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❝ I love acting because I love to tell stories. I like being in movies that have a great story. I’m not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It’s a job, you know. When you wake up at six in the morning every day for a week, it feels like hard work. ❞


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must

“Let us sing you song, let us write you a story, let us draw you something, let us show you our glory” @jilliancares Okay, im not a weirdo, I promise. U have a pretty face, i like to draw pretty faces, okay? With what face can I reject inspiration once it comes for the first time in months? But getting real for a second, I just felt like drawing you something again, I am not a psychopath, believe me, you deserve this drawing and a thousand more (and also, short hair is my favourite thing, so take this as a “if-the-day-where-you-miss-your-long-hair-comes-(and-it-will,-believe-me)-see-this-drawing,-bc-this-is-a-reminder-that-you-look-gorgeous-with-short-hair” present) (Also, the bisexual flag was and accident of the “giuli-can’t-make-backgrounds” catastrophe, but i guess it’s true what they say, you can’t hide the gay) (Last thing i promise, with this drawing and TBB phanart in progress, my friends think im your official drawer so, that’s cool) Once again, thank you for everything you have done, good luck on your book and I love youuu<3 (even if u dont know who i am) (this is not the last you’ll hear of meh muahahahhaha) (i mean i hope) It’s 3:34 am i should probably go to sleep Bye<3

music shuffle game

or however it’s called :) tagged by lovely @starsivans thank you dear this was fun <3

put your music on shuffle, answer the questions and then tag some people:

1. Title describes how you’re feeling: golden - zayn  
2. Describes your life: things we lost in the fire - bastille 
3. Will be played at your wedding: between the bars - elliott smith   
4. Add ‘in my pants’ to the title: hurricane in my pants - halsey (omg whaat is that)
5. Will be played at your funeral: do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys 
6. Your theme song: pieces - andrew belle 
7. Played when you think of someone you love: begin again - taylor swift (this is kinda lovely actually)
8. Add ‘with a shovel and a screwdriver’ to the title: foundation with a shovel and a screwdriver - years & years 
9. Describes your week: the judge - twenty one pilots
10. Played when you miss someone: suburbia - troye sivan (yeah that works)

i tag @rhysahd @dreamingcourt @memeyards @pureblud @herxnstairs @bleuczerny and anyone else who wants to do it! <3

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Do you have fic recs for Hak and Yona?

Sure! First off, I’d recommend looking at this old post (for some older recs) as well as my fanfiction tag (because I only reblog what I read and enjoy, and tag accordingly) for some fics here on tumblr that I like.

Looking outside of tumblr (and tbh there isn’t much I like posted on or Ao3 that isn’t posted here and therefore not in my tag) and more up to date, I’d really recommend: A Nation Given Form, At the Break of Dawn, and fascination :D

consider: seventeen as the cast from ocean’s thirteen

woozi as a computer hacker, jun as a smooth actor, hoshi and dk in charge of explosions and engineering, Joshua as a blackjack dealer, Dino as the young but incredibly talented pickpocket thief

i could go on and on there are so many possibilities but just THINK!!! seventeen as a casino heist concept!!!



I’m shooting for new music video project today. “RAIMEI"のMV撮影中! #TMR #RAIMEI

hey guys! so sorry for the inactivity! the mods are quite busy, but I’ll crank out some posts for queue tonight and tomorrow! thank you so much for you patience and 5,200+ followers!!

- mod zero

Sound of Silence

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 673

Warnings: Canon divergence, Casifer?.

A/N- This is for @blacktithe7 1500 follower celebration and this weeks prompt for @one-shots-supernatural‘s hiatus writing challenge is in there. It’s kinda crappy but I had no idea what to do with the song okay, I tried my hardest. My song was ‘Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel, and it’s VERY loosely based off of it. Also it’s VERY shit.

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Name: maddy
Nicknames: my family calls me mads or madsy & i lowkey want my friends to call me mads too bc its cute but so far only franny @basicpoppunk does when we talk abt our playlist ahah
Zodiac Sign: taurus
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: 🙊👀
Favorite Color: purple! esp pastels
Current Time: 4:26
Average Hours of Sleep: anywhere from 5ish to 10ish LOL
Last Thing You Googled: i saw a post abt ed sheeran having written love yourself so i googled it to see if that was true bc i thought it was interesting
Current Number of Followers: 904 (i just hit 900 last night, thank you all sm!!)
Dream Job: lol it used to be hairdresser but now its ???? something IT maybe or web coding maybe i have no clue (tbh though if were talking actual dream like in a dream world its still hairdresser but for weddings or celebs)
Height: 5 ft 4in
What Do You Post: drama free 1d!
Why Did You Choose This Username: bc i saw the tweet abt it and checked to see if it was taken & it wasn't so i decided to use it! (im gonna go back to madeinthecm eventually though i think)

im tagging: @loucrisis, @basicpoppunk@rosewoodniall, @adoredlou, and @rosepinklou 😊😊

Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better! I got tagged by @bubblehamu (thank youu and i love your gifs too btw!! <3)

Name: Miriam

Nicknames: I don’t really have any

Star sign: Libra

Height: 173 cm according to my ID but i’m still insisting that i’m 170 ahah

Age: 18

Hogwarts House: I’m not really sure but probably Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

Fav colour(s): I don’t really have a fav one but maybe purple? The only thing i know is that i don’t like green at all ahaha

Time right now: 10 pm

Avg hours of sleep: It depends on the day, sometimes i sleep 2 hours sometimes i sleep 12 hours…

Lucky number: i’m gonna say 7 even tho i don’t know when it gave me any luck but oh well

Fav fictional characters: a lot of them!! that i can’t remember rn well, Shion from no.6 is my baby !!, and for some reason i really like Light Yagami from death note ahah

Blankets I sleep with: 1 in summer and like 7 of them in winter and i’m not even exaggerating

Fav bands/ artists: I like a lot of them !! Up10tion, BTS, Exo, Shinee, Monsta X and Seventeen are some of my favs right now ^-^

Dream trip: I don’t really have one but probably backpacking somewhere nice ^-^

Dream job: I don’t really have one..

What I’m wearing: my pajamas! …i’m not sure this shirt is pajamas but yea

When did you make this blog: 6th September 2012, but I had another one before…

Follower count: 993 (thank you so much!! <3)

Posts: 15,057

What do i post about: Mostly kpop. Lots of Up10tion, BTS, Shinee and Exo. Sometimes other things like anime, funny things… and dogs, i’m obsessed with dogs

When did your blog reach its peak: I don’t even know, when I started making gifs maybe

Why did you get tumblr: Someone had a tumblr and i thought the posts were funny …..and now here i am trapped forever, save me

Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope…

Why did you choose your url: tbh I don’t even remember when and why I changed my url ?? but i like it because all my biases are squishy rays of sunshine ;_; 

Now tagging! i don’t really know who to tag but I tag anyone who wants to do this and @7teenwarriors @50shadesofspiderhyuk @snowtruth @wando-tomato @minsooil @wonwoogyu @henseumyehet @shim-kung @nomoredream @booyah-coups @maknaesman @w-ooshine @up98tion 

(only if you want to do it of course!! ^^)

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*whispers* sorry @retroautomaton for going crazy on almost all of your art, i liked and reblogged almost all of your SPG stuff and i feel really bad, i couldn’t resist, your arts just too good :’)

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12 & 45 - are there any newer marvel fic writers you like? (I've read a lot from popular writers already. especially yours! love your fics)

15. Favorite fandom to write


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45. Pick a question – favorite newer fic writers

tbh, for the past month, I haven’t get a lot of chances to read fics unless I’ve been tagged in them or have had them sent to me, so I haven’t been able to branch out as much as I’d like…off the top of my head I can only think @captainpunk and @sebbytrash as both tag me weekly, but have only just started writing.

However, I have started a Weekly Reading List where I link the few fics I’ve had the opportunity to read and enjoy throughout the week. While I’ve only published two editions, I try to find and highlight two or three lesser known authors each week as well as those who tag me regularly in their work.

Please ask Lizzie these writer specific questions

It’ll make my day/night/life and I’ll love you forever

Tagged by @drew-tanaka-is-my-wife okay lets do this :B 

Write ten things you love, then tag ten people. 

 1-Harry Potter (My first love :‘3) 

2-All PJO series

 3-Leo Valdez (my hot, perfect husband) 

4-All kinds of sweets that my little fat body can stand ♡♡ 

5-Dylan O'brien B)

 6-Netflix and chill 


 8-My beautiful bedroom

 9-Horror/Romantic Movies

 10-My friends 

I tag: @dasstark @kaiayame @shubbabang @nowhere-little-girl @meabhd @qookyquiche @vithcytries @bevsi @atalienart @cookiecreation anyway, feel free yo answer if you want to *3*

Tag Game

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RULES: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better!

Nickname? Em, Nemma, Boo, etc etc
Height? About 5′4
Time right now? 2:14am
Last thing you googled? sunny days joshua radin chords
Song stuck in your head? You’re Going To Be Okay and You’ll Have To Face The Future and all of the songs from My Musical woops
Last movie you watched? In full, Sweeney Todd I think, but I watched a good bit of Mamma Mia the other day
Last TV show you watched? Scrubs (How surprising ik)
What are you watching right now? Nothing
What are you wearing right now? Pyjamas
When did you create your blog? A few years back
What kind of stuff do you post? Bands mainly
Do you get asks on a daily basis? Nope
Why did you choose your URL? I like Mad As Rabbits

I tag: @themaevethcometh @squidfiction @leoiswithoutidea @peppom and anyone else who would like to do this!

Stucky Oneshots (SS #3)

read it on the AO3 at

by spnwincest

Okay, I still have no idea what I’m doing with these Stucky things, but I’m putting a oneshot book into whatever this thing is. Hope y'all enjoy!
- Sammy xo -

Words: 1099, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Stucky Series

read it on the AO3 at