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discourse gothic
  • you’ve seen this url before. have you seen this url before? you need to take a nap. all the chevrons are blurring together. 
  • in your dreams, you are awakened repeatedly by several people with purple hair. “op is an aphobe,” they say. “yikes :/" 
  • your last five reblogs are just homophobic posts followed by a chain of keysmashes. you think the discourse may have once involved discussion, but you’re not sure. 
  • someone reblogs your post and attaches a gif of a white boy rolling his eyes. you do not try to respond. you have tried that too many times. you are always blocked. 
  • your friend calls. it is her birthday. she offers you a slice of cake. you scream and curl up in a ball. 
  • you have blacklisted "queer.” you try to hateread an inclusionist’s blog, but tumblr savior has hidden every single post. that can’t be right. you frown and hit “show anyway.” you regret it. 
  • your mother wants to show you a funny comic from the sunday paper. you shudder and excuse yourself. comics as a medium have been ruined for you. 
  • you spend 30 seconds making a text post about something that vaguely irritates you. at least three different people respond telling you to stop vagueing them. you write out long, apologetic explanations but then discover you cannot send them. you have been blocked. you eat a whole sleeve of crackers instead.
  • an irl friend says “lgbtqia.” you get blackout drunk. 
  • you no longer attach any particular meaning to the words “assimilationist,” “radical,” or “reactionary.” you think maybe they should be banned. you try to make a text post about this but fall asleep on your keyboard halfway though. you are tired… so tired.

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this is Silly so u dont have to do it but .... gappy/diver down + #7 would be v good

A Boy

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos

Happy New Years! Let’s make 2017 the greatest year yet!


The blank screen of his laptop was taunting him, he had been working on an article for the blue and gold, about the missing beakers in the chemistry labs for almost half an hour now and he had nothing.
Normally if he had this problem, Betty would swoop in and provide him with some much needed inspiration and encouraging words.

Unfortunately today, the beautiful blonde journalist was nowhere to be found. She was never late, in fact she was almost always their atleast an hour before he was. So where was she?

Ten minutes later the door swung open, popping his head up fully expecting to see Betty he couldn’t hide his disappointment when it turned out to be Cheryl. But something was wrong, Cheryl was out of breath and her fiery red hair was wind blown and out of shape, she had run here, and everyone knew Cheryl blossom did not run.

“Cheryl… what’s going..” he was cut off quickly by the infamous prima donna

“They sent me here because they know you wouldn’t kill me by accident, you have to hurry. It’s Betty. She’s been hurt.”

It took him no time at all to slam his laptop shut and head out the doors, Cheryl following close behind, her heels clacking in the tile.
“What happened.” He demanded keeping pace.

“It’s chuck. Betty was changing in the locker room when Veronica noticed a huge bruise on her back, when she asked her about it she just broke down, told us everything. How chuck has been pretty much attacking her, pushing her into lockers, slamming her against the wall and threatening her after practice. He’s upset that she got him kicked off the team. But that’s not even the worst part.”

Jughead didn’t know how much more he could take, he felt sick to his stomach and all he saw was red. he was gonna kill Clayton, he didn’t care about the consequences, Chuck Clayton was a dead man.

“What’s the worst part” he ground out through clenched teeth, he could see the locker room in the distance.

Cheryl stopped him before he entered the room
“He tried to sleep with Betty, after practice yesterday. He pulled her into the janitors closet and he tried to… ya know. She got away obviously but he punched her in the face, she’s been hiding all of the bruises with makeup. None of us knew.” Cheryl hung her head in shame.
Nodding to the redhead and giving her shoulder a squeeze, Jughead slammed through the doors.

There was Betty, Kevin on one side of her and Veronica on the other. Archie was there too pacing back and forth, as soon as Archie caught Jugheads eyes he nodded. He had his back, he knew Betty was Jugheads girl but she was also his best friend and this was not gonna go unpunished by either of the boys.

“Juggie.” Betty whispered from her spot on the bench, she jumped up instantly, holding her arms out to him, shaking hands and red rimmed eyes.

He had her wrapped up in an instant. Squeezing her to himself “I’ve got you babe. I’ve got you.” She sobbed into his chest as he kissed the top of her head and rubbed her back.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I didn’t want you to be mad.” She whimpered.
“I’m not mad at you Betty, why would I ever be mad at you?” Jughead pulled away slightly clutching her chin in his hand. What did she mean?

“It’s my fault juggie, I had to go all crazy on him in the hot tub and now he wants revenge, I should’ve just left it all alone.”

“No.” Jughead protested, dropping his eyes to look into hers “this is not your fault, there is no way I’m going to let you think any of this is your fault, Chuck Clayton is insane. He is an egotistical bastard, who’s pride was damaged when you brought him down, he thinks he can get away with hurting you but it’s not going to happen. I’m going to show him exactly what happens when you mess with something I love” Jughead was fuming. Chuck had hurt Betty, physically injured her, and assualted her, that was unforgivable in itself but to make Betty doubt herself? That was the worst thing he could have done.

“He doesn’t know who he’s messing with, I can get the entire football team against him, I already texted Reggie, he’s waiting outside. Whenever you’re ready dude, we know exactly where he hangs out.” Archie said from his side nodding angrily at Jughead.

“You don’t have to do this! You can get hurt, it’s okay l’m okay!” Betty pleaded, grabbing on to jugheads arm.
Sliding his hand to the back of her head he gently brought Betty’s lips to his, kissing her softly.

“I have to do this Betty, for you and for me. I can’t let him get away with this.” Walking forward, Archie by his side, they all headed outside.

Sure enough Reggie was there looking heated alongside Moose Mason, Adam Devine and Trey Walker.

Reggie stepped forward placing a hand out for Jughead to shake
“Maybe I’ve been an ass to you and maybe you haven’t deserved all the shit I’ve put you through, I’m sorry man. Sticking up to Chuck Clayton for your girl is a ballsy move. I watched my mom get knocked around by my dad my whole life, I’m not gonna let some punk beat up on girls and get away with it. Let us help you.”
His speech was accompanied by head nods and murmurs of agreement from the other three boys.

Grabbing Reggies hand and shaking it firmly Jughead nodded “it’s all good man.”

He turned around to cast a quick glance at Betty, Veronica was holding her tight and she looked terrified. He hated that he was scaring her, he wanted to run to her and hold her and tell her she would be okay, but he had to this.

“They’re under the bleachers, they hang out there now because they know they can’t be seen on the field.” Adam said from beside Reggie.

They all made their way over to the bleachers, Jughead felt himself getting madder and madder, all he could see was the damn purple bruise on his beautiful girlfriends temple.

There they were. Chuck Clayton and his goons standing huddled under the bleachers

Reggie smiled wickedly and mumbled “showtime” under his breathe before loudly declaring

“Hey fuckers!”

All four boys turned around, laughing stopped when they recognized their former teammates and the beanie wearing boy.

“What do we have here?” Chuck smirked cockily, eyeing Jughead up and down before his eyes drifted over his shoulder. “You got yourself a security team princess?” He called to Betty.
That was it. Jughead lunged, taking down Chuck instantly, he vaguely heard the other boys handling Chucks friends, he was blinded by rage.

He was punching him, repeatedly to be honest, he wasn’t doing much other than punching, there was blood everywhere and chuck was screaming and thrashing, but Jughead had all of his weight on top of him making him immobile.

Suddenly Archie was pulling him off the beaten boy on the ground
“You’re good Jughead, you’re good.”

Panting and staring down at the boy “stay the hell away from Betty, don’t look at her, don’t talk to her, don’t even breathe near her or I’ll kill you, there won’t be anyone to stop me. I will kill you” he spit out, shoving past the boys as Reggie turned to his boys a shocked expression on his face “that was badass, we gotta get him on the team, we need a new right tackle.”

He made his way to Betty who was crying now as she reached up to touch his face
“You’re bleeding.” She whispered

He touched his nose and winced, he hadn’t even realized chuck had hit him.
“I’m okay. The more important question is are you okay?”

Leaning her head against his chest she breathed shakily before looking up at him

“I love you Jughead Jones, more than anything in this world”

He just laughed relieved

“You have no idea, Betty Cooper”

Every Other Weekend pt. 6

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,531

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language, a punch is thrown

A/N: the demand was so high, i thought i’d treat you all to another part! this part is a rollercoaster of emotions so !!!! (:

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


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“You’ve come to a custody agreement on your own?” The judge put on her glasses as she looked over the mountain of paperwork in front of her.

“Yes your honor.” You and Bucky both nodded as you waited for her words.

“It all looks good to me.” She looked at the both of you over the top of her bifocals. “And your property?”

“We divided it without dispute.” You were trying to remain calm as your whole life was being split down the middle in a stuffy courtroom. It didn’t seem fair. You got the house and your car and a guarantee of child support every month. But none of that would replace the feeling of losing your husband.

“That’s true, Mr. Barnes?” She turned her gaze to Bucky.

“That’s true.” He nodded, his hands folded in front of his body.

“Then I see no need to delay. Let’s move on through all of this and we’ll grant the divorce.” Your heart sank with her words. So this was it.

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Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

BTS Reaction to Their Younger Sister Being Checked Out

(A/N): AHHH!! You do?!?! Thank you so much, anon! I’m sorry this took so long! TT^TT Please forgive me, I took a lengthy break from posting and writing due to school. Stress stress stress. Anyways, here you are~.

Background Information: The member had just dropped his younger sister - who was in 8th grade ( little baby <33) - off at school for her first day of school and notices a few boys stare at his sister due to the skirt she was wearing.

Kim Seokjin-

When he noticed the stares, he’d frown at the boys. “ Yah! “ he’d call out, gaining the gaping boy’s attention, when they looked at him he’d smile. “ Don’t stare, it’s rude. If you want to talk to her, just do it~. “ This would cause the young boys to blush and scurry off, embarrassed that they got caught. Jin would just laugh a little and shake his head.

“Aish! My little sister is just too cute! Even those boys can’t keep their eyes off her.”

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Min Yoongi-

Let’s just say Yoongi didn’t like his little sister’s uniform from the beginning. He would much rather the young girl in a pair of some pants or a much, much longer skirt. Seeing the boys’ stare at his little sister only confirmed his fears. He would simply stand there, glaring at the young boys until they caught onto his protective aura. Rest assured, those boys were definitely NOT going to even glance at his sister anymore.

“I swear to god if they continue…”

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Jung Hoseok-

This boy probably wouldn’t notice as quickly as Yoongi or Namjoon would, but when he did, he’d be livid, in his own Hoseok kind of way. He would screech his sister’s name, engulfing her in a hug while making eye contact with the boys. The boys would instantly turn away, panicked seeing that the girl had an older brother. “ Watch out for those grubby boys. “ he would warn his sister before telling her to call him if she even got uncomfortable because of some boy.

“Ahh why do little boys have such wandering eyes?! So dirty.”

Originally posted by jhope-ah

Kim Namjoon-

I feel like Namjoon would have the most “take-action” type of reaction. He would immediately notice the shortness of his sister’s skirt and the boys’ stare. I feel like this sweetie would take his sister to the office and ask them to provide her a longer skirt. He wouldn’t make an uproar unless they refused his request. There was no way he was going to let his little sister walking around like pray for some stupid, horny teenage boys.

“ There’s no way I’m letting my little sister walking around in such a short skirt. “

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Park Jimin-

His little sister probably wouldn’t even made it out of the house without changing her bottoms or at least putting on some tights underneath. When he saw the boys he would clear his throat at them and gave them a look that spoke for itself. They were several years younger than him so he couldn’t really confront them about it, but he wasn’t just going to let them stare.

“ Do boys have no respect for girls anymore? They’re lucky their so young. “

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

Kim Taehyung-

This cute little fluff ball would probably not even notice the boys, honestly. I don’t feel that he is the most observant boy. Even if he did notice, he’d probably just shrug it off, saying something about how it’s hard to stare when his “baby” sister is just so adorable. He would probably be the most laid back about this situation.

“ My baby sissy is so darn adorable in her uniform!~ “

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

(A/N): Imagine his sister is Yoongi.  This boy kills me.

Jeon Jungkook-

I really don’t think Jungkook would be that protective. I feel that if he noticed the boys staring he’d laugh. After all, he isn’t all that far out of that phase and can probably sympathize with the boys more than the others could. He might tell his sister to pull down her skirt more, but he wouldn’t act on it any further.

*Chuckles* “I remember being their age.”

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Silent World (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Um, I have a request for a one-shot on your Draco book, if it’s ok.  Maybe a deaf reader and she only speaks sign language, so Draco learns  it to be able to talk to her, or she teaches him? - KaylaBignall

Warnings: Half-assed writing (sorry), Cheesiness (I’ve spent my holiday watching crappy rom-coms)

( This story is a lot like the last about the mute reader so excuse any reoccurring ideas in this one.)

(Author’s Note: I appreciate all the requests but I ’m starting to stress a bit. I will do all the requests I have gotten up until now but I wont take any more that come after this chapter until I’m done with the one’s I’ve got. Anyway I love writing these but I’ve just got way to many to write and I can’t write all the time anyway.)

(I just realised that I’m such a mess haha)

Draco’s Pov

She is sitting at the back of the library again, a textbook open in front of her, her eyes skimming the contents of the page. Sun is pouring in from the nearby window, highlighting once again, just how pretty she actually is.

I sigh quite loudly, questioning whether I should go talk to her but instantly realising I can’t, because her world is silent and my words can’t reach her, because (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was unlucky enough to lose her hearing to a curse, a curse that was fired by a deatheater, who even after, the dark lord’s retreat into hiding, continued to force his ideas onto society.

As all this courses through my mind, I fail to remember that I’m stood in the middle of the entrance to the library.

“Do you plan to stand there all day, Malfoy?”

“Shut up, Granger,” I snap back, grudgingly shuffling out of the girls way, but before she scurries away I remember. “Wait, Granger, you know sign, right?”

“What’s it to you?” She grunts and I sigh.

“Can you teach me?"I ask, avoiding eye contact  with her.

"Why do you want to learn sign language,"She scoffs, my eyes drift to (Y/N) again, and her eyes widen into a look of shock. ”No way! Not happening, Malfoy! (Y/N) is a dear friend, I’m not setting her up with the likes of… you. You’ll just hurt her, no way!“

"I won’t hurt her!,"I hiss loudly , making people turn and stare. "Listen, I like her,” I say in a whisper and she scoffs again.

“Have you even had a conversation with her?”

“ Why do you think I want to learn sign?” I snap and she rolls her eyes.


“Please, I promise never to hurt her, I just want to be able to talk to her,” I plead and she sighs.

“Did you just say please?” She asks in surprise “I’ve never heard you say that before,”

“Please?"I ask again and she scrunches her face up before sighing and nodding.

"Fine, but only if you’re not an arse to me and don’t lead (Y/N) on,”

“Thank you,”

“I’m going to have to get used to these manners,"She mumbles before beginning to walk away. "Meet me here after dinner, don’t be late, Malfoy,”

I can’t help but grin, knowing I am going to be able to speak to (Y/N).

As I start learning sign I slowly begin to talk to (Y/N). Just a simple “How are you?” or a comment on the weather or such during class. Along with lessons with Granger, I’ve picked up a few books on sign and my vocabulary is almost good enough to hold a conversation.

Today I am walking to potions with (Y/N), chatting happily.

“I can’t stand Snape sometimes,” I sign and she nods with a smirk.

“He can be very annoying,”She signs and I laugh.

“I heard that Umbridge is going to come in and check out his class today,” I sign, making a tiny mistake but she snorts.

“This will be fun,” She signs with a smirk before we walk into the classroom.

The lady in pink stands with Snape, holding herself with undeserving pride and a friendly mask that is beginning to fall to pieces as she waits for the class to calm down until her lips fall into a frown.

“Professor Umbridge will be joining the lesson today…"Snape says flatly, I turn to (Y/N) and give a smirk which she returns with a grin.

During the little exchange I notice something new, my heart beating faster than normal and realisation strikes me on why and for the first time, I feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks and I quickly whip my gaze away from (Y/N) who frowns at this.

I’ve realised I’m in love with (Y/N) and now I can’t have conversation with her without blushing a tomato-red colour when she smiles or laughs. It’s infuriating to be in such a state because of a girl that doesn’t like me back , it’s pathetic. It’s also pretty hard to sign when I’m a flustered mess.

As I take a seat next to Granger for another lesson, I sigh before resting my head on the table.

"Wow, what’s wrong with you?” Granger asks and I grunt.

“Nothing, I’m great,"I say sarcastically.

"Well someones in a tremendous mood,”

“Shut up,”

“Has this got something to do with the fact that you have fallen deeply in love with (Y/N) and now you are a total mess?"She smirks and for a second I think about denying it but I just nod.


“Well why are you moping and not telling her how you feel?”

“Because she doesn’t like me back, Granger, okay?” I snap and she roles her eyes

“Ugh, do all boys have to be so incredibly thick or are they all just blind. (Y/N) likes you too, idiot,” She sighs and I lift my head of the table suddenly.

“How do you know?”

“I have working eyes,”

“Are you sure?” I ask a little bit frantic to know.

“Yes, now (Y/N) should be leaving dinner about now so I suggest you make haste,” She smirks

I stand up quickly and begin to trot to the door but before leaving I turn round.

“Thanks, Granger, for all of this,”

“For goodness sake,Malfoy, go get her!"She snaps and I smirk before running out of the Library

I find (Y/N) walking along the corridors on her way to her dorm. I run towards her, grabbing her hand before coming to a halt, out of breath and panting.

"Draco, what’s wrong?” She signs with a concerned expression.

“Nothing, I just need to get something off my chest,” I sign, regaining my composure and standing up straight.

“What is it?”

I hesitate before I decide just to come out with it.

“I love you.”I sign and her eyes widen “I have for quite a while now.”

(Y/N) is completely still for a second and I start to panic.

“It’s fine if you don’t like me back, it’s fine,” I sign frantically but she comes closer.

She lifts a hand to my cheek before leaning in. When her lips touch mine it’s like nothing else matters except (Y/N) and I, kissing in the empty corridor. Even though (Y/N)’s world is silent her actions seem louder than words.  

(Author Note: Okay I read this back and felt like throwing up over cheesiness so  I apologise for that, this is pretty half assed but I have serious writers block plus my heating has broken so I’m a literal ice pole right now. Anyway my general opinion on this chapter is just"oops". Sorry )



reader and angelica are dating in secret, as angelica can’t risk the public knowing that she’s pansexual, at least not yet. then someone finds out somehow and angelica decides to save her legacy and break up with reader 

“I wish we could tell people how we feel,” you whispered to your girlfriend as you snuck stolen kisses in the wooded area behind her house

“I wish we could too,” she replied, pressing one longer kiss to your lips. She held it there for a moment, before pulling away and staring into your eyes.

“I love you Y/N,” Angelica told you, squeezing your hand.

“I love you too Angie,” you said, smiling at her.

She smiled back and then stood up, reaching her hand out to help you up. You both dusted off your skirts, then turned in opposite directions.

“Same time tomorrow?” you asked quietly.

“Of course.”

With that, you both walked away. Her back to her powerful family and you to your small position at a bakery store.

It was awful having to hide your true feelings for each other, but you knew that society would probably kill you if they found out that two women loved each other.

So in the end you just had to hide it, and right now that was enough for you.

You wished that you could stay like this forever.


But how quickly it all unraveled.

You both made a mistake. You were sloppy, and now your heart was broken.

Angelica had come to visit you as you were working in the small bakery that belonged to your family.

The two of you were alone in the store, or so you thought, and engaged in some small and harmless flirting.

Or so you thought.

There had been a young man, a young important man, hiding behind a shelf of rolls.

He heard everything, then left and went to tell some very important people. People that could ruin your girlfriend’s honor.

The rumors started to spread fast, and you didn’t know what to do.

If someone tried to ask you about it you would deny it, your heart crumbling every time you had to do so.

Instead you faked having an eye on some boy.

But you couldn’t save your relationship. Angelica broke up with you.

She had to save her legacy.

Your heart was shattered on the ground at this point, no amount of fixing would be able to fix it.

To save your own families face your parents set you up with some nice boy.

He was good with you, seeming to understand that you were miserable and left you alone most of the time.

You didn’t know that Angelica felt the same way.

She had gotten married too, and was currently awaiting to set sail to London.

She had seen you across the street, and stared at you. There were tears falling from her eyes.

There was nothing that she wanted more than to hold you, kiss you, be the only one to ever touch you.

She knew that it was impossible.

“I love you Y/N,” she whispered, seeing you fade into the crowd.

Her new husband dragged her onto the boat, her head in the clouds.

She wiped the tears from her face and said goodbye to her family.

“I’ll watch over her for you,” Alexander whispered to Angelica.

She clenched her eyes shut and held back a sob.

“Thank you Alexander,” she replied hoarsely.

They pulled back and looked at each other with a sad understanding.

He couldn’t be himself either.

“I’ll never be satisfied,” she said, boarding the boat. “Goodbye.”

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I’m not sure why I edited this… then again the scene was exactly like this but the panels were changed so, is really not that different, lol.

Air (James Potter x Reader)

Request: Yes

Warnings: Deep feelings?


Part 2

Y/N sighed softly as she slowly escaped from between her sheets. With a dejected breath and half closed eyes, she made her way to the bathroom.

“Oh, shit” she murmured when she glanced at the blurred reflection in the mirror.

Her face was paler than normal and under her eyes appeared dark bags.

Well then, shower it is. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be a little late on breakfast anyway…

Y/N entered the Great Hall running, as usual, and hurried to where her friends were sitting.

“A little early, are we, Y/N?” Y/F/N smirked, looking up from her plate.

“Oh shut up. It’s like you can recognise my footsteps” she said in an annoyed tone, throwing her legs over the bench to properly face her friends.

Y/F/N couldn’t help but snicker, knowing how irritated Y/N could get by this subject.

“I just took a shower. A very-needed shower, I might add”

“I won’t fight with you on that. Good grief, she looked like a tired ghost” one of her roommates added.

“A tired ghost?” Y/N raised a single eyebrow at her friend’s description.

“Yeah, you know. That kind of ghost which looks like it spent all its life working and then died to finally go to bed”

Her friends began laughing loudly, but Y/N only grimaced.

“You’re always going to pick on my thirst for knowledge, aren’t you?”

“You name it ‘thirst for knowledge’, I name it ‘workaholic’”

Y/N rolled her eyes, but smiled a little.

They really are hopeless, aren’t they?

“What’s up with the hurry?” Y/F/N asked.

Once Y/N and her friends reached the hallway, they saw a multitude of students gathered at the entrance.

“Aren’t we supposed to head to Charms?” Y/N murmured, glancing at her schedule again.

“We are. But these are the Gryffindors. We’re having our class with them”

Y/N raised her eyes from the paper to peer at the crowd. Yes, certainly the Gryffindors. But what the hell are they doing here?

“Well, they certainly have a reason for being here. I guess it won’t hurt if we just ask them” she quipped, already making her way to the other students.

Y/F/N followed close behind her as they approached one group of Gryffindors.

“Excuse me” Y/N cleared her throat, asking for their attention. “Do you know by any chance if Professor Flitwick told us to wait for him here?”

Four people turned around and Y/N could make out the figures of four boys.

Oh, no… Y/N mentally slapped herself for being so stupid. The ones standing in front of her were none others than the Marauders.

“Well, well. How can we help you, ladies?” the long, dark haired boy spoke, flashing the two girls a rather dashing smile.

Y/N just rolled her eyes. Of course. Sirius Black, notorious flirt.

“Do you know if we must wait for Professor Flitwick here, or not?” she asked again, deciding she wanted to make this conversation as short as possible.

“And what do I get if I tell you?” Sirius smirked, then winked at her friend.

Y/N couldn’t help but groan and shake her head disapprovingly when she heard Y/F/N giggle.

“Come on, Padfoot. Don’t be a jerk. Give the lady what she wants” another boy interfered.

Y/N stole a quick glance at him. He was grinning too, but the suggestive tone James Potter used made Y/N’s cheeks heat up. She couldn’t help but observe his lean body, how the black mess he called hair would fall over his eyes, or how he’d randomly stare at her when they were in the Great Hall, or during classes.

Y/N quickly turned her eyes away, feeling that his gaze was already boring holes into her head and tried to settle down the heat in her cheeks.

Y/F/N snickered rather audibly from behind her, while staring at James.

“What?” the boy said, noticing her eyes glued on him. “Do I have something on my face?”

Y/N snapped her head towards them, understanding immediately what was happening and shot Y/F/N a death glare.

“No, there’s nothing on your face” she responded calmly. “Now, if you would-”

“Professor Flitwick is coming” a sandy haired boy interjected.

Y/N took a second to look at him, before turning around, to face the professor. Remus. She would often spend time with him in the library, discussing a good book, doing homework, or just reading next to each other. He seemed the only normal one from that group, honestly.

“Children,” Flitwick addressed them cheerfully “I know this is a bit unexpected, but today we’ll have our class outside, as the spell you’ll learn today requires quite some space.”

Without any further explanation, professor Flitwick began walking towards the entrance and the group of students followed close behind.

Once they reached the Black Lake, the professor stopped and turned to face the students.

“Today, we’ll talk about a rather difficult spell to master, more exactly, a teleportation spell. Come on, find a pair and get your wands out”

After a few minutes of fussing, the group fell into silence once again.

“Good. Now, hold your wands like this and chant ‘Hominem liquescit’. You need to have a place for the object, or person you want to use this spell on to teleport to very clearly contoured in your mind. Be careful when using this spell though. It requires attention and, when used the wrong way, it may damage the person you use it onto. Off you go”

Y/N turned back towards her friend and raised her wand, once Flitwick turned his back at them.

“You’ll let me go first, won’t you?” she asked Y/F/N.

After receiving a small nod, Y/N closed her eyes, focusing her entire attention on the spell. The words kept echoing in her head and she felt a tingling sensation in her fingertips.

“Hominem liquescit” she murmured and felt how a thin stride of magic erupted from the tip of her wand.

Y/N tightened the grip on her wand, while repeating the spot Y/F/N should be transported to over and over in her mind. With a rather powerful effort of her energy and a light pop, her arm fell back into its place.

The next thing she knew when she opened her eyes was that her friend was standing in a completely different spot from before, with a big smile on her face.

“Oh, look over there, you all! Miss Y/L/N made it!” Y/N heard professor Flitwick remark and then the round of applause and cheering which followed.

She smiled ever so slightly and turned towards the others. Her gaze slowly moved across the crowd, before her eyes came to a sudden stop.

Her eyes met with his. She froze and felt her heart constrict painfully, although she wasn’t entirely sure why. One thing was clear, though. The boy could easily make her heart race. And while different, brand new emotions began lurking inside her body, her knees seemed to melt. While James’ lips turned upwards, Y/N couldn’t help but grimace.

Why is this happening to me?

She internally sighed and dropped her head in one of her hands, still not being able to look away from James.

“Watch it!” someone yelled.

The sound startled Y/N, who tore away her eyes from James’ and whipped her head towards the voice.

It seemed that, in her distraction, Y/N didn’t notice the other students which began working on the spell once again, nor did she notice the spell which was aiming directly at her.

Her eyes widened and, with a strangled gasp, the spell hit her with full force, sending her body tumbling down.

But before she could reach the ground, her body melted with the air, leaving behind an empty spot and a heavy silence.  

Startled gasps echoed across the crowd of students. Professor Flitwick’s shock washed away with a quick shake of his head and he took hold of the situation, yelling over to the teenagers.

“Go look for her! Don’t just stay there like statues” he commanded, then started looking for the girl himself.

But as a piercing scream echoed from the sky, they all stopped their fussing and glanced above them.

Their eyes widened at the sight of Y/N, falling freely from the sky.

“No!” Y/F/N screamed. “She’s going to fall into the lake!”

Everybody’s eyes turned to the trembling girl.

“She doesn’t know how to swim” she whispered almost painfully.

But before the words began sinking in, Y/N’s body hit the water with a loud splash, sending waves all over the water surface and shivers down her classmate’s spines.

Y/N felt the impact with the water and then, the coldness which embraced her body, biting at her skin.

She desperately tried to remain at the surface, but her frantic movements were worthless.

Quickly, the little oxygen from her lungs fade away, being replaced by a burning feeling. Y/N wasn’t sure how, but she could swear that, even under water, she felt her lungs burn. Her whole body began aching with a desperate need for air and her brain felt foggy.

As the water surface was slowly dying into the distance, taking the light with it, Y/N finally let her body fall into the dark abyss.

But as a dark shadow blocked her already blurred view and a strong arm twirled around her waist, her eyes slowly came to a close.

Pain. All she felt was pain. Pain and a terrible headache.

While her brain seemed to come to his senses again, her body refused to even twitch. Her legs and arms felt heavy and her chest was hurting. Every breath she took resulted in a stinging feeling in her lungs.

Although it was bearable, Y/N couldn’t help but groan as a deep breath made her feel like her chest could explode at any moment.

She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to be glued together. But as a shadow blocked the light she could acknowledge even through her closed lids, her eyes flew open with a desperate effort.

The bright light in the room blinded Y/N for just a moment, before a hospital room began contouring.

The Hospital wing? But what am I doing- she wondered, but stopped herself short.

All the memories from the incident floated back into her brain with a striking rapidity, which made her headache intensify. The Charms class. How she mastered the charm. The look she exchanged with James and then… the spell which hit her. She remembered her fall, the impact, the burning feeling which strangled her lungs… And that arm. That shadow.

That’s right. Someone saved me!

She gasped audibly as the thoughts finally clicked.

“Glad to know you’re awake” a deep voice rag from beside her.

Y/N flinched and quickly turned her head, a movement which resulted in a deep pain into her sore neck muscles.

James sat next to her bed, his black hair messy as always and his warm eyes focused on her face. He smiled at her confused expression.

“Did I scare you?” he asked quietly.

“N-no. It’s just… you’ve startled me. This is a bit unexpected. You are a bit unexpected”

“Me?” James cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah… I mean, you being here is a bit unexpected…”

James silently shook his head, which confused Y/N even further.

“So… why are you here?”

“Well, I thought you’d figure by now. My hair is not wet for no reason” he smiled softly at her.

Y/N glanced at his hair and was quite shocked to discover that he was right. At times, lonely droplets of water would stream down his neck and onto his t shirt, making him appear-

No! You won’t finish that thought. Stay collected, stay collected…        

The thought clicked and all the colour from Y/N’s face drained.

So that was his arm around her waist. So that was his warmth which she could feel even if she was surrounded by coldness. So… that was him who saved her.

Only thinking about that, Y/N could swear she felt the tingling sensation again on her middle. Or maybe… that was her heart?

She gulped and lowered her eyes to meet with his.

“Why?” was the only coherent question she could manage.

And now that she thought about it, it doesn’t seem so coherent anymore.

James smiled once again and moved so that he was now standing on Y/N’s bed. He gently took her hand in his and stroked her skin with his thumb.

His action sent shivers down her spine, but she managed to somehow remain collected. For now, at least.

“Because I wanted to” he spoke to her hand.

“B-but… why? I mean, you didn’t have to-”

Y/N stopped herself short as James’ other hand came in contact with her warm cheek. Her lips remained parted as she froze. His gentle stroke made her heart twist and twirl. A very heavy feeling rose in her stomach. His fingers trailed her jaw and rested just below her lips, holding her chin in place.

Damn you…

Every place his fingers touched would tingle, preventing Y/N from any coherent thinking. 

Her eyes went wide as James’ face grew closer to hers than she initially expected.

“Why, you ask?” he muttered, staring into her Y/E/C eyes.

She merely nodded, but doubted he really needed her confirmation.

“Because I care about you”

His eyes lowered to glance at her lips and she felt like her already racing heart was about to burst out of her chest. He let out a small breath which tingled her skin and made goose bumps appear all over her body.

“And I couldn’t forgive myself if- if something happened to you” James continued, as he started leaning in.

Y/N’s brain and heart screamed at the same time. Unfortunately, for totally different reasons.

Her brain was full of unanswered questions and uncertainties. She felt like a storm decided to have fun inside her head and messed it up even more than it already was. Her confused thoughts mixed up together, making her head feel rather heavy and foggy.

On the other hand, her heart seemed to melt from the fire Potter lit inside of her. The warmth which captured her heart began spreading all over her body, making her cheeks burn.

He seems so harsh and cocky all the time, but he has always been nice and careful with me. And his touch… it’s like a drug… so gentle.

Just as Y/N was about to give in and listen to her heart, James suddenly pulled away, breathing hard.

He looked scared, with his hair messier than usual and his eyes wild, as he stared back at Y/N. He quickly trailed his hand over his hair, trying to calm some of his nerves.

“I- I’m sorry” he muttered, before standing up and leaving the room in a hurry.

Y/N stood there frozen, watching him leave. She couldn’t quite make out what just happened, but as soon as the door shut, an empty feeling strangled her chest. Her eyes began stinging and her heart constricted painfully.

“Well?” she heard a voice ask from outside the Hospital Wing. “How did it go?”


“Did you kiss her, or not?”

“I couldn’t bring myself to it, Moony”

“What? Why?”

“It’s just… hard to explain. I can’t stand being here anymore. I am too close to her”

“Prongs, wait!”

Along with the footsteps, the voices of the four Marauders slowly died, leaving Y/N in complete silence.

Once she was alone again, she felt the warmth in her cheek fade away. She slowly raised her hand and touched the spot James’ fingers stroked.

Y/N closed her eyes and, with a soft sigh, she let a single tear stream down her pale face, remaking the trail James’ fingers once made.  

It was cold.