do I have to actually explain why I love her so much

anonymous asked:

Why do you love Zoro so much? What sort of pirate would you be?

Oh god… There’s so much I love about the swordsman. Not only is he hot as hell, he cares a lot even though he hides it. He scares so much for the crew that he’d sacrifice so much for them. He even risked giving up his dream to take Luffy’s pain. When Robin joined the group, he was skeptical because he didn’t trust her and didn’t want her to trick the crew. He’s actually really kind and caring behind the tough guy persona and I just can’t help but love him more. He’s also a natural father and for me that’s really important since I have a big family and I just find that also attractive. I just… I don’t know how to explain it but all I know is that whenever he comes on screen during the show or comes up on my dashboard, I hug the closest pillow and have the stupidest grin on my face .///. I just really do love him ^-^

What kind of pirate I would be? Um… Probably a bad one to be honest but I’d learn how to fight since it’d be a good defense and I can help out my crew! ^_^

joski3 asked:

Hi, I have been re-watching season 1, has it ever been explained why Emily was covered in mud in episode 9? We know Lucas destroyed they memorial so she did not do that, then she got an A message about burying something. I don't recall it ever being explained, do you?. Love your blog btw. xx

Thanks sweetie! Yes they did actually mention that, but kinda indirectly. Emily went to bury that angry letter she sent Alison just before she disappeared about her not liking Emily back. 

A dug up the letter and put it in the book in the library, after that Wilden found it in Emily’s bag and pretty much accused her of killing Alison.

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"Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for, Tonks."

iShe–she is amazing. Amazing doesnt even cover it. I dont think there is a word that explain how great she is.  She is everything I admired in a girl plus so much more. I never thought i could ever meet someone like Andromeda but I did and I dont think i can recover from it. Actually i dont think i want to recover from it. She is smart and funny and kind and weird all rolled into one. Plus she is gorgeous! Have you seen her? She is like a goddess walking among us mere mortals and no one can see that? How can no one see that? Why am i telling you this? I hate whoever did this. Also, i fail to understand why my love life is such a hot topic suddenly. Why are people so interested!? I mean she isn’t. Is she? Do you think she would ever give me a chance. I know she is out of my league. But, god, I would give anything to be with her. I dont think i can love anyone ever again. Not like this. I should stop talking right about now. ~dreamy sigh~