Fave parts in “Say Uncle”


  • Lars and Sadie ship literally sunk
  • breaking the fourth wall multiple times 
  • pearl
  • pearl calling Steven her baby
  • Crystal Gems crying bc Uncle Grandpa
  • possible love between GRFT and Lion???
  • That whole episode 
I have a little thing to mention which is becoming a big problem for me [Updated/Resolved]

[This post is redundant now as the issue has been resolved, however will remain here for reference. - See the Update at the bottom of the post]

So there is this person on YouTube and Google+ who is going by the name of ABlu Skittle (Notice the space between ABlu and Skittle). This person is NOT me. It is NOT my second alternative channel. The person uses my display pictures all of the time and claims to be me. The impersonator’s channel can be found here: (X) and their G+: (X)

It’s becoming a problem because all the person does is re-upload other people’s videos, music and pictures to their YouTube and G+ under my name while claiming to be me. The person has over 100 videos, none of them belong to them, a lot of them have my OC/name in and claim to be done by me and BDP. The person seems to be putting a signature over photos he uploads on g+ now too without sourcing and claiming that he/she draws some of them.

I am making a post about it because I recently received some personal messages yelling at me, complaining to me and telling me to remove my videos from the channel because they think its me stealing other people’s music and videos.

I did already try politely asking the impersonator if they could stop but all I got was a block and the person just removes all messages and comments from people who complain.

The impersonator appears to have re-uploaded songs from numerous popular musicians and some animators in the brony fandom with incorrect credits, no credits or even just claiming they made the content them-self. I don’t know whether he/she monetizes the videos but if you make music in the fandom, it might be worth checking to see if he/she has stolen your song/videos and monetized them.

I don’t really know what to do about it so I am making this post to link people when they complain to me. Its not the sort of post I ever expected to make and I apologize for that.

(Below is a screen cap of one of his posts which was later removed because he didn’t like the comments I think.) (Full Picture can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/Sl0m4 )


He’s changed his name to ARed Skittle now so there is no confusion now. It seems to have stopped the problems.