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Hello! I just adopted 3 older PEW rats from my shelter and I can't tell if they hate me or not? The shelter said these boys were the friendliest and would even let them dress them up occasionally. However, they bite me, run from me, squeal and want nothing to do with me. But whenever I manage to catch them and bring them to the tub they lay on my lap (I'm assuming it's cold) and will let me rub their heads and faces. It's making me really upset because I've wanted rats for so long. Thank you!

Hi There, closets-r4-clothes-not-homos,

CongRATulations on your new family members! How wonderful that you adopted them from your local shelter and that you adopted adults.

I can understand how frustrated you must be with your new boys acting as if they don’t want to be with you…except when visiting in the tub.

I believe the reason your rats are more comfortable when you take them to sit with you in the tub is because they’re away from their normal living space. In my post, Transforming Your Rat: From Shy to Social Butterfly, I review how new rats learn to think of you as their safe zone when you take them out and spend time with them in unfamiliar surroundings.

Another article I think you’ll really find helpful is Bonding with Your New Pet Rats in Three Easy Steps.

Keep in mind that rats with pink eyes don’t have very good eyesight. This often makes them tend to be less trusting. To help them feel more secure and safe, always speak softly around them, move in a slow and gentle manner and house them in a quiet area of your home.

I hope you find these tips helpful. It sounds like you’re already off to a great start. As long as you work with your rats on a consistent, daily basis using the ideas in the posts mentioned above, you’ll find they’ll bond with you in time.

Best Wishes to You & Your Rat Boys,

Jasmine | About Pet Rats

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Um sis did you see that charly poop spelt jungkook's name wrong when he acknowledged him,, girl I'm really mad that this white boy wasn't able to spell eight letters correctly to a westernized Korean name but your baby could sing an entire song in english😤😤😤

anon: ok but did u see charlie puth refer to jungkook as ‘jungcook’ im cryign

anon:  why is everyone making such a big deal about puth calling Jungkook ‘Jungcook’ like simple mistake which a non bts involved person could make, its really not that deep 🤔 n now hes getting called untalented and nothing on jungkook n like as amazing as jungkook is ,, that is originally charlies song n he does have amazing vocals too lyk can the problematics stop pls

i mean its not a big deal but um ????? all he had to do was look at jk’s romanized name n spell that shit. like ??? how would charlie feel if jk credited his song to “Charlie Poof” like ?????? i really hate white westerners who literally does not even have enough to care at least spell or pronounce correctly names that arent white. white ppl do it to poc americans all the time. they just dont give a fuck like okay Sam, u can pronounce n spell Tchaikovsky but cant spell Lavone?? Tasmina??? Jungkook???? like wow sis , maybe im just heated bc baby boy is my whole heart n he deserves his name to be spelled right but then again im not tripping bc at di end of di day, baby boy’s net worth is 8.3M , so charlie puthy can see me w them hands wit his donald trump supporting ass sis. N THATS ON GOD


i went out with Amber today to buy stuff for the new kitty, we stopped at Petland to get wet food and almost right after walking in this girl walked up to us with a puppy and was like, “wanna hold this guy??” and the rest is history

  • You: Season three Zuko
  • Me, an intellectual: Season two Zuko

i literally didnt watch a single episode of ot between 16 and 65 but holy SHIT was 65 a way to jump back in

got an above class average grade for my one science midterm my studying actually paid off thank goodness

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In my opinion, your art is defined by the way you draw your eyes (all of your drawn people are smiling with their eyes), the way you express every personality of the boys by adding small sparkles and stuff, the way you draw these cute blushes and your clean lineart which I adore 😊

//Aaaahh thank you very much–!!♡♡♡ Omg the eyes?? You’re the only one to say anything about the eyes,  which Im most conscious about since I draw them quite simple…. And the sparkles r really nice to do!! Actually I do different signs into the hair depending on the mood!!