do hyenas cackle

ok listen Dan has multiple Phil Smiles™ and they’re all slightly different and I need to talk about it. we have the small, soft, “I can’t believe this is my life” smile he gets sometimes, where his eyes go fond and you almost feel like you’re intruding. we have the big, exuberant grin he gets when Phil says something extremely adorable and/or ridiculous, where his eyes crinkle and his dimple gets really deep. we have the smile he gets that starts out small and grows as Phil talks, eyebrows raised, head nodding, listening intently and waiting for the inevitable breaking point in which Phil says something that makes him do that loud happy hyena cackle. we’ve got that furrowed brow “he’s an idiot but he’s my idiot” smile that he gives when Phil is rambling (or even on occasion from across the room when he’s talking to someone else). then we’ve got that cute dimply smirk he does when he’s the only one who caught the innuendo, and he glances at the camera and then back at Phil, and we all know what he’s thinking. Dan has lots of smiles, but the way to tell if it’s a Phil Smile™ is in his eyes. he could be the only one in shot in somebody’s vlog, but if he smiles and looks off camera and has That Look, you know he’s looking at Phil.