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Spread the Love Challenge

This December, I decided to create a challenge that will make me show kindness and love to strangers, family, friends, and myself during this holiday season. You are more than welcome to join me in spreading the love. 

Depending upon what holidays you celebrate, you can change up the order of this list according to your celebration needs. I would love to see some of the good deeds you all end up doing! I will give imaginary bonus points to those who submit pictures of themselves helping out another person or themselves! 

1. Let go of anger: Go to the lake to meditate. 

2. Show politeness: Spend the day helping as many people as you can.

3. Contribute: Donate clothes or shop locally.

4. Surprise someone: Create something to give to someone in need.

5. Forgiveness: Finally show some love to those who need it.

6. Love all life: volunteer with animals.

7. Smile: To everyone.

8. Compliments: Give a genuine compliment to at least 10 people.

9. Buy flowers: Give one out to random people.

10. Letters: Write and send out 5 letters of love and joy.

11. Cook for someone: A friend/family member who needs a little love.

12. Do everything: Clean the whole house without being asked.

13. Pay it forward: Pay for the next person’s coffee.

14. Read a book: You need some love too!

15. Bake sweets: Wrap them up and deliver them. 

16. Treat a friend: Spend the whole day goofing off. 

17. Clean: Get out into the community and pick up trash.

18. Be sneaky: Give someone a gift anonymously. 

19. Tips: Give a generous tip to your waiter/waitress.

20. Make a care bag: Deliver it to a homeless person.

21. Be thankful: Publicly share a list of people and things you love.

22. High fives: Go around giving them out.

23. Talk to a stranger: Actually have a conversation.

24. Send flowers: Order flowers for those who live far away.

25. Donate blood: or plasma.

26. Recycle: The Earth needs love! 

27. Explore: Go on a nature walk and love yourself.

28. Pamper your pets: Show the fur babies some lovin’.

29. Donate to a cause: with money, time, or free advertising. 

30. Buy local art: Help support dreams.

31. Show yourself love: Get your hair done, nails done, or go to a spa.

Happy Holidays! Love, me. 

Story idea…what if a hero decided to defeat their villain by doing “anonymous” good deeds and donations but having all the details point back to the villain being the one doing them? And public opinion of the villain starts to shift, starting to view them more favorably and being more inclined to be forgiving of them. 

And at the villain is infuriated because how dare someone do this, their actions are theirs and they will not have anyone try to sully what the reputation they’ve worked so hard for! 

But…that people are so ready to make peace with them, so willing to give them another chance…it makes them almost want to truly do those actions that that anonymous fool is duping everyone into believing is theirs. 

(Or the villain proves once and for all that they ARE a bastard and very publicly nukes the charity that the hero has been making those anonymous donations to) 


In general the idea that there are definitively good people, who all have good politics and do good deeds, and bad people, who all have bad politics and do bad deeds, is cute and makes us feel good but it’s basically an insidious excuse for us not to examine our own behavior toward out loved ones. There are some ways of expressing your valid frustration (like being passive aggressive with someone) which are basically manipulative, and periodically checking in with people in your life is a good thing people should do for the sake of their most important relationships. “Good” people should make sure our interactions with other people are intentional and positive when possible and that we aren’t unintentionally causing harm to those we love.

Tumblr’s 79¢ Party @ SXSW Music

Can you feel it? It’s that special time of year when over 2,000 of your favorite musical acts migrate to Austin, Texas, for a week of musical bliss. For the fourth year running, we’re hosting a party with a few of those bands. Come hang out with us.

This year is about celebrating the power of the female voice, featuring Jhené Aiko (@jheneaiko), Ex Hex (@exhexband) Empress Of (@empressof), Little Simz (@littlesimz), and Tacocat (@tacocatusa). 


We’ve collaborated with the world-famous GIF artist Cat Frazier (@animatedtext) and inimitable illustrator Helen Green (@dollychops) to provide us with dope art during the show. They’ll also be drawing up some special surprises.


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So... for a series of reasons I'm feeling kinda down this period and though I really really love steamy fanfics, I kinda need some (well written and believable) billary fluff. And to know that they were ok after Lewinsky and he wasn't a d*ck afterwards. Can someone answer my plea and write something? It would really cheer me up and you'd do a very good deed to all the fandom... (btw, keep writing hotties too, I'm not complaining!)

This new fluff piece Baby Steps is very cute! I’m really grateful to the authors for keeping more fics coming

Redemption Arcs

Redemption arcs work when there is a seed of them from early on. You can’t have a character be evil for pages/episodes/hours of movie time and then have them do one good deed and all is well. There are exception to this (a last second act of heroics worked for Vader) but that is harder to make satisfying.

I want to talk about a couple of characters who have good redemption arcs: Prince Zuko and King Richard.

In Avatar, Zuko is introduced as the bad guy. He’s the villain single-mindedly hunting down the avatar and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process. But there are moments of tenderness in his relationship with his uncle. In an early episode, he is faced with a choice between capturing the avatar (his stated goal and all he dreams about) and rescuing his uncle from enemies. He chooses to save his uncle. This is a hint that there is something that means more to him than victory.

In Galavant, Richard is introduced as the evil king (literally, in jester’s narration in the first episode, he is called “the evil king”) but right there in the first episode there is a tiny hint that he might not be completely evil. In his conversation with chef, he says, “I’m such a bully,” in a distraught tone. He doesn’t want to be a bully. This is played as a joke because bully is a ridiculously mild term for what chef is talking about (killing his father over a piece of meat that was too rare) but Richard’s tone is a sign that he wants to be something better than he is. This is important in redemption arcs - wanting to be a better person.

These early hints are then built on over the following episodes. Zuko continues to show compassion for his uncle and, on occasion, other people as well. These don’t happen overnight but are spread across three seasons.

Richard’s redemption begins with him trying to be the sort of king his subjects would love. His attempts fail spectacularly. When told that the people are starving because he’s stolen all their food, he decides to show solidarity with them by denying himself the food too - by burning it in front of them. He realises instantly that this was a terrible idea, but his intention was to try and win the people over. Likewise, his disastrous party was an attempt to make the people happy. These attempts show his desire to be good. 

Similarly, Zuko’s goal is to have honour. Being honourable is generally considered a good thing. More than his honour, he wants to regain his father’s respect and love. This is an understandable goal that people will understand and sympathise with. This is important for creating a redeemable character - they should have goals and drives that are themselves sympathetic.

The redemption arcs themselves take time an effort. Zuko has to win Aang’s trust (and the trust of the rest of the Gaang). Richard has to win over Galavant by trying to help his quest.

The two stories aren’t the same by a long way, but they have a few elements that line up and that work to make a good redemption arc:

  • Their fundamental goals are sympathetic
  • They show hints early on that they’re not entirely evil
  • These hints continue with more acts of goodness.
  • They have to earn the trust of their former enemies
  • They have to work for their forgiveness.

This last one is important. If you want to write a good redemption arc, it should feel like the former bad guy has put some effort in.


    It had been a rather productive day; morning classes were completed, breakfast was actually eaten — now, he was out with a friend for lunch. Friend, or acquaintance, or a kid he feels somewhat protective over — he wasn’t quite sure the correct phrasing just yet, but still was well aware of the, albeit ambiguous, connection the two had. Offering to pay for the kid’s prescriptions was one thing, taking him out to eat was another; was Wash trying to make up for lost time, maybe do good to erase all of the horrendous deeds he has done in the past? Perhaps, but he wouldn’t think of this for now; he was here, sitting in a restaurant with…whatever this kid was to him, and he would have to focus on the present for now.

     “It’ll take time to work,” he says, knowing this fact all too well. “…but when it does, it should help with…everything.” 

okay for episode 5 I really want the ‘Rule Hyperion’ route to be free of any Jack betrayal. Instead I want Jack to start messing with the Dialogue choices and changing what Rhys says, which steadily get’s worse as the game goes on until Rhys is basically acting like Jack and it freaks him out. Then Jacks like ‘yeah I’m making some improvements to your personality. You’re welcome!’ 8D Like legit think he’s actually doing Rhys a huge favor by molding him into the perfect Hyperion President. (aka Handsome Jack) It would be pretty in character for Jack considering he’ll do Logic gymnastics so all his ‘good deeds’ benefit him more in some way. And if Mr control freak himself is really gonna share power without an obvious back stab then basically ‘rewriting’ Rhys into another Jack he can hop in and out of at will would be very ‘have your cake and eat it’ of him.

Rhys gets to be in charge of Hyperion (technically)

Jack gets to be a giant fuck off space station AND has a physical body AND is still technically fully in charge because Rhys is more or less a face Jack can recode at will.

Once again Jack sets it up so he’s not technically the bad guy at first glance, accept he really fucking is and no-one’s gonna know till it’s too late. (sucks to be you Rhys) 

**Fasting announcement tomorrow (Sunday 11/09/16) will be the day of arafah, Fasting on this day extinguishes the sins for the previous year and the next year.

Make the intention, Act and share. Allah bless you all and give you the ability to do good deeds Ameen

For all that, though, I was startled to realise that I didn’t wish I’d written his book, any more than I would have wished to wake up tomorrow looking like the beauty from a magazine cover. What I envied were what his talent and success had bestowed on him, a sense of the rightness of what he was doing. I wanted what women always want: permission. But he’d had that before this book was even written; it was, after all, the first thing I’d envied about him. It was arguably what enabled him to write the book in the first place.

I was raised to admire a life of service, and to this day I do admire it. When I see someone bend to the task of helping another I think she is doing the work of all, the human job. But someone else’s good deed never stabs my heart the way a good book does. I admire it, but I do not envy it. Whatever else it has done, my envy of the man has helped me see the difference between what I was raised to want, what I wish I could want, and what I do want.

okay but

Imagine Kinshirou trying to make amends to the monsters of the week.

Imagine him trying to apologise and explain himself to them all. Imagine him trying to do good deeds for them all.

Imagine him paying for the damage to Komi’s house (yes, I know insurance, but.) Imagine Komi being like “I can’t believe you broke into my bedroom” and Kinshirou trying to come up with a better explanation than “A hedgehog told me it was a good idea”.

Imagine some of them being like “really you did me a favour, I’m much happier now :3″, but some of them being really, spittingly mad with his presumptuousness. And some just not wanting anything to do with him.

Imagine him being down because of it and Arima offering to get him tea, and Kinshirou almost accepting before saying “no, I’ll get it this time”.

Imagine him reluctantly joining the ballet club and hating every moment of it.

May Allah Provide us with good friends who establish regular prayers and always do good deeds. 

May Allah always help us all when in time of bad and frustrations. 

May Allah give us all strength to change people ways for the good. 

May Allah clear all of our hearts and our mind and our souls of evil and bad thoughts. 

May Allah grant us all Jannah.