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Hey, check it out, it’s almost like a kind of finished thing! I mean, I said I was gonna do it.

I really just wanted to see Scout as a Jungle Cruise skipper?? I feel like a job where he gets to talk/tell bad jokes to people that are forced to listen to him for ten minutes would be the best possible job for him to have.

I love the formal outfits of K18 in the new jigsaw puzzle box but it irks me to no end that Marron gets omitted almost ALL the time! So i had to quickly doodle formal chestnuts with her included!

Don’t mind mistakes pls, just a doodle!


niles the butler + one scene per episode [153/145]:

The Finale






Guys you called it. 

Also I’m 100% sure there’s a Chamber of Secrets joke in here somewhere. 


cute to the maaaxx

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This blog is amazing! Widowmaker, Mercy, Pharah, Sombra, and Symmetra accidentally walk in on Reader changing please?

Whoever sent this in, I just wanted to say thank you! I absolutely love this idea! I’ve been looking forward to doing it since I saw it in my inbox! I had so much fun writing this! I hope you all enjoy it!

Widowmaker -
Widowmaker struts into the locker room, feeling pretty good after her morning work out. She walks in to the sight of you just stepping out of the locker room showers. She has to admit, she is pleasantly surprised. You let out a yelp when you see her. You make an attempt to cover yourself, but it doesn’t hide much. Her eyes slowly travel up and down your body. “I have to say, ma chéri, I am impressed.” She looks you over one last time before heading into the shower. She gives your ass a light slap as she walks past.

Mercy -
“You can’t wear normal clothes in the x-ray machine or it ruins the image.” Dr. Ziegler explains. She hands you a standard hospital gown. “Please put this on. I have to grab some paperwork before we go take the X-rays.” She walks to the other side of medbay to dig around in some file cabinets. You quickly begin to change into the flimsy hospital gown. Angela turns around and lets out a gasp. “What are you doing?” She shrieks.
“You said to put this on.” You explain.
“Not in here! There’s a changing room!” She yells. Her face has turned a bright shade of red. She looks extremely embarrassed, but you notice that she hasn’t looked away. She suddenly turns away, “Go! Into the changing room!” She says. You can’t help but laugh at the embarrassed doctor.

Pharah -
Pharah distractedly walks into your room. She’s looking down at her phone, not really paying attention.
“Hey, have you seen my -” She cuts off mid question when she hears you yell. She looks up to find you completely naked. Her eyes go wide and her cheeks flush.
“I’m so sorry!” She begins to say.
“It’s okay.” You reply, grabbing a shirt off the bed to try to cover yourself with.
“I didn’t know you were changing,” She begins to explain, still flustered.
“Fareeha, it’s okay. But can we please talk about this when I’m not naked?” You interrupt. She blushes even more, before turning out the door while muttering apologies.

Sombra -
Sombra steps into your room, trying to find out where you were. You weren’t texting back and she was bored. She whips around at the sound of the bathroom door opening. Freshly showered, you step out of the bathroom - only to find Sombra standing in your room.
“What are you doing here?!” You yell, completely embarrassed.
Sombra looks you up and down, not even trying to be discreet. She lets out a low whistle.
“I always knew you were hot, but wow. I was not expecting this.” She replies, still looking you over with a smirk on your face. You’re so embarrassed. You don’t even know what to say.
“I can leave if you like,” Sombra says. She reaches her hand up to pull down the zipper on her jacket before continuing, “but I think it would be much more fun if I stayed.”

Symmetra -
She strolls into the locker room, eager to head back to her room after her workout. She heads into the nearest changing room, forgetting to check if it’s occupied or not. She opens the door to see you completely naked. She yells and covers her eyes. “I am so sorry!” She yells. Her face goes bright red as she continues to mumble out apologies. Instead of being embarrassed, you’re doing your best not to laugh. Symmetra is so flustered right now. She’s usually so calm and put together. Seeing her embarrassed like this hilarious. With her eyes still covered, she turns around. Before she heads out the room, she yells “I think you look really nice. I’m sorry!” You can’t help but burst out laughing as she quickly walks away.

got my nails done for all the weddings i have coming up and OF COURSE i chose gray. my url is really representing me well rn. 

Had a dream that a few guys from work and I were working as butchers for these rich people who were super picky about their meat and we kept messing it up. We were using these hand-cranked machines to cut up beef and stuff, and we were doing it in a school classroom for some reason.

This lady that we hated came in to complain about how terrible the cuts of meat were. She started giving us a lecture about salmon(???) I looked at her and said, “Who cares if we don’t cut it right?”

She lost her temper and dragged me out of the classroom and handed me off to one of the school’s security guards, but I outran him and escaped outside (where some event was happening…can’t remember if it was a wedding or prom pictures or what) and flew away.

Then I came back and took a dump on her couch and woke up feeling inexplicably proud of myself.