do all good deeds

The leaking bucket

Beware of the leaking Bucket!

1.You take the best wudhu but waste a lot of water (a leaking Bucket).

2.You pray all of your prayers in time but you have no khushu (a leaking bucket).

3.You post reminders and have thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook but you’re doing it for the fame not to please Allah (a leaking bucket).

4.You help others but you’re doing it to gain something from them and not doing those acts of kindness for the sake of Allah’s Glory (a leaking bucket).

5.You give alot of sadaqah to the poor but you humiliate them and hurt them (a leaking bucket).

6.You stand up for tahajjud at night, fast, read Quran every day and obey your Lord but you cut your family ties (a leaking bucket).

7.You are very kind to people and speak with them gently but with your family you are always harsh (a leaking bucket).

8.You fast and have sabr for the pangs of hunger and thirst but you swear, insult, curse (a leaking bucket).

9.You wear abaya and Hijab but your perfume is strong (a leaking Bucket).

10.You are following the sunnah and have a beard but you don’t lower your gaze (a leaking bucket).

11.You honour and treat your guest well but when he/she leaves you gossip about him/her and talk about all his/her flaws (a leaking bucket).

Do not gather all your good deeds in a leaking bucket. You struggle to fill it whilst it easily runs out through the leaking holes!

May Allah guide us to the right path, make us do all of our good actions for pleasing Him alone and by Your mercy be pleased with us always Ameen.

I used to think that I had to be more kind to people by doing more of what they wanted me to do, not realizing that this is more of what being a pushover meant. A pushover is someone who does things that they don’t necessarily want to do for others while forgetting about their own needs. To be kind, all you have to do is respect people and do good deeds when you genuinely want to. It turned out that the only person I had to be more kind to was myself.

The Leaking Bucket

Beware of the leaking Bucket!

1.You take the best wudhu but waste a lot of water (a leaking Bucket).

2.You pray all of your prayers in time but you have no khushu (a leaking bucket).

3.You post reminders and have thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook but you’re doing it for the fame not to please Allah (a leaking bucket).

4.You help others but you’re doing it to gain something from them and not doing those acts of kindness for the sake of Allah’s Glory (a leaking bucket).

5.You give alot of sadaqah to the poor but you humiliate them and hurt them (a leaking bucket).

6.You stand up for tahajjud at night, fast, read Quran every day and obey your Lord but you cut your family ties (a leaking bucket).

7.You are very kind to people and speak with them gently but with your family you are always harsh (a leaking bucket).

8.You fast and have sabr for the pangs of hunger and thirst but you swear, insult, curse (a leaking bucket).

9.You wear abaya and Hijab but your perfume is strong (a leaking Bucket).

10.You are following the sunnah and have a beard but you don’t lower your gaze (a leaking bucket).

11.You honour and treat your guest well but when he/she leaves you gossip about him/her and talk about all his/her flaws (a leaking bucket).

Do not gather all your good deeds in a leaking bucket. You struggle to fill it whilst it easily runs out through the leaking holes!

May Allah guide us to the right path, make us do all of our good actions for pleasing Him alone and by Your mercy be pleased with us always Ameen.

Many sisters feel that they cannot do much of Ibaadaat while on their monthly period, this is not true. Allāh gave us the blessing of time, we should take advantage of it in doing things that are pleasing to Him. So, here is a list of ten easy Ibaadaat that can be done during the period:

1. Make lots of du’a (supplication) to Allāh
Being in that state of ritual impurity should not prevent you from making du’a.
It is reported from An-Nu’man bin Bashir (May Allāh be pleased with him) reported the Prophet ﷺ said: “Du’a is worship.”
[Abu Dawud]

2. Visit a close family member
When you are visiting one of your close family members make sure to have the intention of keeping good ties of kinship between both of you.

The Prophet ﷺ said: “And he who believes in Allāh and the Last Day should unite his ties of kinship.”
[Reported by Al-Bukhari]

3. Make lots of Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness from Allāh) and dhikr (remembrance of Allāh)
This can be done when you are cooking, cleaning, going to work, going to the shop, etc. Allāh swt says:
“O you who have believed, remember Allāh with much remembrance.”
[Surat Al-Ahzab: 33: Verse: 41]

4. Give Da’wah to Muslims and non-Muslims
This can be by sharing an Islamic post on face book, sharing Islamic knowledge in general through media, and most importantly being a good example through your manners, speech and actions. Allāh says: “And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allāh and does righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.” [Surat Fussilat: 41: Verse: 33]

And the Prophet ﷺ said: “Convey from me even if it is (only) one ayah (verse).”
[Narrated by al-Bukhari]

5. Read beneficial books
Choose books that will help you understand more about Islam, purpose of this life and duties towards our creator. Anas ibn Malik said, the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.”
[Sunan Ibn Majah]

6. Visit the sick
It is one of the rights upon another Muslim to visit them when they are sick, and not only that, there are great virtues for visiting the sick as mentioned by our beloved Prophet ﷺ: “When the Muslim visits his (sick) Muslim brother, he is harvesting the fruit of paradise until he returns.” [Narrated by Muslim]. This would also enable us to be more thankful to Allāh for the good health that we have and content with the condition we are in.

7. Listen to the Qur’an frequently
Listening to the Qur’an would enable you to prefect your recitation of the Qur’an, help you revise what you memorized, and constantly remembering Allāh in your heart and mind.

8. Help others
If you see your sister in Islam going through hard circumstances, do what you can to help her. One day if you are in that same position, Allāh will bring to you someone who will help you too.

9. Smile in your sister’s face
By doing so, we are following the Prophet’s sunnah and will be rewarded for it Insha’Allah.

10. Spread the greeting of “Salam”
This should be done with those [sisters] we know or never met before. The Prophet ﷺ said: “You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I tell you about something which, if you do it, will make you love one another? Greet each other with Salam.”

In conclusion, let’s renew our intentions and make sure we are doing all these good deeds sincerely for Allāh’s sake and following the footsteps of our beloved prophet Muhammad and his companions (May Allāh be pleased with them all).

Not Right Now Henry

Hell’s Kitchen AU belongs to @spudinacup

I just wanted to write something for this. 

Bendy wasn’t really sure what he’d expected from his life. To be honest, he hadn’t expected to have a life, period. But now, here he was, living and breathing, and serving soup to 20 odd hobos who had taken up residence in the studio. That part he hadn’t expected. When Joey had brought him to life, the little demon had not anticipated starting up a soup kitchen. He didn’t do good deeds. That was Alice’s schtick. He’d fed the hobos soup once, just to get rid of them and use up some of the bacon soup that was literally everywhere, and that had made them come back. Now it was a regular thing. They came, he gave them soup, they left, and then they came back again. He’d even roped Sammy into it, although the former music director wasn’t always the most helpful even on his lucid days. He had a tendency of doing the opposite of what Bendy said out of some residual spite he had for anything and everything around him. Luckily no one had been fed ink, yet, and Bendy intended to keep it that way. He’d almost forgotten about his whole plan to get revenge on Henry. That is, until Henry showed up at the studio with a letter clutched in his hand. 

“Someone’s here.” Sammy said, slumping past him. It was one of his better days, when he had some semblance of who he used to be. His memory was still a little foggy, so he didn’t immediately recognize Henry when the old animator waltzed through the door. 

“Another hobo?”

“No. He knew me, so I guess he used to work here.” Sammy shrugged and went off to the back to get some more cans. “He seems familiar.” Bendy almost dropped his ladle. Henry! Of course! He’d sent the letter and everything and now Henry was back. The demon groaned, running a hand over his face. He did not want to deal with this right now. Not while he had a line of people waiting for their soup. 

“I’ll be back in a minute.” He said, excusing himself to head upstairs. Henry stood just inside the studio door, the letter in his hand, his mouth wide open. There were people everywhere, huddled in corners as they drank their soup. He was still surprised the damn stuff hadn’t expired yet. 

“Bendy?” Henry asked, eyes widening as the demon came into view. 

“Yeah, can we reschedule the whole ‘revenge’ thing?” Bendy asked. “I got like 20 hobos holed up in here and Suzie won’t let go of my leg. Please let go, Suzie.” He looked down at the little girl currently clamped on to his spindly leg. She must have latched on as he was coming up the stairs. She shook her head, holding on even tighter. Okay, so that was something he was going to have to deal with. 


“Henry, I will hit you with a ladle. Just scram.” Just to drive the point home, he held up his ladle menacingly. It didn’t work as expected. Henry burst out laughed, clutching at his stomach as he bent over. Bendy tried not to groan. This was pretty much the last thing he needed. 

“Yeah yeah, laugh it up.” He folded his arms. “Just as long as you get lost.”

“I’m sorry.” Henry wiped a tear from his eye. “It’s just…I didn’t expect to find you of all people doing good deeds.”

“First off, how fucking dare you.” Bendy said, pointing the ladle. “Second, this ain’t a good deed. I’m feeding them so they’ll leave. Gets rid of the soup too. You have any idea how much fucking soup is in this place? It’s like Joey wanted to stockpile it or something.”

“People never really liked it, did they?” Henry said. “Well, at least someone is using it.” 

“Exactly. Would be a lot easier if Sammy stopped trying to sneak ink into it on his bad days.”

“I saw him earlier.” Henry tried to peer around the demon. “Just what happened to him?”

“Beats me.” Bendy shrugged. “Something to do with the ink I think. That or Joey did something to fuck him up. Probably that.” 

“Well, since I’m here, is there anything I can do to help?” Henry asked, leaning against the wall of the studio. “It seems like you’ve got your hands pretty full here.”

“Just don’t touch anything.” Bendy turned and limped back to the line, dragging little Suzy along with him. Henry didn’t touch anything, at least until Bendy needed help dishing up the soup. Then he was all over it. Bendy had to admit, it wasn’t so bad having the creator around. Maybe he’d have to postpone this whole revenge thing for awhile. Henry had come back, after all, and with little to no resistance. Besides, he had enough on his plate. Sammy especially needed to be kept in check.

Father II

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“Pomona honey!” Called Poppy out. “Urgent letter from Hogwarts for you!”

Pomona Pomfrey-Sprout smiled when she saw her wife standing in the door of their little cottage. After nearly forty years of marriage she was still very much in love with her. “Coming! I just have one more mandrake to plant!”

She made quick work of the last little bugger, then hurried off towards the house. It was probably Neville again, asking her for tips on how to handle his particularly nasty first year Ravenclaws, who always tried to corner him with complex questions about subjects more fitted for fifth years. It was a clever technique to disturb lessons and avoid homework.

“Here.” Poppy handed her a cup of tea, the letter and a morning kiss. “If it’s Neville again you should tell him to just floo in next time. I haven’t seen him in ages.”

“Will do, will do.” She opened the letter.

Dear Pomona,

I’m sorry to say that Malfoy has fallen ill. It’s nothing serious as far as I know, but he won’t be able to teach for a while. I persuaded Minerva to let Harry take care of him until he’s back on his feet, and I am now taking over the defence classes. I was hoping that you might be willing to replace me in herbology while I do so. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you soon,


Pomona smiled. “As much as I love to see you in just a bathrobe.” She pulled her wife into a hug that became a kiss. “I’m afraid we have to get going. Hogwarts needs us.”

“I hope those two will finally find each other now. Pomona used to grow Devil’s snare, a plant known for it’s slow pollination, but even they never took more than a year to get together.” Madam Pomfrey crossed her legs and took a sip of tea from the cup Neville had offered her. She had arrived ten minutes ago, and while Pomona had immediately left for the gardens, Poppy had stayed with Neville to catch up a bit.

“Did you just compare Malfoy and Harry with Devil’s Snare?” Asked Neville.

“Maybe…” Poppy took another sip of tea, using the cup to hide her smile. It was about time Harry found some happiness, and Malfoy wasn’t undeserving of it either after everything he’d done for the school.

“I think I’d best be off to the greenhouses now. You never know what those first years will do when faced with a new teacher, and my darling girl isn’t the youngest anymore.”

“I don’t think we have anything to fear in that department. I suspect even in her sleep she’d still be able to teach seventh year Ravenclaws.”

“I know…” Poppy sighed. “But back in the day I made her fall for me when I helped her with a tough class. I wouldn’t mind reliving that moment.” She smiled at the memory.

Neville laughed. “That’s actually really cute.”

“Yeah, Pomona and I are sometimes quite  sappy for each other.”

“You mean sapphic for each other?”

Poppy gave him a sharp, disapproving look. Neville threw his hands up in defence. “I wasn’t going to leave that perfect opportunity unused okay, you know me.”

Poppy rolled with her eyes and got ready to leave.

“I’ll see you during lunch!” Called Neville after her. He knew she secretly loved his puns, even though she would never admit it out loud.

“It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. I’m here, I’ll get you out of this mess. Don’t you go thinking that I won’t. You’re my friend now and I don’t fail my friends.” Harry was stroking Malfoy’s perfect blond hair. He knew the other man wasn’t listening to his ramblings, he’d fallen asleep some time ago, but Harry needed to say it for himself. Needed to believe it was true.

He actually had no idea how he was going to stop Lucius from retrialing except for marching into the ministry and straight up forcing the minister to refuse Draco’s dad his basic wizarding rights. Not that he had anything against that idea, but he knew Draco would never accept it.

He sighed, and pulled out his wand to sent a patronus to Minerva, telling her that he wasn’t able to teach his classes that day. He didn’t want to think about the consequences of the memory he used to conjure it. How he was getting Malfoy out of this mess was his top priority, not the reasons behind his desire to do so.

Harry tried to relax a bit, and tightened his arms around Malfoy. There was a certain calmth coming from his body pressing on top of him. His weight was somewhat reassuring.

While he stared at the ceiling, his thoughts drifted to that one sentence again. What kind of monster do you have to be, in order to make your own father hate you.

The words had shocked him. Apparently Malfoy blamed himself for what his dad was doing, like after all those years of hard work and good deeds he still somehow hadn’t been good enough. Like all of this was caused by him not trying his best instead of his father being a total shitbag.

Harry didn’t understand how Malfoy could still love his dad, how he could still care about his opinion after everything he’d done. But he also felt out off his debt, because he didn’t know what it was like to have a dad. He had no idea how Malfoy felt and for now he could do nothing more than hold him, tell him it wasn’t his fault, hoping that would somehow be enough.

But deep down he knew it wasn’t.

When the afternoon neared its second half Malfoy slowly started to wake up.

“Hey.” Harry greeted him with a warm smile. Malfoy groaned, and turned his head away.

“Please tell me I didn’t cry myself to sleep in your arms.” He whispered.

Harry tightened said arms around him. It was his way of saying that Malfoy shouldn’t get weird ideas like getting up, because Harry wasn’t letting him go. “You kind of did. But that’s okay. We all have our bad days.”

Malfoy let out a huge sigh. “Fuck.” He readjusted himself on top of Harry, a difficult task because Harry’s arms held him in a deadlock. “You know you can’t solve every problem in the world with a good hug right?”

“I know.” Answered Harry. “But I can try.”

Suddenly he got a broad smile on his face. “Hey Malfoy, you do realise you just called me a good hugger, right?”

“Did I say good?” Malfoy lifted his head from Harry’s chest. His eyes were still red from crying, but the despair that had reflected in them earlier was gone. “I meant terrible. You’re nearly murdering me in your arms, your shoulders are too bony, your…. Ugh.” Harry wrapped his arms around Malfoy even tighter, like he was trying to push all the air out of his lungs.

“What was it you were saying about my hugging qualities?”

Malfoy opened his mouth to answer, but could barely say a word because Harry cranked up his muscle power even more. “Great…” Malfoy gasped for breath. “Greatest hugger…”

“That’s what I thought.” And Harry loosened his grip.



Malfoy let his head rest on Harry’s chest. They lay silently in each other’s arms for a while before Malfoy spoke again. “I suppose there’s no chance…”

“No Malfoy, indeed there isn’t. I am not going to not talk about what happened.” Said Harry with a stubborn tone in his voice.


“But what? Malfoy we’ve worked together for two years now. I consider you to be my friend, no matter how weird that might sound. And friends don’t abandon each other when something like this happens, even if it’s not the easiest subject to talk about.”

Malfoy sighed, defeated, and rolled off of Harry. “Could we postpone talking about it then? I think it still has to sink in a bit.”

“Sounds reasonable.” Answered Harry, whose stomach grumbled loudly.

The sound made Malfoy’s eyes widen, and he pushed himself up to a sitting position. He looked worried. Even though it had been nearly two years since Harry had beaten his depression, his lack of appetite had never really left. Malfoy hadn’t really been lying when he complained about bony shoulders.

“Potter, have you eaten?” Harry was suddenly very busy studying the ceiling.

“You haven’t, have you?” Malfoy checked his watch. “Both breakfast and lunch?” Harry sat up as well now, but still refused to look at Malfoy.

“Dammit Potter. You were doing so well before.”

“But this was to blame on the circumstances!” Said Harry defensively.

“Circumstances my ass, any normal person would have called a house elf for some food.” Malfoy sounded more concerned that angry. Harry would have prefered him angry, he didn’t want anyone worrying about him. Especially not Malfoy, who shouldn’t have anything on his mind but his dad at the moment.

"You and I both know I’m not…”

“No, Potter. You are indeed not a normal person, you’re the boy who lived. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need food in order to stay that way.”

“You haven’t eaten either though.” Harry realised how weak his excuse was, and he cast his eyes down at the duvet. He knew he should have eaten but it had slipped his mind again, like it so often did.

“I was out cold, you were not. You can’t keep skipping meals like this Potter.” Harry slowly looked up, and Malfoy caught and held his gaze.

Malfoy’s eyes were no longer red from crying, instead they contained a spark. A fire.

Harry didn’t think he’d ever seen Malfoy like this before. The life in his grey eyes did something with him. It captured him. It calmed him down. It made him believe Malfoy would never not be there to remind him of the little things.

“You care.” The words were soft, surprised, filled with something Harry had never felt before.

“Of course I do.” Malfoy didn’t cave this time, though he felt more emotions rush through his veins now then he did that morning. Harry only now noticed Malfoy was holding his hand. “Of course I care.”

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A Night’s Tale | Chapter One

Prologue: The Introduction || Chapter One: Night 1

Genre: Drama, Thriller/Mystery(?)

Member: Jackson Wang

Word Count: 2,423

A.N. Chapter one is up after having technical difficulties aka my laptop just hating me. Just a reminder that each chapter is a different member, so therefore chapter one is Jackson, chapter two will be a different member and so on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.” - Galileo Galilei

Credit for gif -> xxx

Day and night are both considerably different. The day is considered how people want to present themselves to the world whereas when the night falls, that is when a person is able to show who they truly are. I think it’s best for me to show you how each person lives their life during the day before we can show you who they really are at nighttime. Just remember the rules that I told you before this or who knows what will happen to you. Do you remember the rules? You do. That’s fantastic let’s being.

The first person who we will be observing tonight is a very intelligent young man, what he does during the day you wouldn’t expect him to be the type of person he is at night.

Here’s a basic biography for you to at least know who he is.

Name: Jackson Wang

Age: 24

Occupation: Full time university student

That’s as basic as the biography will be for others as well, but let’s see a little bit of his day time life.

 During the day Jackson attends a very well known university, where he has received enough money to attend. Which is good thing, he didn’t have to take a job to help pay for school and he could just focus on his schoolwork. He’s considered to be the class clown in all his classes but knows when to goof off, even though some classes that he takes are “boring” he’s not going to joke all the time. Sure he likes to joke but it’s his future; whatever joking he does in class he’ll make up for it by getting great grades on all his assignments, therefore the teachers can’t hold anything against him.

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Kittens and Mittens

With Gabriel gone for Christmas, Adrien is alone. So he decides to spend as much time as Chat Noir as possible, sleeping during the day and hunting around Paris at night. Until Marinette decides it’s time to intervene.  

Here! Have some Christmas ANGST! Actually, I wrote this a while ago and totally FORGOT ABOUT IT! Now it’s inaccurate because of the Christmas Special, but oh well. Enjoy anyway. 

Part 1


Adrien always tried to get excited about it. Frankly, it was hard not to be. The whole of Paris was festive—trees in parks, people bundled up with hot chocolate, store fronts decorated with lights and garlands. Everyone was abuzz for it all through December, planning and exchanging gifts.

Even Adrien had received a few parcels from his friends the last day before break, which was a first. Ever. Nino had gotten him the new Mecha Strike expansion, which he’d been playing religiously since. Alya had given him a pair of Ladybug socks, saying he’d mentioned them offhand a few months before (he didn’t remember doing so, but that didn’t mean he enjoyed the gift any less). Even Marinette had given him something, which he hadn’t at all expected.

But maybe he should have.

The gloves she’d made him were perfect. Not blue, like the scarf she’d given him for his birthday, but dark green with white accents. The cookies she’d made along with them had been phenomenal as well, though he shouldn’t have expected any less there either.

He’d been a little embarrassed when she’d given him the gifts, to be honest. He’d noticed her signature on the scarf a few months prior and promptly interrogated Nathalie on the subject. She’d confessed to the “mix-up” on threat of him telling his father, which would have gone over poorly for her.

His father hadn’t gotten him anything for his birthday—not even a stupid pen.

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To Borrow #3

Jaehee Baehee Bestie right here <3 
Personally I always saw her as my bestie so I could never really make myself do her route or really see her in a romantic way but I can see how others may. Hopefully I didn’t massacre her too much as she is admittedly my least favourite character out of them all- maybe because I relate to her the most? Glasses and all O_O

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Prayer Against Every Evil

Spirit of our God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Most Holy Trinity, Immaculate Virgin Mary, angels, archangels, and saints of heaven, descend upon me. Please purify me, Lord, mold me, fill me with yourself, use me.

Banish all the forces of evil from me, destroy them, vanish them, so that I can be healthy and do good deeds. Banish from me all spells, witchcraft, black magic, malefice, ties, maledictions, and the evil eye; diabolic infestations, oppressions, possessions; all that is evil and sinful, jealously, perfidy, envy; physical, psychological, moral, spiritual, diabolical aliments.

Burn all these evils in hell, that they may never again touch me or any other creature in the entire world.

I command and bid all the powers who molest me, by the power of God all powerful, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to leave me forever, and to be consigned into the everlasting hell, where they will be bound by Saint Michael the archangel, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, our guardian angels, and where they will be crushed under the heel of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.

anonymous asked:

I simply loooove all of your RebelCaptain works! If you’re still accepting ideas or prompts, I try leaving one for you… I’d really like to read something where, after all the good old pining, they have to… ahem… do the deed for a good old “married couple” covert mission, ‘cause maybe they’ve attracted suspicion or I don’t know… It’s unconfortable for both, but in the middle of things, one of them manages to confess he/she’s always desired it (in a way that could be consistent with the cover).

[so, unwrite Burn. I gotchu]

She always touched the kyber crystal when she was nervous, or needed reassurance. He couldn’t help but notice, her fingers sought solace there like it was a row of prayer beads. He saw her lips form words, recognizing the purse of her lips and seeing in it the words “the force” muddled in a longer string of words. 

Once, he reached forward, tangled his fingers in the thread that bound it to her neck. She glanced up. 

“It’s alright,” he mouthed to her, as though speaking it out loud would break something between them. A single finger reached forward, brushed her collarbone. She shivered, her fingers still bloodlessly white around the chunk of kyber. 

She smiled wanly.

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Ramadan Check Up

For those who are finding that their faith and actions are not really what they wanted them to be so far during Ramadan. For those who are doing well, or think they’re doing well. For every single person observing Ramadan this month, young or old, first timer or experienced. 

As you know, this month is a valuable chance to get closer to Allah  سبحانه و تعالى, but what good are acts of worship when this intention is not present? 

Did you know, that for every good deed you sincerely intend to do for the sake of Allah  سبحانه و تعالى, you are rewarded with a full good deed. If you then actually perform this good deed, you are rewarded with 10-700 times that good deed ‘or many times over’.

”Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad ones.” Then, he explained it [by saying that]: ”He who has intended a good deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as from ten good deeds to seven hundred times, or many times over. But if he has intended a bad deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed.” (related by Bukhari and Muslim)

Subhan'Allah, so evaluate yourself! Have you been doing enough? If not, then intend to do all the good deeds you can possibly think of. Intend and believe that you will actually achieve what you wish. What have you got to lose?! As long as you are sincere you will be rewarded. So if you’re able to, grab a piece of paper and write down at least four deeds you intend to do, and you must have one that fits each of these categories:

  1. An act of physical ‘ibadah (worship) (e.g. extra prayers, du'aa, fasting, giving to charity…)
  2. A sin you are committing which you will remove from your daily life (e.g. major/minor sins, lying, cheating, disobedience to parents…)
  3. Something that is helpful to those around you (e.g. can be in the home or on a larger scale, bettering your character, giving to charity, being kind to neighbours…) and
  4. Improving an act of worship that you are already performing (e.g. improving your daily Salah, if you make lots of du'a-use specific ones and learn more or renew your intentions for giving to charity etc…)

Don’t be pessimistic when looking at these lists, you are more capable then you think! So many of us complain about how they cannot wake up for fajr, or that it’s hard for them to fast, or even that they cannot control their tongues and they get angry easily-but this is the beauty of Ramadan-when it arrives, the same people wake up every day, they fast daily and when provoked to argue, they say ‘I am fasting’, the key is to well and truly implement good habits into your life permanently.

By making the intention to do these four deeds during Ramadan, insha'Allah not only will you be rewarded, but when performing these deeds you will get used to them and will come out of Ramadan as a better and more cultivated Muslim. 

This is a reminder to myself first and foremost.

May Allah  سبحانه و تعالى make things easy for us all!

Eye Witness Part 2

AU: WitnessProtection!Yoongi, Cop!Jungkook w/gang!VMin

Warnings: Gang related stuff- gun violence, threats, all around danger, etc.

Word Count: 2k

Summary: It should have been a normal walk home from work, but when you see something you shouldn’t have and get caught, passerby Min Yoongi is not happy that you drag him into it.

Part 1

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man what’s with these rich kids getting poor kids shoes and having the entire school watch/film. i would’ve hated that shit, way to embarrass the fuck out of someone for some ~facebook fame~ that doesn’t mean shit

Spread the Love Challenge

This December, I decided to create a challenge that will make me show kindness and love to strangers, family, friends, and myself during this holiday season. You are more than welcome to join me in spreading the love. 

Depending upon what holidays you celebrate, you can change up the order of this list according to your celebration needs. I would love to see some of the good deeds you all end up doing! I will give imaginary bonus points to those who submit pictures of themselves helping out another person or themselves! 

1. Let go of anger: Go to the lake to meditate. 

2. Show politeness: Spend the day helping as many people as you can.

3. Contribute: Donate clothes or shop locally.

4. Surprise someone: Create something to give to someone in need.

5. Forgiveness: Finally show some love to those who need it.

6. Love all life: volunteer with animals.

7. Smile: To everyone.

8. Compliments: Give a genuine compliment to at least 10 people.

9. Buy flowers: Give one out to random people.

10. Letters: Write and send out 5 letters of love and joy.

11. Cook for someone: A friend/family member who needs a little love.

12. Do everything: Clean the whole house without being asked.

13. Pay it forward: Pay for the next person’s coffee.

14. Read a book: You need some love too!

15. Bake sweets: Wrap them up and deliver them. 

16. Treat a friend: Spend the whole day goofing off. 

17. Clean: Get out into the community and pick up trash.

18. Be sneaky: Give someone a gift anonymously. 

19. Tips: Give a generous tip to your waiter/waitress.

20. Make a care bag: Deliver it to a homeless person.

21. Be thankful: Publicly share a list of people and things you love.

22. High fives: Go around giving them out.

23. Talk to a stranger: Actually have a conversation.

24. Send flowers: Order flowers for those who live far away.

25. Donate blood: or plasma.

26. Recycle: The Earth needs love! 

27. Explore: Go on a nature walk and love yourself.

28. Pamper your pets: Show the fur babies some lovin’.

29. Donate to a cause: with money, time, or free advertising. 

30. Buy local art: Help support dreams.

31. Show yourself love: Get your hair done, nails done, or go to a spa.

Happy Holidays! Love, me. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think the afterlife was like for Severus? I've seen headcanons where he makes up with Lily but to be honest I don't think she would want anything to do with him. For all his good deeds, he still got her killed. And he still treated her son like shit, whatever the reasons. And that's not really something one can forgive and then say "We're chums again", is it? Was he all alone again? It makes me sad if that was the case.

At the risk of sounding like a Godless heathen, I struggle to imagine any sort of afterlife - and although it’s been a long time since I studied various beliefs, I thought the idea in a Christian framing was that you were judged at the gates, and then you either were rewarded with spiritual/physical pleasure in Heaven, or you were damned to spiritual/physical torment in Hell.

So I don’t think there’s room in that reading for Lily to judge Severus in that sort of way - he’s either accepted through the gates and absolved of sin, or he’s banished.  By virtue of both characters being in Heaven, peace has been made.

Still, my happy ever after for Severus is one where he gets to move on and it doesn’t revolve around Lily forgiving or admonishing him.  Whilst Lily was paramount in Severus becoming someone other than an angry Death Eater, the memory of her - combined with the war, Voldemort, Dumbledore and his atonement - ended up being like bindweed around Severus’ life, preventing him from becoming his own man with his own hopes and dreams and aspirations - and that was a waste.