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Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that come up.

1) One Direction - Ready To Run
2) Imagine Dragons - Demons 
3) Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive
4) 5sos - Amnesia
5) Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours
6) Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love
7) Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
8) Andy Grammer - Honey, I’m Good
9) Shakira - Dare
10) The 1975 - The City

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Writing is Hard, Part 5: Headcanons

Summary: Dean shows the reader that there’s truth to a famous headcanon.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“Reading anything good?” Dean asks.

Sam’s inside the gas station, picking up some snacks instead of listening to this conversation, so your face doesn’t feel the need to flush with embarrassment. Dean already knows exactly what you’re reading.

“I guess,” you tell him. No need to feed his ego by telling him how hot the story is.

“What is it?”

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Sleepy septic boys after a long day of doing stuff.

And then Anti drew dicks on their faces and Jackieboyman almost kills him for that. How dare he ruin that cute moment.

daemondarkangel  asked:

Mad respect to everyone doing #tony'swiththomas because I wish I had a perfect voice like Them! I would personally sing "Everything I Know" from In The Heights because it has a personal connection to me. You all are awesome and perfect.

Ayyyy!! First of all, you are right, they deserve all the kudos for putting themselves out there and singing so amazingly!! Second, don’t you dare put yourself down on your singing! We’re all our biggest critics, and I bet you sing that song with wonderful passion. Major props to you and to ALL of you supporting each other! Visit the tag and check out all of the singers!!

ppl who clearly hate aces+aros claiming not to hate aces+aros r so wild though.

“Ummm no one despises aces and aros?? we just put negativity in your positivity tags, compare u to extremely terrible fictional characters and even more terrible actual people, and tell you to never speak of your orientation ever because… well, because we can? It has nothing to do with hating aces+aros. Like we have aces and aros here who approve of that shit and other horrible crap we throw at u all so it must be okay. haha this person is an absolutely vile human being dare I say they’re aro/ace”

jesus fucking Christ tumblr, please tell me why one of the most important cartoons to my identity has devolved into clickbait. i remember when popee was for people that appreciated weird animation, not people who just grabbed onto any edgy bandwagon in sight. popee is a cartoon of cultural differences (Japan vs America) and creativity, not this shit.


i never posted these ??
heres the class swapped laslow and odin i drew for me n @destinprxnce’s themes !! im p proud of them but i just realized i never like . .. put em out wout the heavy editing lmao
the snakes name is buttercup btw, shes laslows pet

that dream daddy fan artist that did the genderswap fanart, so like

personally; i thought the art was pretty boring and generic. it was the dads swapped with big braless boobs and lady!Brian’s chubby belly seemed to have gotten absorbed away into those god damn tits. it did more of the generic “CHANGE THE HAIR LENGTH, ENHANCE THE SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS, MAKE THEM CURVY” stuff that i almost always commonly see in genderbends. it was nothing special. i know that i felt a little uncomfortable with seeing the way that Damien was drawn in it, but i just poked fun at it with a friend through personal chat and went on with my day

the artist had not been aware of at the time that Damien is a trans man, so i guess that makes me slightly less uncomfortable (more comfortable? idk, words), about it, but overall the art wasn’t my deal, so i didn’t do anything with it. no likes, no retweet/reblogs, no commenting.

However, despite all those things, it really sucks that death threats are being sent to her. Now, I did notice (not to justify anything) that a reply to her post on Twitter was “do you accept criticism?” to which she replied “no” or “nope!” or something along those lines. the replier then chose to compliment her on sticking to a similar art style to the one in the game and left it at that. And honestly, I applaud that commenter. They asked, got the response, and instead of critiquing, just said what they did like about the art.

Now, personally, I feel like the original “do you accept criticism comment” was polite enough, that in the artist’s place I would have been curious for their opinion. I think being open to ACTUAL criticism on your art is a GREAT THING for actually improving your work! But being outright hateful, spiteful, threatening, or wishing death upon someone? That doesn’t do anything for the artist. Calling her racist for drawing braids(????) and transphobic? That doesn’t do anything for the artist. People jump way too fast into the blatant dislike of something, instead of offering up suggestions in a humane way to someone. They lack any etiquette or basic decency to realize that the artist is a human, made some mistakes, and could easily work on it if spoken to like the human that they are!

This game has been out for about a week and I’m so, so very tired over seeing the community tear itself up like a Howler letter from Harry Potter over this game. 

Over datamined info, over the characters, over the stories, over the fact that one character seemingly doesn’t have the ultimate dreamiest happy ending versus the other five, over the fan art, over etc. etc. etc.

Just do your own thing, enjoy things, stop going after people that like or dislike something differently than you do. For some people, I’m sure that there are things that would make them uncomfortable, so Non-Aggressive informative (actually researched and sourced) posts about the devs is understandable. But once again, I saw things where both people in favor of or strongly against it had smatterings of misinformation that just led to Discourse Telephone all over this site.

Be kind to each other, think back to all the times you messed up and got things blown out of proportion at you, and do your best to avoid pushing that onto other people.

Edit and after-thoughts: I haven’t even bought or played this game for myself yet, because of just how much intestinal distress seeing both sides of the Drama go at it. At most, I saw a couple let’s plays of like, parts of episodes.
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“I doubt I’m allowed off the ship,” Michael said when Tilly remained oddly silent.

“Hm,” Stamets hummed, eyes narrowing. He looked at Tilly. 

Tilly shrugged. “I’m sure the skeleton crew will need help,” she managed uncomfortably.

In which the crew gets shore leave, and some families are meant to be made.

  • *Pete wearing matching hats with an ostrich that has a name tag that says Ryro*
  • Patrick: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the lll what the ever loving fuck are you doing with another ostrich?
  • Pete: I found him in a box on my front step last night with this name tag.
  • Patrick: Can't you like, I don't know, put it back in its box and send him to the zoo?
  • Pete: But I've bonded with him so much over the past 8 hours. *feeds Ryro M&M's out of the palm of his hand*
  • Patrick: Are emu's even supposed to eat that shit?
  • Pete, gasps: How dare you! He is an ostrich! Good day to you sir! I am taking him away from this type of social injustice and straight to Joe's!