do i complain too much

My annoying landlord

I pay this bitch $1800 every fucking month and all she do is complain about “making too much noise walking around” so I brought a dog whistle and blow it all hours of the day & night now I complain how much her dog barks and keep me up

People are really planning to boycott the new Pokemon movie??? Seriously???

God forbid they don’t have Brock and Misty would haven’t been in the show in 6 and 11 years respectively so current fans wouldn’t know who they are or have the same emotional attachment 20+ year olds have.

God forbid they give one of the new characters a backstory that connects to another popular character in the series because this is suppose to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon and mentioning said character is actually really nice.

God forbid they do something in the movie that’s been done at least in two other movies and it’s effects get negated by the end of the movie CAUSE ITS A KIDS MOVIE.

Stop being bitter adults about a kids movie targeted towards CURRENT CHILDREN. It will not “ruin your childhood” stop acting entitled to certain shit, cause you’re not.

Teased (Simon Request)

“And we are back. Another game of Cards Against Humanity” Vikk intros the video which you hear through the headphones in the Skype call you were on.
“Right what’s the only thing Simon dreams about?” You begin, smiling quickly to your camera.
You lived with Josh, Vikk, JJ and Simon in their house which people always loved since you had become one of their best friends and eventually a YouTuber.
“Oh god why isn’t their a card that just says (y/n)?” Josh groans and you can only imagine the pink dust that would scatter Simon’s cheeks.
Your room was only next to his. And the pair of you seemed to share this strange feeling towards each other that neither of you would admit was there but was evident to all of the boys. And it seemed to affect Simon more. He became flushed whenever they mentioned it, had to break eye contact with you whenever they made a joke about it. He couldn’t resist and it made you think he was even more adorable every single time…
The cards are shown and you can tell the majority of them are about you.
“(Y/n) filming a video. Enough said” You read out with a sigh, “(y/n) being in Simon’s mind so much he doesn’t need porn”
Ethan cackles and you could tell it was evidently his card.
The rest of the three cards are two about you and the final a generic funny card not about you. Simons.
“His face is probably as red as his hair” Josh chuckles.
“Fuck off Josh” You laugh, shifting to lift one leg onto your chair.
Its then that you realise that you are still wearing Simon’s grey jumper. He loved it but you had stolen it earlier when the house was too cold.
You grab your phone quickly after playing your card for the round and type a message to him. If you said it aloud the boys would make some joke about how cute you were. And texting meant that adorable little smirk tickled his lips.
‘Hey Nim! So about your jumper…’
“Come on Simon play a fucking card!” JJ yells down his mic.
Simon obviously quickly clicks onto one as you can see he’s read your message instantly.
‘I spent a fucking hour looking for that😂 Just don’t leave your shitty smell on it alright?’
‘Don’t worry it still smells of Lynx😏’
You look up to see the boys are waiting for your response again
“Guys what the fuck is taking you so long?” Ethan questions before you quickly play the card you planned.
“Jesus Christ calm down!” Simon scoffs, playing his card too, “Just waiting for the right moment”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Vikk asks inquisitively
“Yeah Simon, you finally gonna give in and ask her out?” Ethan chuckles.
“Fuck off guys, I’m talking about the cards” He rolls his eyes before reading out the cars on his screen, “What is Simon’s favourite thing about (y/n)?”
You go to click on a rude card before you realise he is typing.
'Certainly not when she steals my clothes’
You chuckle to yourself and watch as Simon evidently turns back to his screen since he is now involved in the conversation with the boys.
“I didn’t have a card that says everything”
You roll your eyes and reply, to his message, 'I don’t see you complaining too much…’
“Honestly guys do you need some time alone or some shit?” Josh exclaims, they were waiting for you two to play the card again.
“Hang on a second I’ll be back in a bit” JJ comments and you expect that he needs to pee or something.
Until you hear footsteps up the spiral staircase and eventually near your door. You turn around and he has walked up behind you.
“What the fuck are you-” You start until he closes your game on your screen and lifts you from your chair, throwing you over his shoulder.
Before you can say anything else, he carries you the short distance to Simon’s room and drops you down on the extra gaming chair beside him.
“Now your next to each other you can stop all this weird bullshit” He glares between the pair of you before walking out.
You glance to Simon and chuckle, hearing the same reaction from him.
“Alright guys looks like we’re a team now” Simon mentions into the microphone.
“What the fuck did you do Jide?” Vikk asks.
“I just dropped off his babygirl. My man needs a bit of help sometimes” JJ comments.
“Calm down JJ I don’t think he’s your man anymore. (Y/n)’s taken that from you” Ethan giggles.
“Alright shall we begin again?” Josh claps.
“Can I just point one thing out about you two?” JJ questions quickly.
You and Simon both roll your eyes and sigh, “Fine”
JJ clearly moves a lot closer to his mic before saying, “She’s wearing his clothes guys”
And you didn’t even need to be there to see the excitement on all of their faces. And certainly their eruption of excitement on the call…


part 2 of The Military Ball (part 1 here)

and then they spend nearly 2 weeks being all weird about it instead of talking about their “””””””””feelings”””””””””””

When you’re in a predominately white fandom, and the main characters are white and their actions are racist, telling the white fans that their faves are racist is a death wish. Especially if that white racist fave is a female.

Telling the fandom the author, who is a white man, is racist is also a death wish. It’s just annoying when these white people act like they care but they really don’t. they will do anything to defend their racist idols and I’m sick of it.  

They will literally try to justify their actions and they don’t understand? Nothing their white favorite character does is wrong in their eyes—especially in fantasy/sci-fi fandoms and I’m frankly sick of it.

I’m tired of feeling racial vibes thrown toward me in a fandom full of white people who claim to be accepting, but the moment you call out a woman who is am imperialist you’re sexist? The moment you call out the author you are just bitter.

Like am I the only one who has gone through this? fandom racism is just as bad as real racism but it’s hidden behind long paragraphs and people who act like they care about social justice.

If you’ve faced racism in your fandom feel free to add on. Please…..

smlovesmj  asked:

Just want to say that those comic book fans demanding absolute cannon don't speak for all of us (CB fans). Neither do those who complain about "too much romance." I think comics (and most stories tbh) at their core focus on love in its many forms. Oliver's love for his family, Diggle, Felicity is the driving force of his journey (correct me if I'm wrong!), and the show is at its best when that's demonstrated. I appreciate that Arrow honors that rather than silly things like goatees and chili.

Thank you!  I appreciate it!

“…But you better never pull it.”
- Blacklight burns - Stop a bullet

I do feel like the Skam fandom complain too much

And incorrectly.
They accuse the show of having plot holes that they don’t actually have. Not showing how Even resolved his issues with the balloon gang is not a plot hole…Even nor the other boys are the POV character - Sana is and their resolution has nothing to do with her own actual story nor is she present for that so we would not see it. It’s one of the flaws of telling POV stories, but it’s not a plot hole.

They complain about other couples getting shine while saying their couple deserved more screen time. It’s greedy when the writer could’ve just showed a peek of them. You got people complaining that the show should only focus on Sana. They’re wrong too. Because these are her friends and just because the story is from her perspective doesn’t mean she’s not gonna witness the going ons of their relationships. She’s not gonna see it all but she’ll see it and so then will we.

Saying Isak was ooc - this one I don’t get at all cause he ain’t act no different other than the weird vibe between him and Sana but that existed for a reason. In his part because she hadn’t told him about Even’s past and in her part because she was being manipulative (to get her revenge on his ex). And we’ll the fact that you’re seeing these characters through Sana’s eyes not their own…

This person DESERVES a story, that person DESERVES a story. Just because the writer did her job and made compelling characters does not mean they’ll all get a perspective. Dragging the writer for this is beyond petty.

Omg and the WORST one - they complain about the storylines not being summed up but then pissed that the writer is tying them up in Sana’s story, claiming that Sana doesn’t deserve that as if the writer is doing her a disservice by showing how Sana being Sana to her friends - considerate, loving, caring, open - helps them in their day to day lives even with the little secrets they tell no one. Muslims are one of the most hated groups right now, given the rate of fearful, crazed and cold blooded in the face of their religion. But the fucking show is presenting Sana a young Muslim woman at the end of her fast praying for her friends, showering them with love and positivity. The show in this way not only brings these characters story to a back around, but present Sana - a young Muslim woman who through her faith helps her friends feel better and keep pushing forward. How dare you guys claim she doesn’t deserve that honor - that her religion doesn’t deserve that presentation.

If y'all would take a step back and actually observe what is going on before complaining then maybe you’d actually be able to take the story in and enjoy it instead of being selfish. The story is about Sana ( her religion, her relationships with those around her, love) - always have been. The writer had been trying to bring stories to an end without closing them (cause that would t feel real to the kind of story Skam is). Y'all just ain’t paying attention cause you’re too busy demanding.

I’m posting this becuase I kind of deleted all my other face reveals due to self-depricating thoughts that are still in my head, but I’ve become a little more confident enough to post one.
I’ve seen others doing it more, and I though— Why not?

I shouldn’t be complaining too much of my appearance, since my mom says I’m lucky not to have any physical problems (aside from bruises, scars, and slightly weaker bones), but my self-confidence had always been pretty low. I feel like I need to loose more weight, I need to try harder to look decent. None the less, admin’s face…
“Yay” ????

((Even now, I use filters to cover up.))

u ever get in a mood where u wanna do So Many Things but u can’t decide what order to do them in so you do None Things while u think about all the cool things you could be doing RIGHT NOW if only you could pick one of the So Many Things to do

when that ho you hate shows up to your party 👀👀👀👀👀👀 and you’re just like who da fuq invited you you nasty ass piece of shit

Ravi Bodyguard AU Part 1

N Part 1 Leo Part 1 Ken Part 1 Hongbin Part 1 Hyuk Part 1

Part 2

Originally posted by hongbingbongbingbingbongbing

 You shake hands with the politician and turn towards the camera, putting on a candid smile for show. As soon as the camera moves on, you drop his hand and turn away. Your eyes search the crowd for Wonsik. You’ve done your time here and the crowd of stubborn men is getting to be too much for you. You finally see him leaning against the wall on the other side of the room, eyes trained on you.

You catch his eye and motion towards the door. He nods and makes his way over to you.  He places his hand on your back and starts leading you through the crowd. Once you’re  outside, he sticks out his hand as if to bar the interviewers and journalists standing outside the building.

Being an ambassador isn’t easy. Always having to be in the public eye, microphones and notepads shoved into your face at every turn, and stubborn, prideful people that you’re forced to compromise with.

Once we get to the car, you let out a small sigh of relief that is interrupted by a girl pushing her way between you and Wonsik. She speaks quickly, saying her name and who she’s with but you barley hear her.

“What’s it like having to constantly be in the public eye at such a young age? Can you tell me anything about the people you’ve been meeting with recently?” Her list of questions continues.

“No questions.” Wonsik says gruffly, pushing his way in between you and the girl.

“It’s a man’s world Miss (Y/L/N), we girls have to stick together.” You ignore her and let Wonsik help you into the car. “Please, if I get a story about you it’ll-” she’s cut off when Wonsik slides into the seat beside me and shuts the door. You visibly relax.

“Thank you.” You say and he nods. He tells the driver to go to the hotel. “There’s nothing else we have to go to?”

“Just the dinner tonight, and there’s a few hours before that. I figured you could rest until then.” Wonsik says. You nod and lean back in your seat, closing your eyes.

“That should have ended way sooner, but no one can seem to quit talking.” Wonsik says nothing, but you know he’s listening. “Sometimes I really hate my job.”

“Why did you choose this?” You open your eyes and look at him.


“I mean, why did you decide to become an ambassador? You never seem to enjoy yourself.”

“I complain too much. I really do enjoy  what I do, it’s just been tiring lately.” He nods in understanding.

“You need to rest more, I worry about you.” You smile softly at his words. Despite only being your bodyguard for a few months, he’s very caring towards you.

“Don’t worry about me Wonsik, I’m fine. I’ll sleep when we get back to the hotel and I’ll be as good as new by dinner.” He nods but he doesn’t look convinced. He doesn’t say anything else, so you close your eyes again.

You slowly open your eyes when you feel yourself being shifted into someone’s arms. You glance up to find yourself in Wonsik’s arms as he walks into the hotel lobby.

“Wonsik?” He glances down at you.

“Apologies, Miss. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s fine.”  You mumble through a yawn.

“Go back to sleep,” he almost whispers. You don’t hesitate to close your eyes again. Oddly comforted by being in his arms, You drift off once again.

So I brought home my new baby girl last night. Don’t worry, it’s just a puppy. I’m not ready to have kids anytime soon. Well I guess my dogs are my kids. Anyways, she’s been really good with Tate. I was so worried bringing another dog into his life would hurt him, he’s always been my only baby, but he really seems to be enjoying her company! The only problem is Auston is paying more attention to her than he is me. She’s just so cute, I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining too much. Do you have dogs? Was it hard bringing in another puppy?


KuroKen Month Day 21-23 –> Prompt: Touch

As a small person myself, sometimes you forget how small you are until you stand next to someone or compare your hand sizes (´;ω ;`) Its kinda fun to do so tho! ^///^) Plus i feel like kuroo would be one to appreciate the difference…! 


Work in Progress Wednesday!

1. Blocked and wove in ends on this bad boy. So into this, can’t wait to wear it! :D

2. Also blocked and wove in ends - this one is a Christmas gift. First one down!

3. Slow moving on my summit seeker stole for my mom. I can already tell that this thing is going to take forever… But I do love lace, so I’m not complaining too much. ;)

4. Nearly done with this little hat for my friend who just had a baby.

5. Finished this yarn earlier this week, already been soaked and thwacked.

6. My first handspun from a batt I made myself! Still needs to be soaked, so it’s a little unhappy/kinky at the moment. But yay!