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Wait I'm confused on what happened with Oak and the The Great Comet??? What happened????

Okay. Essentially, from my understanding, what happened is this: 

I think the idea for casting Oak was that he’d bring in increased revenue due to his success as a previous member of the cast of Hamilton, and that…didn’t really happen, at least not at the level the people behind TGC wanted. TGC is doing well, but because its base production is so expensive, it has to do beyond even that in order to actually turn a good profit.

The main issue, probably, is that it seems like Oak is really well-known among younger people….but younger people aren’t the biggest Broadway ticket buyers. Older people are. The average age of a Broadwaygoer is 44. Older people (not that 44 is old, just older) are way more likely to be familiar with Mandy Patinkin (he’s got a Tony and an Emmy and a bizillion nominations too) just at name and face value, and therefore more likely to buy tickets–probably at a higher price, too–with him in the show than with Oak. 

That’s what they’re saying at least. Seems like a bit of a cop-out to me, but.

That’s the jist of it. Ticket sales. I mean, a least that’s what we’re being told. But obviously, there’s a lot more. It’s…complicated. The entire situation was dealt with horribly, and I can’t help but feel really truly awful for Oak. He put so much into his performance and it was so critically acclaimed, (it seems like ticket sales were actually starting to increase after all of those reviews were released, and then this happened) it’s just… Some people are saying he might return, but I can’t find any confirmations. He’s an incredibly talented performer who deserves more and definitely wasn’t treated with respectfully. The entire situation just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I’ll link some other posts that have explained the rest of this better (and with more perspectives) than I ever could:

What Happened to Oak by @washingtononyourside

On Oak’s Forced Leave by @something-theatrical (I highly suggest reading some of the notes on this post as well)

@sillyhypotheticals also detailed why, precisely, this whole situation is so bad, right here.

Overall. It’s just. A mess.

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81 for rydros!

[[Summary/prompt: Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on? So good to return to these two- I just love them so much.


The Roekaar attack on Eos had been foiled, for what it was worth. Dust seemed to follow Wren Ryder even after she had gotten back to the Tempest, sticking to her hair and hiding in folds of clothing, waiting to fall out in soft, yellow puffs that piled in corners and didn’t get swept up. After Lexi had given her a thorough once-over, making sure that nothing on Ryder was anything more than bruised and lightly scratched, she made her back to bed and collapsed without so much as a shower. Tomorrow, before they connected back to the Nexus. Hell, maybe even after; there were rumors swirling around that with the improved living conditions and ability to import water into the station from other planets, bathtubs had sprung up in a few apartments. Illicit and very hush hush, but the thought of a warm bath was enough to spread a smile across her exhausted face. With thoughts of scented soap in her head, Ryder drifted off, greasy hair sticking unpleasantly to the pillow. That was a problem for tomorrow-her.

Unfortunately, future Ryder came sooner than she had expected. Three hours later, on the dot, and there was an urgent buzzing somewhere in the vicinity of the back of her skull, SAM’s way of attempting to be polite but wake her at the same time. “Pathfinder, we’ve docked with the Nexus early. Director Tann requests your presence immediately.”

With a groan, Ryder contemplated simply sleeping through it, but she knew the messages from Tann would only get more insistent and hysterical. It was better to deal with it now than face the consequences later; God, was she actually being an adult about this?

The pushed-up time frame meant there was barely time to jump in the shower and frantically scrub herself, giving her underarms a dubious sniff. Her hair had to remain as it was, disgustingly matted to the shape of her helmet still. The lack of sleep showed in the areas under her eyes and the hollows of her cheeks, a certain lack that she would probably feel for a few days more. Fantastic. Wasn’t this just how every day should start?

At least the meeting itself was fairly routine, Tann yelling at Ryder for some imagined slight. She had a sarcastic comeback for everything, but she ended up walking out feeling as though somehow, rather obliquely, that Tann had won. Stupid bureaucrats. Stupid lack of sleep. If she played her cards right and was very sneaky, she could still make it back to the ship with enough time to give herself a proper scrub and maybe even take a nap before-

“Ryder!” Under any other circumstances, Tiran Kandros’ voice would be a welcome thing. Even now, annoyed as she was, a hot thrill ran through her, but this wasn’t exactly how Ryder wanted him to see her. It was a bit silly, really. He had seen so much worse, and yet… Well. Sometimes a woman wanted to look presentable before she saw her boyfriend.

“Kandros.” Too much in the public eye, they simply shook hands, keeping it cool and professional, but when Kandros inclined his head towards a suite of rooms currently not in use, Ryder lead the way, waiting a few minutes for him to follow, flicking all her comms off. If there was emergency, SAM could tell her.

The door clicked shut softly and then Kandros was on her, nuzzling her neck and hair, the turian version of a kiss. She returned it with the human version, more familiar but also slightly more difficult when only one half of the pair has actual lips. It was an enjoyable challenge, however, and the addition of his long tongue and teeth scraping her bottom lip made it that much more sweet.

Kandros’ eager hands roamed lower and she had to carefully push them away, laughing. “Not here. Jesus, Kandros, do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on?”

He buried his face in her neck again, voice just in her ear, flanged inflections making her shiver. “You smell like real dirt, real sun,” he murmured. “So yes. Come back to my apartment with me.” It was an invitation that was difficult to ignore.

“You have a shower, right?” The most important thing to ask.

“I stocked that thing for your hair. Just for you.”

“Shampoo?” He nodded and pulled her close to him. For shampoo, she was willing to go anywhere.




keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance | Allura | Pidge | Shiro

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”


actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

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i read this fic and….goddamn its so good… i love it so much…. i had to draw something… then i had to stop because if not i kinda woulve ended up drawing… everything

im just such a sucker for total strangers becoming friends becoming family FFFUCK YOU DONT EVEN KNOOOWWW

i cant believe our favorite trans boy is now a pink zombie and he’s best friends with the best big cat, who is also a pink zombie,

harry is truly the level of chill i wanna be. he just dropped a single, did some promo, announced the album release, and now is straight chilling. just going to the gym. wearing tall white socks. drinking water. hashtag goals


Simon Lewis and His Mentor Magnus Bane on portaling.

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vanessa with two braids? being cute?

!! i like the way you think !!

I am So Done with these criticisms I keep seeing like “It was good and all but Diego Luna didn’t work for me casting-wise, he was too wiry and soft-spoken, not action-movie enough” and I’m like??? SPY???? That’s the point???? Honestly people need to stop forcing the Hypermasculine Jason Statham Aesthetic bullshit irrelevantly onto characters that bear literally no comparison.

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