EXO reaction to their gf wanting to cuddle and doing aegyo to get her way

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Xiumin: “Don’t give in xiumin don’t give in” *tries to ignore you while playing his piano* 

Luhan: “Does this look like the time for that? i have to go buy bubble tea for my Sehun doll” 

Kris: “look at me i can be cute too.. we are such a cute couple”  

Suho: “money money money i can buy anything” *sings his money song* “what do you want?” 

Lay: *tries to tease u* “jagiya, look at that! lets watch the movie!” 

Baekhyun: *gif says it all* 

Chen: “how would it feel if i seduced you like you do to me?” 

Chanyeol: “Do you want a hug?” *runs to you and gives you all his attention* 

DO: “what are you even doing? i can be a cuter serial killer than you are right now” *judging* 

Tao: “aww why are you soo adorable come here you little baby” 

Kai: *thinks :i know what I’m getting tonight* *smiles and does that*  

Sehun: “do u want to take this somewhere else?” 



Drunk Kisses

You were pretty sure the keyhole kept moving every time you tried to put your key in to open your apartment. It took you at least 11 attempts before you key finally fitted and then the door swung open suddenly, making you stumble into your hallway, holding onto the walls so you didn’t fall flat on your face. Giggling to yourself, you kicked the door close a tad too loud and dropped your bag on the floor. Then you leaned against the wall to take your heels off, dramatically dropping them one by one in a pile with your bag.

“What’s going on?” someone asked sleepily from around the corner. A second later Kyungsoo appeared, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and looking so adorably cute.

“Kyungsoo!” you called out excitedly, running over to your boyfriend and practically tackling him to the floor with your hug. “Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo!” you cheered happily, your voice muffled as you spoke into his t-shirt.

He slowly ran a hand through your hair, his touch gentle. “Where have you been? And why do smell like you’ve just bathed yourself in vodka?”

“There was hardly any vodka in the cocktails,” you replied innocently, looking up at him with a pout on your lips. “You are so adorable,” you added, reaching up to kiss him.

“And you’re incredibly drunk!” he answered, dodging your kiss.

Hurt by his rejection, you pushed yourself out of his arms and stormed into the living room, throwing yourself on the sofa. “So now you don’t want to kiss me?” you accused, watching him lean against the doorframe and look you up and down.

“I won’t kiss you because your mouth smells like the inside of a bar toilet,” he explained calmly, heading into the kitchen and running the tap. “Why didn’t you text me with where you were?” he asked as he came back into the living room with a glass of water that he handed you.

You pouted and took a sip of water. It was so cool you ended up drinking the whole glass at once, trickles of water escaping down your chin. “It just happened after work babe and my phone died before I could text you. Please don’t be angry!”

He laughed lightly and curled you up in his arms, wiping the spilt water off your face gently. “I’m not angry, not now that you’re home safely. I just can’t believe you got so drunk!”

“I can’t believe you are so cute,” you giggled, pushing his cheeks together with your hands so his face was all scrunched up. Quickly he shook his face out of your grip and held your hands in his own to keep them away from his face. You watched him yawn and a pang of guilt ran through you. “I’m sorry I worried you so much and I’m sorry I woke you up,” you muttered quietly, tracing little patterns on the back of his hands.

“I suppose you can have one kiss,” he sighed softly, letting your hands go so he could move his up to your face.

You bit your bottom lip softly, suddenly very excited. He smirked at you devilishly and pulled your lip out from between your teeth with his thumb. Then he leaned closer, tilting your chin up so your lips would meet easier. Just as your lips were about to touch, Kyungsoo pulled back with his face shaped in a wince.

“I’m sorry, your breath is just too bad! I can’t do it!” he exclaimed dramatically, fighting back his laughter poorly.

Frowning hard, you fought your way out of his hold and to your feet albeit slightly shaky. “You’re not so cute anymore Kyungsoo!” you told him, flicking your hair over your shoulder as you tried your best to strut your way to your bedroom without crashing into any shelves. You stripped down to your underwear and went to the bathroom to down half a bottle of mouthwash. Then you climbed into bed and waited for Kyungsoo.

You were asleep before he came to bed.

Waking up, you were hit with the hardest headache of your life. “Ow!” you cried, slapping your palm to your forehead and rolling over, not feeling Kyungsoo beside you but a piece of paper. You groaned to yourself as you tried to sit up and focus your eyes enough to read whatever was on the note. Rubbing your eyes, you winced as all the blood in your body rushed to your head making you cringe in pain – but you still tried to read the note.

‘Good morning beautiful. There’s a glass of water on the side and some tablets – take them all please! I’ve always ordered some soup to arrive at 12 for you. I’m in the studio all day but I’ll be thinking of you. I hope you feel better soon.

P.S. I owe you a kiss.’

“Oh Kyungsoo,” you sighed softly, smiling at the piece of paper. Looking over at your bedside table, you saw the water and tablets and felt a lump in your throat emerge at how lovely your boyfriend was. You took the tablets and finished off the glass before curling back up in your bed, reading his words and tracing his handwriting across the page.

You still weren’t sure why he owed you a kiss though.

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O vi o céu amarelo e quando menos esperei, voei. É, eu voei, que nem fazem pássaros, borboletas e pinguins geneticamente modificados. É, eu pulei do penhasco e planei bem perto da água. Vi a cor do ar. O som dele. O assovio do vento. A mão do oxigênio na minha garganta me forçando a cair enquanto deixava seu amigo, carbônico, escapando pelo meu nariz. Eu senti o cheiro do sal deixando o fundo do oceano e encolhi meus olhos querendo espreitar a sombra de um tubarão baleia que podia estar passando por debaixo da água azul turquesa. Não desperdicei minha chance e, quando voei, tentei entender a mecânica das coisas, a começar pela razão dos pássaros passando pela engenhosidade de asas com pena e indo de encontro ao complexo sistema de voo das moscas e dos grilos verdes. Foi minha consciência que me fez pousar, mas eu não queria. Voar é o maior sonho do homem, de todo homem, porque seres com asas ainda o superam e eles têm inveja dos anjos, dos pardais e das águias. Criaram o paraquedista, o balonista, o aviador, mas nenhum deles é tão gracioso quanto um beija flor ao bater as asas perto do um cacho de flores vermelhas ou quanto um coro de bem-te-vis esperando a alvorada. Pois ninguém sabe o que se esconde no céu, nem no mar, nem em lugar algum. São as coisas, que continuam sendo mistério, que fazem o homem alçar seus voos dentro de si, fora de si, para si. Não somos pássaros, nem poderíamos ser, porque ainda não aprendemos a ter leveza que faz a vida passar rápido-devagar, quase como se tivéssemos céus, terras, universos particulares. Ainda não temos nosso próprio tempo e sim, sim, eu temo o escuro e prefiro as luzes acesas para voar dentro do meu quarto, encoberto por camadas e mais camadas de sonhos misturados com lençóis e cobertores. Tenho a sensação, somente a sensação, de ser livre no meu próprio céu.
—  Theu Souza 

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