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How do you go about finding these stories? Do you search the web for true crime? Where do they come from? :)

I write everything on my blog myself. For research, I have an account with, and I have an American library card. This enables me to browse through millions of newspapers from the 1800s to modern day! A lot of what I write about is requests from followers.


So this is my first long post and I hope you all like it ;) I got a question about which supplies I used since the first day for learning French and I thought it was a good idea to tell you all about it more in depth here! So there you go!

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how fucking ignorant do u have to be to think idols can't understand criticisms of problematic behavior because of a language barrier? there are idols who are not fluent in english and have never lived outside of korea, yet talk about the same things we do on this blog. just cause your bias is too selfish to do a fucking web search and click the translate button and open their mind doesn't mean korean people "can't understand" like hun that's an ism right there. stop.

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Is it okay to re-use character names? I have so many characters, that it’s hard to name characters these days.

While it’s fine to reuse character names from unpublished stories, you really shouldn’t reuse names from stories you have already shared with others. There’s no reason to–there are thousands upon thousands of names out there if you just take a few minutes to look for them. It isn’t hard if you make a small effort to do the work. :)

One thing that helps is to understand what resources are available to you. Here are four to consider:

- Baby name web sites. There are zillions of them. Just do a search for “baby names site” and you will find them. I love Nameberry, Behind the Name, and Think Baby Names. Some of these sites have curated name lists for different nationalities, time periods, and themes.

- Name generators. Again, there are lots if type “name generator” into Google. They can be very hit and miss, but some are surprisingly helpful. They can also help with surnames as well.

- Baby name books. You may not be keen on purchasing an actual baby name book to add to your reference materials collection, but it’s super handy to have one within reach. It’s also great because you can go through and highlight names you like for later use, as well as to cross out names you’ve already used.

- The real world. TV show and movie credits, business directories, facebook, book spines and acknowledgements sections, newspapers and magazines, family trees and ancestry sites, building directories, your friends and family members… these are all great sources for names. Just make sure not to use real life first/last name combinations if it could be problematic.

When I’m brainstorming character names, I like to make a list of possible names for each character. I typically go through numerous resources to get as many varied possibilities as I can. Then, I go through the list and narrow it down via process of elimination. It’s really easy if you just set aside a little time to do it! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer 

As the August nights tend to become a bit shorter and cooler, fall is slowly but surely approaching.  The end of the summer can be something bittersweet to most, some praying not to return to their work or school and other’s delighted to catch up with those they haven’t had a chance to reconnect with.  Here are some ideas on how to end a summer with a bang:

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REEE i wanna play pony town but how do you download it or is it a steam game HOW DO YOU GET PONY TOWN ;-;

its a web page, you just need search it in google

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Given the fact that you actually studied your area of expertise, how do you feel about dilettantes and outsider artists dabbling with audio, video and their intersection? Are you part of any communities, groups or collectives, where interested novices could gain insights into starting points or common techniques and technologies used in your and similar works? Can you recommend any resources, e.g. primers about the gotchas and basics of essential gear, fundamental books or online tutorials? Ty!

Dear GhostInTheTerminal,

Thanks a lot for your interest in my opinion and please excuse the long delay it took me to deliver a response.

While I wouldn’t say studying at an art school is a particularly bad idea (except maybe from your personal economic standpoint), and probably widens your horizon in that field, I’m also not convinced it is in any way necessary to create interesting art. Best case, it gives you some years of time for experimentation with different techniques and ideas. Worst case, it might break your motivation to create art altogether. The experience you get out of it is depending on a ton of erratic variables, like the chemistry between you, your class your tutors, edibility of the canteen food etc.

To me creating art is something very personal, very autodidactic. It might be the profession with the highest potential to do most of the things you do in a self-taught manner. A school can (best case) inspire you - give you new inputs and support you in exploring, whatever weird output the neural network you grew in your head during your life time may materialize.

In the end though, you kind of have to choose yourself, what interests you, and what your motivations are (aesthetical, poetical, nonsensical, political etc.) to create whatever you might personally qualify as a work of art.

If you search for people who do web art / video art, some of these fb groups might be a starting point:

TACHYONS+ Video Dimensions

N e w A e ѕ т н e т ι c

Glitch Artists Collective

Perfect Users

360° Artworks

NRD - New Retro Designers

Computer art

Mandelbulb Maniacs

Pixel Art

I haven’t much to deliver on the resources part, so I’ll paste a bunch of random links below, of things that have recently inspired me or occupied my time otherwise:


Hiroshi Yoshimura - Time Forest

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Four Post Cards

Robert Anton Wilson ~ The Map Is Not The Territory: The Future Is Not The Past

小泉今日子 / The Stardust Memory(スターダスト・メモリー)

AKIRA: How To Animate Light

Very Old Data Center 1992

Lee Ritenour - Dolphin Dreams 1985

LEGOWELT’s Studiostuff ::Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer::

Crumar Performer Analog String Synthesizer “1979”

World Wide Web:

Solar Data Banners & Widgets

Cameron’s World

Old PC related Boxes, I found on Ebay


Relaxing browser game

List of largest power stations

Casio HT-3000



Vintage Computer Color Palettes

Scroll down for the images

I hope, despite my rambling, some parts of this response, help in an inspirational way.

Best Regards
Fornax Void


Because every Samifer fan wants Lucifer in the bunker. My general Samifer headcanons can be found here. These can be taken as normal archangel!Lucifer, or human!Lucifer if you wish :3

  • Lucifer sleeps in Sam’s room, obviously. Sam insists it’s both their room and lets Lucifer reorganise/redecorate as he wishes.
  • Lucifer insists on having at least three blankets on the bed because he likes how warm it is (imagine a Lucifer blanket burrito. Go on, just picture it.)
  • Dean was obviously not pleased at first and only allowed it because Sam threatened to leave with Lucifer otherwise. He is slowly getting used to the idea. Slowly.
  • Lucifer likes to sneak into Dean’s room and move everything exactly one inch to the left just to see if he notices.
  • After three days, Dean noticed and put a line of holy fire outside his door until Sam made him put it out before he burnt the place down.
  • Dean accidentally drugged Lucifer, who then thought Dean was Michael and forced kind-of bonding ensued. (yes I wrote a fic)
  • Upon hearing from Sam the full story of how Michael- with the same decision he had- chose to the option to kill Lucifer rather than try to save him, Dean feels Michael failed to look out for his little brother like he should. Dean hasn’t quite got round to saying this to Lucifer yet.
  • Lucifer spends a lot of time in the observatory. Sam recognises he wants to be left alone when he goes in there and respects that.
  • After… an incident, Sam and Lucifer have been confined to having sex in their own room. Only.
  • Lucifer has made several valiant attempt to coax Sam into breaking this rule.
  • Dean likes TV shows like rock music documentaries and stuff like ‘Top Gear’. Lucifer likes them too, but pretends to just be coincidentally in the same room and totally not watching.
  • Lucifer does sleep. Occasionally. He won’t talk to Sam about the nightmares, though he doesn’t argue when Sam snuggles up close to try and comfort him.
  • Being the ex-Angel of Music, Sam has noticed Lucifer relaxes more if he leaves the radio on softly in the background. Sam uses this tactically.
  • Sam likes playing chess with Lucifer. On the other hand, Lucifer’s favourite game is 'hide the Impala keys from Dean’.
  • Lucifer has declared Sam the world’s best wing groomer and takes advantage of this liberally.
  • Sam likes to sit with Lucifer close by while he does research. Often he rests his head on his shoulder, or holds his hand, or hooks his ankle over Lucifer’s under the table.
  • Sam enjoys choosing clothes for Lucifer far too much.
  • Everyone has unofficial seats at the table. Sam told Lucifer the seat next to him was his. Lucifer secretly loves having his own seat cause it’s the first time he’s been included as part of any kind of group since falling.
  • Lucifer makes attempts to talk to Castiel, who remains wary of him, knowing what he did to Heaven. Lucifer tries to act like he doesn’t care about this reaction, but Sam always makes sure to pay extra attention to him afterwards.
  • Lucifer sleeps on the left of the bed, Sam on the right.
  • Dean brought a games console and is currently mad that Lucifer somehow has the high score on it.
  • Sam found a load of “why do humans…” searches in his web history and read through them with a massive smile.
  • Lucifer used to sing to Sam in the cage and hasn’t since, though Sam has caught him humming along to the record player a few times.
  • Lucifer likes to insult the bunker and all its 'humanness’ whenever Dean is in earshot. But really, he rather loves it. Not that he’ll ever admit that.

So I looked up the Tumblr Safe Mode thing and for logged in users, it’s opt-in; however for those who are doing a general web search, it will always be on. This is more of an issue for the broader web accessing the site rather than from within.
However, it is supposed to be age based, which makes wrongly flagged content worse. But there is still great chance for abuse if the content tag review system is awful as they generally tend to be.
I need to do my own research to see if it really does affect SFW gay content (e.g. G-rated kiss).


Cool if it’s not to late to ask can you do one where the reader has been wanting to get a tattoo but can’t sit still and doesn’t like needles but Sherlock talks her into it and she gets like a skull or giraffe or an otter or something like that?

(@janetthegiantt, I hope you enjoy your request!)

Originally posted by malcolm-f-tucker

Sighing as you close out your computer screen, your skin begins to pucker as you think of that tattoo needle bouncing up and down on your skin.

The entire idea of willingly allowing someone to do that gave you the creeps.

But Sherlock saw how intrigued you were by his tattoos.  He saw your web searches over your shoulder at work and your lingering eyes whenever he rolled up his sleeves.  He noticed the genuine intrigue when you asked him about what each one meant and how absolutely taken you were with the idea of him doing his own tattoos.

But he would watch your visceral reaction after every web searching session, and between your constant fidgeting and your puckering arms, it wasn’t hard for him to put together why you were so afraid of getting one yourself.

And it gave him an idea.

“Sherlock, what are y-”

As you pad your way into his brownstone home, the dimly lit area coming to life as your eyes pan over to his kitchen table, you see all of his tattooing equipment, complete with an array of colors.

“Today…you are getting your first tattoo,” Sherlock announces.

You began laughing to yourself until you panned your head in his direction and realizes he was serious.

“No,” you state, “you are not jabbing me with that…that thing,” you spit.

“First, you need to know what that ‘thing’ is going to feel like,” Sherlock states as he walks over to the table and sits down.

His hand ushered you to the chair in front of him, but you stayed rooted to your position.

“The needle does not go all the way into your skin.  This is not like a shot,” he says matter-of-factly.

But still, you didn’t move.

Which was a miracle, because you were always moving.

Stress balls, Chinese medicine balls, jiggling your leg, wiggling your toes…

But as Sherlock stared at you, your fear paralyzed you.

“Y/N…” Sherlock lulls lowly.

He was waiting for you to admit the truth about your fear.

“Is it…?”

You couldn’t bring yourself to say it.

“That is why we try it first,” Sherlock says as he cocks his head lightly, “No ink.  Just the sensation.”

Letting go of the breath you were holding, you slowly make your way to the chair as you shrug off your coat.

“Let me see your arm,” he muses as he holds out his hand.

Placing your shaking arm in his hand, you hear the whirring of the needle as tears spring to your eyes, and you turn your head away and shut your eyes tight as a dull, heated sensation begins to spread throughout your skin.

Uncomfortable, but not painful.

“How was that?” Sherlock asks as he watches the tears of nervousness roll down your cheeks.

“Not…terrible,” you admit shakily.

“Do you trust me?” he asks out of nowhere.

Furrowing your brow as you turn your reddened face towards him, he releases your arm as he stares at you.

“Do you.  Trust me?” he asks again.

“Y-yes.  Yes, o-…of course,” you breathe.

“Then take off your pants, close your eyes, and give me your leg.”

Say what?

But as ridiculous as his suggestion was, you found yourself following every single command.

An hour later, with your skin swelling and burning and your eyes clamped shut, you breathe a sigh of relief as you hear the needle device finally cut off for good.

Feeling Sherlock take long, languid strokes over your sensitive skin, you feel your body begin to relax as he finally removes his hands from your skin.

“Take a look,” he offers as he throws the gauze on the table before ripping his rubber gloves off.

And as your eyes gaze down at the image on the outside of your upper thigh, you take it all in as you read the inscription around the shaded in figure of a tree.

Earth, give me courage, like the tree that stands alone.

As your eyes flicker back up to him, tears brimming your already-red eyes, your jaw unhinges in shock as he puts his hand comfortingly on your calf, which was still draped over his lap.

“Most people enjoy getting those pointless images, like the ones you were searching,” Sherlock begins as he bounces his head lightly, “but one never stops to think about the impact of something that holds a…deeper meaning.”

You thought back to the one-sided conversations you had with him.  Conversations that always resulted in him either walking away mid-sentence or cutting you off in favor of the case.  You hadn’t actually thought he was taking them in.

You remember talking about being estranged from your family.  You thought back to the time he found you seeking solace in the park, underneath the shade of a massive oak tree after a particularly hard case.  You thought back to the one compliment he had given you: the sentiment that he thought you were very brave.

All of it, wrapped up in a beautifully black and green shaded tattoo.

“Thank you,” you choke out as you flutter your eyes back down to it.  “It’s…”

Sherlock simply waited until you gathered your thoughts.

“It’s eye-opening,” you say as you pan your gaze back up to his, connecting your eyes as your tattoo begins to itch.

But before you could reach for the Vaseline, Sherlock had already grabbed it for you.

And as he slathered it onto your tattoo before covering it with gauze, your eyes dance along the side of his face.

This was a side you had never seen in him before.

A side that was in tune, and selfless, and tender.

“How does that feel?” he asks as he leans up in his chair and looks at you.

“Perfect,” you offer as you continue to stare at him.

“It feels perfect.”

MY cheat code to dieting, exercise, sugaring, school,work and life.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion views and ideas on how to make exercise,work,school and sugaring easier for me. I just thought I’d share. It’s not 100% effective,but it’s hopefully helpful. Also this is pretty long. So if you’ve got time and interest sit and have a read!

I’m extremely excited to be going into the  New Year as a new SB and hope this year will be filled with love, success and joy. :) So as a means to not only help this along I’ve decided to start eating better,working out and I know you all think “Oh no here we go a girl who plans her diet for the new year” But, I’m here to tell you lovelies that I’ve been able to do diets and be healthier before. I also don’t plan on slacking. Once I set my mind to something I’m good for it. So I’ll be keeping a log of things i do every day to help me be healthier,snack smarter and feel better in general.

So, I’m a college student and snacking smart,eating healthy and exercising in general just seems like way too much to keep up with along with working and since I’ve added sugaring to my list. I figured I’d give some things I think would be helpful for to make these things easier.

If you’re a student going to school right now and want to add exercise to your list. The simplest thing to do is add a physical education course to your schedule. It’s only twice a week, it’s mandatory and an easy A. So, not only are you getting a grade. You’re getting healthier and earning a grade. I personally prefer early morning workout classes. Reasons why? It’s early so it’ll wake you up and pump you up for your day. You’ll feel amazing once you get back from your class and take a shower and your mind will be clear! How great is that?!

Snacking and eating right:

Now, on to food. I know eating healthy is hard at school. The cafeteria is disgusting and trust fast food is so tempting, but never fear healthy snacks cheap are here! (These things you do not have to buy all at once. Slowly add them to your room and restock as needed.) Hopefully you have a fridge in your room because not only is that essential but it’ll keep your food fresh.

Berries: keep you mentally sharp, sweet and can help fight late night sugar cravings.

nuts: Protein, fiber, Omega-3 and fatty acids. Vitamin E (can help stop plaque in your arteries)

water: Necessity to live, obvi. You’re mostly made of water so you need it to live. Great for skin and complexion. Stay hydrated kids. just understand water is good for you.

peanut butter: Super filling and tasty. Has the same properties as nuts just in a creamy tasty buttery? form :)

celery: only 10 calories,reduces inflammation, great for acne, Magnesium (which is also a stress reliever. I recommend this for hardcore study sessions), regulates alkaline balance which is a great way to protect yourself from acid reflux, you can sleep better,has “good” salt (yes there is bad salt. Hypertension is not your friend ladies!)  Amp up your sex life! and at last but definitely not least. Vitamin A.

Carrots: Eyesight is key, Beta-carotene (helps slow aging) protects teeth and gums,  Can help assist the liver in flushing out toxins!
Dried cranberries: Fiber, lower heart problems, antioxidants. Sweet and delicious and taste great!

granola: Helps prevent constipation and digestion ( a little gross,but no one likes to be backed up), grat for fiber and  helps you feel full.

Honey:  A wonderful substitute for sugar

Cheese: Cheese contains a host of nutrients like calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B1. Also,calcium is a great for your hair! (

If you do a search on the web about the importance of calcium for healthy hair, you will find enough contradictions to make you want to pull your hair out.  Of course I’m joking, but in reality there’s a lot of misinformation about the importance of calcium for healthy hair and the avoidance of hair loss.

What’s the real answer?  Calcium plays a part in the growth of healthy hair because its part of the big picture of incorporating a well-balanced nutritional plan into any hair growth or hair loss prevention program.

Calcium alone is not the secret hair bullet which will instantly stop hair loss or grow six inches of hair overnight.  However, if there is a calcium imbalance it can definitely have an impact on the growth of healthy hair.

Should you talk calcium pills?  If your physician or nutritional consultant recommends it, by all means you should. Will get into pills in a bit.)

Yogurt: “live and active cultures” on the container mean that your yogurt has probiotics, beneficial bugs that live in your digestive tract and help crowd out harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections. (Only a very small number of companies put yogurt through a post-pasteurization process that kills off all bacteria. so it should be pretty easy to find some healthy for you yogurt.) loaded with vitamins and help you.

Bananas:Potassium ,potassium,potassium! I’m extremely allergic to banas and cannot eat them. So i’m stuck taking potassium vitamins, but let me tell you. Even though you won’t find ALL the potassium you need in the magical fruits. You’ll definitely get plenty. It’s relieves heart problems such as stroke. It can help with anxiety and stress levels and even with your metabolism.

Citrus: Vitamin-C! Great for your immune system, They’re tasty and refreshing! And you can eat them on the go!

K, so you don’t have to have all these things in your dorm room at once and obviously you won’t always be eating in your room,but if you’re a girl(or guy) on the go the things I’ve listed above are great! If you do decide to eat in the cafeteria I suggest heading for the salad bar and save splurging on unhealthy stuff on a night out on the town. Like if you have a POT date. Eat some steak ,get dessert and totally have that drink! But, remember Moderation si always key. just like eating healthy is good for you. Eating too healthy can be your worst enemy. I know I said earlier that things like berries are great for late night sweet cravings, but you don’t always have to ignore them. If you completely ignore your cravings it can be your enemy. If you want  a candy bar take it! It’ll save you from gorging yourself later because you denied yourself now! :)

We all know studying can be a pain for us sometime and woah is it even worse when it’s a subject you hate (*cough* math *cough*). No worries my beautiful,brilliant babies! (try saying that five times fast!) I have some study tips that are sure to help!

Friends: We all love our friends,but not all friends are good for you!( pay attention this info will come in handy for you later) If you have a friend who loves to be around you ALL the time and you want to study; that’s totally fine,but do not and I mean DO NOT let them be a distraction to you. The main goal you’re trying to reach is getting good grades and no one wants to fail because they’re bestie decided to play Beyoncé and have a YASSSSS fest in the study lounge. I mean who can honestly resist Queen Yoncé?! (trust me it happens.) If your friend is a distraction you can’t beat around the bush. Be firm but gentle in a way that gets your point across,but also won’t hurt their feelings in the end. Say something along the lines of “ I’m glad you wanted to hang out,but I really need to study and you’re kind of being a distraction right now. How about we hang out later?” It’s gets your point across,but still firm and you leave open the option for you and your friend to hang out later.

Noise and music: If you’re a person who can study with music and noise going on! More power to you honey! But, personally myself it honestly depends on what subject I’m studying. English ,literature and history! No problem! But, math. Negative. I enjoy quiet when looking at things like math so I can truly focus on it. So, get out of your room and away from your computer! I repeat step away from Facebook and SA! Put down the phone ,put away the headphones and truly focus. Noise and distractions are not your friend. Find a place that’s quiet and you feel safe and give yourself the silence you need! ( this does not include your room, sadly. Way too many distractions and you can suddenly decide to “clean” your room instead of studying.)

Repetition and Recording: Ask your professor if it’s okay to record their class. (most are actually okay with this,but asking first is always best)  The main reason i say to record: if you’re in a lecture hall and there’s no notes. There is absolutely no way you can catch every single thing your professor says and if you can teach me your magic! So, take down notes and record. Study what notes you could get about four times. Not back to back, but between subjects so that way you won’t burn yourself out and you can retain info! In your free time listen to what you did record from the class. Like on your way somewhere. (not the most fun method,but it works and is pretty effective.) If flash cards are your thing; totally go for it. (they’re not really mine) While you’re in the shower say things like definitions or facts to yourself and then check them once you get out.

I hope these study methods will help you become successful and get good grades in the new year!

LIFE: Okay kids! Time for a little fun thing called life!

Drama: I know every year we all say we’re not going to feed into drama and people’s bullshit (excuse the french) ,but let’s be honest. if you maintain any kind of relationship with anyone drama is sure to come! So here’s helpful ways to deal with the stress that comes with it!

People: So many people say if there’s someone toxic in your life then cut them off immediately. Fall back game needs to be strong! They’re right! If there’s someone in your life who brings absolutely nothing to the table then you need to cut them off with the force of a coursing river and  the strength of a great typhoon! That’s easy if this is a person you’ve known only a few days or weeks. But, it’s not so easy if this is someone you’ve known for a long time or is a family member. These people are much more hard to leave behind,so my best advice is to keep them at arms length. Do not use them, do nut cut them off completely, but invite them into no parts of your personal problems of your own. Be there for them,love them dearly, but DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT allow them to destroy your peace of mind with negativity,putting you down and hassling you. Look out for red flags. Does this person only talk to you when they need money? (do not give them money. No matter how bad the sob story. Tell them you have none.) Does this person tell you everyone’s business when these people confided in them and only them? Does this information sound like something that a person does not want everyone to know?! You know what kind of information I’m talking about. If this person does this. Tell them nothing. Tell them your life is going fine (even if it’s not. Tell them it is. it protects you and keeps you from being weaker and letting people, use you blackmail you and guilt trip you. ) If you need someone to confide in. Go on tumblr hit anon and let it all out. It doesn’t have to be to me, but if you feel you just need to let someone know your situation there’s plenty of nice people with nice blogs willing to listen and give you advice. But, do not let people be a source of sadness in your life. You are far too beautiful and gorgeous for that!

School: Hopefully my study tips helped,but if you still aren’t getting the results you want, go to the student tutoring center for help. It sounds embarrassing, but what’s more embarrassing? Flunking out of school because you were too prideful for help? or sitting in the student Help center for 30 minutes- an hour to get the extra help you need. You can also make an appointment with your professor for extra help. It’ll show you care about your grades and will give you an extra edge in your teacher’s eyes. I know this sounds crazy,but it works. They’ll be more willing to help you toward the end of the semester with things like extra credit or curving your grade up a bit if you’re sincere,sweet and are truly trying.

Relationships: See people. ^^^

Stress Relievers:

Hot showers

Facial masks

playing in makeup

Doing your hair

Dancing in your underwear to some energetic great music

Treat yourself to frozen yogurt

Go on a walk

Sugaring: I have NOT been sugaring for long, but I can tell you now. This is definitely not something you go blabbing about to everyone and telling people! Keep your business your business. Meaning: keep it to yourself. Everyone is not your friend,honey. Someone in the regular world or sugaring world could get jealous and try to expose you! Keep your identity safe, stay smart and always stay ahead. Sugaring is a hustle and to hustle you have to be smart and always have a safety net. I suggest finding a friend in the sugaring world and in the regular world you trust to help keep you safe for things like POT dates. Let your friend in the sugaring world know you have a POT date,let them know where you’ll be and create a safety word for you to text them with to let them know things have gone sour. Try peaches! (your sugaring friend does not have to be local) Tell your regular friend that you have a date with someone you met online. ( This is all they need to know. They don’t need to know they’re a POT or anymore information like that.) What they do need to know is. Where you’ll be how long you’ll be there and what you’ll be wearing so if things go sour they can help you. Also, find a safety word for them. i suggest this word should also be the same that you texted your sugaring friend so you won’t become forgetful in the case that things get stressful! Excuse yourself to bathroom to “powder your nose” Show no signs you’re stressed. Let the hostess know you do not feel safe and while you’re in the restroom text your friends and tell them whether or not they need to send help! Make up an excuse to leave! Any reason in the world. Say someone died for all you care, just do whatever you have to to leave safely without this person following you. Be safe my dears!

Now, in the case you’ve created a safe word to let your friends know your not feeling safe. You should let them know you are fine as well. Just excuse yourself to the restroom and let them know you are doing fine. Don’t take too long though. No one likes to be kept waiting :) I hope this helps! Sugar safe babies!

Excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes. This was a long post and I honestly don’t feel like rereading it right now to make what’s wrong grammatically right. I hope this information is helpful,useful and most of all interesting.I will edit as need be. Be safe and enjoy the new year!

XoXo, Chanel and Sugaring!

So I came across this picture as I was searching the web (as I do) and I don’t know if it was ever posted on Tumblr at the time, but like, I know this was a scene from the extras and I just want to share the fact that she took a not-in-character scene of the actors being dweebs and made it canon, because watching it felt like canon.

That is all. I’m gonna go back to my cave now.

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I never once said that I cared one way or the other about Megan and Harry. I have to say I am not impressed with the level of maturity on this site. Yes International law hence why I know NYC is a fake by what she has said re; International Arrest Warrant and lack of tact. I was not talking about predictions about Meghan. Kate lived with William before marriage. Loads of articles discuss it. Do a web search. And I asked why the faith in NYC? Again facts not dribble of saying "I know her".

And I told you? 

1) prove to me that she is FAKE??? You can’t and we all know that.

2) Prove to me that MM and H are an item apart from the statement?? Again you can’t! 

3) MM can’t stay at NC it’s publicly owned not privately owned. Even the Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer stated that. You basing this on articles in the tabloids which you have who are notorious for Lying like they have with this FLING.😂😂😂😂😂😂

4) International Arrest Warrant and lack of tact. You clearly haven’t gone through NYC’s blog. Do you know what a death threat is??? Look it up because that’s what was happening on her blog targeting her and her Children. So here I am rating you out. Your FAKE!!!

Ok WETDREAMER you are clearly pissed because you didn’t see Harry and Meghan as you MORONS promised me that they would be walking hand by hand last week in London and it clearly didn’t work out for you.


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The Wifi sucks at our house so

Part of Your Wi-Fi (Cover)

Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my Tumblr’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?

Look at this trove
Treasures untold
How many wonders can one blog hold
Looking around here you think
Sure, she’s got everything

I gadgets and cell phones aplenty
I got laptops and game systems galore
You want an I pod?
I’ve got twenty!

But who cares
No big deal
I want more

I wanna be where the WiFi is
I wanna surf, wanna surf the web
Searching around on those, what do you call them?
Oh yeah, Google.

Limited data doesn’t get you far
WiFi is required
For searching, streaming!
Scrolling along down a, what’s that word again?

Up where they search, up where they watch
Up where they stay up all night long
Reposting free
Wish I could be
Part of that world

What would I give if I could
Watch YouTube out of the kitchen?
What would I pay, to spend the day
On my bed

Bet you my fans
Couldn’t stand
Bet they don’t understand
Bright young women sick of boredom
Ready to surf

I’m ready to know what the tweets are about
Ask them my questions
And get some answers
What’s a vine and why does it, what the word?

When’s it my turn
Wouldn’t I love
Love to explore
That blog

Out of our reach
Wish I could be
Part of that world

So, you've decided to talk to an artist
I don’t consider myself an artist, but most of my friends are, and I’m married to one. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of behavior that ranges from awkward to outright unacceptable. Here are some dos and don'ts to ensure that your experience with an artist is a good one for both parties. This is based on things I’ve seen myself, and from stories told to me by artists. Don't tell an artist, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” or “I would totally buy that!” if you’re not ready and/or willing to back it up with an actual purchase. Artists love that you love the piece, but often produce pieces/quantities based on apparent interest and potential customers. Gauges of potential buyers and gauges of general interest are both very important, but they are very different. Do tell an artist that you love the piece. Just be honest about it. It’s OK if it’s out of your price range. It’s OK if you have no practical use or place for a piece. Most artists get the warm fuzzies just from honest compliments even if you’re not going to be a paying customer. Don’t assume that every message to an artist is going to get a response. Most artists read every message they get, but don’t always have time to respond to everything.

Do give the artist some time to respond. Some artists get a lot of messages and have to balance their time responding with their workload and still make time to be a person and have a life outside of art.

Don’t comment on a piece telling the artist how much it reminds you of some other artist’s work or other character (unless you’re calling them out on a blatant copyright violation). In your mind, you may see it as a compliment. You loved the art style in some movie, and this seems similar to you - you’re complimenting this artist, right?! The artist may have been influenced by that same work, but most are consciously aiming to evolve from that influence. Just as it’s dangerous to tell someone that you notice that they look good after losing some weight (“What, I didn’t look good before?!” or “No, I haven’t. Do I normally look fat?!”), not everyone sees this as a compliment.

Do be specific about compliments. “I really like the pose” or “This really captures the movement well.” Don't tell an artist what they should do next. “This is awesome! You should do this other character next!” The only people artists need to take instructions from are themselves and paying customers.  Do politely tell the artist what subjects you might like to see. There’s a big difference in tone between, “Do my favorite character next!” and “I would love to see more art along these lines, possibly of this character.” Don't tell artists how to use their tools or materials better. You don’t know what they’ve tried or what they do. They may have tried it and it didn’t work. Lots of ideas sound good in our heads or on paper, and don’t work out as well in reality. Do ask artists how they use their tools or materials. Ask if they’ve tried it your way. Offer informed insight. This boils down to attitude and tone. Bad: “Do this instead.” Good: After a conversation leading to it, “have you tried doing this instead?” Don’t assume or expect artists to share their tricks, techniques, sources of materials or services with you. Some are open; some are guarded. There is no right, and no wrong. They don’t owe you anything. Most sources of materials or services are near the top of the page if you do a simple web search. Do be gracious and actually respond if they answer your question about tricks, techniques, sources, or services. If they took the time to answer your question about something, a minimum of “Thank you.” is in order Don’t ask for freebies, or free/spec work. For many artists, art isn’t a hobby - it’s their living. They don’t have time to make you free art. We’re all very sure that your new game/book/comic/restaurant/store really is going to be the next big thing. Part of building a business the right way is properly valuing your talent and assets - that includes the artists you hire - “hire” being the operative word. Exposure is great. Food on the table is even better. Do contact artists with well thought out opportunities that acknowledge and value their time, skill, and effort. Just understand that they may not be as passionate about your project as you are.  Don’t be a creeper or be inappropriate. Just because you’ve gotten a response to an email or comment, or because you’ve purchased something from an artist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re BFF’s now. Being friendly is not the same as being friends. Until you’re friends, a general rule would be to not say anything that would be inappropriate to say to any random person on the street. Do be conscious of boundaries. Be polite, complete your transactions or interactions, and move along.  Don't come across like a five year-old (unless you are one). No one is expecting your message to read like a Pulitzer winning story, but thoughts should be mature and cohesive. Proper grammar and punctuation go a long way. Do proofread your messages before you hit post/send. If you’re dealing with an artist in person, pause for a moment and think about what you’re about to say - and don’t ever be a creeper or inappropriate. Don’t ask if you can ask a question. This tip is brought you by the Department of Redundancy Department. Do check the artist’s FAQ and relevant descriptions if applicable. If your question has not already been answered, just ask it.  Don't automatically assume that the artist knows as much about your favorite fandom as you do. Artists often know just enough about a subject to complete a piece.  Do express your love for your favorite character or fandom, just remember that you may be the only one who shares the love. Don’t ask why a piece of art “costs that much”. A piece of art is not the end product of just the time and materials to create a piece. It is a result and sum total of the artist’s career as an artist as they learn and hone their skills,  as well as the materials and time spent creating that particular piece. Do ask how much an available piece costs (assuming that the price isn’t already listed. You looked right?) Don’t tell an artist you “wish [you] could afford this.” Most artists see this as a passive-aggressive complaint about their prices, which are usually underpriced to begin with. If you can’t afford a piece, that’s on you, not the artist.  Do begin saving up for a piece if you’re honestly interested in it, or contact the artist about getting a custom piece done in the future. Don’t ask how much another customer paid for a custom piece of art.  The price charged to the previous customer was the agreed upon price at the time. It is possible, and even likely, that the price will be different. Artists learn something new with almost every piece they do. What took 10 hours the first time may only take 8 hours the next. But an artist’s hourly rate may have gone up. Prices of materials may have changed. The cost to produce a piece varies constantly. Plus, it’s just a little gauche. Do ask if prints are available (after checking the description, of course).

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I'm a recent college graduate that is saving money to move to NYC and currently jobless. I'm under my father's insurance but even with the insurance I can't afford to go to a therapist, My mental health is very terrible right now I don't know where to get help?

Thank you for sharing your story and experience. When our mental health is not optimal, it is very difficult to navigate life as a recent college graduate. I know from my experience that finding a job, moving, and finding my place in a new community required good mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. When I am struggling with my own mental health, reaching out for help and making connections can be hard. Where can we turn?  If you or someone you know needs help and support, SAMHSA’s free, confidential helplines and treatment service locators are a great place to start: Individuals and families facing mental and substance use disorders can call SAMHSA’s free, confidential, 24/7/365 National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).  The National Helpline ( provides referrals, in both English and Spanish, to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community based organizations.  Referrals can even be sent to you via SMS text message!  You can also use SAMHSA’s online Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator:  At SAMHSA, we know that behavioral health is essential to health; prevention works; treatment is effective; and people recover. So please know that you are NOT alone and that help IS available!

This is a question I’m sure a lot of people have. One way to find affordable mental health care is to do a web search for your county and “community mental health” or “sliding scale fee” and “mental health.” Your county should have a community mental health center that sees people regardless of ability pay. Additionally, you might find that there are other “sliding scale fee” clinics that will see you for a fee based on your limited income (such as a university student-run mental health clinic).

Additionally, consider going to see a primary care doctor in your area. Primary care doctors may be able to start mental health prescriptions and help with referrals to mental health providers you can afford.