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The Final Countdown

I haven’t made a to-do list in a while, but it’s super important to me to finish this by the end of March, so… how about a little public shame motivation? Here’s what I’ve got to do (strikethroughs for what I’ve already accomplished):

Ch. 57 Overhaul:

- Type up edits from print draft (scene one, two, three, four, five, six)

- Find quotes for Ch. 57 and split it in half (sorry, I know, but it’s over 8k)

- Do one last pass for paranoia’s sake

- Email beta readers with beta request and final message

Substance edit for remaining chapters:

- find and type up summary of beta notes (aka the fix-it list)

- Chapter 58

- Chapter 59

- Chapter 60

- Chapter 61

- Chapter 62

Polish edit for March/April buffer:

- Chapter 49 

- Chapter 50

- Chapter 51

- Chapter 52

Post-beta-read substance edit:

Chapter 57a

Chapter 57b

If I can get all this done, then I’m essentially done with SoaD (minus the minor final-polish edits which I prefer to do right before publishing anyway). It’s so close I can taste it. Wish me luck.