all the aspects of millennial-bashing, i think the one that most confuses me is the “millennials all got trophies as a kid, so now they’re all self-centered narcissists” theory

like– kids are pretty smart, y'all. they can see that every kid on the team gets a trophy and is told they did a good job; they can also see that not every kid on the team deserves a trophy, and not everyone did do a good job

the logical conclusion to draw from this is not “i’m great and i deserve praise”– it’s “no matter how mediocre i am, people will still praise me to make me feel better, so i can’t trust any compliments or accolades i receive”

this is not a recipe for overconfidence and narcissism. it is a recipe for constant self-guessing, low self-esteem, and a distrust of one’s own abilities and skills.

where did this whole “ugh millennials think their so-so work is super great” thing even come from it is a goddamn mystery

Phew! Scooby survived the night, and gets his million-dollar inheritance.

The officer presents him with the chest…

…and Scooby opens it, to find…

a million dollars in antique Confederate currency – divided into $500s, perfectly preserved, and in great condition!

I mean, as well as you can gauge condition from a lowfi frame of a cartoon that was hastily drawn and colored in 1969.

Wow, Scoob, you’ve struck it rich! That’s easily worth–

Velma: “How do you like that! We spend a night of fright for some worthless money, in a haunted house that wasn’t even haunted.”

*we never see or hear of this money again, implying the gang just threw it away*

*I spend 10 seconds researching possible values*

*it’s currently worth $1,000,000-$2,000,000*

Good job, teenage super sleuths. Good job.


Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)

i know ive done nothing today but talk about The Hold but im still thinking about it 

like. i know that the reason why michael’s holding him This Much because it’s immediately after jeremy attacks him because of the squip, so he’s like holding him down so jeremy cant do anything of the possessed punching nature. 

and //taking pics with phone. michael, sweetie, youre doing a great job!! chokehold + arm under jeremy’s arm. awesome! even got a leg slung over there for Just In Case. i dunno if there’s a metric scale that measures just how good you are at restraining your possessed best friend, but if there is, michael’s pulling a solid 10/10. 

so i guess that, with this context, i can understand that michael holding jeremy for At Least One (1) Whole Minute was a necessity in this high stakes crisis. michael was doing a Really Important Job Here. but also. 

I Don’t Know About You But That’s A Tender Goddamn Look If I’ve Ever Seen One. on your left, you will see brooke and chloe being possessed and evil, something jeremy is definitely paying attention to, but michael’s got something else a little bit more important to keep an eye on. past, like, restraining his best friend from kung fu punching him, i just think that michael’s just kinda goddamn. taken aback that jeremy is here. 

high stakes boss battle: happening

michael looking at jeremy: god wow look at this

so today I saw this thread on twitter that was about celebrating idols who are tan and very often whitewashed. For my surprise (actually not really because it’s always the same story), Sooyoung wasn’t included in it. And then this moment popped into my head, and I’ve been thinking about this all day tbqh:

I understand that Sooyoung isn’t as tan as yuri and other idols, but does that make it okay to ignore her struggles with this so often? It’s like she’s in this constant limbo where she’s not as dark skinned in comparison to others but then she’s also not as light skinned as some people want her to be. I know you guys are probably dead tired of hearing me speak about this, believe me, it’s not my favourite topic to talk about either. But it’s not okay to dismiss things like this, specally when so many people get so badly affected by it. And I still sometimes see some people whitewash her and it just really breaks my heart honestly. And it breaks my heart even more knowing that Sooyoung sometimes sees those pictures that people have edited.