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Advent Drabble 15 - Merry-Go-Round

Requested by @sdlibrarian

At the center of Eames’s dream there was a merry-go-round. Arthur watched it go round and round, until Eames came up to him.

“I fear the symbolism,” Arthur said.

“Do you think it represents the endless merry-go-round of our frustrating dance around each other?”

“Yes,” Arthur admitted.

“Maybe,” said Eames, threading their fingers together. “You do make me dizzy. And also…we’ve had so much fun. When’s the last time you rode a carousel, darling? Come let me show you how fun it is, so you’ll feel better about the one you’ve had me on.”

Arthur relented. And it was fun.

the first few weeks of the justice league actually being a team are probably a fucking nightmare. superman keeps using midwestern expressions. you’re not going to need paper towels to clean this up, you’re gonna need an irrigation system, he says. nobody is entirely sure what that means. aquaman keeps leaving in the middle of fights to go save lobsters from restaurants, because he can’t just let them get eaten, y'know? wonder woman quickly figures out that there’s maybe three people here with any serious combat experience. the flash is just a police officer, man. that’s all he knows. she’s in despair. speaking of the flash, someone made the mistake of giving him caffienated coffee, and now the power’s out. someone tell green lantern that he can’t wear the same gross jacket to every meeting. shouldn’t his space cop uniform keep him warm. who keeps playing ‘mmm whatcha say’ over the speakers. batman keeps disappearing during after battles, and it turns out he’s at the daycare down the street hanging out with the babies. he got bored


While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

#jaime is bi and had an enormous crush on ned and any other knight he casually mentions as honorable

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