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Glasses people:

Are you actually DNR? (I realize my only questions to you are questioning something you’ve stated, I’m not being obnoxious I promise, I’m really just curious!)

I mean I don’t have paperwork or a tattoo on my chest to back it up or anything, but basically, yeah. Practically speaking, if I went flatline for a second on an operating table or had a sudden arrhythmia, then sure, shock me a few times and give me some epi. But I’m not about that code me all day long and let my organs shut down slowly and painfully business. And I’m definitely not about that bring-me-back-to-be-brain-dead “life”.  If I’m really sick and I code, let me go.

I have attendings who will argue that point with “young patients” or people who they don’t think, for whatever reason, should be DNR. Not me. You wanna be DNR? As long as you’re mentally capable to make that decision for yourself, I’ll sign you up. You wanna be full code? I’ll code you for as long as is reasonable. It’s your choice. I’ve heard many times from attendings that only a “severely depressed” young person would opt to be DNR. Not so. I think very practical people (especially those who have watched or have participated in codes) and folks with very strong religious beliefs, among others, understand the concept, and if that’s their deal, then let ‘em be. 

UKRAINE, Donetsk : A resident negotiates a destroyed overpass in the Oktyabrsky district close to Donetsk’s international airport in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) on March 14, 2015. The
area, destroyed over months of artillery exchanges, is still sporadically under mortar and small arms fire.  AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL

Day shift emptied out the floor, so I only got one patient back from last night. In addition, I got a female patient post heart cath on bedrest until 2200 with IVF running at 150mL/hr. A post-op pericardialcentesis and thoracentesis that showed up on the floor at 1900. And then a septic transfer that came up around 1930.
In short, I ran my butt off.
Then just before midnight a patient decided to code. They were old and frail. And I crushed their sternum into pieces with my excellent quality compressions. We were unsuccessful in our efforts. It was for the best, this person should have been a DNR last week. They even had a meeting earlier in the day about it and the family wasn’t ready. So another life that could have gone peacefully ended violently.
I hate this job sometimes.

So my nurse just left, and she was so nice she was telling me that I looked and sounded really good today and how I pretty I looked, and she was so nice to Princey and like, she was really sad about Milo cause she’s been with me since the first time, she was the first in-home nurse I’ve had, and Idk I really like her. She was just super nice. She forgot her thinger, so she couldn’t do my pulse, but she did all the rest and she was like, “can I do anything else for you, do you need anything at all, are you hungry or thirsty or anything?” Like she was just being extra sweet to me. I dunno. We were talking about like, rehab and stuff cause she’s worked at some and I’ve gone to a million. I dunno we just hung out. She checked out my arm, the bruise and everything. She was impressed lol. Jojo will be too, tomorrow. She was so funny on the phone when she was changing my appointment. But I really am mad that I have to wait one more day for my DNR to be signed by her. Cause like, wtf. But my nurse was like really understanding about that too. She was really sweet and was like yeah it sucks when they resuscitate you against your consent just because no physician has signed it yet. Like no shit I’ve died twice and been resuscitated twice against my fucking consent and it pisses me off but fucking never again. NEVER again. Once she signs my DNR, I’ll get a bracelet or a necklace, whichever, and that thing is never coming off me. They legally can’t fucking touch me. UGHSLDJ.

Also, there’s a really cool anon having a Shaki conversation with me. I wish there were more people to have Shaki convos with. But this is cool. AND for those of you who sent me your names, I’ll get to all of you I promise!!! I just don’t want to flood my blog with it so it will be over a few days, or weeks depending on how many I get. But they will come eventually and I’ll try to remember to tag you in them unless you were anon :)

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So was it "evil" when John sold his soul for Dean? Or Dean sold his for Sam? Or how about when Sam tried to sell his for Dean? Because not one of them would have ever agreed to that, they ALL would have rathered be dead and/or in hell, but the person who wanted to deal was so desperate they didn't care.

The evil act was in tricking Sam into possession.  Giving Sam’s body, mind and soul to another being.  There is nothing that is right about that, ever.  It was pure evil, whatever his motivations were.  It was despicable.  He knew that Sam would never agree to it, that he would rather die.  And he decided that his feelings were more important than Sam’s right to his own bodily autonomy.  

Selling the souls was selfish, not necessarily evil.  It was shitty.  Not necessarily evil.  No one lost control of their own body, mind or soul.  They retained the sole control of their own minds, bodies and souls.