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so I work at Taco Bell and I need to put sauces in the sauce bins and some say "Marry Me" on them and I like to imagine my OTPs proposing with the sauce packets, sometimes as a joke, sometimes accidentally, and I can totally see Saitama go like "here Genos, some sauce for your food" and the handful of sauce packets by some coincidence all say "Marry Me" on them and Genos just starts steaming and vibrating all "SENSEI IT IS A GREAT HONOR OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU" and saitama's just like "wut"


“Cerise smiled, and the teeth that peeked out made Raven wonder how people hadn’t realized that Mr. Badwolf was her father a long time ago.”

Shannon Hale, Unfairest of Them All


Inspired to do this because of fiestar’s one more mv /cries, dnt laugh at me.. i just had to do a photoshoot like this because the mv has been eating me for days now
I might not be as pretty or as cute as them but I tried ;A;