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Blue Exorcist Headcanon: Rin's Tail

Rin’s tail is prehensile, meaning that it can grip things.  So when he cooks, he uses three limbs instead of just two. 

Imagine Rin baking something, and instead of using an electric mixer he can crack eggs into the batter with his hands and keep stirring it at the same time with his tail around the mixing spoon/spatula/whisk.  I bet it amuses Yukio to no end, to see his brother bustling around the kitchen with the apron and everything while he doesn’t even have to turn around to open the fridge, just pulls it open with his tail and then reaches back to grab whatever he needs.

Rin would be so casual about using his tail for everyday things too, like if he drops a pencil in class or needs to carry a lot of stuff.  Just picture it: Rin’s arms all full of books with a lunchbag hanging from his tail, Kuro perched on his head for the ride.  Then Yukio decides to test how strong it is and hangs his lunchbag on Rin’s tail too, noticing that it actually curls around the handles of both bags so that they don’t fall off.

They just walk to class like that, Rin barely noticing the extra weight.  His friends all stare at him when they walk in, and then somebody starts laughing because his tail is basically being treated as a glorified coatrack and it’s just so bizarre to see.  Later, Mephisto might chide Rin a bit since the tail is one of a demon’s most vulnerable body parts, but Rin would probably just kinda shrug and be all like, “But how else was I supposed to carry everything?”

(“It’s called a bookbag, Nii-san,” Yukio would chuckle unobtrusively in the background.  Rin sputters and ignores him.)

And then Rin finds out that monkeys use their (also prehensile) tails to help them grip branches and such as they swing through the trees.  And then he decides that he wants to try it, because he found a video or something online and it looks awesomely fun.  So, later that day, Yukio pokes his head into the dorms- noticeably empty -before hearing some sort of commotion outside.

Yukio looks out the window, just in time to see Rin fall headfirst out of a tree, leaves in his hair and uniform all smeared with dirt and sap.  His tail twitches comically as he pulls himself up and then shimmies up the trunk to try again, like a giant oversized monkey-squirrel thing.  His friends, who are all standing around watching, alternate between laughing uproariously and shouting words of encouragement.  Kuro’s bouncing around everybody’s feet with Nii (or Nee; I’ve seen it spelled both ways) either riding on his back or summoning thick pads of moss to soften Rin’s crash landings.  Whichever it is, the entire situation is absolutely hilarious.

Of course, nobody notices Mephisto giggling while taking pictures in the background…