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guys i’m planning on getting a lost tattoo before i move cause my friend and i are gonna get tattoos together and i’ve wanted a lost one for years but I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I WAAAAAANT

i have found the ultimate cure for yesterday’s episodes:

rewatching ssw and basking in the sheer beauty that was the 17th of october

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are you the only one running this blog?? dang that's a lot of work

yeah, but I think it pays off in the end :)
& really, all you have to do is answer the 10-30 asks per day & load a few posts into the queue every now and then

JESUS the tail end of nitw’s story goes in places i didn’t expect

So I accidentally entered a drawing in an art show today??? oops?? 

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do you think we'll still have Anna , Acnologia and END backstory? Cause I'm really losing hope for Lucy being related to the dragons and Zeref meeting Lucy tho... 😔

I really hope we do, its really all I’m looking forward to Fairy Tail.

I’m starting to lose faith too /:

ok but fucking like my ex was a storyboard artist, and on the show(s) he was working on, they had board revisionists that would clean up the boards so they were more on model for the animators.

does steven universe just not have that? how do you not have that. how IN THE HELL do you end up with garnet with a giant head in the new episode, no consistent heights, etc.

do you not have character designers. do you just draw whatever.

why have there been no model sheets shown for like a whole season. are they just not used.


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How I'm sad that CP ix ending :( Do you have any plans for a new fic I can obsess over?

Ahhh I’m gonna be sad too!! :( :( Tysm for reading it!

And yes I do haha!!! Here’s my current schedule of stuff:

  • Follower milestone three-parter (Author AU),,, this might take a while bc I’m trying to get the entire thing done before I post so that I can post one part per day
  • My *top secret* next multi-chap that I already have a title & ideas for. I’m gonna reveal what sort of fic this is in the A/N of CF chapter 10!

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A UofT question: how do you have enough credit room for 2 majors AND a minor? Are you doing the least amount of credits possible for each or are you superwoman I am very curious

So a UofT degree is 20 credits, you need 7 for each major which puts me at 14 for two, and then another 4 for a minor which is 18. We’re allowed to have a few credits overlapping (I think 2) so that’s how I got my Renaissance minor. I didn’t even know I had one until last semester when I was like omg I’ve taken four FCEs in Renaissance studies, will register. I also did a summer abroad which gave me a full FCE in history, and I took 6 courses instead of 5 once or twice, so I ended up having enough room to do those ridiculous breadth requirement courses as well. I use degree planner religiously to make sure I never get off track tho I’m not trying to do a 6 year undergrad lol

//I’m sorry I disappeared for a while. I have some new art to post, but things have taken a very… bad turn.

My abusive situation just got so much worse. Don’t worry about me though, I do have an end date in site!

However… I can’t get to that end date if I don’t have internet. I need to buy my plane ticket out of here, but my dad turned off my wifi AGAIN for reasons he won’t even tell me.

I’m going to need all the support I can get these next couple months.

Thank you for sticking with me. I swear more night vale content will continue… just right now, I don’t know when ):

It’s like we can’t have an awesome movie about two best friends without one of them going away because they get a “girlfriend” dreamworks have you thought maybe just TOOTHLESS IS FINE SINGLE! HE DOESNT NEED A STUPID ASS GIRLFRIEND! NOT EVERYONE NEEDS A LOVE INTEREST! I don’t get it why? Why do they have to give him a girlfriend? Stitch didn’t need one either but yet they have to do it because everyone must find a mate as an end all goal.

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Paper Mario style game where you play as a gender neutral main character saving the world by collecting artifacts with the help of 7 beefcakes who are your party members that you also have the option of dating via doing certain tasks before the end game.


A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)


oh. oh.