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The Preacher’s Daughter Collab

We’re back at it again people! Another collab with me and @stilinski-jpeg, I hope you guys are fucking ready for the insane amount of sin coming because we’re not just writing any fic but a fucking series! That’s right! But not just any kind of series… two connected series posted at the same time y’all.

Nia’s story: “I’ve been doing bad things lately — my dad raised me right, but he ain’t here tonight. There ain’t nothing that could save me.“

Camile’s story: “What happens when the pure and innocent girl meets the sweetest and dirtiest form of corruption named Mitch Rapp?”

Are you fucking ready? ;)


When you feel beautiful with and without makeup <3

(feat. the most natural and most covered versions of me since I’ve started this blog)

Get on your knees!

Note: I cant find the request for this one but it was along the lines of the reader teasing Rick and hes older than her and it ends in smut!! Enjoy!

Warning: SMUT!!

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You silently stirred the bubbling soup in the pot. You were in a daze, your mind focusing on all the bad things Rick would do to you tonight. You almost felt bad for thinking about it, he’s old enough to be your dad but who cares? You smiled to yourself as you imagined his warm hands trailing up your body, drinking you in with his eyes.


You jumped at the sudden noise and you turned your head to see Carol, you felt your cheeks go red as you thought she could read your mind.

“I said you can go, I’ll take it from here” she smiled at you, taking the wooden spoon from your hand. You thanked her and headed outside just in time to see Rick coming back from a run with Glenn and Abraham. You internally grinned as you straightened out your skirt and made sure to pull your top down just enough to reveal your cleavage. You knew that Rick loved you in a short skirt so you made sure to wear it today. You approached Rick as Abraham and Glenn went off in their separate ways. He looked you up and down as you walked towards him and you saw him hungrily licking his lips.

“Hey Rick” you smiled at him, seductively tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. He looked behind you to make sure that no one was around to see him getting aroused by your sexy outfit. He placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head at you.

“You like teasing me?” his voice was gruff, he was trying hard to hold back the urge to throw you over his shoulder and carry you back to his house to have his way with you.

“Just thought you might like a little something to look at after a long day” you giggled.

“Tonight, be ready” he growled, he looked you up and down one last time before walking past you and heading to the armoury.

You heard a knock at your door when evening came. The sun was down and you waited in anticipation for Rick. You jumped up from the sofa and ran to the door. As soon as you opened it Rick pushed you back inside, slamming you up against the wall. His lips were on yours and he shut the door with his spare hand. His fingers immediately curled into your hair and he tugged at it, giving him access to the sensitive skin on your neck. You moaned as his teeth nipped at your skin, you wrapped your hands around his neck and dug your nails into his back.

“You think you’re just gonna get away with what you did today?” Rick asked, keeping his concentration on your neck.

You opened your mouth to reply but his hand reached under your skirt and he pressed his fingers against your panties, rubbing at your clit.

“Giving me a damn hard on like that? With your long legs and sexy ass” he was mumbling against you now, his fingers working wonders on you.

“Rick-” you gasped as he moved your panties to the side and plunged two fingers into you. He moved slowly at first, but as you started to beg him he moved faster. You grabbed onto his shirt and squeezed the material into your fists. He felt your walls clenching around him so he deviously removed his fingers and brought them to your mouth, making you taste yourself on his long digits.

“That’s right, good girl” he said as he watched your skilful mouth take his fingers in. You swirled your tongue around his fingertips, mimicking what you would do to his cock.

“Get on your knees!” he growled suddenly, he grabbed your hair and forced you down.

You hungrily unbuckled his belt and watched his jeans drop to the ground. You eyed his now large cock hidden beneath his boxers. Rick looked down at you as you pulled his hard member from its material cage. You looked up at him, holding eye contact as you took him in your mouth. He watched as he disappeared behind your plump lips, shocked at how you took him all in. He groaned and leaned his head back as you tightened your lips around him. He panted as you got faster, and soon enough rick was moving his hips forward into you, his hands holding your head still as he fucked your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat every time. You gagged in response but it only made Rick go wild. He panted and groaned as you gagged, telling you how good you were making him feel. When you felt Rick throbbing in your mouth you flicked your tongue against his tip, making his experience pleasurable. But he pulled out of your mouth and brought you back up.

“I don’t wanna cum just yet” he panted.

He grabbed your panties and ripped them down your legs, leaving you in only your short skirt and top. Rick didn’t bother to take his shirt off, this wasn’t anything romantic and you knew it. This was just fucking. He grabbed his cock and pushed it against your entrance and you felt his tip enter you. But he wasn’t done, you had teased him and now he was teasing you. He pulled his tip out, making you whimper at the loss of contact. He slid his cock up and down your slits, making you more wet and you squirmed against the wall, wanting more.

“Rick please” you moaned.

“Please what? Tell me what you want baby girl” he whispered in your ear, taking a nip at your neck.

You melted at his words and struggled to talk. “I want you” you said.

“You want me?”


lease. I want you to fuck me!” you finally shouted, having enough of being teased. You squeezed your eyes shut as Rick thrusted into you, grunting at the same time. You both moaned as you felt each other, Rick took a moment to get his breath back from before. Then he started to move, being ruthless with the force of his thrusts. Suddenly you felt his hands on the back of your thighs as he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You grabbed onto his hair as your back slammed against the wall repeatedly as rick pounded into you. He placed his head in the crook of your neck and he proceeded to suck at your pulse, making you feel light headed as the mixture of two pleasures took over your body.

As Rick thrusted into you, you could feel him throbbing. His thrusts became sloppy as he was concentrating on the pleasure you were giving him. You felt the heat building up in your stomach as you came close to your release, and as Rick moaned your name you lost control. You let your body shake against him, your wrapped your arms tighter around his neck, bringing him closer and he kissed you, finally showing you how much he loved you.

Once your walls started clenching around him he spilled into you, holding himself against your body as he let everything out. He held his breath and you saw the veins in his arms and neck, it was a beautiful sight.

Once you had both come down from your highs, Rick pulled out of you and dropped you down on the floor, your body a little unbalanced after what just happened. You smiled up at Rick as he put his boxers and jeans back on. He saw you smiling at him, making him laugh.

“You’re precious” he whispered, placing a hand on your cheek as he planted a kiss on your forehead. “You coming to Hilltop tomorrow?”

“Sure” you smiled, kissing him back and watching as he walked to the door. He gave you a nod before disappearing outside and leaving you stunned at how amazing he was.

Love or Hate (Part 10 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,115 (what is a drabble, really)

Warnings: language, drinking, pranking, anger, much yes

A/N:  I might be evil???? Also this is ending up as my longest story because I can’t shut up. Also also, Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers. Hope your dinner goes better than this one.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

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This is one of days here that makes me wanna built a sort of blanket to use against ALL the bullshit against C and D. Like wrapping them in it to protect them. Because they can be wrong and make bad decisions but their own bad decisions. I can’t stand when people do stupid things like tonight. Why doing this kind of thing only to laugh?it’s not good. I despise beard with all myself but I didn’t write to her a single word in 4 years . Why tagging people involved in the bs? Why the need to search this fake glory? I’m so upset today….

Tsubaki Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Tsubaki Dialogue

For the two anons!

Same disclaimers as usual. Btw, Tsubaki speaks in a very sing-songy and playful way which is why there’s copious usage of ~ aha.

EDIT: Changed the nuances of one of Tsubaki’s last lines to hopefully convey his meaning across better.

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“I’m not touching you, Dean.” Castiel grinned with an almost nostalgic glint in his eye. The dangerous game had gotten a little too out of hand, Cas with his pointer finger hovering just over Dean’s arm.

The hunter glared down the angel with an intensity that made the room feel as though it was directly under the sun. The two of them were sitting on a motel bed waiting for a call from Sam to say the hunt was either about a ghost or a witch. So of course childish games started to organically happen between them.

“I swear to your Dad, Cas, that if you touch me I will tickle you.” The words hissed through Dean’s clenched teeth.

Feeling a little daring, Cas lowered his finger unbearably closer without making contact, all the time never letting his eyes stray from Dean’s. “Is that a threat, Winchester?”

Just as Dean was about to open his mouth to retort, he could feel the callous tip of Cas’ finger brush against his lower arm. His blood coiled as he used his hunter strength and agility to grasp onto Cas’ wrists with one hand while the other shot out under the angel’s armpit and started to tickle vigorously.

Cas let out a scream of surprise as his eyes widened and his head threw back. Laughter exploded out of him as he fell onto his back. Taking the opportunity for the strategic higher ground, Dean climbed onto Cas, his legs on either side of the angel’s hips, and continued his assault on Cas’ ribs.

“Say ‘uncle’!” Dean’s lips started to turn up at the sight of his angel losing himself in laughter, of the worry lines disappearing from Cas’ profile and the feel of vibrations against his inner thighs.

“Dean!” Cas shrieked around a fit of laughter, trying to catch his breath and keep the tears at bay. “Please! Stop! I surrender!”

Grinning smugly, Dean let his hand go lax against Cas’ ribcage. His grip loosened on the angel’s wrists. Their eyes met as they filled their lungs with breath and tried to find their footing in this moment. His smile melting into one of more adoration, Dean leaned down delicately and placed a short kiss on Cas’ lips.

“Maybe next time you’ll beat me.”

Castiel, giving Dean a wink, whispered, “The night is young.”

Sam entered the motel room, having not gotten his brother or best friend to pick up the phone, to the sight of Cas straddling Dean’s back and arms with his wet finger hovering over Dean’s ear.

And of course, Sam grabbed a beer and rooted Cas on as the two lovers wrestled and laughed with not a worry in their heart.

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omfg can you please please please do exo when they're asking you to do roleplay in bed for the first time?? you can decide what each member wants to roleplay lol ;)

OMG thank you for this one xD


Baekhyun; He wants to make an Angry birds roleplay

Chanyeol; He wants to roleplay as Jaejoong and you could be his Yunho

Chen; He would be the teacher who punishes you for not doing your homework

D.O.; He will be your Chef pâtissier and he will make you all the sweet things you want

Kai; He wants to roleplay as Taemin so you can be his Minho

Kris; He roleplays as a boss of a Yakuza family

Lay; He’s a unicorn

Luhan; He’s gonna be your private Chippendale tonight

Sehun; He wants to do bad things with you as a Japanese Yankee

Suho; Someone called a doctor?

Tao; Porn secretary

Xiumin; He has been a very very bad student


So, which fantasy do you choose?

When people @ Aaron ridiculous and perverted things on Twitter