do I have to actually explain why I love her so much

Dear diary tumblr thingy!
I think I just tick people off with my social skills, joke I have none. I’m mad at him for breaking her heart, which makes me a bad person for not liking him. When I try to explain that they’re relationship if flawed she gets angry, and says I shouldn’t care (which is fair I guess :(..) so I stop caring, but she keeps getting dumped them going back. Why do I care so much? I have no idea! So I try to be nice, and get to learn about the guy she falls in love with every two weeks, he’s nice. Funny, and makes her laugh. Okay great, so I be nice, and he doesn’t complain, he actually likes my stuff. Then she gets angry again. So am I supposed to hate him? Or am I supposed to like him? I don’t get it :( im not good at this friend thing, I’m trying though :(