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my bro was racially profiled at macy’s today by this old racist white woman. he had a bag in his hand and a hoodie on and he was just looking at shit when she accused him of stealing. she snatched his bag and searched it to find that he DIDNT fucking steal anything, of course. it made me so fucking mad??? just bc he’s tan n he had a hoodie on made her automatically think he had stole something??? n then she SNATCHED this bag n forcibly searched it like?????? i’m so mad rn i’m fuming.


i can’t look at fried chicken the same away now…………also at 2:23 he uses the drumstick as a mike i am OUT (u can bet heechul would have done his mkh impression in a heartbeat)

boys that are furries

don’t be ashamed of what you enjoy. you wanna draw anthropomorphic animals? go for it. in risque situations? i mean…you do you bro (Just tag it so those of us who don’t wanna see that can avoid it). you wanna go to conventions in a fursuit? do it. you put a lot of effort, time, and money into that thing, go show it off!

when i say you shouldn’t be ashamed of your passions, i mean it.

Enneagram. (Prompto)

FFXV covers it’s characters only so deeply so these typings might seem wrong in some ways, but I’m trying to work with what we know. So the negative aspects of each can’t really be applied but the general overview of the Type can be.

And also since this got long, I’ll do the other bros individually as well.

Type 2, balanced wings. I say this because, reading into his character tells me that what he wants most out of life is to be loved or needed. Feeling needed can be tied to his conversation with Noctis in the game where he confides in him that he feels useless in comparison to the others, that he’s dispensable. And a 2 really hates that feeling. Wanting to be loved isn’t something he outright says but the way he talks about how much the other bros mean to him, one can consider it evidence that that is what truly fulfills him. Companionship.

Type 2′s are characterised by their selfless and devoted nature. They are in fact also referred to as “the Helper”. Type 2′s feel as though they’re undeserving of love unless they do something to earn it. This harkens back to the Brotherhood anime where Prompto feels that he can’t approach Noctis till he “earns” it by getting into shape, that on his own he has no reason to think he’s worthy. Two’s also seem to have generally warm, extroverted personalities which again applies to Prompto, even if some of it is a “public face”. 

I say that Prompto has balanced wings, because I spent a lot of time going back and forth between 2w1 and 2w3, but noticed that he has qualities of both. 2w1′s are more like good samaritans; motivated from a place of morals and “rightness”, while 2w3′s are more concerned with their appearance and tend to be more dependent on external validation. There are other qualities as well but these were the most noteworthy to me. Keeping these in mind it became hard to pick one over the other. Since (again looking back at Brotherhood), Prompto looked after Pryna and rescued the other dog from a purely moral place. And again the effort he made to lose weight ties into his appearance. And let’s not forget how genuinely happy he sounds whenever he’s complimented in battle, whether it’s by Cor or Gladio. At any rate, he’s a solid 2.

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Fan asked JB whats his current interest and Mark who sat next to him been making crying cat sounds, JB said that isnt my interest that's love

I SAW AND THAT WAS SO CUTE JAEBUM IS SO CUTE AND SMOOTH AND HE LOVES HIS CATS SO MUCH OMG😭😭 Like BRUH if that isn’t the most romantic smoothest line on earth and homie said it about his cats like if a guy said that about me we would get married on the spot those cats are the luckiest on earth to have jaebum out here loving them the way he do😂😭💗 And bro he also said it about ahgase too last night I saw another tweet saying that yugy got asked what his interests are too and he said ahgase and Jaebum came in again and said “that’s not an interest that’s love” ❤️LIKE BIITTTNCH If I was there I would have LOST IT😭😩

kageyama bros fight!