do I have to actually explain why I love her so much

1. Original or Brotherhood? Why?

This is tough because I adored both series but I’d have to go with Broho. I loved nearly every character to death and THE WORLD BUILDING. THE BACKSTORIES. THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. THE RHETORIC. THE ENDING

2. All time favorite character? Why?

Also tough. Obviously I love Roy and Riza so much and idk if I could choose between either of them…but…but also Ed.

I guess Riza because I really admire the way she owns up to her sins. She straight up admits what she did was wrong but she doesn’t for a minute thinks that excuses her at all and instead works to actually help undo some of the damage she did

She’s also so pretty and strong and great and I am very gay

3. Least favorite character? Why?

Shou Tucker’s bitch ass. Do I need to explain this?

Nothing Much To Do turned out to be a great web series. I’m sorry for putting so much of it on your dash, but it honestly was so much better than I thought it would be. It solved my two main problems with my second favorite shakespeare play (why was everyone’s first idea to pretend she was dead, and the Prince needs a happy ending too). It was also really well done, really funny, and surprisingly true to the story. I’m just really, really happy that Pedro and Balthazar are together, and that they managed to adapt the “Well everyone thinks she’s horrible- why not just say she died of heartbreak and she has a cousin that is basically her clone” thing into something that actually makes sense to me. John gets a chance to explain his bs, and is forgiven, which I don’t think happened in the play but probably should have. Also Benedick and Beatrice are still wonderful sarcastic dorks (lovely little losers, huh). I’m sorry I’m a very tired lit nerd who’s just very happy with a Shakespeare adaption. It’s just CANONICALLY BI CHARACTER IN A SHAKESPEARE ADAPTION AND REALLY, REALLY WELL THOUGHT OUT MODERNIZATION! HELL YES!

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So I told my best friend who I love very much that I have anorexia and was explaining how I would probably be a little bit more grumpy and irritable for a little bit (because of beginning recovery) and after the initial expected shock, she asked "So do you, like, take a pill?" And I said "For what?" and she responded with "To cure your anorexia!" and....... this is why we need better education and awareness on mental illnesses. (Of course I explained to her after actual recovery is lmao.)

Wow. This certainly goes such a long way in illustrating the lack of knowledge and understanding and knowledge that exists amongst society in relation to eating disorders, and mental illness in general, but seriously tho can you imagine if recovering from anorexia was as simple as a couple of pills and *cured!* Wouldn’t that be incredible!

But anyway, I very much agree anon - your best friend’s reaction certainly proves that mental illnesses need a hell of a lot more awareness and education in order to promote understanding. I’m glad to know that you have such a close friend to be by your side as you begin to recover from anorexia, even if she doesn’t totally get it some of the time, her support and friendship will undoubtedly be invaluable to you. All the very best to you both, and best of luck in your recovery. x

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- I wish nothing but the best for you ashley but damn. Matt's cool and all but shit,

Well first off, I am not friends with her. We haven’t said a word to each other in probably over three years so I couldn’t care less. Second of all I followed you by accident. And no actually. Yeah I admit I would check up on you every so often but it was for the opposite. I wanted to see how well you were doing thank you. Idk why you have such a hateful grudge toward me. But I’m long over feeling like we hate each other. I will always love you. I can’t explain how much you cross my mind but every time you do, I’m hoping you are well and everything is going good. And my happiness with whomever concerns me and that person no one else. I hope you’re happy with the person you are with and I hope she is twelve thousand times every star better to you than I ever was.