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“Dennis’ Double Life” Defense & Explanations

In this post, I’ll attempt to explain/defend all of the controversial scenes in the Season 12 finale, “Dennis’ Double Life.” This write-up has helped me to appreciate the episode a lot better and it might help some people who have mixed feelings about the episode to view it in a different light.

NOTE: This is a mix of speculation and canon evidence.

Question 1: Why was Dennis a butt to Mac the entire episode, especially after he was so nice to him at the end of “The Gang Tends Bar”?

Answer 1: I will break this answer into three parts:

  • Part 1: I got the vibe that Mandy surprised Dennis with the visit, which explains why Dennis had mere seconds to tell the Gang to pretend that he was someone else. With the flesh-and-blood reality of Brian Jr. on his mind, I don’t think he had the mental energy to consider Mac at all. (In “The Gang Tends Bar,” Brian Jr. wasn’t there, so Dennis didn’t feel that immediate/strong pressure. Also, Dennis was emotionally vulnerable and available after having told the Gang about his “big feelings,” so he was able to react better to Mac)
  • Part 2: I’m not sure Dennis fully comprehends Mac’s feelings for him. I think he knows, to some degree, that Mac is attracted to him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he sees Mac’s attraction to him as a kind of strange “hero worship.” Dennis verbally confirmed that Mac is gay in “Mac Day,” but he constantly acts weirded out or confused when Mac does/says something that shows that he has feelings for him. For example, in “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs,” Dennis thought it was weird that Mac would name their dog Dennis Jr. That reaction, of course, mirrors Dennis’ reaction to Mac’s reveal that he perfectly recreated their old apartment. I don’t think he was trying to hurt Mac. He just flat out does not understand why Mac would go through all the trouble.
  • Dennis also doesn’t appear to understand his own feelings for Mac. He has asked Mac to “get off with him” (a “mostly sexual” manipulation game) and tried to get him to participate in a threesome with a male golf caddy in “Frank’s Back in Business,” admitted to Dee that he made his sex tapes for himself and Mac in “The Gang Group Dates,” stated that he has a thing with Mac where he picks out porn for them that he doesn’t want Charlie to join in on (“The Gang Spies Like U.S.”), and danced for Mac when he saw him avidly watching him in “PTSDee,” but he doesn’t see anything strange about this. It’s just par for the course in their relationship.
  • If Dennis has trouble seeing his own feelings, then like hell is he going to fully see Mac’s feelings. And if he can’t see Mac’s feelings, he can’t deal with them properly. 
  • Part 3: In the back of Dennis’ mind, he was seriously considering leaving the Gang and being a father to his son. He knows that leaving the Gang is going to hurt him, so he emotionally pushed them away. When the Gang becomes “lesser” in his mind, it doesn’t hurt as much to leave them.

Summary: Dennis was stressed the heck out about Brian Jr. and didn’t have the energy to deal with his relationship with Mac.

Question 2: Were Mac’s feelings for Dennis treated as a joke?

Answer 2: Not necessarily. Even though Dennis likes to act like he’s the smartest member of the Gang, Mac is clearly more aware and accepting of the nature of their relationship than Dennis is. Mac was 100% fine with them pretending to be a couple and raising Brian Jr. (with or without Mandy), not because he’s super desperate and lovesick, but because, no matter what they call their relationship (lovers, partners, pretend, friends), they’d still be together. Mac just loves being with Dennis and wants to help solve Dennis’ problem, so, of course, that would be his plan. (And it’s actually a good plan.)

It hurts the empathetic audience members to see Mac treated the way he is by Dennis, but it’s normal Dennis behavior that Mac has accepted. Mac has survived his internalized homophobia, his father’s dislike of him, his mother’s indifference to him, and the Gang’s occasional dislike of him. Mac is stronger than we think he is. And if he gets tired of Dennis, he definitely has the strength to walk away from their relationship relatively unscathed.

Summary: Mac was pretty much having fun playing a character (he even wanted his character’s name to be Griffin) and hanging out with Dennis and Dennis was stressed the hell out about Brian Jr.

Question 3: Charlie wanted to have sex? With The Waitress?

Answer 3: Yes. In “Charlie Has Cancer,” Charlie was visibly disappointed when he realized that he missed the chance to possibly have sex with The Waitress. In “Who Pooped the Bed?” a drunk Waitress stated that she would get drunker and bang a random dude and Charlie asked her if it could be him. In "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge,” when a drunk Waitress told the Gang that she’d bang the next person who talked to her, Charlie opened his mouth and stepped forward, but Schmitty came out of nowhere and The Waitress went home with him.

Summary: I know some people headcanon Charlie as ace and/or sex-repulsed (I personally headcanon him as gray ace) and that’s fine, but Charlie has expressed interest in having sex with The Waitress in the show.

Question 4: Why did the Waitress have sex with Charlie?

Answer 4: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In "Charlie and Dee Find Love,” (which was written by RCG) the Waitress reacted in an arguably jealous manner towards Charlie’s then-girlfriend Ruby (“Who the hell is this, Charlie?!”). Also, at the end of the episode, the Waitress told Charlie that she needed him in her life and that she was thinking about reducing his restraining order. Admittedly, the Waitress’ strange behavior was after Frank accidentally put rat poison in her shampoo (which made her sick) and hit her with his car (which put her in a hospital), so she could have some kind of permanent brain damage.

In the beginning of the show, the Waitress wasn’t attracted to Charlie, but was concerned about his well-being sometimes. (In "The Gang Gives Back,” she tried to help Charlie with his alcoholism) It’s possible that after “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” the Waitress’ view of Charlie started to change. As the years went on, the Waitress’ problems started to get worse and worse, and, like Cricket (her male counterpart), she still found herself continually drawn to the Gang. Even though she still thinks Charlie’s a mess, a part of her might think that he’s all that she has left. (And that might, sadly, be true) And, if Charlie can help her to fulfill her dream of having a baby, maybe things can get better for her.

Something I noticed as well is that the Waitress never said she loved Charlie back. It’s possible that she still doesn’t love Charlie and never will, but sees him simply as a partner that can help her to take care of her child. (Also, in order to get Frank’s money, she needs to be partnered with Charlie)

Question 5: What’s the deal with The Waitress acting the way she did after having sex with Charlie?

Answer 5: We don’t know that much about The Waitress, but we do know that she sometimes does/thinks weird stuff like the rest of the Gang. (In "Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom,” The Waitress slept with Frank, a man she’s not attracted to at all, in an attempt to get back at Dennis because she thought he was cheating on her with older women. In “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” it’s hinted at that The Waitress might be stalking Dennis because she has his phone number even though he changed it. In “The Gang Group Dates,” after years of Dennis’ mistreatment of her, The Waitress was still excited about possibly being Dennis’ girlfriend.) Also, even though she was kind of aggressive towards Charlie, all of her points were valid, some of Charlie’s responses were dumb, and her dislike of Charlie is totally understandable.

Question 6: What’s the deal with Charlie freaking out after finally getting The Waitress’ attention?

Answer 6: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In Season 9’s "Flowers for Charlie,” Frank paid The Waitress to hang out with Charlie because he was getting worried about him after he started taking “intelligence” pills for an experiment. When the Waitress began talking about her life, Charlie immediately started getting annoyed, started hearing a ringing in his head, and had to leave. We found out at the end of the episode that these pills were placebos. Basically, this was a strong hint that Charlie might be in love with the idea of The Waitress, not the actual person. So, even though he has been stalking The Waitress for 15 years, he might not really want to be with the real her. (The fact that he thought of The Waitress’ negative reactions as a “game between them” is another hint, of course)

Also, even though Charlie fantasized about raising multiple children with The Waitress in “The Gang Saves the Day” (which aired before “Flowers for Charlie”), it was still a fantasy. Charlie might fantasize about having a nice house, a wife, and children, but he still likes living in his unfancy and dangerous apartment and doesn’t handle stress well. There are huge conflicts that he doesn’t see.

Also, keep in mind that he came up with the plan only a few hours earlier and he mentioned that he wanted to get The Waitress pregnant so she would be tied to him for life. (clearly no thought about the actual baby and being a father)

So, with Charlie being Charlie and the reality of the situation crashing on him, he is starting to freak out.

Summary: Charlie freaking out is 100% in character.

Question 7: Why was Charlie a butt to Dee after having sex with The Waitress?

Answer 7: Charlie is an idiot and a misogynist, so he projected his issues with women and The Waitress onto Dee. Also, as Charlie mentioned, Dee possibly tried to have sex with him an additional time after “The Gang Misses the Boat” and he didn’t want that to happen again that night. So, overly-stressed and tired Charlie absentmindedly begged Dee not to be a whore numerous times before immediately falling asleep on top of her because even though he has issues with women, he feels comfortable with Dee.

Summary: Charlie and Dee’s relationship in a nutshell.

Question 8: Why did Dennis want to leave the Gang to take care of Brian Jr.?

Answer 8: I get the vibe that this might have been the first time that Dennis actually held Brian Jr. (or he hasn’t held him in a while?). Holding the child made him really understand that he is a living, breathing being he created and not just an obstacle to overcome to get back to his usual life. And then the child knew who he was, which made everything feel even more heavy. This is the first time in Dennis’ life that he’s been responsible for someone other than himself. He knows that if he stays with the Gang, he’ll feel guilty for whatever happens to the child. He’ll feel guilty that the child knew who he was but couldn’t see him. And the fact that the Gang doesn’t comprehend this at all (Mac, for example, excitedly told him “The plan worked!”) pushed him even further away from them and towards his child.

Question 9: Why didn’t the Gang seem to care when Dennis left?

Answer 9: The Gang has a great track record of unusual responses to deaths and departures.

In “Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead,” Dennis reacted to his mother’s death by partying/hazing guys in his mom’s house and Dee and Frank seriously considered grave robbing her. In "The Gang Gets a New Member,” Mac and Dennis had no problem kicking Charlie out of the Gang and replacing him with Schmitty. In "The Gang Beats Boggs,” Mac’s only response to a drunk Dennis spontaneously leaving their plane was to write the number of beers he consumed on his forehead. In "The Gang Misses the Boat,” the Gang “broke up,” yet everyone just spent the episode doing their own thing. In "Frank Retires,” the rest of the Gang started cheering and clapping after Frank declared that he would be retiring from the Gang. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

It’s very likely that the rest of the Gang is still in shock/denial about Dennis leaving and they are expecting him to come back soon like everyone always does.

Since the highlight of the night was firing Dennis’ RPG, they decided to not let Dennis’ departure stop them. (It also doubled as a nice, fiery distraction)

As for blowing up the Range Rover? They think Dennis intentionally left it and it’s the perfect target to take out any frustrations they had/have with Dennis. (This is also one of the reasons Mac, who gave Dennis his cherished RPG, is the one blowing up the Range Rover, one of Dennis’ most prized possessions)

When Dennis comes back, they can excitedly tell him that they blew up the Range Rover and it was awesome.

Question 10: Why did Dennis leave the Range Rover?

Answer 10: Dennis wants to take care of his child, which is a good thing, but he is clearly going through a crisis and is not thinking clearly. He mentally/emotionally disconnected himself from the Gang (notice that he said “The bar’s done” and turned off the lights even though the rest of the Gang is still there and can run the bar) and left everything that reminds him of the Gang behind (which explains why the Range Rover is still there). He did not even think about packing, called a taxi, and headed straight to the airport to fly to Mandy and Brian Jr.’s location. This is one of the reasons the ending feels so “off.” It mirrors Dennis’ mindset.

Question 11: Why did Dennis name his child after Brian Lefevre?

Answer 11: This was probably Mandy’s idea and Dennis went along with it because he couldn’t think of anything else. He also probably wasn’t in the right headspace to complain since he wasn’t ready to have a child.

A Sweet Dare

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, fluff, crack (not the drug guys…)

Word count: 931

Summary: Dean tries to change the reader’s opinion on something that is very very important to him…

A/N: This fic was not planned whatsoever. I had this idea and simply had to write it down. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by devoiddean

“You can’t be serious Y/N!” Dean hollered at you.

“Dean… so what? You’re totally overreacting!” you rolled your eyes in annoyance. The older Winchester had a tendency to be overprotective when it came to things he loved dearly but enough was enough.

He put his hand on his hip like an offended middle aged women with hot rollers in her hair. His eyebrows shot up as he opened his mouth to continue on with his rant.

“Umm, I personally don’t think I’m overreacting at all. In fact Y/N, my entire view on you just changed. I don’t get how you could ever say something like that?! Seriously, I’ve never met someone who thinks the way you do. I currently doubt whether or not you’re even friggin human!”

“DEAN! Just calm the fuck down! It’s just my opinion. You can have your own. Can’t we simply agree to disagree? This is getting ridiculous…” with open arms you took a step towards him but all he did was putting his index finger up, signaling that he was nowhere near done.

“You. said. that. pie. tastes. gross,” Dean punctuated every word as if doing that would make you understand why he was reacting the way he did. Of course, you knew how much he loved pie but you simply didn’t. Why was he making such a big deal out of it?

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As an external observer, I'm curious: what's something you really enjoy about Critical Role?

Oh dang, this is a big one. The really big thing for me was, weirdly enough, holy shit there are women in this. There’s a lot of “geeky” media I consume that I really enjoy, and a lot of it goes seriously above and beyond in terms of caring about people and having a good attitude… but it still hits a barrier of inclusivity for me (just as I’m sure CR hits other folks’ barriers for different reasons) because holy moly, holy mackerel, holy jeez oh man oh gosh, there are almost never any women in ‘em. More to the point, there are practically no women over the age of 30 in ‘em.

I’ve been semi-keeping tabs for a while, now, and I’d say the folks who follow me on fannish social media probably average in age around 18 or 19—probably pretty typical for fandom spaces. The “mutuals” I follow on tumblr, by which I mean the folks I interact with frequently, are generally in their mid-30s (I’m 29—lots of us grew up through fandom together over the past decade or so). One of the reasons I came back to fandom as an older teen after dipping my toe in as a wee one was this feeling of, holy shit, women in their 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and beyond have hobbies

I mean, older dudes get hobbies. Older dudes get “mancaves” and hang out playing video games and having a beer and being goofy and, yeah, acting like kids. But that image of the future is just a big ol’ void of “well, you have to grow up eventually” for a lot of women who genuinely enjoy geeky stuff, and there’s this unfortunate rippling effect where many teenage fans on spaces like tumblr regard older female fans with pity or contempt… at the same time as they fan themselves over the 40-something inoffensive stubble-bro du jour who watches the same geeky TV shows they do. I love finding older women in fannish spaces for the same reason I relish running into the incredibly rare older women in my field of work: for a shining moment, I see a future that looks a lot like who I wanna be.

This is all a roundabout way of saying how much it meant (and continues to mean!) to tune into this incredibly geeky premise of a show, where the participants weren’t just playing D&D, they’d been playing for years together and the cameras were a recent addition, and hey, what the heck, there’s women my age and older getting all excited over a good roll of the dice and telling an amazing story and just plain forgetting the cameras are rolling. Being goofballs! Do you know how hard it is to find media in which women over the age of 25 are allowed to be goofballs? Not written that way to impress the dudes on set or the dudes in the audience, just straight-up being goofy? The aggressively unscripted nature of this show brings that out so nicely.

Zahra remains one of my all-time favorite CR characters in large part because, hey, here’s Mary Elizabeth McGlynn playing D&D for the very first time in her late 40s… and she knocks it the heck outta the park, returns in a recurring role over the years, gets her friends hooked, and starts playing a game at home. That means something to me in a really, really visceral way. Not only are women older than me allowed to have hobbies, they’re allowed to pick up new ones. It shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be the most ordinary thing in the world.

But damn, that feels good to see.


“All women have to deal with getting older, famous or not famous, and the way I deal with it is, I feel that if you stay animated from within, people don’t see the age. I do my makeup and I do my hair and I try to look as fantastic as I can when I walk out of that bathroom, but once I walk out of that bathroom, I don’t think about it again.” — Stevie Nicks

The Quindecile Aspect in Astrology

The Quindecile is a 165 degree angle between two planets (or asteroids) that is relatively rare. It reveals where in life someone is obsessively determined.

I recommend using an orb of one degree and thirty minutes at the most, any more than that and this minor aspect loses its potency.

You must already understand orbs, and know the difference between applying aspects versus separating aspects.

The quick and easy way to see if there’s a quindecile in a chart, is that it is 15 degrees away from being an opposition. For example, Sun at 13 degrees Leo would be opposite Moon at 13 Aquarius and quindecile Saturn at 28 degrees Aquarius. That Sun at 13 Leo could also be quindecile Mars at 28 degrees Capricorn.


Sun quindecile Moon has to do with getting to emotionally passionate to the point of obsession, you can channel this energy to being determined to achieve something. For example, you can unlock mysticism powers if you have either Sun or Moon in the 8th house, help others cope with death (8th house), or become a master of the power of attraction, manifesting the ability to gain money from others (another 8th house trait). So take into account which houses the planets are in to interpret the aspect; which area of life will the person be obsessed with? Another example, if sun or moon is in the 5th house this person could be obsessed with expressing themselves creatively or obsessed with becoming a parent one day. Maybe they’re infertile or haven’t found that “special someone” and they are so determined to have a child that they keep seeking options…

You’ll be more apt at these abilities by utilizing the midpoints of your sun and moon. Midpoints are another lesson entirely, if you want to research them, they can bring the whole chart together.

Mercury quindecile Jupiter, They likely get obsessed with gaining more knowledge on specific topics, for example, if Jupiter is in the 6th house, they may be very drawn to learn about pets or animals in general, nutrition and health, or practical skills that can be applied to jobs. This person is very clever and versatile, possibly a quick learner and fast reader, or at least has the potential to be.

Mercury quindecile Neptune could mean you become obsessive about fantasies that you create. You could get so infatuated by the ideal image of a person or an aspiration in your life that you don’t realize it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m sure you have a vivid imagination and potential to unlock psychic abilities.

Venus Quindecile your North Node, any turbulent relationships will ultimately bring you towards where you are fated to be in life, as they will teach you to find balance within yourself, coming into your North Node  purpose. It is your fate to obsess over certain people! Use an example based on the sign of their North Node and what it says about their purpose.

Ceres quindecile the Sun could mean that you get obsessive about certain foods, you can channel this energy into being passionately driven to learn nutrition or gardening, or to make sure that those around you have a positive relationship with food.

Hygeia quindecile Ceres, you could get obsessive about preventing health problems, particularly by letting food be medicine.

Mars quindecile Jupiter, you get obsessively attracted to men who are connected to spirituality and highly intelligent.

Chiron quindecile Saturn, you could get obsessed with older men/women, pursuing people who are in authority. Your underlying thirst for power makes you attracted to people who have their life under control and who are well established. Yet at the same time, you often have confrontation with authority figures; you are so strong minded that you won’t do something just because you are told to, you have an urge to go against expectations and go your own way!

Chiron quindecile your sun could mean that you are obsessed with proving your worth due to all the times you were knocked down.

Recommended reading: The Quindecile by Ricki Reeves

If you would like a reading with me, send me a private message! You can check out   for more info.

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It's seems pretty harmful that you are calling yourselves a lesbian advice blog when in reality you are giving out very transphobic advice. As a lesbian myself I can recognize that trans women are women and that me being attracted to them does not at all diminish my label as a lesbian. The label of 'woman' does not automatically mean 'personal with a vagina'. Also, Lesbophobia is a real thing but you cannot just use it as a way to justify your TERF ideologies

We don’t just “call ourselves” a lesbian advice blog. We are a lesbian advice blog. We give advice to lesbians. Pretty damn straight forward, or at least you’d think it would be. But lesbians who refuse to center penis in their lives are all labeled “TERFs” and shut down. The only so-called crime we are guilty of is starting a lesbian exclusive advice blog in an ocean of male-centered so-called “sapphic” blogs. If this was a blog about food, would all of you people demand we talk about boats to be more inclusive of boat-lovers? I fucking doubt it, but that’s basically what you all are nagging about all the time. Leave us the fuck alone.

We believe the real harm to lesbians are males infiltrating spaces which are meant for women, especially meant for us lesbians. We believe the real harm to lesbians are all those so called “sapphic” blogs run by transwomen (males) in their late 20s and older who give advice to young lesbians on their bodies and sex life. 

Lesbians do not experience any attraction to males, and that is the only distinction between a lesbian and a bisexual woman.

We’re getting tired of defining these basic terms again and again for you people, but we believe the only way to have a comprehensible argument is to understand each other.

So here’s the thing: we speak English as described on the Oxford dictionary, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, idk, any fucking real-life dictionary. We speak the English of the masses, the coherent English, the universal language. All four of us mods are ESL speakers, from four different non-English speaking countries, and yet we have a better grasp at English than many of you USA-minded transactivists.

Here’s a list of definitions, our vocabulary if you will, here’s what we are talking about, here is what we will keep saying, no matter how many times you call us “TERFs”, or tell us to pee your pants, or wish us dead.


Either of the two major forms (male or female) of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their reproductive organs and structures; the sum of the structural, functional, and behavioral characteristics of organisms that are involved in reproduction marked by the union of gametes and that distinguish males and females; (sexually motivated phenomena or behavior, sexual intercourse); genitalia


Refers to “the sex that produces small, typically motile gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.”


Refers to the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes.


An adult human male. 


An adult human female.


A set of chracterists, roles and expectations linked to either of the two sexes.


Refers to gender, associated with and expected from males. Qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men.


Refers to gender, associated with and expected from females. Qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women. 


Transwomen are males who identify with femininity.


Transmen are females who identify with masculinity.


A homosexual woman, aka a homosexual female, aka a female exclusevely attracted to other females.*

(*There is no going around this definition, therefore transwomen (males) will never be lesbians but transmen (females) can be lesbians if they wish to reclaim that descriptor. Also, lesbians are never attracted to transwomen (males).)


A male or female person who is attracted to both male and female people. 

I don’t care how many times you repeat your lying mantras, a transwoman is a male who identifies with feminine presentation. So unless you’re speaking a different language than I am, a woman is always an adult human female, therefore a transwoman will always be a transwoman, but never a woman. Unless the transwoman in question detransitions back into a man, they will always just be a transwoman. Always male, never female. 

This kind of argument that a trans male aka a transwoman could ever be a female is just based on thin air and lies you’ve been feeding yourself. 

The reality of human sexuality is that it just is. It is a constant. It’s not fluid like yall have been telling yourselves all this time. A female homosexual is born that way, will die that way, unless she was wrong about being homosexual from the start. A female homosexual will always be attracted exclusevly to females. The reason so many lesbians have narratives of having been with men before is not because they were ever actually attracted to those males, it is only because they experience compulsory heterosexuality.

Bisexuality is the only sexuality which actually involves fluctiation of attraction between the two sexes. 

If you’re telling me you actually truly experience attraction to transwomen and women, you’re just telling me you experience attraction to males and females. That is bisexuality in a nutshell.

Referring to “The label of ‘woman’ does not automatically mean ‘personal with a vagina’.“

Do you understand what a label is? A label classifies, it is “a descriptive or identifying word or phrase”. What does the label woman classify? Look in any decent dictionary. Woman is an adult human female. 

Female is sex, and sex is stagnate. No matter how many surgeries, hormones, or whatever any person goes through, their sex will never change from the moment they are born to the moment they die. The only people sometimes assigned a sex at birth are intersex people, but I suggest you leave them alone, because they have nothing to do with this bullshit, as the assignment surgeries they go through are usually invasive and non consensual.

Regarding “Lesbophobia is a real thing but you cannot just use it as a way to justify your TERF ideologies”

You’re damn right lesbophobia is a real thing, and you wanna know who’s perpetrating it with their genderist ideologies? That’s right, transactivists. “TERF” is a word that has been thrown around to silence lesbians such as ourselves, to remove our credibility in regards to our own sexuality and our own lesbian-specific spaces.

From the very beginning of this blog we have been critized for being a lesbian-only blog. By lesbian only, we mean females exclusevly attracted to females. Apparently having spaces where women can be safe and talk about their experiences as women who exclusevly love other women is too much to ask. Silly women, we don’t get a platform to speak up, what kind of crazy utopian wish is that? 

Males have been colonizing our spaces for too long. We refuse to stay silent and take it. I refuse to see another young lesbian being told to re-evaluate her sexuality because she doesn’t want to have sex with someone with a penis, aka because she’s a lesbian. This does not only disgusts me, but also makes me really sad. It’s homophobia 101.

I grew up in Brazil, a third world country where religion rules over politics, and I never had a lesbian role model. All our amazing lesbian artists were made fun off, called “velcro stickers” and “big shoes”, the Portuguese equivalent of carpet munching dykes. I grew up hating my own lesbian sisters, and identified as bisexual for six precious years of my life, when I could have been free. But lesbian is still a dirty world. Feminist is still a dirty world. 

And you know what, tumblr was my solace from all that fucking bullshit, and I refuse to stand down when we have the opportunity to offer young lesbians the kind of platform I wish I had access to when I was questioning my sexuality. We refuse to let males into this space, and we refuse to lie for transwomen’s sake.

Women have been lying for men for too long. We have been scooting over, making space. We refuse. This blog is for lesbians by lesbians and it will remain this way.

We will not police our language, we will not let you win.

We are not questioning trans ideology to justify our ideology, we are questioning trans ideology because it is lesbophobic and misogynistic. It just happens we are also feminists on top of being women, so our ideology helps us back up our arguments with fact and scientific research. 

Anyway, moral of the story, TL;DR if you will.. Lesbians do not like dick, and we will not lie and say we do for the sake of butt hurt males in skirts. 

Have a good day.

/Mod A

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you're a (white) grown-ass woman arguing with teenagers online and dressing up as a muslim woman of color for funsies. do you have any self awareness when you say the word "embarrassing"

These are my favourite hateful anons, because they’re actually trying to shame me for this stuff! 

Something you’ll learn when you grow up is that cosplay doesn’t become less fun as you get older. It’s still fun to play dress-ups. It’s still fun to roleplay characters! Ana Amari is super badass, sassy, strong, and a bunch of things I hope I am when I’m 60. It’s great to have her in a popular game, representing older women and giving us a role model! 

There is literally no harm in cosplaying someone who is not your ethnicity as long as you do it in a respectful and appropriate way - which means no brownfacing or racial stereotypes. People cosplay outside their race all the time - just go to any convention. It’s silly to suggest that me cosplaying outside my race and religion in the way that I did it is somehow harmful. It’s not. 

Secondly, the ‘you’re a grown woman arguing with teenagers!!!’ thing is ageist in both directions. First of all, grown women are entitled to opinions, and they’re entitled to defend themselves when anyone (even teenagers!) attack them. They’re also allowed to defend other members of the community when they are attacked. ‘Haven’t you got better things to do?’ Yup, I sure do. I choose to defend members of the community when I could just thinking, ‘wow, you’re an idiot’ when someone insults them and go offline and do something else. I’m not ashamed at all of staying to defend people, even if the person I’m defending my followers and myself against is a teenager.

Teenagers are capable of holding harmful opinions and saying and doing harmful shit. They shouldn’t get a Get Out of Jail Free card just because they’re teenagers. Their words still hurt other members of the community. They’re still excluding and marginalising others. Regardless of your age, you should be held accountable for the shit that comes out of your mouth. 

Finally, I can guarantee that my level of self-awareness is much less embarrassing than that of someone who sends someone anonymous hate trying to make them feel ashamed of themselves ;)

As a side note, I have no male friends in my life and most of my coworkers are women, plus I don’t even see my my male relatives that much and to be honest? I actually think my life is better for it. The last few times I tried to establish a relationship with a guy, friend or romantic, it just led to a lot of anxiety and mental anguish on my part because in all three of the cases, the guy sent me a lot of mixed messages and was kind of a douche to me in one way or another… So actually the advice of cutting men out of your life isn’t necessarily bad advice for a lot of people.

I wish people would stop pretending men aren’t socialized to be less sensitive and kind than women are, and that they aren’t socialized to expect accommodation from women or to treat women with less empathy or respect than they do men. Because it’s honestly bs. As you get older, it becomes more and more clear that men who genuinely treat women with respect, kindness and sensitivity are extremely rare.

earthzero  asked:

I love your "Steve gets catfished" fill. I'd love to see Sam's reaction, because there's no way Steve would have gotten as far as a date with "Dwayne" without at least mentioning that he was chatting with someone on a dating app to Sam.


Steve practically buzzing under his skin by the time Sam gets home.

Sam gets halfway through putting his stuff down and taking off his shoes when he notices. “What’s got you all excited?”

Steve gives Sam a smile so big it hurts his cheeks a little. “I have a date,” he says proudly.

“Ohhh! You finally scored a date, huh?”

Steve smiles into his cup of coffee as Sam takes a seat across from him at the table. “Only took me a century but I did.”

“It must have been that old man charm that got them. By the way, how does this person feel about the sixty plus year age difference? Unless you’re dating an old person. Do you like older men and women?”

“I prefer to stay with someone who’s walker I don’t have to find a place to store during dinner,” Steve says. Then, “but the guy seemed cool with it. Plus, I don’t even think someone my actual age could figure out how to use tinder at all- you know, besides me,” he adds proudly.

“You don’t get to start bragging about you technological achievements until you start running a mile that’s over seven minutes. It’s a rule. So let me see the poor soul that’s agreed to go out with you.”

Steve pulls up his phone and scrolls until he gets to Dwayne’s profile. He blushes and mumbles, “His name is Dwayne and he’s pretty hot if I do say so myself.” Then he shows Sam.

“Huh,” Sam manages after a moment. “Well he’s hot I’ll give you that. Know anything else about him?”

Sam’s giving him a weird look. Steve doesn’t know what to make of it. “Yeah! He lives close by. He seems to make a good living. He says he’s an entrepreneur. Whatever that means.”

“Oh cool.” Sam’s still giving him a weird look. “Hey, where’s Bucky?”

“He’s in his room, why?”

Sam’s already standing up and heading down the hallway. “No reason!”

Out Of Nothing At All - Eight

“I’m sorry. You and Spencer are having a baby together? I don’t understand,” Morgan was confused, and the rest of the team had perplexed expressions on their faces as well.

You and Reid had decided to bite the bullet and tell the team together, after spending most of the previous night talking.

You’d not made any official arrangements or agreements other than that he would accompany you to your appointments going forward, and agreeing that you and the baby would live in your house. Access arrangements could be sorted once she was born, although he fully understood that for the six months at least, it would be unlikely that you’d be allowing her to spend full weeks away from you. You still weren’t massively enthusiastic about him being involved but it didn’t seem as terrible an idea as you’d originally thought.

The question of work arose and you’d told him that were planning to take time off anyway, and assess the situation then. The problem was, with you being in the field so often and you not having any close family, who would watch the baby? The answer didn’t change now that Reid was involved either. It was still….. No one. There wasn’t anyone unless you employed a full time nanny, or took a desk job, that didn’t require you to be on location. You’d need to speak with Hotch some more.

Hotch was looking mildly amused at the curious looks on his teams face as they tried to make sense of the bombshell that you and the Doctor had dropped.

“So, you’re pregnant. We know that. But Reid’s the father? So you two are together? We’re profilers, how the hell did we not pick up on that?” Rossi looked back and forth between the two of you.

“We’re not together. And yes, Reid is the father. So she’ll be a little baby genius no doubt.” You explained, actually enjoying the team being shocked.

“So you two…….erm……slept together?” JJ asked.

“Nooo Jayge. His sperm just crawled out of his penis and across the office floor one day, deciding to take up residence in my vagina……Yes we slept together. It was a one night thing a while ago. Alcohol was involved, as it generally is.”

“You two…….Together…….In bed? That’s just weird.” Derek seemed to be struggling the most with this, probably because of yours and his little make out sessions.

A though occurred and made you chuckle. “You know Morgan, if you think about it. You and Reid have made out with each other, by proxy of me.”

“Yeah um, I’m not gonna think about that thank you very much.”

“Me neither,” Spencer agreed.

“How long have you guys known?” Emily queried.

Ahhhhh. And now the time has come for the team to find out what a horrible person you are. That he’d only found out 24 hours ago himself and that you’d originally had no intention of telling him.

“About six weeks. We didn’t want to tell you just yet. We wanted to wait until Y/N had been for the second ultrasound.” Spencer spoke and both yours and Hotch’s eyes flickered to him.

“That was yesterday though right? You were here all day kid.”

“The appointment got moved at the last minute, and I had that conference call that I couldn’t get out of. So as much as I didn’t want to miss it, I had to. Hotch was kind enough to take my place though instead so she wasn’t alone. I’ve seen the pictures and the video though so it’s fine. I’ll make the next one.”

They seemed satisfied with his explanation and after giving their congratulations again, they moved into the board room to go over the case that had just come in this morning.

You hung back slightly, touching Reid on the arm so he’d do the same. When the others were out of earshot you turned to him.

“Why didn’t you tell them that you’d only just found out yorself?”

He shrugged, “Because they don’t need to know the full ins and outs…. And, I didn’t want them judging you for not telling me straight away.”

“Well…. Erm…. Thanks, I guess. You don’t have to lie for me you know.”

“I’m not, just bending the truth a little…. Thank you for copying the photos and sending me that video by the way.”

“No worries. I’ll book in for another scan in another couple of weeks if you want? So you can see her for yourself?”

“Do you need another one yet?”

“Nope. Technically I’ve had the two that are normally insisted upon, unless there’s any complications. But you can go for extra, if you pay for more.”

“Okay, send me the bill then and I’ll pay it.”

“No you won’t. I owe you this much, okay.” It was the least you do, you guessed.

He nodded and you turned to make your way to be briefed.

The case had taken you to Boulder City and had lasted five days. You’d ended up sharing a hotel room with JJ and had found her watching you one night as you changed for bed.

“I can’t believe how tiny you still are.”

“I know. She’s being very good so far, not costing me a fortune on maternity clothes.”

“Well if you need any, I still have a lot of mine leftover from Henry. We’re about the same height, they’d probably fit. Save you some cash.”

“Thanks Jayge, but I reckon I’ll be okay. I appreciate the offer though.” You smiled at her.

“No problem.” She was still looking at you and you knew she wanted to ask something else.

“Just ask JJ, I know you want to.”

You pulled down the covers, settling into bed.

She looked sheepish before speaking. “It’s just, you and Spencer, having a kid together? You don’t even act like you particularly like him. How?”

“Alcohol. It’s as simple as that. And……We don’t not like each other, we just don’t like each other like that. But we’ll be fine. You don’t have to be in relationship with someone to have a kid with them.”

“Oh I know that. I just, I guess I still can’t quite believe that Spence is gonna be a dad. I’d always imagined him actually settling down and getting married before that happened.”

“Well we definitely won’t be doing that! But we’ll work something out between us.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll both do fine. You’ll both make great parents. Night Y/N.” She turned her lamp off and rolled over to sleep.

“Night night.”

The case wrapped the next day and Reid asked if he could speak with you and Hotch for a second, pulling you both to one side.

“What’s up Reid.” Aaron eyed the younger man carefully.

“Nothing’s up, but I was just wondering whether we needed to return straight away or if we had a few hours spare. We’re erm…….Only thirty minutes away from Vegas so I thought now might be a good time for me and Y/N to go and see my Mom.”

“Wait what? Why do I have to go?” Meeting the parents? Really?

“Because you’re the mother of her grandchild and it’s only right that she meets you? And I need to tell her and I’d prefer to do it in actual person rather than by phone.”

“Personally I think it’s a great idea. I can delay the flight home for a few hours. If you go now, can you be back here by six?” It was midday so that gave you six hours.

Reid nodded, “That’s plenty of time if we leave now.”

“Do I not get a say in this here?”

Both men looked and you and said in unison, “No.”


The drive took about forty five minutes due to traffic, Spencer taking the wheel for once.

“Y/N, you know about my Mom’s condition right?”

“Yep.” The whole team knew.

“And you know it could be hereditary right?”

You did. You’d done some extensive googling on the subject when you’d finally accepted the fact that you were having this baby. You nodded.

“Does that not worry you?”

“Honestly Spencer, everything about having this baby worries me. But if we’re just thinking about illnesses and the fact that she has a slightly higher percentage of developing the same illness than another child does then no. It doesn’t. There’s so many other things that could wrong, I’m not going to let myself get hung up on that. And you shouldn’t either. We’re both intelligent people, if that were to happen, then we’d deal.”

He was quiet for a while before speaking again.



“When are you going to tell your family.”

“When I have to.”

“Would they not be pleased to be grandparents?”

“They’re already grandparents Reid. My older sisters have kids already. I’m the youngest.”

“So what’s the issue?”

“Erm I just don’t really get on well with my family that’s all. They’re not very nice people. They didn’t want me to join the FBI. They wanted me to do what my sisters have done and marry some poor, rich guy and become a trophy wife. They’re kinda old fashioned in a way. Women shouldn’t be out working and all that.”


“Yes. Oh. Don’t worry Spencer, I’m not expecting you to offer to ‘do the honourable thing’ here.”

“I would you know,” he glanced at you quickly.

“I know you would. But I don’t want a marriage of convenience. If I get married, it will be for love and not because I was stupid enough to get knocked up. But you know……not much chance of that happening any time soon. Being pregnant and having a kid will kinda take me out of the dating pool for a while I imagine.”

“Well yeah. It’s kinda inappropriate for you to be dating whilst you have another mans child inside you,”

“Inappropriate? Dangerous word there Dr Reid.” Please don’t let him wind me up before I have to meet his mother, you thought.

“Wrong choice of words. Sorry. It would be awkward, is what I’m trying to say. For all parties involved.”

You had to agree with him there.

He turned off the main road and into a parking lot.

“We’re here. Ready to go meet my mother?”

Not really, but you nodded all the same.

As an Appalachian Black NB wlw, you owe all Black women $500 if you uncritically made or agreed with a post claiming that calling your platonic female friend “Girlfriend” is appropriating Lesbian culture or some shit. Girlfriend meant “A woman’s friend in youth” back in the 1800s, its use in AAVE is yet one more holdover from old english, it was used first in 1922 to mean a man’s significant other and it wasn’t until long after this (1960s) that it became proxy *coded* Lesbian language for a woman’s same sex SO. Guess what term was used even more in this case: Best Friend.

So yeah, sorry White Lesbian Tumblr but you don’t get to have this one. It’s a reach first and after that, it’s wildly anti-black. Even your older white heterosexual church aunties win this one because they likely use it as carry-over language from their mothers and grandmothers. Especially if they’re Southern. Moreso, it’s obviously a staple of AAVE and for the last time– white women do NOT get to police Black femme language, or, Black language at all. In any way. Whatsoever.

Feel free to continue challening the lesbophobia in those who say NOT IN A GAY WAY, JUST A FRIEND WAY when talking about their girlfriends, as in friends who are girls but under no circumstances do you fucking own the term Girlfriend. FFS, we had a wildly popular sitcom about 4 Black women called Girlfriends. Quit that shit.


prettypunkprincess  asked:

""we thought no one would yell at us for using them" is basically what you just said" NO, what was said was, "These people thought they were in a safe place to joke around with friends and people that they could trust until you immature, hateful, snarky, condescending children showed up" I'm multiracial (mainly black and Native American) and a lesbian, and I say faggot and nigga a whole helluva lot. What antis don't seem to understand is that people who are friends wish some one who... (1/2)

is, (i.e: disabled in any way, or is of a certain ethnicity) or ID’s with something (i.e: a lesbian or gay man or just in general Queer) KNOWS the boundaries of said person. My non-black friends know they can’t say nigga around me, but they know they can call me lesbo, fag, etc. because by ALL FUCKING MEANS! I’M GAY, PLEASE ADRESS ME AS SUCH! And I know to some people that’s offensive, but people are aware of the places they can say certain things freely (i.e: the KS server) (2/?) there’s more..
If you have a problem with something, and it’s in your power to avoid it, what do you do? You AVOID it. There is NO reason what so ever ANYONE should be attacking ANYONE that was on that server, now I don’t agree with the Lolicon that was there, it kind of creeped me out, but at the same time, It’s not Illegal. You know what I’m going to do? I’m not going to go to the rooms with the Lolicon pictures. Why? Because it makes me uncomfortable. Makes sense right? RIGHT! (3/?) 
The phrase “The more intense the show is, the more mellow the fandom is” really is true in some cases. Most of the people who like KS, not the teenage girls and women who fetishize gay men and abuse, the people who have been abused in some way shape or form. Those people, from what I’ve seen, and how I feel about KS myself, don’t like it because “It’s the hot new yaoi manga that has a really hot possessive gay guy in it.” (3?/?)
No, it’s a very well written piece of fiction that depicts physical, emotional and psychological abuse. It’s something that isn’t real, something that someone who’s gone through these things can relate to without knowing someone whos been through the same thing because I can tell you, I absolutely HATE the idea of someone going through what I went through as a child, and it took me so long to realize that befriending people who have been through what I have is good for both of us… (4/?)
But, that doesn’t apply to everyone. There are plenty of people who don’t want to make friends, they want to work it out themselves, maybe with a professional, and you know what that’s okay. I didn’t want friends who had as much pain as I did up until a year ago. I found solace in the pain and struggles of fictitious characters, I felt like someone knew what I was going through, without having to actually having to experience it, and for someone as empathetic as me,… (5/?)
it was amazing. “Someone” understood me, but no one I knew had to suffer for me to feel understood. That was a much healthier comparison than insinuating that someone who may have been raped or molested as a child is the same thing as an animated girl based off of a culture (the culture it was derived from) where the term “Loli” means cute. You saying that “Loli” is CP is you calling the rape of a child cute,…(5/6)
it’s you totally disregarding the fact that it’s original and proper use is when referring to fashion, and close mindedly sticking to the improper judgment that Loli= CP, which it does not. And honestly, if you actually do some research, the anime characters you classify as children are usually characters that are simply undeveloped women that are 18 and older. Which, by the way, is a thing in Japan. Have you seen some of their women?

Phew! Hope it felt good to get that all out!

I recommend people reading this, it’s a great rant, and really shows how not all individuals think alike despite being parts of certain groups, and they are all valid.
Also they make super great points like, girl,

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Long Years Past

“Go on Alexander. Go start a new life, I will pray that I join you soon in America. I love you,” you told your little brother as you wrapped him in a giant hug.

You were sending your little brother to start a better life. He couldn’t stay here, he would be better off in America.

“Why can’t you come with? I need you to stay with me!” Alexander cried as he hugged you back.

You choked back a sob.

“Alexander listen to me. You will do great things in America. Maybe one day I will be able to join me, but for now you need to start your new life. Make me proud Alex. I love you.”

You pushed him away from you, forcing him to get on the ship.

“I love you too! I will write back, I promise!” He cried to you, tears still streaming down his face.

The two of you waved to one another, and you watched the ship sail away until your brother was just a speck in the horizon.

Tears streamed down your face, knowing that there was a great chance that you would never see his face again.


My Dearest Brother,

I am very excited to say that I too have started some of a new life here back in your old home.

I have just gotten married, to our old friend Nathan. We have started a new business together, and I believe that we will be happy together.

This shall be a good life.

How have you been faring brother? I think of you constantly. I hope that you too will settle down.

I miss you greatly, and never forget that I love you.

Please keep in touch.


Your sister Y/N


My dear sister,

I must send my congratulations to you. I know that Nathan will take great care of you.

I too will be settling down here soon. I have met a wonderful women named Eliza Schuyler. I believe that the two of you would get along very well.

I have also been appointed as the right hand man under General Washington. This is the new life that I will start to make for myself. I should thank you.

I miss you very much as well my dearest sister. I will continue to work hard and make you proud of me. And I shall hopefully be able to send for you, at least for a visit.

With all love,

Your brother Alexander


Alexander walked down the pier, thinking about how he could get his plan through congress.

He stopped to watch a group of people get off of an incoming ship, one that was coming from the Caribbean.

He thought back to his sister, the one that he lost contact with years ago. He wondered how she was doing now, if she and her husband had started a family like he and Eliza had.

All of the sudden he noticed a young women getting off of the ship, a young woman that looked scarily similar to his older sister.

He made his way over to her, fighting against the crowd and grabbing her wrist.


She turned back to him, and he noticed that her eyes were different from his sister’s.

It was not Y/N.

“I’m sorry. Y/N was my mother’s name,” the young woman stated. “You wouldn’t happen to be Alexander Hamilton would you?”

He nodded.

“And you are?” He asked.

“I am Y/N’s daughter. My name is Rachel, after my grandmother, your mom. It is great to meet you Uncle.”



“About three years ago. She passed in her sleep, I don’t think that she was in a lot of pain. She spoke of you often. I knew that she always wanted to come here and see you, let you meet me. My father wished that he could have helped her, but we didn’t have enough money.”

Alexander put his face in his hands, soaking everything in. His darling sister was dead, gone from this world.

“My father died a little while ago, so I thought that now was the time to come and track you down,” his niece said.

“Well it is great to see you and meet you. I alway wondered if she started a family. I regret not keeping in contact with her. Will you stay with me and my family?”

“I would be honored. And I also have this for you. She wrote you one last letter before she passed on, but she never sent it. And I think that you would like to know that she was happy before she died. She had a good life.”

Rachel held out a letter to him and then left the room, leaving him in peace.


My dearest brother,

I know that we have lost contact, and that you may never read this letter, but I want to pour my heart out to you.

Nathan and I have started a family, we have a daughter named after our dear mother.

I have missed you greatly.

But know that I am always proud of you. And I will alway love you.

Keep fighting for what you believe in, I know that you can change the world.

All my love,



The Grammy-nominated singer signs off in time for Mother's Day

“I would describe myself as a mother, lover, writer, and singer, but always a mother first,” said Jhené Aiko via a long distance phone call from her car, which is stationed somewhere in Los Angeles. The Grammy-nominated musician is perhaps best known for her 2015 record Sail Out and her recent collaborative album with boyfriend, the rapper Big Sean under the collective name Twenty88, but is more interested in discussing the trials and tribulations of motherhood and her love of poetry than charting her meteoric rise to fame that began over a decade ago.

Born Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, the star cut her teeth singing backup for late ‘90s boy band B2K, before dropping out of a deal with Sony to release her debut album to focus on her education. “I was still a teenager and I needed to take some time to find my purpose,” she reflects. That purpose came in the form of Jhené’s first and only pregnancy to date. The singer gave birth to daughter Namiko Love at the age of 20 in 2008. “I never intended to have a baby so young, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with a new focus and drive. I knew I didn’t want a regular job, I wanted to provide a life for me and my daughter that was beyond myself.” Around that time, the singer made her first mixtape and it’s been a steady uphill trajectory from there.

Here, Jhené explains why motherhood will always be her biggest inspiration—and spells out why single moms in particular shouldn’t be afraid to wear the maternal pants around the house all the time if they damn well want to:


“I grew up the youngest of five children. My dad is a doctor, but an aspiring singer songwriter, so I was always around music. Living in L.A., there were so many opportunities, so it was easy for me to fall into it professionally as a young teen. I was signed to a record label until I was 16 and decided to take a break. Everything changed when I was 20 and got unexpectedly pregnant. It made me focus and connect with who I was and who I wanted to be. While Namiko was still in my belly, I did my first mixtape, signed a new record deal with Def Jam—and here we are today.”


“I’ve always loved poetry. Ever since I first started songwriting, my process begins with a short story or a poem. I carry a notebook around with me everywhere in readiness for when inspiration for a lyric or a line hits. Sometimes I’ll hear music with my words and that’s when I’ll write the melody. I hardly ever listen to other people’s music as I want to try and keep my sound as clear and original as possible. Sometimes, when I get writer’s block, I just go for a really long drive and hum in my car until something starts to resonate.”


“My daughter and my family are the driving force behind everything that I do. My baby helps me stay working and motivated all day long, seven days a week. Everyday I am inspired by my real life situation; I deal with my emotions by striving to keep creating and moving through the world with as much grace and ease as possible.”


“Whether you’re a singer or a nurse, being away from your child is one of the toughest things a mother has to do. You are their support, the person who puts food on their plate. There’s no easy way to be a mom and it can be even harder for single moms like me. I’m not with my daughter’s father, but I’m lucky that I have a large and supportive family who are loving and caring for my baby every day when I’m traveling on tour or away. The older she gets, the more she’ll be able to travel with me, but right now all I can say is—thank god for FaceTime. If anything, I hope that my story inspires other young moms to feel strong and driven. You can be responsible for your own income, provide a roof over your child’s head, be nurturing, maternal, and wear as many pants around the house as you need to. Moms—we can do it all.”


“My mom is my number one role model. To me, she is the best mom in the world. She is completely selfless. I’m also inspired by the hardworking women I see working a nine to five job everyday. Everyone is going through something and hardworking women don’t get enough recognition.”


“I think that as I get older, I get better and better at living in the moment. I don’t hold onto expectations the way that I used to anymore. Living in the past is a kind of torture; you can’t hold onto what no longer exists. I’m still learning, but I’m thankful everyday for the life that I continue to build.”


“Most people are their own worst critic and I’m no different. I know that my own fears hold me back the most. Sometimes, the critic in me will tell me that I’m not special, pretty, or clever enough. It can be hard to talk that critic down, but it’s definitely easier to do it now than when I was younger.”


“I’m always working and writing music. I have an idea to put out a project that’s a little bit of everything soon. It’s like a big art project with music and poetry. When it’s ready, it’s ready. I’ve been working on it since I put out my first mixtape all those years ago. I’m also working on confirming some really exciting performances. As soon as I know, I’ll let my fans know on Twitter too.”


“I am really proud of my recent releases and I hope to be able to continue sharing my art with the world. More than that, I hope I stay grounded and true to myself as a mom, daughter, lover, and friend. It’s easy to get caught up in the extra curricular activities in the entertainment industry, so I know I have to work hard on staying true to my own path. I’m still young, so sometimes I take two steps forward and two steps back, but that’s ok if it helps me live my true purpose to just be me.”


“To anyone who aspires to follow my career path, the only real guidance I can give it to take your time, be patient, and learn to be yourself. Ask yourself why you want to do this. If you’re honest, maybe you don’t want to be famous or maybe you just want the money. When you find that truth, stick to it and remember that shortcuts don’t lead to the best outcome. Above all, tell your inner critic to be quiet and surround yourself with positive people who help motivate you.”


“My music is a pure reflection of myself. It can be blues, jazz, alternative, folk, electronic, hip-hop—a mashup of everything. For the most part, I want my work to be chill and easy to listen to. I personally love to listen to music when I’m alone or driving, so I like to imagine that other people might find my songs meditative in similar situations.”

© Cr Fashion Book

All she said was “oh“

This is a wonderful story of a young sons experience with his single mother by teamroper1961.

When I was 18 my mother and I started having an affair. She caught my jacking off to an old photo of her. At first she was very pissed. My mother was 21 years older than me. For about a week she would hardly speak to me. Then one night she knocked on my bedroom door and asked my if she could come in. She sat down on my bed and asked about what she saw that night. I told her that it was hard to explain. You see my father passed away when I was 10 so it was just her my little sister and me. She asked me how long I had been jacking off to her picture. When I told her it started when I was 15 she had a kind of blank look on her face. All she said was “oh”. She got up, kissed me on my forehead and left.

About a week later my sister was at a friends house. My mom called me to come in the living room. She had on a t shirt and shorts. She told me to sit down that we need to talk. Man I was scared. She told me that what I was doing was wrong and that I should not feel this way about her. I told her that I could not stop thinking about her. That she is beautiful and still very sexy. But that I would not ever do anything that would hurt our relationship. She told me that I should get a girlfriend. I kind of laughed and she asked what’s funny. I told her that I liked older women. Again all she said was “oh”.

I told her to wait and I went to my room and got her photo went back to the living room and handed her the photo. I told her that I so sorry and that I would stop. She smiled and told me to keep it. Later that night we were eating and she asked me if I was still a virgin. Boy did I blush. I told her yes. Again all she said was “oh” and smiled.

After supper she said let’s to the living room and watch a movie. We surfed to channels and she stopped me on a romantic type movie. As the scenes were getting steamy I started to get hard. Mom asked what was wrong. I blushed again and she asked if I was getting a hard on. I just nodded my head. She told me that was ok that the movie was making her excited too. “Really”, I asked and she said yes. Then she pulled her t-shirt tight against her breast said “see how hard my nipples are”. I nodded again. She told me that her nipples are getting hard when she is sexually excited. She asked me if I had ever seen real tities before. I told her no. She smiled and the pulled her t-shirt off. I thought that would come right then. Mom asked if I wanted to feel them. I nodded yeas. She took my hand and placed it on her soft breast. And told me squeeze it softly. When I started she moaned “mhmmm”. She then told me to suck them. When I kissed her nipple she moaned louder. I kept sucking her nipple but then she told me to suck the other one. Suddenly mom told me to stop.

I thought that I did something wrong. She asked me if I want to do more. All I could say was yes. She stood up and pulled her shorts and panties off. Mom then told me to undress. Which I did faster than ever before. Mom asked me if I wanted her to touch my cock. I nodded. She took me in her hand and started to stroke me then licked the tip sensualy. I moan out and mom took all of cock into her mouth and started to suck and tries to deepthroat me. I didn’t last long so I came as hard as never before. I told her that I was sorry. She smiled and told me that is was her turn.

I asked what she wanted me to. She laid back and spread her legs apart and I saw my first pussy. Mom told me to get between her legs. She spread her lips open and explained the parts of her pussy to me. Mom then told me to start licking her pussy slowly. I started slow and mom told me further istructions. I kept licking and mom started to moan more and more. The next thing I knew was my face soaking of her fluids and mom screaming very load and grabbing my head. Then she told me again to stop.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me deep and hard like a naughty sloppy frensh kiss. She smiled when she felt that my cock was hard again. She told me to lay on back. Then she crawled on top of me and asked if I was ready to become the man of the house. I told he that I’ve been ready for this a long time. The she pushed down on my cock and started to ride me with her wet mother pussy. All she said was “yesssss” over and over again with clenched teeth. Then she came so hard that afterwards she lied down on my chest and started crying. I asked her if she was ok. She kissed me and said “everything is fine as it has been for a long time". After this night we would make love about once a week until I went to college.

Then mom got my sister involved but that’s another chapter in our life.
…to be continued! ?

See Part 2


Pairing: Phillip x Reader

Prompt: I changed it a bit so that Phillip already knew a bit about the reader, but he confesses at the winter ball.

Words: 603


Crushes were difficult. Especially when you were too shy to even speak to him. This ‘him’ was Phillip Hamilton, a friend of your families and the guy that you have had a crush on forever. You were sure that he didn’t even know that you existed, however.

But he did know, and he was crushing on you just as hard, maybe even harder. And he was going to tell you at the Winter Ball tonight.


“You ready for the ball Y/N?” your mom asked, adjusting your clothing. You smiled and nodded, knowing it’s what she wanted to see. But in reality you were dreading it.

Your entire family piled into your carriage, and took off for the Hamilton estate.

The ball was in full swing by the time that you got there, the room was full of people.

Your entire family separated, everyone going their own way. You were left by yourself.

You saw Phillip across the room, talking with some other girl, Theodosia you think her name was. Your heart ached at the two of them laughing, so you went and hid along the walls.

He looked like he was in love with her, so you decided that you needed to get over your crush on him. And the best way to do that was to avoid him as much as possible tonight.

So you tried. You made some small talk with some of the older women around, trying to hide yourself as best you could.

But Phillip was looking for you. You didn’t know that he was looking for you, but whenever he came near you, you took off again.

Then all of the sudden Theodosia stopped you.

“Hey! You’re Y/N right?” she asked you, grabbing your arm. You nodded. She started to talk to you about random things, even though you could barely keep up with the conversation.

All of the sudden someone tapped you on the shoulder. You turned around and there was Phillip, a silly smile on his face.

“Hello Y/N. I’m sorry to steal you from Theo, but would you do me the honor of dancing with you?”

You were shocked. He knew your name, and more importantly, he wanted to dance with you?

Theo pushed you right into his arms, then ran off. Phillip immediately dragged you onto the dance floor, spinning you widly.

You went through the motions, too frozen to do anything.

All of the sudden the two of you were outside in the gardens. He sat you on a bench and took your hands.

“Y/N I know that you’ve been avoiding me all night, and I’d like to know why, but first I have to say something. I know that we haven’t talked a lot but I have been in love with you for as long as I can remember,” he said, giving you a nervous smile and a kiss on your knuckles.

He felt the same way? All of the sudden all of your self control left you and you tackled him in a hug.

“I love you too.”

He gave out a breathy laugh before wrapping his arms around your waist, burying his head in your neck.

There was rustling in the bushes next to you and all of the sudden Theo popped out.

“Finally! I have to go tell Angie!” she yelled before running back into the ballroom.

The two of you sat frozen, staring in the direction that Theo just ran off to. Phillip started laughing and then you joined in.

He gave you a small kiss on your lips.

“I love you Y/N.”


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The Scarf - Newt x Reader (Part 1)

Alrighty. I know I’m supposed to be writing those Christmas fics, but I just cannot. I don’t have any idea why. And then this popped into my head, and I had to write it down immediately. I know you’re probably thinking “wow dude, what’s with all the newt x engaged/married!reader fics? u ok?” and my answer is: I have no idea. Maybe I have commitment issues. Maybe it’s a weird coincidence. Who knows.

Anyway, I’ve got part 2 all planned out!! This one is sad as hell but the next one will be better.

Warnings: Adult themes and references to intercourse, but nothing explicit. Death and serious illness. Harassment (unwanted persistent advances). Cheating. Yeah, this one’s dark and super angsty, sorry ‘yall.


You stirred, blinking your eyes open, and when you realized where you were your heart caught in your throat sharply. You wanted to close your eyes, you so desperately wanted to just go back to sleep and forget what the events of the night before entailed. You squeezed your eyes shut, your lip trembling. You bit it to try and get the shaking to stop, but you couldn’t seem to hold back the hot tears that were bubbling up and spilling down your cheeks. You shook your head firmly, sniffling a little and wiping your face hastily, scrubbing away all evidence of your pain. you had to disappear. You had to disappear immediately, and there was nothing you could do to make it hurt any less. You had to get the hell out of there before newt woke up, because you couldn’t look into his sleepy hazel eyes or feel his soft lips on your cheek or lay in his warm, comforting embrace one last time, no matter how desperately you yearned to. One last time had been last night. Another time, and you weren’t sure you would be able to leave.

You slipped out of his strong arms, careful not to wake him but relishing in the brush of his skin against yours as you gently detached his grasp around your waist. You sat up slowly the cot, hanging your legs over the side and staring at the ground. God, you felt so guilty and so wrong. you had done a terrible thing, but there was no going back. You had tried to talk to Newt. You really had. But he had peered up at you, looking so hopeful, his eyes partially hidden by his beautiful cinnamon hair, and you had unraveled completely and slipped into the blissful state where you allowed yourself to imagine that the ring on your finger was his. You were surprised that he hadn’t noticed the ring over the course of all that had happened. It was an awfully prominent and sparkly thing, that despicable man had made absolutely sure of that. The ring wasn’t from Newt, much to your dismay. Instead, It had been from someone you never in a million years would have considered you might end up marrying. It still didn’t feel real.

Your fiance–the word made you shudder when you associated it with him–had slipped it smugly on after you had made the deal with him. It was like he was claiming you as his property, and the ring was to ensure that nobody else forgot who you belonged to. You shuddered again, your chest feeling suddenly cold. You didn’t want to belong to somebody. Newt had never tried to own you, he had just wanted to be with you, and you felt as though a knife was twisting in your abdomen. You had to get out of his case, and you had to forget about him and put your feelings behind you. This wasn’t about you or him. It was more important than how you felt about each other. This was more important than “true love”, or at the very least the genuine connection you had. It was about life and death, and you had to go through with it. There was no time for dwelling on “what ifs” or “what could have been”, and it was far too late to turn back.

You felt awful. It was a sort of feeling that you couldn’t seem to articulate properly, that weighed down on your every movement and pooled in your gut like the harsh burn of alcohol. You rose to your feet, and heard Newt shift behind you. Against your better judgement, you turned around and gazed at him for a moment. The two of you had shared a blanket, but it was just covering his legs. His torso was bare. He lay on his side, his arms stretched out to where you had been sleeping in them only moments before. His eyelashes fluttered softly, his lips parted slightly in a thoughtful, sleepy manner. The soft light that seemed ever-present in the case illuminated his skin lightly, the constellation of his freckles a sharp contrast against his pale skin. His chest rose and fell in a calming and familiar way, and his hair was even more tousled than usual. He was crisscrossed with scars, and your gaze lingered on them for a moment. You knew the story of almost each individual mark. He had told you over and over, and you had memorized the canvas that was his torso, spending hours tracing your fingers over the rough patches of skin and marveling at his bravery. You closed your eyes and took a deep, slow breath. Now was not the time for reminiscing. Now was the time for getting out of there as fast as you could, no matter how beautiful he looked in his early morning slumber; no matter how much it would break his heart to wake up and find that you had disappeared without so much as a goodbye.

You had to remind yourself again that this wasn’t about his feelings, or yours.

You wrapped your arms around your shoulders, rubbing to calm yourself, and then you pulled Newt’s white button up shirt off and laid it beside him on the cot, searching for the pile of your own clothes. You found it and pulled each article on swiftly. All you had been wearing were your casual clothes for around the house, an old sweater and some slacks. You put on your slippers, snatching your wand and climbing out of the case, careful to close it behind you. You smiled to yourself when you got out, remembering that you were actually in your little flat. Why hadn’t you slept in your bed rather than the cot he kept in his case? You supposed it hadn’t occurred to you at the time, and you shut the case as quietly as you could.

You slipped into the bathroom to wash your face. You had to disappear from your apartment for a while, and hopefully he would be gone when you got back, your mind racing as you mentally mapped out a note or something you could leave him. He had only come over to help you pack. He came over often, and when you had mentioned that you were moving in a letter you had written, he had surprised you with a visit. Despite how mobile he was, he would write to you whenever he could, and if there was a return address you would reply as quickly and as enthusiastically as possible. You kept a box of his letters under your bed, and you reread them when you were feeling down. 

Your love story was a peculiar one. You had been only seventeen when you had met, and it felt like an eternity ago. When you thought about life before him, it seemed wrong, unusual, unfamiliar, and you sometimes wondered what your life would have been like had you never met him at all. While you were staying in your summer home in Europe, you had run into him completely by coincidence and you had hit it off immediately. Was it really, though? you mused to yourself sometimes, entertaining the idea that it was meant to be, or that if it hadn’t happened then it would have happened eventually. You weren’t really a firm believer in soulmates, but if you had one, it would most certainly be Newt. The two of you had never really needed to say out loud what your relationship was, but you were about as in love as two people could be.

You were the daughter of a wealthy single father, and he took you every year to the house in Europe. At first, especially immediately after the death of your mother, he had hovered over you like a hawk. He wasn’t entirely sure how to raise two daughters on his own. The way things had always been was that caring for the children was women’s work, and he was simply supposed to support the household financially. When he lost his wife, he had no idea what to do. You didn’t fault him for that, as it was just a result of how he had been raised, but you thought all the notions about “women’s work” and “men’s work” were complete hogwash. He had done his best to stick to the things he had learned about the way men and women were supposed to behave, and he had tried very hard at first to try to get you and your sister to behave like “young ladies”. It had taken some learning, but he had eventually realized that he was squashing who you really were, so he moved back to give you room to grow. You loved your father dearly, and you were very proud of all the growing he had done simply by abandoning all notions of what he was supposed to do in favor of the well-being of his children.

Your older sister preferred to stay home and read, but every chance you got, you’d slip off into the woods to adventure. You were seventeen when you had met Newt for the first time, and it had been the most interesting event of the entire summer. Some relatives were over, including your insufferable cousin-in-law Duncan. His mother had married your uncle two years before, and he was acutely aware of the fact that you and he were not related by blood. You went to Ilvermorny together, and he was your neighbor back in America. He never passed up an opportunity to try and chat you up, and you had very politely excused yourself from the party to use the ladies’ room, only to climb out the window and stalk off. Nobody really took notice of your absence, and you were fine with that.

Newt was only a year older than you, and you had quite literally ran right into him during an expedition into the thick forests nearby your father’s summer home. You had almost knocked him clean over, as you hadn’t been watching where you were going. Much to your surprise, he had grabbed your hand wordlessly and dragged you off with him, sprinting as fast as his legs would carry him. As the two of you had approached a more heavily wooded area, he had darted down a little slope and slipped underneath an overhang beside a riverbank, snapping open the tan case he had been carrying.

“Get in,” he had told you breathlessly, and you had looked at him with wide eyes. He had just swept you up out of nowhere, dragged you down the bank beside a river, and now he was trying to coax you into his sketchy case. You weren’t even sure what had prompted you to run with him in the first place, but something in his eyes and his tone had convinced you.

“Why? What the hell is going on? Who even are you?” you had spluttered, and in that moment it was as though he’d seen you properly for the first time. He had looked you straight in the eye and offered you his hand, gesturing for you to get into the case.

“We don’t have time for this. I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to trust me,” he had said firmly, his hazel eyes flashing and his face an expression of genuine seriousness. And for some reason, you did. Completely. You took his hand to steady yourself and stepped down into the case, descending the ladder without questioning him again.

He followed immediately and pulled the case closed behind him, and when he had turned to you he had blinked at you for a moment, just staring.

Your dress was muddied and the delicate white shawl you had been wearing had caught on some brambles and gotten left behind. The torn sleeve of your dress hung off one shoulder, exposing your skin, and his eyes seemed to longer there curiously for a brief moment. Your hair had once been pinned up carefully in a beautiful style, but now the pins were either dangling loosely or lost entirely. Your face was smudged with dirt and your skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. your tights were torn and your shoes had clearly not been designed for running or forest terrain. He noted that this could not have all been from the quick run he had dragged you on, and it made him smile a little to think of you traipsing through the forest in your fancy dress, paying no mind to the twigs and sticks that tore at your legs, or the insects in your hair. He thought to himself that you were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and the fact that this idea had so suddenly appeared in his head surprised him thoroughly. His face went red and he dropped his gaze.

You took no notice to the unusual boy, looking around with wide eyes. The case was much, much bigger on the inside, and you stepped out of the little shack you had fallen in to look around a little further.

It was mostly empty, to your surprise, and you blinked at what little it held. The only things you noticed were a little heap of earth covered in soft green grass and a small structure with what appeared to be bamboo growing out of it. But what caught your eye the most was what slept on top of the heap of earth. It was what appeared to be a huge ferret. It was laying on its back, its head thrown back and its jaws parted slightly. You peered at it, amazed, then remembered the strange boy who had shoved you down into this case in the first place and whirled around to face him. “Am I asleep?” you questioned, wrinkling your brow. “That would explain a whole lot. this is just bizarre enough to be a dream, and if it is a dream I won’t have to worry about the absolute mess I made of my clothes,”

He smiled slightly. “I’m afraid it’s real,” he replied.

“That’s a Jarvey, isn’t it? these things in your case are magical beasts,” you said, jabbing your finger at the massive sleeping ferret. 

He looked surprised. “How do you-”

“Dad used to have one for the garden. It took care of the gnomes. My sister tried to play with it and it got all aggressive so he had to get rid of it,” you said dismissively.

“So you’re a witch? That saves me some explaining,” he said, walking past you to the little stand with the trees.

“You still have a hell of a lot of explaining to do,” you retorted sharply, following him.

“I was looking for Bowtruckles and they happen to be very common around here,” he said simply, as though that was all the explaining he had to do.

You squinted at him disbelievingly. “Why in the world did you think we had to run from Bowtruckles? From what I learned at Ilvermorny, they don’t like to leave their trees,” you crossed your arms. “Something tells me you don’t know what you’re doing, and that something is also telling me to get out of this crazy person’s case,” you half-teased, trying to read his expression. He smiled faintly as though amused by your implication that he didn’t know what he was doing.

“I upset a wasp nest in the process, and they are more than willing to leave their trees,” he responded. “I didn’t want to get stung, and I was planning to apparate before I ran into you and decided that it would be rude to leave you behind to deal with the consequences of my actions,”

“How thoughtful of you,” you replied dryly, but you smiled a little. You had taken an unexplainable liking to him. “So you’re a fan of magical beasts? How many do you have in this suitcase of yours?” you inquired, leaning on the little stand with the bamboo. He was carefully coaxing a Bowtruckle out of his sleeve and onto the bamboo, where you noticed two others peering out at you.

“Two, well, three Bowtruckles now,” he said, nodding to the little stick-like creature. “His tree was dying and I couldn’t just leave him there. He was the only one there, and the tree was basically rotted completely. There was nothing left for him to protect. It took me a few hours but I got him to come with me,” he said fondly, still trying to gently brush him from his hand. “And then there’s the Jarvey, of course. I plan to study many, many more creatures, but this is all I’ve managed to find so far,” he said.

“You’re British and all, I can tell by the accent,” you said, and he nodded, still not taking his eyes off the little creature, who was now shyly approaching the other Bowtruckles.

“And you’re American,” he said, his lips twitching with amusement. “I can tell because you’re incredibly nosy,” he teased, and you could tell that he didn’t really mean it in a negative way.

You opted not to reply to his remark. “So you’re at Hogwarts, right? Or you were, before summer break. Do they have a good class on magical creatures there? The one at Ilvermorny was only a semester and it was terribly vague. It mostly taught us how they could be avoided or disposed of,” you said bluntly.

He looked at you again, his eyes gleaming. “Our curriculum was…sparse…as well. I hope to change that,”

You still remembered the determination you saw in his expression, and it still excited you. His passion, his drive, it was incredible. You admired him for it, and once he helped you mend your clothes and determined that the threat of wasp attack had passed, he offered to walk you home.

You had been writing to each other ever since.

That had been seven years prior, and now was the day it had to end. You could never see him again, for both of your sakes. You had to marry Duncan and move on, and you wished with every fiber of your being that there was another way. Much to your despair, you had tried so hard to find one and it was clear that this was the only option you had.

You shrugged your casual clothes off and pulled on a black skirt that fell to your shins and a gray sweater, moving immediately to search for your hairbrush. You were moving your things to Duncan’s home today, and you had to look presentable.

Duncan had been a neighbor when you were younger, and he had never been pleasant. He was a spoiled, loud bully who had developed a crush on you as children and never let it go. That crush had developed into something of a mission as the two of you got older. He was the most smug, self-involved man you had ever laid eyes on, and he was intrigued because you had become something that he wanted, but couldn’t have. You were a conquest of sorts, and he was completely determined to make you his. He had won at last, but you were not happy about it.

You stood in front of the smudged bathroom mirror, and felt your heart settle in your throat. Much to your dismay, the collar of your sweater hung just above your collarbones. It left your neck exposed, and your coat had a collar, but you would have to remove the coat upon entering Duncan’s house. You tilted your head to the side to further examine the pale marks Newt had left behind. There were too many for you to dismiss them as bug bites, and they were too prominent for you to just hope Duncan wouldn’t notice them. He couldn’t. He simply couldn’t see them, that would ruin everything. You traced your fingers over the purple marks, all four of them, that trailed from your pulse to your collarbone. There wasn’t a spell that could hide these immediately. It would take a poulitice, and it would take at least four hours to properly make them disappear. You didn’t have that kind of time.

“Sorry about that,” came a soft voice from the doorway. Startled, you whipped around, face to face with an apologetically smiling Newt. He had his hand on the doorframe, and he was completely dressed in all his usual layers. The case sat at his feet.

Your chest twisted painfully. “It’s alright,” you murmured, refusing to look him straight in his beautiful hazel eyes. “I thought…I thought you were asleep,” you said lamely.

He leaned on the door frame, his eyes on the floor. The tension was palpable. 

At last, you both went to speak at the same time.



You smiled awkwardly, shifting and waving your hand to instruct him to speak first.

“I’m sorry I slept with you even though I knew you were engaged to Duncan,” he said, his head bobbing up to study your face. Your heart dropped.

“You…you knew? How did you…?”

“Your sister wrote to me and begged me to visit and talk you out of this,” he said with a small sad smile.

“You have to understand,” you said, tears blurring your vision once more. “Nobody can talk me out of this. I’ve made up my mind, and this is something I have to do. I couldn’t-” you paused as your voice cracked to wipe a tear frantically away before it could roll down your cheek. You sniffed, then straightened your back and continued. “I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I could have done something but I chose not to,” your voice wavered, but it was reasonably loud and firm.

He nodded slightly, his eyes seeming to look anywhere but yours.

“My father has gone completely bankrupt and we have nothing left to pay for my sister’s treatment. She’s so sick, Newt,” you whimpered the last few words, closing your eyes and putting your hand briefly to your face. “and there’s no other way. I’ve tried so many things, but this is the only way we can get her to a doctor who can cure her. I can’t stand to the side and watch her die. It’s not an option. Duncan is very wealthy, and he is more than happy to pay if it means that I’ll marry him,”

Newt looked at you finally, his eyes glassy. He managed a quick, forced smile, trying to reassure you. “I know,” he said softly.

You fixed your gaze on the ground, out of things to say, and you felt his warm, calloused fingers brushing over the marks he had left. “I can get rid of these. I’m sorry,” he murmured, his forehead brushing against yours as he ducked to look at you, his hand still resting on your neck.

You nodded silently, and he slipped a little bottle out of his pocket. “I threw this together before I came up,” he said softly, tipping the contents onto his fingers and brushing it over the sensitive skin of your neck with care. You looked up at him gratefully when he was done. They wouldn’t be gone soon enough, but perhaps they would be faded enough that Duncan wouldn’t notice. You couldn’t possibly ask Newt for anything more than he had already given you, you thought to yourself.

But he was already a step ahead of you. He pulled off his signature Hufflepuff scarf, wrapping it around your neck with such tenderness that all you wanted was to collapse into his warm embrace and forget about your sister. Forget about the money and the wedding. You wanted to throw it all to the wind and grip him tight and never let him go, but the yearning was fleeting. You couldn’t. The warm scarf that smelled just like he did would have to be enough. You smiled at him sadly, hoping that he saw the gratitude that shone in your eyes. You couldn’t bring yourself to say anything for almost a full moment, his hands dropping to linger on your forearms and your eyes locked into his.

“You don’t have to write to me anymore if you don’t want to,” you murmured to him, closing your eyes. “If it hurts too much,”

He didn’t reply. A soft, chaste kiss was pressed firmly to your forehead, and when you opened your eyes he was gone.

You stood in your bathroom and cried, burying your face into the soft scarf.

He deserved so much better than what you had ended up giving him, but despite all that, there you stood, alone, wrapped carefully in his favorite scarf.

Giving Your Character the Introduction He/She Deserves

The one, two, three punch for introducing your character.

What we can learn from the Grand Budapest Hotel

The Protagonist:

We have M. Gustave.

1. We see him looking over a balcony and before your know it he is calm directing at least 10 of his subordinates and what to do.

2. Next he’s sitting down eating breakfast with a woman twice his age (90 years old at least). He takes her hand, and after he attempts to console her and says:

“Dear God what have you done to your fingernails!? This diabolical varnish, the color is completely wrong. It’s not that I don’t like it. I am physically repulsed. ”

3. M. Gustave is sitting next to the woman, his lover, and tells her to hush and starts to recite poetry.

Three quick scenes in less than three minutes, and we already have the full sense who this character is. (1) He’s busy. And the way he instructs his crew shows that he has been doing it for a while. He’s confident and isn’t afraid to tell people what to do. (2) He has a thing for older women, and the way things look is important to him. Gustave sees nothing but beauty in people, and the way he reacts to the fingernails shows us that class and elegance matter. (3) Telling someone to hush and then reciting poetry in an elevator envelopes the two things about M. Gustave. He is quirky and sophisticated.

The Antagonist

We have Dmitri

1. When we first see him he is drinking a glass of whiskey waiting to see what was left to him in his mother’s will. He’s dressed in all black, although we get the sense that regardless of the day he would still be wearing black. One of his goons is behind him. By the way they are sitting, you can tell that Dmitri has people working for him.

2. The first line out of Dmitri’s mouth is “That fucking faggot!” directed at M. Gustave himself.

3. He confronts M. Gustave and punches him in the face, and his henchmen is there to back him up.

So who is Dmitri? (1)A person who seems to care more about the will than his mother. (2) Someone who will shout and fight and get others to do things he doesn’t want to do. (3) He’s vulgar and doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind.

Applying this to your writing

Give the reader the one two three. Three things one after another that make them understand who your character really is. Boom Boom Boom. Easier said then done. So you try it.

Try to think of three scenes/phrases/mannerisms that you can use in introducing your character and intertwine them to solidify who your character is. It can be short and sweet and when the reader is done reading he should be able to list all three character traits.

Also watch this movie.

You Are My Sunshine

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 605
Summary: Dean finds himself pensive weeks before his wedding. 
Warnings: The usual sickeningly sweet fluff associated with this never-ending series. 

A/N: This was inspired by this post, which Ashley sent me today. 

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The more I learn about how Desi women are routinely taken advantage of by Desi men, the more I understand and want to distance myself from men in general. It’s horrifying how Desi Men will manipulate Desi Women into sleeping with them, sharing pictures and whatnot but then turn around cut everything off and go after another girl because she’s a virgin. I literally want to vomit right now at the thought. I jus wished there was something I could do to stop this. I try to be as vocal as I can be but it’s still not enough, yo. It’s especially horrifying when you see Desi communities literally up in arms at the idea of a woman embracing her sexuality but that same Desi community will give a pass to the boys. I just don’t understand how there could be such a double standard. The way we police everything women do and say, the way that I even bought into this fucking nonsense of “respectability” as a stupid ass youngin. You’d think as the older generation gets older and less relevant that these antiquated ways of thinking would disappear but no! It still fucking shows up and Brown Men are directly behind this as well! I just wished that I could do something to make a difference. Again this all sounds like Baby Feminism. I know this I wished that I could be more eloquent when it comes to writing my thoughts out. Hell I’m so fucking angry and upset while I’m writing this that I’m shaking and barely able to get my thoughts out.