do i dare tag all of them tho

Party at the Night Court feat. Helion Spell-Cleaver

Azriel: In charge of invitations and RSVPs cause c'mon, a spymaster needs to chill out and what better way to do that if not with some domestic shit?

Mor: super chirpy, ordering everyone around about their wardrobe like “No, are you insane??!! THAT won’t go with THAT in a thousand years! Wait lemme help ya”

Feyre: “All right, who graffitied Tamlin’s Tanline looks like a Tool on the dance floor? (It’s true tho)”

Rhys: Feyre darling, you look absolutely ravishing. Oops sorry Mor, I’ll tell the Palaces to bring in food IMMEDIATELY.

Cassian: *grumbling in the corner about his uselessness*

Elain: Incharge of decoration. No doubts. Goes all Scary Flower Monster™ if something is done wrong.

Nesta: “Why do I have to be here again? You do realise there are gonna be people, right? You really want them to meet me???” *Raises an eyebrow*

Lucien: tagging along behind Elain, trying unsuccessfully to talk to her, and cringing when she becomes Scary Flower Monster™

Amren: DO NOT DARE TO WEAR THE SAME JEWELLERY AS I HAVE UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Oh, and Feyre, here you can borrow this beautiful piece it’ll go brilliantly with your elegant dress


Helion: Hmmmm do I look sexy enough in this toga peeps? *Posing at different angles in front of the mirror*

His courtiers: *puzzled and fearful* yes, my lord. You’ll be the life of the party. Even Rhysand will have a hard time comparing to you.

Helion: *smirking* Good. Bet those three will find it hard to decline my offer now, huh?