do dat dance boi

BOI I RAN: tcc edition

Kudos to @dahm-sub for thinking of the idea and also inputting her ideas!

This beautiful piece of art can be used in many situations. Let’s name a few.

*When dat boi is coming in a volkswagen and is asking if you need a ride

*when dat boi is coming to the cafeteria with his no homo boi in no homo matching trenchcoats

*when dat boi invites you to his clown party

*when dat boy offers to pay you for pics at his place

*when dat boi asks if you wanna play doom

* when dat boi asks for help with his crutches

*when dat boi asks if you wanna go to the baptist chruch

*when dat boi says drink the kool aid

*when dat boi walks by blasting AC DC

*when dat boi’s daddy says he smells something from the basement

*when dat boi’s grandma says “wtf is there a mannequin in here”

*when dat boi asks you to listen to opera and blow some coke

*when your chilling in your grave and you hear dat boi lowkey roast you in a interview harder then the electric chair

*when your eating lunch with your buddy outside and the no homo crew come up to school with guns

*when your at a pagent and dat boi offers pineapple and milk

*when you’re in moscow and dat boi offers you some vodka and a stroll thru the woods

*when dat boi says “you like guys who makes home cooked meals, right?”

*when dat 7’ boi picks you up hitchhiking at UCLA

*when you win a date with dat boi on national tv

*when you see dat boi in a hotel elevator doing that spongebob pioneer road dance

*when dat boi wants to feel your heartbeat

*when dat boi straight up goes talking about he jacked up to the memory of his victims death…in court

*when dat boi wants to preserve the memory of his mother

*when dat boi offers to lend you his nipple belt

*when dat boi wants to clown around

*when dat boi says he wants to move to a settlement in south america away from everyone else

*when dat boi wants to have some wax play

*when your in your home having a party but you hear the dat boi family breaking in like

*when dat boi offers to bring you home to his ranch with the rest of his fam

*when you see dat boi in a scooter chair thing after 60 years later and he looks like he is going to call his fam to run you over in it

*when your walking in the park and you see dat boi walk a dog named lassie