The last time I was out under the open sky, worrying and ruminating about petty people and life in general, I looked up with bleary eyes just in time to see a firey shooting star burn through atmosphere above me.  There’s nothing like being reminded how small and fleeting we really are, and how life’s inevitable bullshit really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

These gifs are from that same night.

So, this happened to me today…this was our “last shot”, and my clients knew they were likely to get wet for it, (and the main force of the wave hits the wall so the splash doesn’t have that much force) but of course it was the biggest wave of the evening and I got drenched as well. Camera is fine, we had towels. :)

My wife is rarely up this early, so I had to snap a picture to show her how beautiful the morning light looks on her.

But who am I kidding, I just want more hours in the day to be with her.