Закрытие сезона 2017
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😍🎼🎶 и кончилась резина.

Закрытие сезона 2017
BMW Club UA филиал Днепр
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We continue to make posts dedicated to our protectors.
In the battles on the east of Ukraine with those f**king rebels there about 300 heroes has died already. The age of protectors in the voluntary battalions is different. There are can be the boys in the age 17-18, and the old men in the age 60-65. All of them went as volunteers to fight against the aggression.
Yes, Ukraine could not fight professionally. All our 22 years of Independence we have never wars. But when there is the danger for the families and your country, you have to learn to be warrior.
Thank you, brothers for protecting us! 
Other post about our warriors on the Eastern Ukraine can be found here

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (Архип Іванович Куїнджі), Moonlight Night on the Dnieper (oil on canvas), c. 1880.

Her lullaby

Pairing: Dick Grayson x reader

Summary: He heard that lullaby many times. Not fully. Bits and pieces. But every time it made his heart beat faster. Because in the soft lines of her lullaby was my safe heaven.

A/N: I’m half Ukrainian, and I live in Ukraine and this song is really important to me. My mom sing it to me, as well as my grandma sang it to my mom and etc. Its a really old folk song. A hope you will like it. IM SORRY FOR MY POOR GRAMMAR IM TRYING.
Some words will have the translation at the end.
Enjoy! ❤️

Real thanks to @batlog @cait-writes-stuff @dccomicsimagines for inspiring me to write this with your work!


First time he heard her sing was when he was between life and death. He was shot trying to protect her and lost a lot of blood. He was coming in and out of consciousness. While Bruce raced through streets of Gotham Y/N was putting pressure on his wounded shoulder. 

Oj lu- luli luli, oj lu- luli luli ” 
she sang while trying to mask her sobs, after that it finally was dark. 

When Dick wake up he was in the med bay at the cave. Y/N was sleeping in the chair beside him, one hand under her head and the other in his hair once gently caressing it before sleep overtook her. 

“She was very worried. We all was. ” Bruce voice quietly sounded in the room.
Dick turned his head slightly to peak at his father and smiled at him.

“I’ll make sure to make it up for all of you. ” 


Next time he heard her sing, it wasn’t dedicated to him. She sang it to Damian. The poor boy almost lost his father the other day on a mission that went south and almost died himself. Since then he had nightmares. He would never admit it of course. Expect to Y/N. 

Naletily Guli, naletily Guli, Ta j sili na Luli ” her soft voice sounded in Damian’s room. 

She was lying in the little boy’s bed on her back while Damian was clinging to her chest. Y/N was running her fingers through his hair, like she always do to Dick when he needs comfort, softly lulling the little boy to sleep. Y/N become a really important person for the little Robin. It took a lot of time for Dami to finally trust and open more to her. But when he finally did he couldn’t stand a day without seeing her. She became his mother figure, his Ummi, his Matushka as she often told him.


The first time he had the courage to ask her about the lullaby was when she was 5 month pregnant. 
She was in their bed, siting against the headboard and gently caressing her stomach while softly singing. 

Staly dumat’ taj gadat’, chim dyitatko goduvat’

Dick went to sit beside her, one arm draped over her shoulders while the other gently cupped her protruding stomach. 

Chy bublechkom, chy medkom, chy solodkim molochkom….”

“What lullaby is this?” he asked. 

“My mother sang it to me as once her mother sang to her. As once I’ll sing to my child. It’s Ukrainian. It always remind me of home, of ridna nen'ka . Waters of Dnepro, poppies fields, Karpaty mountains, Kupala Night, Vyshyvanka. And the language! Oh Dick it so melodic, so beautiful, so soft. And the music that my grandmother would sing. Most of my childhood I spend there. The lullaby make me feel a little bit in that dream once again. ” she answered, making Dick admire her even more than he ever thought he would. 

Richard pressed her to his side and kissed her temple and felt as their child start kicking while hearing as his mother soft voice continued to sing. 

Soon she will be holding their baby boy in her arms, breastfeeding him and softly caressing his head and running her fingers through John’s soft hair and sing this song to him again and again lulling him to sleep, feeling safe in his mother’s arm and under his father’s watchful and loving gaze. 

Kolisochka rip rip, A ditinka speat’ speat’,
Kolisochka perestala, a ditinochka j ustala….

A/N: if you want to listen to this song, then best if you listen to “Magnificent century” version by 
Meryem Uzerli.
Matushka- Mommy, mother.

Ridna nen'ka- It means like “my dear mother home”, Ukrainian use it to describe homeland. 

Dnipro- it’s the biggest river in Ukraine. 

Kupala night- it’s celebration night on the night of 6/7 July, it’s some kind of Slavic Halloween but not really if it makes sense. 

Vyshyvanka- it’s Ukrainian national clothes.