look at yixing trying to pass that trophy😂😂did he just went “look at this,artist!!”?!?! sehun smile though😅

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Nothing Left But Altitude

Title: Nothing Left But Altitude
Pairing: Jongin/Kyungsoo
Status: Completed
Length: Four-Shot; 31k words
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Action, Drama, Agent, Spies

Summary: Kyungsoo knows exactly who he is, what he stands for, and how much he’s lost. Or, at least, he did.

AgentJ comments: - This is a freakin masterpiece! I’m in love with the story line. This one of this twisted spies games & i totally adore it! Kyungsoos character here belongs to my neverending list of fav fanfic characters. He seems so cold in the beginning… but how he develops. And Kai ® 10.0

Easy to Learn Korean 1430 – Loss for words.

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Hi. I remember when I first got my electric guitar, I just got into college doing something I didn’t like doing and then when I got my guitar for Christmas it was like freaking magic or something cause I just couldn’t put the damn thing down. It was like my escape from reality and I have been driving my family, my neighbors, the gods in the sky, the aliens in UFO’s and even uncle Ben from uncles bens rice absolute crazy with how often I would be strumming away crappy songs on this cheap worthless item that made me so happy. I just think it’s funny how you can be handed so many things in life, but you grow attached or you connect with so few things that makes you happy. Like, cabbage, I just can’t get cabbage, I’ve never had that connection where I’m like, “I really need to eat some cabbage”…..but with ice cream I’m like “GOD YES I NEED ICE CREAM, SOMEBODY GIVE ME A GOD DAMN SPOON BEFORE I DIVE INTO THE VANILLA HEAVEN!!!”…….my point is, everybody is different, everybody is made happy by different things, so if you have a guitar, put the amp on full blast, put on a Taylor swift song and turn that crap into the greatest pop punk song ever!!!!! 🍕🤘#art #artist #acoustic #bands #beautiful #selfie #geek #style #creative #do #behappy #dream #emo #guitar #happy #happiness #hi #inspiration #love #life #music #musician #my #cute #poppunk #punk #pretty #singer #boy

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