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I reread home because I missed it and now that I know the last chapter is a month away I honestly have no idea what to do with my life. also I need more good fics to read while I wait, do you have any suggestions? :/ <3333

Aw, you’re sweet! I’m sorry to bear this news but, I calculated that it will probably take me until mid-June to finish the art… But I do have some good pieces that I will be posting soon!

Oh goodness, I have a handful of favorites, I LOVE:

In Case the Daylight Never Comes by plume_bob (Magic, slow burn, 82k)

Kaleidoscope by Vendelin (artist!Derek, coffee shops, fantastic storytelling skills, saturated in warmth with a splash of drama/surprise, 54k)

Strut on a Line, it’s Discord and Rhyme by xiaq (magic, high school AU, the sweetest purest innocent love, deep characters, 62k)

First Date Sentence Starters.

’ So, do you come here often? ’
’ Will you go out with me sometime? ’
’ I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime? ’
’ Any chance you’ll go out with me? ’
’ So, do you want to be my girl/boyfriend? ’
’ I was thinking that maybe we could go out somewhere. ’
’ Where should I take her/him out to? ’
’ What’s a good place to someone on a first date? ’
’ Is this like your very first date ever? ’
’ I’ve never really been out on a date before. ’
’ So, have you been on a date before? ’
’ I hope this is a good enough place for our first date. ’
’ Where would you like to go do our first date? ’
’ I need advice, where to go for a date? ’
’ I think this is my first date ever. ’
’ So, how are enjoying this date so far? ’
’ Any chance we’ll make it to a second date? ’
’ So, how long have you liked me for? ’
’ I wanted to ask you put sooner but.. ’
’ I hope this is okay for our first date? ’
’ Do you want to go somewhere else maybe? ’
’ What’s your favorite place in the entire world? ’
’ I’m not good at picking places, I hope this is okay.. ’
’ Sorry, I think I’m a little late.. ’
’ I didn’t run late, did I? ’
’ I always wanted to bring you here. ’
’ I’m having a good time, are you? ’
’ So, do you want to go somewhere when we’re done eating? ’
’ So, is there a certain time you need to be back home? ’
’ This is lovey, thank you, I already am enjoying it. ’
’ Do you want to maybe go out again sometime? ’
’ Are you going to call me after we’re done? ’
’ Okay, so, how’s it going so far? ’
’ So, what do you wanna know about me? ’
’ So, what do you wanna talk about? ’
’ That’s alright, I’ll pay. ’
’ I already have the perfect idea for our first date. ’
’ We could go out again sometime, if you want. ’
’ Well, let’s just get through the first date, first. ’
’ I always try to make the first date the best. ’
’ So, have you been here before? ’
’ What do you like to do? ’
’ We could maybe do something a little more fun next time around. ’
’ Are you nervous? Or anxious? ’
’ Wow, you look great. ’
’ You look amazing. ’
’ Alright, so, are you ready to go then? ’
’ I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. ’
’ You make me laugh so much. ’
’ This is the best night of my life so far. ’
’ I’m really having a great time, I hope you are too. ’
’ I don’t mean to be rude, I just need to go to the bathroom. ’
’ You already make me so happy. ’
’ I’m so glad I let you take me to diner tonight. ’
’ Wow, this place has amazing food. ’
’ Wow, this place is so beautiful. ’
’ So, are you talking to anyone else? ’
’ I’m not sure what to exactly say.. ’
’ Are you flirting with me while we’re eating diner? ’
’ So, what will you to drink? ’
’ Would you be up for some drinks afterwards? ’
’ So, do you kiss on the first date? ’
’ Am I worthy enough to receive a kiss in our first date? ’
’ No kissing on the first date. ’
’ I don’t kiss on the first date. ’
’ What do you do on a first date? ’
’ What do and don’t you do on first dates? ’
’ How long has it been since you’ve been on a date? ’
’ Its been a while since I’ve been on a date. ’
’ This is my very first date ever. ’
’ This is your idea of a first date? ’
’ I really enjoyed this first date of ours. ’
’ Think you’ll wanna go out with me again sometime? ’
’ Is this what you call a first date? ’
’ So, you’ve been single for a while? ’
’ What exactly do you like about me? ’
’ So, what made you want to take me out? ’
’ And what drew you to me of all people? ’
’ You’ve had your eyes on me for a while, huh? ’
’ I’ve had my eyes on you for a while. ’
’ I’ve wanted to take you out for so long. ’
’ I’m glad you let me finally take you out. ’
’ You know, we’ve never been on a date before. ’
’ Come on, we can have our first date there. ’
’ So, where was your last first date at? ’
’ You want to go somewhere else instead? ’
’ I want you to go on a date with me. ’
’ So, you’re gonna go out with me? Like on a date? ’
’ You’re asking me out? Like on a date? ’
’ I’d love to go on a date with you! ’
’ So, where are you taking me? ’
’ Okay, close your eyes, it’s surprise. ’
’ I can’t wait to show where were going. ’
’ Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it! ’
’ We could always go on a picnic? ’
’ You wanna go to the movies with me, for our first date? ’
’ Are you telling me we’re having our first date? ’
’ I hope I’m not too dressy? ’

having youngbin as your boyfriend:

  • so very gentleman-like and polite
  • would hold open doors for u and shit
  • super duper good listener and good at helping u with problems
  • holds u and rubs ur back when u cry
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF SKINSHIP (seriously this boy wouldn’t let you live)
  • he’d give u back hugs all the time
  • OH OH and he’d do that thing when you come up behind someone and cover their eyes and tell them to guess who it is
  • having u sit on his lap even though there’s like 10 perfectly fine open seats for u to sit in
  • forehead kisses!!!!!!!!!!
  • resting his head on ur shoulder when u ride in the car together
  • calling u beautiful out of nowhere
  • smiling his blindingly dazzling smile at u when he makes u feel flustered
  • really really cheesy jokes
  • laughing his beautiful laugh at u when u do something cute or are embarrassed
  • trying his very best to wink at u but failing miserably every time
  • actual prince charming (like wtf is he real)
  • would move mountains for u to be happy
  • big spoon all tha way
  • whispering in ur ear that he loves u when ur asleep
  • kissing ur neck with the lightest softness abhdjsjakbd
  • v v v v close to u
  • makes sure u are comfy
  • always waits for u to fall asleep first
  • he’d literally fuck u with his eyes when other members were around and u would be like ????? bitch tf
  • he’d bite his lip and look u up and down when he was in the mood

ok i need to stop before i get too heated bye

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I’m sorry for not being the best version of myself lately.

I’ll bring you breakfast on the mornings that you don’t have the time before you leave home. I’ll hold you when you cry, I don’t care about the tear stains or how long you’re there. I’ll steal your sweatshirts, and you’ll hate and love when they come back smelling like my perfume. I’ll fall asleep on you and hold on when you try to leave, and you’ll probably have to tickle me to get me off. I’ll buy you things that remind me of you, whenever I see them. I’ll send you good morning and good night texts. I’ll sing you to sleep. I’ll cook you dinner, and you can help, but I know you’re not going to do much. I’ll kiss you all over until lipstick marks cover your skin. I’ll cuddle with you when you can’t fall asleep. I’ll tell you how jealous I am of the other girls you hang out with, but I’ll control myself because I trust you. I’ll listen to all of your favorite music even if I don’t like it. I’ll understand when you can’t hang out and I won’t get mad. I’ll send you ‘I miss you’ texts when we’re apart. I’ll write poems that make you sound like art. I’ll stay up with you until sunrise if that’s what you really want. I’ll take care of you when you’re sick, even if I had other plans. I’ll sit with you, in silence, when you don’t want to be alone but you don’t want to talk. I’ll make sure you don’t pay for every meal or outing, because you shouldn’t have to do that with me. I’ll reassure you that I don’t treat anyone else the way I treat you. I’ll write you letters, just to tell you how amazing you are. I’ll rub your back to help you relax after a long day. I’ll come with you on adventures. I’ll let you teach me how to do the things that you love. I’ll pay attention whenever you’re talking to me and remember the important stuff and the unimportant stuff.

—  i will show you i care, i promise
No Show

Hey guys, David here!

I have a question for you all. Has your teacher ever skipped class on the first day of school?

My professor didn’t show up today. He didn’t even send us an email saying he wouldn’t be coming either. We all just sat there, not knowing what to do for the good hour that we waited for him. I have to say, I’m severely disappointed in his professionalism readers!

A few of my peers mentioned that he might have been ‘taken’, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the sophomores messing with us freshmen. Taken by what? The ‘secret campus police’? Even I can come up with more creative jokes then that!

Oh right! I almost forgot, I was going to give you all a picture I took of somewhere on campus. Goodness I apologize readers! I keep forgetting to give you a new picture a day like on the old blog- but I’ll see what I can do today! Expect a second blog later tonight!


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I love how occasionally when you're in the middle of discourse/ranting/whatever and you get attacked ppl will be like "omg I have to go protect animentality, send positivity and stuff" but like half the time just kinda go "thanks but I'm good it takes more than that to fuck with me" and idc if it's an act bc you're so good at it and it's beautiful and I laugh every time someone tries to protect you


It’s very sweet of them, and I of course appreciate all the support I get. I really do, it’s the only reason I keep coming back to this bullshit site.

But I’ve also gotten used to fighting alone.

And as much as I love support, I can stand on my own too.







Just email me @ and we can discuss what you want me to make for you!

PLEASE NOTE: You must pay upfront before i make your commission! 

Height Difference in Kyuranger

Hammy: Why are you so tall?

Lucky: Why are you so short?  

Hammy: Hey, it wasn’t my fault that my parents were short!

Stinger: (comes into the room) Do you have any idea on what they’re talking about? 

Garu: How would I know? 

Spada: I’m pretty sure that they’re talking about trying to make out with each other with their height difference. 

Stinger: Really? Is that what you heard? (looks to Naga)

Naga: Don’t ask me. Balance? 

Balance: I think you should ask them.

Naga: (looks to Lucky and Hammy, who are trying to kill each other) I’m good. You?

Stinger: I’m good too. 

Spada: I’ll go take care of it. 

Raptor: (looks to Stinger, Balance, and Naga) Don’t worry; this happens all of the time. 

Lucky: (has Hammy on his back) Could you get off me?! 

Hammy: Not until you say sorry!

Raptor: Most of time. (sighs)

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About your shadowhunters poster on Ace!Raphael literally shut up you can too come out as Ace and there is hardly any good rep for Ace people so just shhhhh

you can’t come out as ace some aces are literally just cishets who don’t experience sexual attraction you CANNOT come out as that, you can’t come out as something that isn’t an lgbt identity?? there is hardly any good rep for gay people and forgive me for caring more about that

do not tell me to shut up lmao,,,,

Shuffle Tag

Ok so I got tagged by @dank-owski and @simsandthensome (thank you)!

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on, then tag some people.

  1. Getting to Know You - Spazzkid
  2. So Sad, So Sad - Varsity
  3. Don’t Be Gone For Long - Callum Read & The Books
  4. River - Bishop Briggs
  5. Dræm Girl - No Vacation
  6. Warned You - Good Morning
  7. Swim Good - Frank Ocean
  8. Yes Yes - The Colourist
  9. Dat $tick - Rich Chigga 
  10. Big News - Weatherbox

I tag whoever whats to do it!

Manga Josuke's "What If" Toy List

So, you probably never wanted to know but, if Manga Josuke were to turn his family into “toys”, here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with. There also may some others on this list that aren’t friends or family, but you get my point..(why crystal, you ask. because i’m in a sick and twisted mood, let me be evil-)

I would’ve sent an ask but then I realized that I would be doing a lot of typing and that submitting it would be easier. lol

Now, what makes a good toy, well, a good toy is it’s usually something that can take a good beating without easily falling apart, like a good book in Terusuke’s(that’s how it’s spelt?) case.

So let’s start with good ol Jort. If Manga Josuke were to fuse him with something it would be fish, but it’s gotta be big, and it’s gotta be able to take a beating. I don’t know much about sea life so I can’t actually name a type of fish. I mean, I could say shark? But I don’t know if Josuke would have enough room for something like that in his house.

As funny as it would be to fuse Kira with a hand, Manga Josuke would just fuse him with another body all together. Same goes for Yuya. A meaty punching bag is what those two turn into.

I’m pretty sure Manga Josuke would fuse Koichi with his dog. Cause you know, only evil people hurt dogs-

Honestly, Manga Josuke would fuse Joseph to his bedroom wall. Just, find a good place in his room and just stick his dad there. And kinda creepy part would be that his dad would probably be the most taken care of toy? Like every morning he would ask his dad how he’s doing, and he would feed him, and make sure that part of the wall is nice and clean- *shiver* Now sure if I should feel bad for Joseph or something like???

Okuyasu might be fused with like a TV or a PC, cause from a few videos I’ve seen destroying stuff like those seem oddly fun. X"D

Hazamada would definitely be fused with some kind of wooden object. Manga Josuke could cut it, scratch it, burn it, drench it in water, hit it, throw it. Good stuff.

Manga Josuke would fuse Rohan to paper, for the same reason as Hazamada, and also cause he can write all over Rohan’s face. lol I’m also pretty sure Manga Josuke can also like “repair” the paper Rohan’s fused with by just adding more?

And that’s all I can think of right now.

This was uh, Josuke Nightmare Fuel, brought you by CrystalChimera.
We make your fearful theories coooommmme truuuuue~<3


holy crap??? im gonna spray him with water, BAD JOSUKE–

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

her lips are a spring morning. when she looks at you, time forgets you. 

a little kitchen where there’s nothing but your dog and the plants. she says she likes your new hair color, red like a sunset. you were trying to tell yourself you’d go to church more, be a new girl. but she shows up again.

you want to protect her but he’s better than you at manipulation. you’d never force her to do anything. you’re terrified one of these days she’s not going to be able to come back again.

where do good girls go? you look at her and know you’re poison, that if you corrupt her you’re destroying the last good thing to happen to you on this planet.

but if kissing her is a crime you’ve never craved jail so much. you go to sleep thinking of the smallest things: her freckles, her voice, the way she walks. she sleeps next to you when the nightmares get to be too much. you stay awake whispering prayers to a ceiling, your cheeks the color of rust.

you love her. and it’s all too much.


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

I can’t help but marvel at how both Mana and Cross shaped Allen’s personality.

At first Allen was simply Red, a boy with no relations who didn’t belong to anyone and no one belonged to him. He was harsh, foul-mouthed and did his best to survive in his cruel environment.

Then came Mana who taught Allen many important things. Be patient. Talk politely. Act kind. Feel compassion for others. Forgive. He taught Allen to love others.

When Allen lost Mana, his only source of happiness Allen took these teaches to the extreme, he was always ready to sacrifice himself for other’s happiness, “love others” spiraled to martyrdom.

But then Cross took him as his Apprentice. He was nowhere near as gentle as Mana but he gave Allen important lessons too in his roundabout way. Stand up for yourself. Strike back when someone wants to take something from you. Fight for what you believe in. He taught Allen to love himself.

Hopefully Allen will take Cross’s teachings to his heart too and reach a balance where he can love himself as others so he can save himself.