King and Queen

Just look at the similarities between these shots - where Jamie and Claire address their troops, so to speak.

In these four shots we see just how much the Frasers are respected, and revered. For they are true leaders, who inspire those who work with them to rise to the occasion, focus on the task at hand, and do whatever is needed in order to achieve victory.

A victory to which they will lead their troops, at the head of the crowd - at great personal sacrifice.

True royalty. True leadership.

How perfectly matched they are.

kaorv  asked:

(public) was waiting to see if you got an ask on this, but since i didn't: did you hear the Diamond Sound that rang when lion transported steven and connie to the library in Buddy's Book? i also believe that lion was never a gem, so for me this raises questions on the extent of pink/rose's powers. how do you think this ties in to other powers they've established she has?

Not sure about the Diamond sound, but I do have a thought about Lion’s warp abilities!

Lion’s warp powers seem to function similar to the warp pads- in that to travel from place to place, he passes through an extra, ‘liminal space’/warp space that serves as a shortcut from point A (entry point) to point B (exit point)

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When Louis tweeted about being in England, we were all so surprised he'd announce his location like that when he'd been back before (ie. SoccerAid, Brits) and never did that. We all expected some stunting to follow that tweet, and right on time, we got the club stunt hours after. It's very similar to how he establishes location through fan service (Chicago, Utah, NYC) when he's stunting, only this time he took a break from fanservice to be with his fam, hence the tweet. This is all too planned.

Yes, it is clearly quite planned. I’m curious if they’ll do anything to move things along with it, or if it’s just for some headlines. It seems like a lot of effort just to place him in London, so….I guess we’ll see if anything else comes of it. Either way, I hope he’s having a lovely time with his family.

anonymous asked:

thanks for all the ft spoilers! u r the best! btw what do you think will happen in 499? will juvia die? lol seeing how similar musica and gray r probably gray has the same luck with girls just like musica countdown to gruvia shippers sinking in tears

You’re welcome, I’m betting on nobody to win lol.

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How the fuck can you support Hope Solo?

I wasn’t going to actually respond to this but fuck it!

I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But now you will get to know a bit of me. 

To those who don’t want to read I’m gonna summarize it. Life can be shitty for some and they want to know there is hope for a better future by seeing someone else (who went through something similar) be able to succeed and be happy.

I’m gonna do that “Keep reading” shit for my followers who don’t want to read this.

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What I Wore | Dark Floral

External image

External image

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WhatIWore: While the past few mornings have been cool and crisp, today turned into one of those sweating-through-your-clothes-while-child-throws-a-tatrum type days. Phew. I wore my olive green skinny maternity pants all day, but switched out of the top after walking a mile round trip to and from the library. It was just too hot! 

I do really like how this outfit came together. Feeling a little more into the swing of things by the day and it’s obviously reflected in how I’m getting dressed (and visa versa)

When: August 24, 2016

Shades: Karen Walker ‘Super Duper’
Necklace: Elma Blint
Blouse: Destination Maternity (see similar regular sized options below)
Skinny Pants: A Pea in the Pod (similar regular sizing)
Shoes: gift of Rockport from last spring
Bag: gift of Vera Bradley, also from last spring

Where: Library Date with the kiddo

There’s probably not a fall season that goes by that I’m not into some sort of dark floral print. Lots of non maternity options below (but to be honest, I think I might keep this one in my closet beyond pregnancy - I really like it!)

External image

External image
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Surviving School


  • Compare and Contrast - Finds similarities and differences for anything. 
  • Word Reference - Finding translations for multiple languages. DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. 
  • Easy Bib - Make bibliographies for free. 
  • Info Please - Great for research and facts. 
  • On This Day - Search any day and it will find events that happened on that day. This is good for History class. 
  • World Fact Book - See statistics, facts, and graphs about any country. 
  • Spell Checker - Checks your spelling and grammar and it gives you options on correcting your sentence. 
  • Learn French - Learn French for free with worksheets, videos and through Skype Calls. 
  • Vocabulary - Find vocabulary from books or type in your own words to get definitions. This is really useful for when you are reading a book and need a list of new vocabulary. 
  • Fact Checker - Checks if any research and facts you have are correct or incorrect.


  • Dragon Dictation - Speak into the microphone and the app turns what ever you are saying into text. This saves time instead of typing out long essays you could just say it out and let the app type. 
  • Periodic Table - Interactive periodic table where you can see information about each element 

Taking Notes:

  • OneNote - You can make lists, take notes, and even share your notes with anyone. You can have these notes on any advice. (Also an app) 
  • Popplet - Make a web diagram to put all your ideas on. 
  • Evernote - Take notes and have them on any device. (Also an app)
  • Jot - Allows you to take notes on the “New Tab” page. (Google Chrome Extension) 

Staying Focused: 

  • Blocking Distracting Websites - Blocks websites you put into the blacklist for a certain amount of time. You are allowed a certain amount of time on the blacklist websites and you get to choose the time to set. (Google Chrome Extension) 
  • Timer - This is a timer that stays in the corner of the web browser. This is really useful for allowing yourself a break and setting a timer for when your break should be finished. 
  • Calendars - This website lets you make free calendars and print them. 
  • Place a sticky note somewhere around your work area that says “Do Homework” or “Stay Focused” so when ever you see it you are reminded to do your work. 
  • Make a list before starting homework or an assignment. Write down what you want to get done, what you are focusing on and what you want to learn after doing the assignment. From experience, when you have a list where you prioritize your work it is easier to focus on it. 

Taking a Break: 

  • Watch a TED Talk. They’re educational and entertaining. Use the Topics page to find a talk about something you like. 
  • Take a walk outside to stretch out and to get some fresh air so your mind can focus later. 
  • Grab a snack. Try to eat something healthy and light, avoid anything with a lot of fat and oil. 
  • Draw or colour. If you aren’t very good at drawing then just scribble with a marker on a white board to do something relaxing before getting back to homework which can be stressful. 
  • Do not go on the internet to check your email or notifications because you may get caught up and not realize how much time you are spending on the internet. 
  • Do something you enjoy. This can be play an instrument, write, sing, dance, etc. 

Tips/Tricks for School: 

  • Join clubs that focus on things related to the classes you are taking. If your school offers science clubs join them because they could possibly make science class more fun and explain various topics you learned. 
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times during the school day because you never know when you might feel tired or nervous. 
  • Listen to the daily announcements ! They usually talk about events coming up, what they are selling in the cafeteria, and about new clubs. 
  • Keep extra pencils, sweatpants, pads, gum and granola bars in your locker just in case something occurs. 
  • If you take public transit to school see if there are special offers for students. Most areas have some sort of discounted fare for students. 
  • Pick your outfits for the week so you are prepared in the morning for every day of the week. 
  • Take at least one fun class each year because that class allows you to relax and be in a positive environment. It also reduces your stress you may have from other classes. 
  • Talk to your teacher, guidance counselor, and adults in the school so they can help you out with school work and possibly be easier on you when it comes to marking. 

Please add more if you have any more tips/tricks!

CGC Concept  Twitch Stream -  How Light Affects Color!

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Stream starts at 2PM CST HERE!

Last week I did a fundamental livestream on blending and using that to create form. I was asked to do another one similar to a basics tutorial but this time on Light and Color. So I asked my friend Frederick (the duck) if he could help us out today for the stream and he agreed! I will go over how light affects color and really focus on the colors within the shadow and light areas to point out the subtle differences. Color is something that takes a lot of practicing and experimenting with so doing simple tests like these are great!

See you in the stream and let me know if there are any other fundamental streams you would like to see!

Stream question of the day: What pokemon do you want to see me paint live as part of this demo?

(Last week we did Magikarp and he was a real splash so this week we’re doing another to celebrate our #Pokecontest going on now!)

luisdabest  asked:

If you want to make a afac crossover, you should make something similar from when he-the-man-who-speaks-in-hands did (a portal between two dimensions opened in frisk's house)

My main concern with a crossover with afac is… CHARA XD Idk how the other characters would react to them as the Chara there is…well, kinda evil.
I just can imagine my Chara seeing afac’s Chara and the first they’d do is just curl up into a ball and cry as they have Nam flashbacks, too XD;

Something I’ve been talking about with @crashorpie is that one of the biggest pulls to the Rose Diamond theory for me isn’t actually the present supporting evidence or the suspiciously straightforwards narrative that Rose slew Pink, nearly so much as I think that Rose and the Diamonds really do have similar character conflicts in a way.

The thing about the Diamonds is they are idealized to a ridiculous standard. Peridot calls them objectively superior- perfect beings.

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Scientists Who Suddenly, Strangely Became Theists

This topic has always unsettled my stomach.

I listened to a Christian podcast that in the past brought on different types of scientists and let them speak about why they became convinced that intelligent design exists.

I won’t mention the name here, but a biochemist spoke on the podcast about how studying biochemistry convinces one that the complexity and beauty of life must be explained by some code written in our biological makeup.

This argument is similar to the micro-evolution Christian movement that proposes evolution can only be explained at the DNA level and that macro-evolution is false.

While I do see some truth to the criticism of macro-evolution, the fact is that nobody has yet to explain why macro-evolution and micro-evolution contradict so strongly at times.

But it must be remembered that evolution serves no purpose, and the way in which organisms are classified is according to humans who may be confused in their own studies.

I was more unsettled by the biochemist’s explanation for being drawn to intelligent design.

Just because something is complex and beautiful doesn’t mean there must be some sort of authority behind it.

I personally am a biochemistry major, and while I still have much studying to do, even I have thought about this to a great extent and have concluded that beauty does not mean there is a reason for complexity.

But this seems to be a pattern among former atheists who have undergone scientific study and came out as theists. I wonder if it has anything to do with previous exposure to religion and if those atheists had any conviction in what they had preposed when they assumed themselves to be atheist.

Perhaps not.

Being a scientist does not automatically equal atheist, just as being an atheist certainly does not equal scientist, but I find it odd that even though yes, science is not a belief system but merely a tool, these new theists have not used a similar tool (philosophy) to investigate their hypothesis that a God exists.

Why have these atheists suddenly converted?

irishtothebackbone  asked:

Is there a way to create fantasy cultures and religions that have a basis in our world without making them carbon copies? I've been doing research and attempting this for a while but everything I come up with feels too similar to earth countries, cultures, and religions.

I’ll redirect you to our Worldbuilding tag and our Culture tag, take a look around to see if anything helps you.

Now for the heart-to-heart moment of the day, I struggled with the same when I was creating the world for my story. I wanted it to be somehow original and making it distant from our world, I encountered the same problems you are facing now, how to create something new and original?

The answer doesn’t come easy nor is there a right one. When creating something you take pieces from differents places, put them together and hope the outcome is a good one. Worldbuilding works the same, you take pieces from your world and put them together hoping is both good and right for your story.

But worldbuilding isn’t necessarily the opposite of our world, but seeing it from a different perspective, there’s no need for a new world when you can have a fresh approach to this world.

Let’s think for a moment that History is a series of linear processes, that one leads directly to another one, if you don’t want your world to be a carbon copy of this one, take one process from World History and ask yourself: what if?, what if I remove this? what if I change it? what if this never happened?
you can even try it with other things, what if we didn’t perceive time as we do now? and so on.

As a suggestion, read this text by Horace Miner. Also, practice, you can use the text as an example to follow.


killer-squirtle  asked:

Hey Lynx, I was kinda wondering if you had any advice for someone who wants to start storyboarding if thats not too much trouble

  • Just start boarding! Any and all of it helps. Do original stuff, or pick a script from a movie or show that already exists and see how you would reinterpret it. I’ve got like ten or so boards that will never see the light of day that I just did for practice before I even got to Skybox. 
  • Drawing comics helps too because they use similar principles, although not all of the same ones.
  • Reference when you need to. Google image search is your best friend. You need to get used to drawing anything from any angle fairly quickly. Doesn’t matter if you can do it perfectly, just matters that it’s clear and makes sense.
  • Yeah, that means you gotta get the hang of perspective, too. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to show you’re comfortable with it. 
  • STUDY: Pick a scene from your favorite movies or TV shows, pause it after every cut or transition, and thumbnail it out. Both animated and live action. What’s the composition? What’s the scene’s overall layout? Why did the artist/editor choose to cut it this way? 
  • Check out this great YouTube series: Every Frame A Painting It’s from an editor’s perspective, but it’s all stuff a board artist should know, too.
  • Check out some of these books: Framed Ink - The 5 Cs of Cinematography - Paper Dreams - Understanding Comics 
Progressive Chelsie Shipping Chart: Series 1 through 6

This is an update of a little something I did after S4. I’ve redone it to include events from S5 and S6. This is exactly how the insanity began, friends, with a picture of a castle and a pooch’s rump. Read through this and see how close the description comes to your actual shipping experience. I imagine it’s been pretty similar for all of us.

It’s long, with lots of pictures, so I’ll do a “read more.”

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dramaluvs  asked:

Can you do how the NCT 127 members would react if they finally saw their gf after 2-3 months of being on tour? Thank you, your posts are awesome:)

Thank you for requesting!

I think all of them would react about the same, so sorry if these all sound similar! I tried to write with some variation…

Upon seeing you backstage in the waiting room after his last show, Taeil would breath a big sigh of relief. He isn’t big on expressing his feelings so I can see him bottling up how much he really missed you while on tour. He’d walk over to you and grab your hands and just hold them. His thumbs would rub the back of your hands and he’d look deep into your eyes. You would be able to see how much he missed you in his eyes and how happy he was to see you. “Hi,” He’d finally whisper.

Taeyong would first notice you backstage at his last show when he took a glance your way during a song. Knowing that he’d finally get to see you after the show would give him so much energy to finish the rest of the concert to the very best of his ability. You’d watch until the end of the show and when everyone gathered in the waiting room you are the first person Taeyong walks up to. He’d be so exhausted and out of breath, but super smiley and giggly. He’d be overwhelmed with joy knowing that the tour was over and the two of you didn’t have to spend months apart anymore.

Like TY, Yuta would also be really smiley upon seeing you after the tour was over. That smile would be permanent. So many thoughts would be running through his head as he looked down at you, he wouldn’t know what to say. His heart would be beating so fast, he wouldn’t know what to do either. Finally seeing you after months would have him shook to say the least. Smiling like a dork would be all he could do for awhile. And then finally he’d reach out to hold your cheek in his hand and then kiss your forehead.

As soon as Jaehyun laid eyes on you at the airport where you waited for him after the tour, his mouth would open in a smile and his dimples would show. You run to him, in a dead sprint, until your bodies collided for a hug. It would be one of those hugs where he picked you off the ground and he’d spin you around. After setting you back on the ground, he’d put a finger under your chin to tilt your lips up to his for a sweet kiss.

WinWin would pull you into the biggest of all hugs immediately. He wouldn’t say anything yet, just hold you because that is what he missed doing the most while he was away on tour. He’d hold you so tight, there would be absolutely no doubt that he missed you. And then he’d shake you around in his arms and cheer about how good it felt for you to be in his arms again and that he was never letting you go, ever.

“Oh man!” Mark would shout upon seeing you after the last show of the tour. His hands would hold his head and he’d laugh the laugh that you missed so much, like he had forgotten how beautiful his girlfriend was. Seeing you after months would almost put him into shock. He’d smile and his eyes would be so big and they’d sparkle while he looked at you. And you would just smile back at him, too overjoyed to say anything. “God, I’ve missed you.” He’d finally say before pulling you into a long hug.

Haechan would literally explode with excitement. He would want to say so many things to you and they’d all come out at once and you would have no idea what he was trying to say to you so the both of you just end up squealing. You’d laugh at him before he picked you up off the floor for a hug and he also shakes you around in his arms. He’d put you down only to pick you back up and do that same thing over again. All his hyungs would laugh, happy that you and Haechan were finally reunited. And he’d give them a pouty look and stick his tongue out in response while he had you in another hug, but this time from the back (-:

OMG I just did it

I was talking with my peer about how I want to stop doing emergency medicine and focus on my physician health practice. He is feeling similar pulls away from the ER. 

Not half an hour later, one of the full time docs here asked how things were going and I said “I’m fine”, big grin on my face, nodding, “how are things going here with you?” 

There was my out. My chance to admit to these guys that I may be leaving. But I flipped into automatic mode, the one I’ve been cultivating since my first day of medical school. Everything is fine, I’m fine, you must be fine too. Nothing to see here. 

I shouldn’t be this shocked that it was that easy to betray my true emotions, but I really am. This isn’t me. This isn’t how I coach my patients to respond to these questions. WTF just happened??

Originally posted by bdtlreactiongifs

sub factions within individual clans are pretty common but concept: public factions

similar to how you can set up a subspecies and other users can have dragons of that subspecies as long as they meet a few requirements.  also allows for very easy clan interaction opportunities

I mean I’m sure people already share factions but it’d be cool to see it on a more wide scale~ think I’ll do some kinda public faction with the Mudholm Hellions since I don’t intend for them to be a major part of my lore, but I’d still like to see them be a cool thing

andieblogs  asked:

Hey there! Saw your post in the leonard snart tag about your podcast. A sort of widely accepted fan notion is that Wentworth Miller is doing a sort of homage to Eartha Kitt's Catwoman with his Leonard Snart voice. If you listen to the way she talks and the way he talks as Leonard, the similarities are readily apparent. It may be easier to imitate her than his imitation of her and you'd still sound like Snart! He posted her "I Wanna Be Evil" video the day Captain Cold premiered on The Flash. :D

*screams loudly*




I already recorded the podfic, so, we’ll see how that turned out. Probably not the best, but hey, I tried. 

Oh jeez. Him trying for an Eartha Kitt Catwoman homage while playing Barry’s nemesis. It’s a common observation that on Gotham, the writers intended for Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald to have a kind of Joker to Batman dynamic with Jim, and instead they ended up with a Catwoman to Batman dynamic. 

Gotta love these queercoded villains. I mean I’d prefer more than just villains being queercoded, and I’d prefer canonical representation, but like, I’ll take my scraps, I’m a desperate bitter bi at the moment. 

Thank you. I’m so late to this fandom. This is excellent information. : DDD

anonymous asked:

Hi I /really/ enjoyed your character analyses of Stan, Kyle and Cartman in terms of how they see the world. Could you please do a similar thing for Kenny, if you have any clues/ideas/headcanons? I was thinking Mysterion and his background?

Thanks! I love doing these so it’s no problem. So you want me to do one on how Kenny sees the world… hmm…

That’s a tough one actually. Kenny’s outlook on life’s kind of hard to pin down, but it’s understandable for someone in his situation. Kenny fluctuates from being a frightened child who doesn’t wanna die, to a being a willing sacrifice because despite him really disliking the pain of death, he knows he’ll just come back. As early as Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut he’s been aware that he can die and just come back with no consequence, so he’s been willing to put himself in deadly situations when it’s necessary to save others.

What is really sad about Kenny, though, is that in the present season, he’s died so many times that he wants to stay dead. Forever. This is painfully clear in Coon vs Coon and Friends. 

“Only an immortal can kill another immortal! [to Cthulhu] Here’s your prize! Take this curse away from me, you big pussy!“

In this moment Kenny knows that if Cthulhu were to kill him, he’d be dead forever, and that’s exactly what he wants. He wants to stop being torn to pieces, being sent to heaven or hell, only to be yanked back into the living world over some arbitrary reason. 

To Kenny this would be like constantly moving back and forth from place to place, never being allowed to settle down. To some extent Kenny is used to it, but obviously he’s tired of it. He just wants to stay in one place. 

He probably has friends in Hell, and friends in heaven. Though, he’d probably prefer to live in hell. The people in south park heaven don’t really seem all that fun. The biggest perk Kenny gets there is being able to play that golden PSP. I’d say that’s better than being routinely tortured by satan, but Kenny is already routinely tortured, so, that’s not a big plus from him.

But the sad part of that is, if Kenny were to die forever, I don’t think he’d have an afterlife. 

When Cartman banishes the boys to R’Lyeh, Mysterion gets a sense of familiarity towards the city.

Toolshed: Dude, where the fuck are we?
Mysterion: I don’t know, but… I feel like… I’ve… been here before. 

( Fun fact, R’lyeh isn’t actually in another dimension like Cartman seems to think, R’lyeh according to Lovecraft, is on Earth, a sunken city deep in the South Pacific. The city itself has general coordinates, but this part of the south pacific is far too difficult to reach right now.

But I guess it is a dark oblivion since it’s a gateway to another dimension.) 

But anyhow, Kenny’s statement about the place suggests that he is from the dimension that R’lyeh originates from. His spirit is that of an immortal creature. I’ve talked about this specifically so I’m gonna do a little insert here.

And as for Kenny, because of the fact that Carol and Stuart were part of that occult, it can be assumed that the cult was trying to summon Cthulhu like the oil company did.
They probably tried to use Carol as a human sacrifice, but when she didn’t die, the cult assumed it didn’t work. But instead what happened was they summoned part of Cthulhu’s consciousness and infused it with Kenny’s soul. Since he was meant to be a sacrifice but was unborn when the ritual was performed, Kenny wasn’t hurt during the ritual, but the powers of the ritual keep trying to take him back over and over, trying to keep their sacrifice.
But since part of his soul is fused with Cthulhu’s consciousness he’s unable to die and keeps coming back.

Now considering we don’t know much about the dark dimension Cthulhu came from, we don’t know if Kenny is part of Cthulhu himself or a different creature entirely. But considering the cult that his parents were a part of is thoroughly obsessed with Cthulhu specifically, it could be assumed that the ritual that Carol and Stuart were a part of was one to bring about his return. And I know, honestly, it could go either way.

Henrietta:Cthulhu and other beings are from this city, but for years cultists have tried to bring them into our world.

But, if we assume that his soul is a small part of Cthulhu, like I headcanon, then engaging Cthulhu in a fight would be the greatest and worst thing Kenny ever did, because not only would Cthulhu kill him forever, but he’d destroy a part of himself forever. And that might bring about Cthulhu’s own death as well.

And at that point both of them would cease to exist.

It’s a little far-fetched to say Kenny is part of Cthulhu, but I still enjoy that headcanon. Another headcanon I have, if you pay attention to my Kenny’s eyes, his irises are very slowly changing from his original color to a more and more violet purple. ( I need to go back and change the baby picture because his eyes should’ve started off as Turquoise.)  This goes on a spectrum, if m4 was long enough you’d see his irises slowly change from purple to red, red to orange, and finally, orange to yellow. 

Fuck. I might make a fanfiction about that. Aaah.


Kenny’s viewpoint on life is very humble. He simply indulges in what he can, while he can, because life to him is an inconsistent illusion, and he is aware that there are forces influencing his life that he has no control of. Kenny’s an improviser. 

He makes do with what he can, for as long as he can, and appreciates the small consistencies in his life. He has many values but with how crazy south park is, he goes with whatever life calls for in that moment.

anonymous asked:

Taylor is smart and ruthless. She knows what she is doing. This is kinda similar to the chef who was talking trash and with miley with sending you love. it is funny to see. Kris the matriarch still liking taylor's post tells you how they know taylor's standing in the industry. The k's keep on throwing shade and the gp is seeing how petty they are and with taylor 100%.

YES. I remember her tweeting at that chef, complimenting her chocolate chip cookies, after she saw the chef making comments about her dating life… “I saw you in my mentions.” LMAO. ICONIC.

She sees everything.