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Interviewer: What were your first impressions of each other?
Rashida: I do remember, like, that semi–high school moment where I’m like, “Oh my God, she’s so cool. She shouldn’t be this cool for how talented she is and how pretty she is.”
Amy: I’ve met a lot of my closest friends after I turned 30, and Rashida’s certainly one of them. It’s so nice to be able to find a like-minded person who you really admire. And who’s your homie.
Rashida: I’m going to cry.
Amy: I think you should title this sidebar “Straight-up Homies.” And then you should write, “What’s happening now? They’re happening!” And then for the art, we don’t want our faces.
Rashida: Maybe some animals.
Amy: Or just like, will you superimpose our faces on the supermodels in the George Michael “Freedom! ‘90” video?
Rashida: Perfect. By the bathtub.


Okay y’all, it has come down to this. After cleaning out the blogs I follow and doing some blacklisting, my dash is extremely dead. It has little to no snk content at this point and that makes me very sad.

I’m Looking For:

  • Sourced and permission receiving art posters
  • Chapter and content translators 
  • Spoiler posters
  • Reliably sourced merch and news posters
  • Graphic and edit makers
  • Artists
  • Meta writers
  • Fic writers
  • Or blogs that post and reblog a lot of snk in general 


I Will Not Follow Blogs That:

  • Do not tag posts
  • Repost art, graphics, or writing that do not belong to you
  • Continuously reblog reposted content 
  • Post ship hate or extreme discourse of any kind

Please REBLOG if you fit the bill and I’ll definitely check you blog out! The more people see this, the more blogs I’ll find and I am SUPER thirsty for some snk content on my dash right now. It’s currently dry af. 

[ 💔 :: OOC: ºᵘᵗ ºf ˢºᵘˡˢ ] - (( A lot of drama and sad things unfolding on the Dash today, so I just wanted to say that if any of you need to talk or get something off your chest- I’m here to support you. I am just another weirdo on this website but I believe in you, I do care about you and I genuinely hope your days get brighter.  ))

“It’s up to the audience what happens after the end.” 

No. That is a cop-out. That is the creator not having a clear idea of where their story is going. You can leave some things a mystery, sure. What fun is there if not to continue to explore the world of a story and find new things to ponder? 

The problem is when you have a LOT of loose plots hanging around that are never resolved. You don’t set things up, only to let them be left standing and ready, but ultimately left unused. That is poor writing. 

Resolve your story’s plot in an understandable fashion. Complete the character arcs you began, or at least give a very clear idea of where they are going. Just don’t leave things so open-ended that nobody is sure what happened. 

take me back to the days where roleplay groups were about community where writing wasn’t just being dragged on every three days to shit up some reply so that you make an activity check

where signing in wasn’t a chore on a long ass to do list, it was something you wanted to do, back when you were on the dash all the time, hiding it on your phone in class or at lunch— bolting down your dinner because you knew that if you fucking left for two seconds you’d have nearly 100+ posts to catch up on

i guess what i miss is the days when you cared about other characters just as much as you cared about your own, where the people you wrote with didn’t tag every post with #sorry this is shit, because it didn’t matter because you were there to have fun, you were there with your friends and you were writing shit that wasn’t real and it wasn’t for any other reason than to have a good time

i miss the days where we would write so much, god we wrote so many fucking au’s and self paras and chatzy’s because we loved our characters, we went above and beyond and we made graphics and stupid content and we made each other laugh and it wasn’t serious, you just felt so much for these roles that you didn’t know where to put it all

i suppose i just miss having a family to sign in and see every day

i don’t know where i was going with this but i guess i want to say that i want to go back to these days

my little mission statement, my promise from now on

  • every character is as important as mine, every writer is valued regardless of their level of experience or style
  • you are all wonderfully creative people
  • you don’t nearly get enough of the credit that you deserve

one day if we ever meet, thru RPG, 1x1 or otherwise, I promise i’m gonna treat you like the good old days because that’s what i miss and that’s what i’m gonna try to get back to

Ok, long story short, I need more  blogs to follow, so if you post/reblog things to do with one or more of these:

  • Supernatural
  • Teen Wolf
  • The 100
  • Parks and Rec
  • Brooklyn 99
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Agent Carter
  • iZombie
  • Sense8
  • The Flash
  • Game of Thrones
  • Hannibal
  • Arrow

just like this post and I’ll check out your blog! (I dont care if you’re following me or not, I just need more tv shows on my dash!)

[Also, feel free to recommend any other shows that are similar, I need new stuff to watch!]

mMMm @ that banner my edit skills on point am i right–

so somehow my 2-year anniversary and my 1k milestone ended up roughly lining up with each other so we’re doing a twofer. As always I just really want to THANK YOU GUYS for investing some of your creative energy in me, or even just some space on your dash. IT MEANS A LOT TO ME because I care about Three so much and she wouldn’t have come as far as she has without you guys to write with or meme with or just casually chat with. That there are so many of you who are willing to partake in and deal with the way i gush over and portray her for so long is incredibly humbling and I am so so so grateful for that and for all of you.


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