do i even have to say something about this

you can say whatever you want and talk about your experience as fan of that singer or that band, but personally i’ve never seen a top artist with such a powerful management behind not saying a single word about a debut solo album everyone has been expecting for years now and instead leaving everyone and their dog to talk about it everywhere without one comment. planning stalkers meet&greets in strategic locations and calling paps to show they’re having dinner with producers, make DJs and singers talk about it, is not something you do if you haven’t even said who is your label to begin with. this is not a surprise photoshoot that begins and ends with the release of the magazine, it’s an album, it’s his main career and his main project for the future, i suppose, and the fact that there might be a single about to be released in 2 weeks or even if it’s not, there is (apparently) a complete entire album already done and recorded around the world in big secret for the past year about to drop in the near future, but said artist hasn’t said / wasnt allowed to say a word and didn’t find a way to engage the public to a project that should be exciting and great for everyone involved, is the shadiest thing ever and its something very unusual.  

Honestly Rito Village is probably my favorite soundtrack in all of Breath of the Wild

Just… it’s so goddamn emotional and then you hear a familiar tune that rings a bell in your mind, and that moment I realized that it’s Dragon Roost Island WHAM Nostalgia hit me like a truck.

But the thing is that the original song in Wind Waker doesn’t do much for me. It’s good, but doesn’t illicit any strong emotion and I don’t particularly have a strong attachment to it. Hell I wouldn’t even say Dragon Roost Island was a part that was particularly memorable to me.

But fuck. there’s just something about how the song is played in Breath of the Wild that makes you realize 14 years have gone by, and all of sudden you’re reminiscing of everything that’s happened and everything that’s gone by.

If it’d been me in charge of translating Elfie to an American audience (because yes, I do understand the Rei-vs-Asuka appeal dilemma), I’d have focused on the fact that she’s really fucking deadpan and unflappable. Her strength is good comedy when she treats it as nothing to get excited about, hardly even something she tries at. Her silently taking ridiculousness​ in stride makes her the perfect straight man to Harold. I’d have tried to play her up as a daydreamer; she often seems to be paying little attention to the weird things her comrades say.

I do feel that her being quiet and serious-seeming (or at least calm) are cornerstones of her character; she needs to be the straight man to Harold and his ridiculousness, but she also needs to be Elise’s unlikely gal pal. She needs a withdrawn demeanor to go with Elise’s bubbliness. In this sense, Effie is far too active; she just doesn’t click with Elise like Elfie does because there’s not this distinct sense that Elise has pulled her out of her shell.

Mark’s video just now made all the feels come. This is why I love doing fanart and fics, not because of views and comments, but because of the joy that comes from it.

And when Mark says he loves the feeling of the wonder that artists and creators can do, is exactly what I feel. They do so much and I wanna strive to be even close to what they can do and accomplish. Also his fear of disappointing us; dude you put out good content and you have a winning personality, and you work fuckin hard for what you do and be who you are and that’s what we love about ya.

Mark is a great person, through and through. And him feeling lost, is something I feel as well. Nearly everyday. So knowing he and I can relate on that level, brings a lot of comfort to me especially right now.

So Mark, you keep being your cool self, man. You keep inspiring us and we’ll keep inspiring you, a perfect cycle.



So I have talked to someone who says karamel is abusive and it made me understand where people are coming from even if they go about it in a way that may not get their point across from what I have learned it makes sense this person has been through an abusive relationship and told me something I haven’t heard before maybe mon el loves kara but still be abusive in ways that may not be physical weather we understands he’s doing it or not maybe he is doing it but if their right then this does need to be stopped bc that shouldn’t be what we watch on tv even if you ship karamel maybe all the hate sounding or hate in general has mislead the true intentions of this because I hope that if there is abuse at play here we don’t condone it bc abuse is a real problem and it’s fine if u do ship karamel but maybe nicely ask/tell cws supergirl you like karamel but they need to stop the abuse in the relationship and write mon el as he is in the comics and I think if we all calm down and think non of us want to condone it so just stop and think past the words and can we please solve this and if you ship supercorp then you probably are saying duh I’ve been saying this the whole time and ya maybe you have but in the wrong way some posts trying to show mon el or karamels flaws are comming across as my ship is better then yours and not we need to stop condoning abuse so that’s what I have to say agree or disagree it’s ur opinion

immichaa  asked:

You want to know something amazing about you? You have this effect on me. I'm usually a pretty heavily social anxious guy, but with you it is completely different. With you I'll do whatever comes into my head at that moment. I feel free when I'm with you. I'll sing, something I never do with people around. I'll dance, something I never do; at a party I am the guy who finds the nice couch and stays there. I'll say silly stuff that I wouldn't even dare think about saying in public. You're amazing

Aww..that’s so cuteeee, i love you

I just want to talk about this. I see So Many backhanded compliments to The New Crystal Gems saying like, “it’s nice to have some realistic Lapis and Peridot interaction without Lauren Zuke’s shitty writing cramming the ship down our throat” or something like that, and, like, it was not bad writing?? It was not out of character or anything. As somebody trying to recover from depression, I found that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with positivity and go through the motions, and even if you don’t feel anything, you don’t feel bad, and you start to get better, and that is very clearly what Lapis is trying to do. She’s just riding the wave of Peridot’s genuine excitement of exploring every intellectual inch of life she never even knew existed before and, sort of hoping that if she plays along, some of that happiness may rub off on her. She’s watching her Earth show, making meep morps with her, helping her decorate the barn, even making music with her, and she smiles. There are moments where Lapis just smiles, and that’s her trying. I love the toilet meep morp scene in particular, because during this scene, the same dark ominous music that always plays when Lapis uses her water abilities plays, but what she’s using them for isn’t something out of rage or desperation, she’s funneling that same power she only ever associated with negative things into something silly and pointless that Peridot thinks is beautiful and makes her excited. This is Lapis healing. Peridot is the medium by which Lapis is healing herself, and that is beautiful writing.


The Revelation™

If you’re a minor, I promise you there’s no good reason for someone significantly older than you to be interested in you romantically or sexually
-Even if their intentions seem pure. It’s not possible for them to have good intentions. They are an adult & they know what they’re doing is wrong.
-Even if they tell you “you’re so mature”. This is a common grooming tactic among pedophiles.
-Even if they give you examples of other people in happy relationships with huge age differences.
-Even if they say something along the lines of “our love is stronger than our age difference/age is just a number/I’ve never felt this way about anyone else/it doesn’t matter what people think”

No matter what, there’s no good reason for an adult to be in a relationship with a child. You deserve an un-abusive partner who is your own age who will understand you better & have much more in common with you.


Alex : Remember, if you have an anxiety attack then count to ten while breathing in and count to ten while breathing out. Close your eyes and focus on me talking, okay? In, out, in, out. You can do this! I believe in you.

John : Remember to eat something today! You’re absolutely beautiful to me and I wouldn’t have you any other way, so don’t you feel bad for eating anything! You’re not too fat, your body is perfect… everything about you is perfect to me! So please, try and hold your food down… even if you don’t want to eat much, at least eat a piece of fruit? For me? I love you!

Lafayette : Mon amour, don’t ever doubt how beautiful you are! No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful and you are unique - there is nobody out there like you! You’re absolutely stunning - go out there and knock ‘em dead, mon belle!

Hercules : Hey, cutie. I know that you may want to harm yourself… but it’s not worth it. You shouldn’t mark your beautiful skin - okay? Breathe with me, sweetie, close your eyes. We can come up with some alternatives together! But please, take care of yourself.

Burr : No matter what the people at school/college/work/uni say, you are so smart and every day you make me so proud! The fact that you’re alive is a miracle and I know you’ll continue to make me proud! Remember, you’re smart! You got this!!

Philip : Listen to me! No matter what your parents/guardian say to you, it’s not true! You’re not worthless, you’re not fat, you’re not ugly, you’re absolutely amazing. I love you, everyone here loves you! You can talk to me, alright? You’re doing so well

Thomas : Remember to take care of yourself today - eat, get dressed, do something productive. How about you draw? Or write, perhaps? You should take a bath or shower too, warm yourself up and relax. Remember, we all care about you! We only want what’s best for you.

Washington : you are never alone. Just because you can’t see us, that doesn’t mean we aren’t there with you and giving you lots of love. If you need us, simply call for us, okay? You’re not alone.

George III : I will kill anyone who dare say anything to you - okay? You’re worth it, you’re capable, you are in control.

My blog is always open. You can message any of the hamilsquad if you need someone to talk to, okay? We’re all here for you.
As someone in her thirties watching OUAT

I have to say something.

I’ve seen this post today mentioning Rapunzel’s age on Tangled, and I was thinking about how in all the fairy tales the princesses are usually 18 (maybe even less, never more). 

When I was a child they have always seemed to me so adult, so mature. I couldn’t wait to get to this age and become a woman of my own (and if it comes with a prince, even better).

But then the years pass (still no prince in sight in case you were wondering), but I finally do feel like a woman. And as such, I look back at age 18, and I don’t see it as an age where I was really an adult. I truly didn’t know anything about life yet back then. I didn’t know who I was, not for real anyway. And I just look at these princesses now, from the wisdom of my age, and just think, whoa, whoa, what’s the rush? You have your all life in front of you to get to know yourself, then meeting that prince (or princess, or even no one in particular). All these fairy tales seem even more unreal somehow.

But then it suddenly hit me, my favorite princess is actually a woman in her thirties:

Her fairy tale story began when she turned 28 and not 18!

No offence to those of you who are still teenagers or in their early twenties, trust me, one day you will maybe understand this post better, or maybe you are even getting it now, but I just want to take this post to acknowledge the fact that A&E chose the proper age for their princess to began her journey as a swan in oppose to a duckling. 

Emma of age 18 was thrown into jail, and had a baby she gave away for adaption because she was still immature. She was led by the guy she thought was her “prince charming” right into a jail cell, and pregnant, probably because she was still a child who didn’t know herself enough to realize she needs to put herself first (or to use protection…).

It took her 10 more years to come to the point in which she truly knew who Emma Swan was. To become an adult. To be really able of becoming the hero, the savior, the princess.

She regain her son when she was at the right age to become a mother:

She regain her parents certainly at a very old age, but at the age she could tell them how she really felt  

But also forgive them from a mature prospective

She was able to use what she learned about herself during her entire life, to fully fulfill her role as the savior and the princess

 And she met her true prince (well, pirate) after she knew exactly what she was looking for, what she needed from him, and what she deserves

Don’t get me wrong, at this age people don’t just stop being a little childish

The young spirit is always there at any age. But I feel like Emma (and all of us at this range of ages) knows just a little more about life itself, and she was taking the role of the mature princess at the age it was truly designed for.


I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I wanna say something about episode 9 that barely has anything to do with Yuri or Victor.

Right here we have the common anime character with a strong sister complex. These characters seem to pop up every so often in animes and a lot of the time, it’s a totally normalised thing and the feelings are mutual and it’s sometimes even seen as more normal than the homosexual (not to mention sometimes really unhealthy) relationships that rarely show up in mainstream animes (that end up being shown only to more mature audiences because of the censorship).

But Yuri!!! On Ice doesn’t normalise it. Sure, you might be able to feel a little bit of empathy for him because he seems heartbroken and everything, but that’s it. They point out the fact that this love that he has for his sister is unhealthy and unacceptable. Sara doesn’t accept his feelings for her. She tells him to move on, that they will be fine on their own. That he needs to let go. And he does. He finally lets go of his sister and frees her because he knows that what he wants isn’t mutual. And that really spoke to me.

This anime is more than willing to normalise the obvious homosexual couple (the two even practically say they never want to leave each other). Rather than focusing on the cheap, “Oh, they’re gay, how scandalous, let’s have five episodes with Yuri focusing on how he isn’t gay,” troupe, they get to have a loving relationship where the feelings are mutual, where it’s healthy and they care about and support each other and they don’t have to focus on how they’ll make it work because they’re just so in love with each other. And the relationship that could have been an incestuous one wasn’t regarded as more “normal” or “acceptable” just because the characters would have been in a heterosexual relationship. The creator of this anime is more than aware of what love should be like and how it should be portrayed rather than giving the audience the same exact thing they’ve seen fifty thousand times before just because some other show got away with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Yuri!!! On Ice is one of my most favourite animes, not just in the sports genre anymore, but in general because for once the creator of it actually put a lot of time and care into this show and is going to present it exactly as they envisioned it without fitting into any moulds or pleasing the people who have to air it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to.

Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 1)

When you are attracted to someone or feel a certain intimate pull towards them, whether you are conscious of it or not, your body will expose you.  Unlike the mouth, the body does not lie. It essentially behaves upon instincts, therefore bypassing the process of filtering that thoughts/mental conceptions systematically go through in conversations. For example, someone frightens you, you jump away while screaming. You don’t plan your reaction, you just do. Someone is saying something that you do not like or disagree greatly with, you fold your arms tightly around your chest without even realizing it.

I’ve been studying psychology for 5 years as an option class alongside my main Masters in literature and I was fortunate enough to have great psychology professors. We talked about various themes and aspects of the human mind as well as the body. What I am going to use in this analysis is knowledge that I’ve gained through the courses and my own personal opinions/readings. I wanted to apply that on the case study of Kaisoo. The conclusion does not matter as much to me as the freedom to explore this option.

I’m going to provide a list of clues and behavioral patterns that the body of a male exhibits when attracted or feel emotionally connected to someone else. Those clues must not be taken separately but it’s rather the whole of them together that might signal an attraction/pull of a certain depth/degree.

1) The head tilt :

Whenever a certain someone is speaking and you always find yourself unconsciously titling your head ( to one side, sometimes alongside angling your body as well) while looking at them. Not once or twice but often around them and for a considerable period of time. That means that they hold your interest, in more than one way. It might not be interest in the physical sense but  they do somehow  ‘fascinate’ you, whether intellectually or by just being who they are. It mostly translates into you liking that person,appreciating how they speak and who they are in general.

I noticed that Kai does have a tendency of doing this while staring at Kyungsoo. I’ve observed Kai in several interviews and he does pay great attention to whoever speaking ( due to his personality/polite upbringing). However, what made me decide to add this in here is the fact he does it even when Kyungsoo is not talking or the focus of the conversation, like in here :

In the gif below,  I want you to take notice and compare the difference between Kai’s posture and Luhan’s ( The blond behind Kyungsoo). Both are actually looking at Soo. Who looks far more interested/engaged in your opinion ?

Now, Note the way Kai angles his head and body in the examples below.

His body is displaying clues of interest. The torso and the legs angle at where the person unconsciously want to be. 

2 - The Eyes

Eyes are a fundamental part of how we communicate with one another. . A glare, a glance, a gaze, a stare, the direction/duration of it ( up-down, down-up, brief, long, darting, fixed..) all mean different things. In case of attraction, how you look at your interest and how you feel about them usually go hand in hand. Also, personality and self-confidence play a great role in determining how you look at someone you like/admire.

If you’re confident and usually the type who’s open about how they feel, your stare would be long, fixed and ‘open’. In the case of Kai, he does stare at Kyungsoo quite often. However what’s peculiar about his staring is how deep and honest it is. He does not hide it nor does he seem to be conscious of it at times. Some believe that he stares at everyone the same but I do believe there is a difference. 

Here are some pics/gifs of what I have mentioned above :

His eyes also tend to ‘soften’.

Now Kyungsoo is different, he seems almost unable to hold Kai’s gaze for too long when he is looking at him directly. In most of the instances I found, Soo is almost always staring when Kai is not looking back or unaware, which I find quite interesting.

The gif below is clear indication of how  flustered he seems under the attention. Form the darting eyes, to the evident gulp and the tight timid smile. He is projecting typical clues of being nervous. 

However, note how ‘open’ his face is when he meets Kai’s eyes. His smile always genuine, teeth shown. 

I think there isn’t much to say on this :) I will prepare the second part next as this post got too long and it’s getting quite late here. There are still some other clues to cover. I will get to it as soon as I can. I will see you soon. 


PS : I would like to thank all the creators for the gifs and the pics. They are not mine, they belong to their respective owners. 

Sometimes I think about BTS and their sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pervert.
But I mean, I’m 18, a girl and I’m horny all the time.. so, can you imagine 7 young men, without time to go out just for have fun, together in a dorm and with not much privacy?
I mean, it’s not even about otps or about who is gay, it’s just something about needs and reliefs.
Wait, no, okay, this is not only about BTS but about all the boy and girl groups too.

God, do you understand what I’m trying to say? *sigh* I give up, don’t mind me ahaha.

Something that people really don’t understand about Saturn is the concept of having to strive & struggle for something – Saturn doesn’t work the same way as the other planets, especially not the benefics. Most of the time, Saturn’s placement in a chart doesn’t come easily, it has to be worked for. I don’t just mean the “positive” indications, either. Even harsh aspects to Saturn or difficult house positions don’t necessarily just appear in a person. Sometimes they really do have to be experienced, discovered, grown into, and earned before they even begin to manifest at all. This says a lot about the signs associated with Saturn. Capricorn is said to rule Saturn so it shows more easily within them; usually, they earn Saturn at a very young age. Aquarius, the Vedic co-ruler of Saturn, generally has to earn their individuality. Libra – exaltation of Saturn – is the most interesting here. Many people say Libra doesn’t seem very cardinal because they’re passive, gentle, manipulative, what have you. This is because they must earn their strength & assertiveness. It says a lot, because exaltation is elevation / ennoblement / optimization of the planet. So when you interpret Saturn’s placement in a chart, don’t assume his influence is inborn, because that’s a very immature way of looking at him. Saturn is all about the process, the work, the trial, the journey, the search, the lesson.

dangerhillis  asked:

Annoying roommate habits of the houses?


Coming home late after everyone has gone to bed. Junk food everywhere. Shoes, jackets, etc. never quite making it back to where they belong. Hogging the washing machines all day when we finally do something about our massive laundry pile. Showers at weird inconvenient times of the day.


Hufflepuffs are the roommates who get passive aggressive because they don’t want to cause conflict or make waves. Dishes aren’t getting done? Here comes the sticky note! 


Clutter. Saying we’ll get to something (like those dishes) and then forgetting because our brain is elsewhere. Having people over and forgetting to tell you about it. “What do you meeeaaan I don’t need another book?” “dude you haven’t even read the ones you have”. Random redecoration. 


Slytherins are the super anal roommate who has super weird ways of doing everything and gets frustrated when the roommate doesn’t do things or put things back exactly how we like them. 

please understand that people with avpd have a lot of trouble being honest about their feelings, and will sometimes even go to great lengths to pretend theyre okay

this can get very overwhelming, and a lot of the times we really do want to say that something is bothering us, but we feel like we would be a burden if we ever did mention it

i know its a lot of work, but it would seriously mean so much to us if you could cooperate with us on this and help us open up on what’s upsetting us

The Fboi Anonymous Meetings #WelcomeToTheF.A.M.

BamBam: Welcome to the very first Fboi Anonymous Meeting! I wa-

Wonho: Yeah i have a question!

BamBam: Dude the meeting just started, how the fuck do you have a question??

Jungkook: Woah time out! Are we actually allowed to say bad words at this meeting?!

Zico: We’re grownups, of course we can say “bad words”.




Yixing: Get out

Wonho: Back on me. So with these meetings do we get to pick who’s the top fboi and I don’t know get an award or something?

Seungri: Bro I don’t know why you’re even talking about winning anything, at this point you should just be happy to be included.

Jay Park: Gotta agree with the Seungman, you should focus on “including” more cloth to that crop top you’re wearing. It’s November bro.

Wonho: Fashion transcends seasons.

BamBam: That’s true, but no, this is a support group. We’re trying to learn how to be better guys and idols.

Kris: speaking of “ideal”, Yixing, is it awkward when you hear Kai banging Krystal’s brains out in the back of the dorms?

Yixing: I don’t know, is it awkward only being able to get any recognition on your solo career because of your role as Chinese Guy #2?


Mark: *to Jaebum* If I knew this meeting was going to be so savage I wouldn’t have come.  

Jay Park: *to Zico* Isn’t that the kid who’s dating Jackson? I thought he would be use to not cumming.


Seungri: I swear this meeting is amazing.

Bobby: Wasn’t Chen suppose to be here? I was looking forward to meeting him.

BamBam: His hairline and his image decided to disagree so I rescinded the invitation.

Jungkook: So what about Sehun? He was always talking about all the bitches he has around him.

BamBam: *sighs* he was talking about watching Vivi and Kai’s dogs so I immediately uninvited him too.

Wonho: so it’s kind of like an “honor” to be chosen. Kind of like we were “selected” as the “best”.

Luhan: now I know I’ve been gone from Korea for a while, but is this dude like in a loser group or something? He seems awfully needy.

B.I.: Oh no there’s only one loser group, and they’re actually on hiatus at the moment.

BamBam: let’s get back on track, I wanted to start these meetings because I have recently over the past few months–

Jaebum: *to Mark* after 12 scandals and 3 almost suspensions

BamBam: *clears throat* – Decided to reach out and help other Idols like me who struggle with keeping their image pure.

Jay Park: I like my image though.

Cap: And I’m not even bad, I just have hella tattoos.

BamBam: Jay, I know I invited you, but technically under contract I’m not allowed to acknowledge your existence. And Cap,we just wanted to let you feel included. That’s 80% of the reason why you’re here.

Cap: Cool.

Seungri: Hey kid, what you’re trying to do is noble and all. But I like being a dick to chicks. Especially our fans. They’re like horny prostitutes you don’t have to pay.

Zico: Ikr? They build up this whole fantasy about you and how great the night is going to be and all you do is give them 3 good pumps before passing out from all the beer you had earlier.

Jungkook: Ew.

Bobby: Um

Yixing: TMI


BamBam: This is a safe place! Be yourselve-

Mark: If I was being myself I would have been 10 minutes late to this stupid ass meeting.

Kris: Same

Wonho: Yeah me too!

BamBam: I know all of you would probably try and pull that, so I scheduled the meeting at 7 but knew not to actually come till 8 because that was what all of you were going to do.

Seungri: Damn maybe you are a true fckboi.

BamBam: My only goal is to help.

Luhan: You know for being so successful, so fast and so young, you are really down to earth. You don’t have a big head.

BamBam: *twitches*

Jaebum: Uh Oh

BamBam: *starts shaking*

Mark: Crap.

Luhan: What’s going on? What did I sa–

BamBam: HOW DO YOU KNOW I’M NOT BIG!! HOW. DO. YOU. K N O W???!!!! *falls over in raucous laughter*

Yixing: Yeah this got weird quick, so I’m leaving. Luhan and Kris, I’ll drive you to the airport *all leave*

Zico: Jay, I just got a new computer. With great virus protection. Namjoon’s bringing over some special movies, you in?

Jay Park: Do you even need to ask? *both leave*

Seungri: Yo Cap let’s go hit the town. I met some girls at a fan meet earlier and they said they were 18 so let’s go show them what half of that number feels like.

Bobby: *trying to do the math* Oh God.

Cap: Um…okay? *both leave*

Jungkook: I gotta go. We’re having a little party to celebrate being the best group in Korea back at the dorms.

Wonho: Are y'all serving Ramen?

Jungkook: Um we have some in the pantr–

Wonho: I’m going with you!! *both leave*

BI: We’re bouncing too. Catch you at the Mama’s when we win Best Male Group! *both leave*


Mark: Is it just me or is it really easy to hate those guys?

BamBam: *calming back down* Wait my meeting wasn’t over!

Jaebum: Sometimes you have to give up and let go of things.

Mark: Like your rap career *both leave*



BamBam: *claps hands* Great meeting guys! Bye!

Somehow… I feel like Victor won’t be returning to competitive figure skating?

I’m getting those vibes from the interview at the hotel. I feel like Victor, of all people, wouldn’t be so cryptic about the future of his career if he planned to return next season. And sure, right now he’s trying to point the media’s attention in Yuuri’s direction (which is really damn sweet from someone who enjoyed bathing in the spotlight for a large part of his life), but I feel like he’d say something, even as small as “I plan to do something big”.

And then of course

The Smile

The smile that everyone has been wondering about ever since the episode came out because frankly we have no idea what it could possibly mean.

“Don’t you want to face Yuuri as a fellow competitor?”

a) “Bitch, that’s why I’ve been doing this all along.”
b) “Bitch, you don’t know the first thing about me.”
c) “Bitch, I ain’t facing anyone anymore, it’s time to retire and be a coach.”

And all of those answers are valid! Because we just don’t know. I partly blame this on the fact that we’re 8 eps in and we still don’t know anything about Victor’s private life or his past or anything (episode 9, please fix this).

I personally feel like it might be c) though. Like Victor is retiring and coaching Yuuri was like a run-up to his retirement, like a test drive to see if he can do this and now he knows that he can. Perhaps he’s tired of skating competitively, perhaps he’s been wanting to quit for a while and finally he has an opportunity. Because yes, he’s amazing, but frankly, do we know whether he even enjoys it?

But even regardless of that, I feel like he wouldn’t want to turn Yuuri into his competition. Because have you seen his competitors? He’s not friends with any of them, not even Chris, who’s close to him in age and considers him his direct rival, but there’s nothing deeper between them.

And here you could argue that that’s why he wants Yuuri to become his competition. So that for the first time in a while he will have a reason to actually care about the sport he’s done for most of his life.

But somehow that just doesn’t seem to fit to me. This man is too happy to see Yuuri succeed to want to compete against him. He’s too supportive to want to see his protégé lose. I just can’t see it as the behavior of someone who’s simply raising his own rival to create the perfect opponent for himself.

I think Victor might just want to have someone there for him when he retires and has literally no one, not even his beloved coach Yakov left by his side. Because he really has no one but Maccachin at this point, doesn’t he?

Though, that is also unconfirmed. What we do know, however, is that Victor is never happy when asked about his plans for the future, and never gives a clear answer, whether it is in episode 1 or in episode 8 and I’m sure there’s something hidden there.

His retirement is one possibility, and somehow I feel like that might be it. But those are just my thoughts. What is your guys’ opinion?


okay i don’t know how much of this can actually be backed up by screencaps but anyway. here we go. spoilers for ep 11 ofc.

let’s start with the underlying misunderstanding between viktor and yuuri. i mean we know the two of them love and care for each other a lot. but what began at the banquet before the series is still affecting how they’re perceiving each other’s intentions. that is to say, viktor is interpreting yuuri’s actions as a lot more romantic than even yuuri might have intended them, because he has that extra memory of the dance and the offer to coach. i mean it’s not to say that yuuri’s actions aren’t romantic, i mean since when do just bros give each other lucky wedding rings lmao

but yuuri is still coming at their relationship from the idea that it’s an ephemeral thing, that viktor is here because he’s helping yuuri win the GPF. he mentions something about the ephemeral nature of viktor’s presence in the fourth episode, even pleading to god to have more of viktor’s time. 

he doesn’t know the extent to which viktor has gone to be with him already. there’s theories out there that viktor studied japanese for the months between the banquet and his arrival in hasetsu. there’s a lot of meta about how viktor was probably already considering becoming yuuri’s coach at least by his non-answer during the worlds press conference and the “stay close to me” video only cinched the deal. yuuri doesn’t know that viktor’s pre-yuuri life was not as fulfilling as he would have liked and that it is yuuri himself who helped viktor understand life and love. he thinks, based on viktor’s reactions to the other skaters at the GPF, that viktor wants to get back on the ice as a competitor, when we as the audience know from ep 10 that viktor considers hasetsu home and seems content with the idea that he might not have to go back to competing again. i mean, if his reply to yuuri asking him to take care of him until he retires is “i hope you never retire”, that seems to imply that he never wants to leave yuuri’s side. 

so here viktor is, having moved continents to get to yuuri and pretty much telling him he never wants to leave, and yuuri still thinks he’s holding viktor back from competitve skating, that once he retires from skating after this GPF he could cut viktor loose to return to the ice. there’s no denying he loves viktor. the misunderstanding here is that he doesn’t really know that viktor’s purpose in life has changed from skating to being by his side. 

and so the conversation we got the beginnings of at the end of ep 11 is exactly the kind of conversation they need because this sort of misunderstanding, if let to stew, will become something dangerous in the long run. yuuri needs to know how much viktor loves him. and viktor needs to know about yuuri’s concerns and anxieties about pulling him away from figure skating for good.

so here’s my (conspiracy?) theory for next episode: viktor is going to say something in response to yuuri’s comment about ending it (their coaching thing and/or their relationship) after the GPF, and it’s going to probably fall within the boundaries of a love declaration.

because look, we know he’s going to say something based on the fact that his mouth does move in the preview for next episode. and based on that look in his eyes he’s probably shocked at something yuuri said, which makes me think yuuri is going to explain what he’s going to end and viktor is not going to have any of it.

cut to a wide shot of them. i mean, it looks compositionally (at least by their blocking) similar to the beach scene, so it’s a watershed of some sort in their relationship. the beach scene cleared the air between them in a professional/friendly way. could this one clear the air between them romantically?

then we get this:

viktor is watching yuuri warm up. i don’t know what yuuri is thinking specifically, but viktor’s still wearing his ring, so i can’t imagine he took whatever breakup yuuri threw at him lying down. i imagine that if viktor confesses his love, yuuri might not immediately have something to say in reply. he seems to be doing that a lot. viktor’s the one who said that yuuri’s request for viktor to take care of him sounds like a marriage proposal, and also the one who said that the good luck/pair rings are actually engagement rings. he’s the one who’s established these things in a more romantic context that maybe even yuuri might have intended. yuuri has rolled with it previously, because he does love viktor. and i don’t think his response to viktor’s love declaration will be a negative sort of silence, but it might still be silence and it might result in a rather awkward dynamic between them based on this shot:

i mean this pose is similar to what they looked like after the fight in ep 7 right? another watershed moment in their relationship, where yuuri laid on the table exactly how he wants viktor to support him. they’re not looking at each other, but hey. by the end of the free skate they’ve kissed on live tv. 

that plus yuuri’s comment in the preview about skating his and viktor’s love makes me think that yuuri, though he might not have an answer to viktor’s love declaration in the hotel scene, will instead find his answer by fucking NAILING his free skate. quad flip and everything. it will be gorgeous. he will get to the podium. he might not win gold but he’ll be up there. and it’ll be fucking great. and that is his response to viktor’s declaration. i love you too, viktor.

(i mean. viktor mentioned in ep 4 that him not going easy on yuuri will be how he shows his love. everyone’s already made comments about how yuuri’s skating shows his love. there’s no way this last FS is not going to be yuuri’s response to whatever viktor says to him in the hotel scene, right?)

i also think that it would be more poignant if he gets silver and viktor stays by him anyway because then yuuri will know once and for all that viktor is going to be there with him through everything and that he’s not in it for the gold medal. 

i also think i would fuckin love for them to pair skate to stay close to me for the gpf exhibition gala at the end because you can technically do whatever the hell you want for that performance

so yeah. i’m bein optimistic here let me know how i did next week.