do good and good will come to you

sudden important collie alert!!!

very important news now coming in!! we have many good boys here to show you!!

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here is a good boy!! he’s very focused!! he is a concentration so we shall go on to the next good boy

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oh, look here! there are three boys!! look at the puppers! all do a happy! they very variety so they different!! but they all good no matter what color. next good boy, please! 

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this is a white good boy! he’s very big and fluffy and he smell of vanilla! he’s a good runner too! look at thos feets (small and pure)

that’s the end of this important collie report. i hope i made your day a little brighter with all these good boys. <3

((((AWWW, LOOK AT THESE COLLIES. So cute, so pure! Thanks for submitting this, this made my day even brighter <3333)


“How have you been- I’m sorry I haven’t been around a lot lately… All these classes are really kicking my ass.”

“I’ve been good and there’s no reason to apologize, I completely understand- so what are you doing tonight, do you wanna hang out and watch a movie or something?”

“I would love to but I have so much work to do-”

“Well, I can come over and help you-”

“I really appreciate the offer but I’ll probably be able to finish faster if I’m alone- we can hang out this weekend though.”

“Oh- okay sounds good.”

Well hi there, and thank you for the compliment. I’m a little less calm than I look, honestly, but at least with questions on tumblr I can take my time to answer them. It definitely helps me get my thoughts together.

And I do have a very long answer for you, and it comes in several parts. Bear with me. 

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sierraseas  asked:

UF/UT/US bros reaction. It takes quite a bit to make SO pissed. They are very understanding. But when they reach the that level of angry, it doesn't matter what they were doing. Arguing, talking, working, etc. They march into the kitchen & start angrily baking. It's loud, swearing, & thumping music tell the baked goods are done. If skele tries to walk into the kitchen SO will glare & chase him out. "STAY OUT MY KITCHEN." But the baked goodies are To Die For good & SO is once again happy.


Sans -
shit. Clearly he’d done somethin’ wrong. He tried to go into the kitchen to talk it out multiple times, but was shoved out every time. By the time you come out he’s waiting with flowers and an apology reservation at one of Mettaton’s surface chains.

Papyrus -
Papaya is crying profusely at the fact he upset you that much. When he tried to go into the kitchen to help, that only sparked more tears. After the baked goods are done, you’ll need to calm him down.. Though he’ll still be apologizing profusely and there will be many cuddles.


Sans -
FINE. Stay in the fucken kitchen, bitch. Red goes and gets drunk off his ass, wondering what the fuck he did wrong. It isn’t like he can read your fucken mind! Maybe you’re just moody, or (if you’re female) on your period or some shit. He’d never really seen you like this before so it angers and confuses him.

Papyrus -
YOU CANNOT KEEP ME OUT OF MY OWN KITCHEN! Edge INSISTS on being by your side, simply because you’re trying to keep him out of HIS OWN KITCHEN. He attempts to give you tips, but ends up just getting whacked so many times with the spoon that he’s covered in batter by the time he gets fed up with it and leaves the room. When you’re done cooking you find him taking a shower in an attempt to calm down without getting into another argument.


Sans -
A similar reaction to Papaya, Blue starts crying. But instead of letting it effect him too much, he calls up his brother who comes in to comfort him. Well shit. When you’re done cooking you’re getting quite the lecture from Carrot, even if Blue had been the one to upset you in the first place.


He understands completely. But if you’re gunna keep him out of his kitchen you better be making brownies. Those are Carrot’s favorite baked goods. When you come out with them, they aren’t as good as his are, despite them being amazing in their own right, and he ends up giving you his recipe.

A PSA for people commenting on the Alamo’s women-only showings:

Getting real tired of people sneering that the women-only showings are a marketing ploy. Who cares? Businesses make money. That’s kind of their thing. If they can make extra money by doing a particular thing, it’s in their best interest to do it. Great! Here’s the thing:

WE ALL KNOW THAT. You’re not special or intellectually superior for going “ugh, don’t you people realize they’re a BUSINESS and they’re doing this FOR MONEY?”

1. Yes. Allow me to present a new idea to you: people can do things for more than one reason! A business owner can, for example, support a charity AND benefit from the positive press that comes from doing so.
2. Perhaps it is worth celebrating that something like celebrating women and donating to Planned Parenthood is a good business move? Hey, things that are good to do are popular to do! Progress!
3. Sneering at everyone doesn’t make you cool, thinking you’re smarter than everyone just makes you an asshole.

The emotional pain in our lives comes from a self-centered way of thinking, so you end up weighing your value by how every situation is affecting you instead of seeing that the reason you carry value to begin with is to show others theirs—whether or not people are for you or against you, you never lose sight of who you are in Christ, and you never lose sight of the potential of those around you. Just because people aren’t doing good doesn’t mean you have to not do good.

Maybe I’m entirely out of place but sometimes I feel like certain contingents in the radical left have been co-opted by state intelligence actors deliberately sabotaging things and creating divisions but then I remember the left is perfectly good at doing that themselves. Either way, the more averse a group of people I come across are to actually *DOING SOMETHING* the more I’m suspicious tbh. It helps to keep your own suspicion in check and moderate it out properly but there are certain groups of folks that will literally criticize you no matter what you do and often times these groups are helmed by a small clique of extremely toxic people. Always be suspicious of people with a lot of social capital and folks who try and shut down other folks who are doing good work.


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin


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Bells might just be the earliest form of superstitious practise that I remember. My baba attached three sakura-patterned suzu bells on my schoolbag as a kid, purportedly for good luck and protection from evil spirits – and Japan is far from the only place to have associated bells and bellringing with mystic practise. They’ve been used worldwide to ward off evil and carry messages – and in a more metaphysical sense, sound is the movement of energy through substance. Sounds have the potential to work powerful magic.

Here are some of the ways I’ve found utilising bells to be helpful to my craft. While I’m more likely to use traditional suzu type bells, your own background, path and culture will likely have its own types of bells – and as ever, bells can be ornate antiques or they can be a bottle cap in a tin can, as long as they’re used with intent.


🔔 As with so much of the craft, if you’re new to the witching bell, it’s a matter of exploration and experimentation. Get a “feel” for what works for you and the specific bell you’re using.

🔔 It’s good practise to ensure that the bell itself is cleansed, warded and protected – you don’t want anything nasty tapping into that power. All witching tools can do as much harm as good, intentional or accidental.

🔔 A good way to begin incorporating bells into your craft is infuse them into any typical ritual that you’re comfortable with, or even just a prayer or moment of contemplation at your altar if you have one.

🔔 Give the bell a soft ring while focusing on the energy it’ll ripple and move, try to track the movements it creates and what it touches. The tone it’s sending out.  The most primal and versatile use of the bell – and what many of the below come down to – is simply another manner of physically channelling energy, giving it shape and direction.


🔔 “Passive” bells such as windchimes or small bells attached to belongings you don’t want disturbed are a starting point. They will scare off some forms of spirit all by themselves, especially if appropriately blessed, charmed or enchanted. Or cursed.

🔔 Gently tolling can draw energy into a ward or circle you are forming and enforce its protective properties, or for a simple cleanse, letting the sound travel to every corner of the area you are protecting. It’s a little more “cutting” than a smoke or incense cleansing, which I view as more “gentle” forms of cleansing. Both have their uses.

🔔 Harder tolling is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful ways in which to enforce a banishing – however, it’s best to you know what you’re doing with the bell before you go bashing it about.


🔔 Bells can have quite the effect on your perception and awareness. Ringing and then stopping, listening to the silence left in its wake, can bring you new perceptions or make things you’d previously missed obvious. Let it attune your mind and senses to something new, whether that’s in your thoughts or something with a little more presence. Visualise travelling with the sound, taking heed of the energies it touches and disturbs. Take note of the echoes – you’ll learn what they mean with experience.

🔔 A set of windchimes can let you know if something is passing through or if there’s some unusual energy afoot – and, yes, it may also just be letting you know that it’s a particularly breezy day, but that’s witchcraft for you.


🔔 This can be as simple as calling good energies to witching tools, spell jars, tarot decks, crystals, altars and shrines, your favourite teddy bar, anything at all.

🔔 With spirit work, it can truly help to magnify your “calling”. This can range from gently bringing your latest offering to the attention of your friendly neighbourhood house spirit – all the way to trying to catch the attention of something more. Be mindful, however. As I said, I consider bells pretty powerful tools and a call that’s too loud is not good spirit work practise for the spirit worker’s own sake. It can really help coax something out of hiding if you’re gentle with it, though.


🔔 Some use bells to mark the beginning and end of a ritual, and I’ve read that in Wiccan practise an altar bell can be used to invoke the Goddess, although as a non-Wiccan, I’ll welcome corrections on that if I’m wrong.

🔔 In my experience, very simple forms of communication via bell work a lot better than anything too complex – “come here” and “stay away” have already been covered, and other than that they can serve as greetings or signals of a start or end of some practise or ritual, the opening or closing of a door, etc.

🔔 They can also serve as a warning or a litmus test regarding spirits, a signalling of your presence and awareness, lack of fear, or willingness to defend – but be prepared to deal with whatever responses these garner.


🔔 Bindings are where you most often see that famous (clockwise) circular motion of the bell, embodying the meaning of the spell. This can be a simple binding to seal a spell or charm or enchantment, or a spirit-binding.

🔔 Personally, spirit-binding is something I do as little as possible simply due to my beliefs holding the autonomy of spirits in very high regard. However, sometimes situations arise that call for it, and I’m aware that not all bindings are unwilling. Far from it – and some spirits are dangerous when unbound.

🔔 As an animist (believing that all things, including inanimate objects, contain a spirit of their own), I consider gently nudging a spirit back into its physical form a sort of semi-binding, and that can be useful.

I’ll leave you all with a note that I am an urban apartment-dwelling witch through and through, so I understand that we can’t all be jangling away at all hours. I myself have a glass windchime in my front window that makes a distinct but muted sound when disturbed by passers-through, and highly recommend wooden ones also. I also only use my small and relatively quiet suzu bell for my crafting – one given to me by my baba herself.

Feel free to add any of your own findings, and happy tolling.


I just………love how @markiplier came by @therealjacksepticeye‘s panel okay. theyre so precious gosh that tweet killed me

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*
squint at where you’re from

oops sometimes you gotta

spoilers for 413, bellamy/clarke, 1600 words, gen. AO3!

Even though it’s not really the same as coming down in the first time, Bellamy still has this strange sense of deja vu as he looks at the door. The ship is smaller, he has fewer people with him, he feels both more and less sure of what he’ll find. They tried to hit the only spot of green they could see, but the controls are a mess, so he’s not sure they got to it. The whole fucking ship is a mess, built out of whatever scrap they could salvage. Even with six years to perfect it, the thing is still held together with spit and prayer, according to Raven.

But it got them to the ground. They’re back.

“Just open the fucking door!” says Raven, and Bellamy lets out a long breath and finally hits the release.

He knows what he’s hoping for: clean air, plants, blue sky. And he gets all of those.

He just also gets a girl, maybe ten or eleven, with brown hair in braids, pointing a gun at him. Which is honestly fairly encouraging; someone survived, and they have firearms. So she probably came out of the bunker.

He puts his hands up on reflex.

“Hey, uh–we come in peace,” he tries, and then says it again in Trig, for good measure. He doesn’t recognize her, but that doesn’t mean anything. She could be from another clan; there are plenty of them he doesn’t know. Or–his heart trips on the thought–she could be a nightblood. She could have survived because of that, and if she survived–

The girl pulls her gun back and looks at him critically. “Are you Bellamy Blake?”

He blinks a few times. “Um, yeah. I’m Bellamy Blake.”


She sounds skeptical, which doesn’t make any fucking sense. She’s the one who brought it up. There’s no reason for her not to believe him.

“Yeah, really. Did you come out of the bunker? Is my sister with you? Octavia?”

You’re Bellamy?” she says, like she didn’t hear him. She’s making a face like something smells odd. “I thought you’d be taller.”

Taller?” he asks.

Raven pokes her head out. “It’s been five minutes and you’re already being held at gunpoint? You sure have a way with people, Bellamy.”

“Look, we don’t want to hurt you,” he tells the girl. “Just–”

“I know,” she says. “You just want to see Clarke.”

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They’re watching baby animals videos

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fun fact

Did you know i hate it when the fandom turns Keith’s social ineptitude into straight up infantilization? like they have him misunderstand a sexual innuendo or some shit and then the person he’s shipped with laughs like “aww he has the mind of a 12 year old thats adorable” like ????