I see no difference


Stronger Than You + Do It For Him/Her, cover by Caleb Hayes

Peridot Rap written by miketooch

Hello guysss!! :D How have you been?? ^^ Now I’m finally on holidays I can be here and enjoy my days with you all and start once again editing and chat with you!! YAYZ! To celebrate my holidays and this awesome anime summer season I made Gangsta theme!! :D Yahooo! The first ep was so damn good I couldnt resist on doing one :D hehe Hope you enjoy it my bbies! <333 Here to announce that a FINALLY made a Tags page and updated my about/FAQ page! :D Love you allll!! <3333333


i like playing the piano and today i was thinking hey it’d be nice if i did a short piano mashup w homestuck osts so i made a really quick video

my skills are a bit rusty and overall i have to smooth it out and practice more but i just wanted to post this on tumblr uvu

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