Warren of Trouble - A D&D 3.0 Adventure

Cast of Characters:

Roywyn Turen, a gnome ranger (if) (Dave)
Jayce Jaded, a halfling wizard (Taylor)

It’s the 29th of Maeye, 214 After Chaos

Roywyn and Jayce are traveling together, both are passengers in Gazelle Coach heading to Brendlepott to seek a name for themselves as well as adventure.

Roywyn had been bitten by the adventure bug after hearing tales from her uncle, Namfoodle, regale of tales of swords and sorcery and finding items and loosing it all to an evil dragon! Though, she thinks his tales are just tall tales, she thinks there might be some truths hidden in his stories.

Jayce broke with tradition and studied the ways of magic under the guidance of Andlus the Old, a human who had been showing him how to use the arcane arts. Until, Andlus has stopped visiting his community. So, Jayce went forth to seek out his old friend, only hearing tales and rumours of Andlus having met an untimely end.

Now, here they both are having met several days ago and have decided to journey together because small people are safer travelling in numbers. The Gazelle Coach, operated by Merlle Tagger (coachman) and Barret Glendalen (stage hand), left the town of Copper’s Mill. Two other passengers had disembarked there and there was none getting on, so it left Roywyn and Jayce until they hit the coach house later on in the afternoon.

As the coach rounds a bend, it begins to slow down and then creeps to a stop. Up ahead at the bridge, they find an overturned cart blocking the way. Barret gets down from the coach, tells Roywyn and Jayce to sit still and he investigates. Roywyn sees movement in the woods and let an arrow loose in the direction.

External image

It be a goblin ambush, they set up a cart across the bridge to stop anyone so they can get the jump on them. As the stage hand runs back to the safety of the coach, six goblins emerge from the woods with javelins and morningstars ready. In the process of the battle the stage hand goes down from wounds, but they manage to kill four out of the six goblins while the two flee for their lives.

Roywyn tends to Barrett as Jayce proceeds to search the bodies of the fallen humanoids. Discovering a fair bit of coinage amongst them and also scars on their left arm, which resemble a claw mark on each of the bodies.

They move the cart from the bridge, search the area to discover the bodies of a farmer, his wife and and elderly woman with them along the bank of the creek, they decide to take them to the coach house for identification (if possible) and a decent burial.

They arrive early in the evening at the hostel, The Hammer & The Forge Coach House. There they alert the legionairres to what has happened, and they enter the inn seeking a room for the night. One of the legionairres is a cleric; Pommell Askew. He offers his services to heal anyone who is injured.

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In the inn, there is Markis Gramm, a human fighter, sitting at the bar nursing a beer, while his friend Darries Redleaf, an elvin fighter, plays chess with the inn keeper. They had arrived early in the afternoon and decided to spend the night at the hostel.

Roywyn and Jayce each get a separate room and prepare to settle in for the night when Roywyn hears the howl of a wolf. She is curious and decides to go up to the roof and scout the area, and there she sees a goblin riding a wolf in the woods outside the hostel. She informs Jayce who comes up to the roof as well. Roywyn casts a spell to make it sound like there is a lot of people in the courtyard and it works. The goblin rider rears the wolf back into the woods, and Roywyn and Jayce proceed to track where he returns too.

In the woods, they follow the wolf tracks to find that it hooks up with six other goblins on foot and then they return to where they came from. To a goblin warren a few miles away.

Roywyn and Jayce decide to return to the hostel and recruit some help, they think they are going to need it…

to be continued.

Into the Underdark - Part One

A Dungeons and Dragons Tale

Cast of Characters:
Hojis Stonefist, Dwarf Monk (Dave)
Bli Kush, Human Cleric (Dave)
Dyrus, Human Fighter (Tyler)
Lia, Elf Rogue (Tyler)
Alton Osborne (Halfling Bard) - Simon

After gearing up and buying more equipment our heroes head back to the street and the sewer system. There is a small contingent of guards on watch making sure nothing else comes up or goes into the passage.

Bli tells the leader of the contingent that if anyone else but them that come out of the opening means that they are dead. The party enters the passageway and begin their descent to see if they can rescue the princess. They descent several hundred feet and emerge into a chamber, they make their way cautiously only to discover that there is 8 Grimlock guards on duty here.

Bli declares a parley before anything happens and wants safe passage through the Grimlock encampment here. Bli tells the others in the party that they must act fast and get to this Underdark city to get the princess as soon as possible. Lia on the other hand tells Bli that the Grimlocks can’t be trusted and must be dealt with the sooner the better. Turgg, a Grimlock warrior, says the party can go through.

External image

the others a lead through the passages and caverns to the spiral cavern that descends further into the earth. Passing by a shrieker which lets out a sound, a cavern filled with mushrooms and finally by a Grimlock settlement with humans being held in cages. Bli knows they had made a deal with the Grimlock warrior, and basically knowing that instead of stealthy going from chamber to chamber and taking out the numbers in small groups there is a lot of them here.

Lia blends into the shadows and creeps up to the cages and unlocks them. Telling the occupants to remain quiet and given them daggers and knifes, and to flee when the opportunity arrives. Lia says to them to wait for a signal.

Remaining in shadows, Lia follows the rest of the party to the chamber where the spiral stairs descend. Bli and Hojis bide the Grimlocks goodbye. Knowing that they are probably being lead into a trap to begin with. Though, the Grimlocks true to their word let the party descend down the ramp.

As the party continues on, the are met with a small band of Grimlocks returning up. The band thinking the party members must of massacre their home, attack the party. A huge fight breaks out as our heroes do battle with the band of Grimlock hunters and this ruckus is enough to draw attention from the Grimlock settlement and they send a group down to investigate.

Thus the prisoners see this as a sign and they break free.

Our heroes decimate the hunting party and before they can lick their wounds here the Grimlocks from the settlement coming down the ramp. Hojis suggest they make haste and flee and they do so.

After several hundred feet the spiral ramp opens up to a platform where a few Duergars are on guard. Bli knows they won’t bluff these dark dwarves since Lia is itching to off these evil bastards on sight. The party goes into full assault mode and catch the Duergars off guard and that’s a good advantage since one of them is next to a gong and ready to sound the alarm.

The fight is short and is over and done with in a matter of a few moments (stupid critical hits… there were three of them in the first round of combat). The party takes out the guard post and scan the chasm to see a fire across the way as two Duergars seem to be enjoying a meal.
External image

The party moves across the bridge and see a shrieker at the other end and decide to do away with it before they approach it. They don’t want any alarm set off. The party decides to do away with the other small group of Duergars and head off down the passage way and lo and behold they discover there is a cave monster with them!

Let’s just say the battle was brutal and the party getting as good as they gave… once it was over and done with the group decided to set up and lick their wounds here before continuing on….

To be continued.

In The City of Adventure

A Dungeons & Dragons Tale

Cast of Characters:
Hojis Stonefist, Dwarf Monk (Dave)
Bli Kush, Human Cleric (Dave)
Dyrus, Human Fighter (Tyler)
Lia, Elf Rogue (Tyler)
Alton Osborne (Halfling Bard) - Simon

As Hojis, Bli, Dyrus and Lia make their way to the city of Alexion, with the serving wench. They meet Alton Osborne, a halfling, who had been seperated by his band when they were set upon a massive group of Orc Raiders. His little band of travelers were out numbered four to one so they all scattered like the wind.

Alton had ran through the woods like the wind, we he eluded his pursuers he was lost and had been wandering the area now for a couple of days. He’s happy to see friendly faces. Bli suggest the halfling stick with them since they are heading to Alexion, and he might hook up with his clan there.

Dyrus is leery  and doesn’t trust the little fellow. He has Lia keep a close eye on Alton.

Our party makes it to Alexion just after nightfall, to find that the main gates to the walled city have been closed for the night. As the roadside inns outside are full and brimming with travelers, merchants and other weary souls. Caravans set up camp outside the city waiting for dawn when the city opens up the gates once again.

Bli doesn’t want to wait til morning to enter the city and approaches the guard door and knocks. He informs the guard that he is a special envoy for his church and have important information to tell the high priest of the temple here; and as a little incentive he slips a handful of coins. The gatekeeper accepts the gold and lets our heroes enter the city.

Inside the city, life goes on as normal. Shops are open and the main square is busy with activity as our heroes make their way to the temple district. Though, they realize they seem to have a shadowy tail. Alton breaks from the group, doubles back to see who has been following the party to the Temple District. He discovers that it is a Dwarf. The dwarf had followed the party to the temple district and then goes back toward the marketsquare and into the Sleeping Mastiff Inn. Alton heads back to the temple.

Dyrus and Lia head to the armory to sell the weapons and other items they managed to scavenged from The Grey Fox. As Bli and Hojis are in conference with the high priest. Bli shows the item to the priest and they discuss what it is used for.

Alton informs Bli and Hojis the dwarf that was following them heading to the Sleeping Mastiff Inn. The head priest tells them that the Sleeping Mastiff is just a front for a warlord of criminal activity. When Dyrus and Lia return from selling their wares and buying a few items, they all head to the Sleeping Mastiff Inn.

The inn is a dive, complete and utter resolute establishment. It’s jammed pack full of un savoury sorts that you just might meet in dark alleys. Our crew goes to an empty table that isn’t cleaned; dirty dishes, tankards lying about. Hojis takes his arm and brushes everything off onto the dirty floor. The crashing sounds make all the patrons stop and look, and after a quick moment go back to their business.

The dwarf that had shadowed them spots them and disappears into a back room. Bli approaches the innkeeper and inquires about a room for the evening, the half-orchids innkeeper is surprised by this and tells them they are booked up for the evening. Bli slides a couple of gold onto the counter and the innkeeper nods and says there might be one available.

The heroes order some ale and some food, but the ale is watered down and the food looked like someone grabs something out of the trash bins and put it on a plate. As the party sits and discuss, Bli says they are on a “fishing trip” and see what bites.

A huge nicely dressed orc, Kabek, approaches the table with the dwarf behind him and a small group of half-orc mercenaries as well. Dyrus is about to fly into action, but Hojis just tells him to take it easy and if need be than go “nuts”.

Kabek speaks in crisp clear common tongue, taking a seat at the table and signals the innkeeper to drop a bottle of wine. Kabek wants to buy an item that the party has; he is willing to pay them 4000 gold coins for it to acquire it for his benefactor.

The players play dumb and Kabek tells them that he is no fool. Bli secretly casts a detect evil. Even though evil is around them, and the purest radiating from the dwarf henchman. Kabek gives off a neutral aura around him. Kabek is a merchant, who simply buys,sells and trades item for others who do not wish their business known to the public.

Kabek knows that their will be no deal and leaves. The dwarf henchman is sort of surprised by this move on Kabek’s part and he too leaves.

Bli suggest they go to their room and sleep for the night. But, that is not what they do, they get ready for an attack they know is going to happen. Having weapons ready and Armour on, they wait. About two hours in, they hear movement coming down the hall and prepare for battle.

The door opens up and several orc mercenaries rush into room and into the waiting arms of our heroes. A huge battle erupts and our blood is flying, swords clanging and orc mercenaries dying. In the end, our heroes are battered and bruised but manage to slay the mercenaries and the dwarf henchmen who has come to kill our heroes.

The dwarf henchmen is not a dwarf but a deugar.

Kabek is surprised to see the party emerge from the hallway into the common room. Bli tells him if he tells the truth that will let him go. So Kabek being the businessman that he is, tells them who hired and for what they wanted was a key to open a portal.

The key when inserted into a “door” will open and let things pass through. Kabek doesn’t know who or what it is and just the basic. After all he is in the “need to know” basis business.

Bli keeps his word and let Kabek go. Our heroes discuss what their next plan of action is and they need the key back from the temple since there will be an attempt to get it there.

Boulevard of Webs

A Dungeons and Dragons Tale

Cast of Characters:
Hojis Stonefist, Dwarf Monk (Dave)
Bli Kush, Human Cleric (Dave)
Dyrus, Human Fighter (Tyler)
Lia, Elf Rogue (Tyler)
Alton Osborne (Halfling Bard) - Simon

Hojis awakes in his room, gets up and splashes some water on his face and proceeds to go to the window to open it up to let in the morning air. There is a spider building a web there and he squash the insect in it’s place. He proceeds down the flight of stairs to the common area to see Bli, Dyrus, Lia and Alton gather together at a table to discuss their next plan of action. They know that something is going on with the drow; and they want to get to the better of it. It might be some sort of invasion and that could ring trouble for the kingdom.

Hojis suggest they should investigate the matter of the drow, to see if they do have a portal which allows them to send large troops through. So they discuss over a hearty morning meal and sip a few ales as well. Dyrus and Alton constantly at each other throats since Dyrus doesn’t like the halfling. They finally decide to buy more gear and than hopefully, find a way to get to the underdark.

While walking along the Avenue of Hope towards the center of town, they see a crowd of people lining up along the street. The sound of trumpets signal that a parade is going on.  It’s the monthly parade of royals. As our heroes approach, Bli and Lia notice two elves by a sewer grate and one of them drops a glowing ruby gem into it.

As our heroes approach them, Lia sense that they are not true elves but drow in disguise. Sending her into a rage, since they must be up to no good to begin with. They confront the two disguised drow and as they do so there is an explosion on the street.

External image

Several coaches are going down the street as the crowd waves to the passengers, then an explosion on the street the ground crumbles and swallows one of the coaches. As Lia and Bli handle the disguised drow, the rest go to the main street as the crowd panics and flee. Hojis, Dyrus and Alton look into the sinkhole to see the coach overturned on it’s side and half a dozen drow that have clamboured over it and slain two of the guards and kidnapping a woman.

Hojis shouts for the rear guard to do something, but they hold their archery attack for fear of hitting the princess! As the drow grab the girl, Hojis, Dyrus and Alton jump into the pit and do battle with several drow. Two of the drow grab the princess and disappear down a side passage. As Bli and Lia join in on the attack and do quick work on the Drow they give chase down the tunnel. Though, one of the drow has cast web to slow down the pursuers.
External image

Our heroes cut through the web and continue on the chase through the tunnel and come up to another web spell and cut through that. After a long chase to come to a chamber that has a descending spiral stairs going deeper into the earth and a huge spider that is lying in wait and springs upon the party!

The two drow with the princess manage to get away with the princess.

Upon vanquishing the giant spider, our heroes decide to head back up to the surface to discuss their next course of action.

King Allas has his asked for an audience with the party and have sent his guardsmen to escort them. He  sees that the party are skilled warriors and asks them if they are willing to rescue the princess and he is willing to pay handsomely for her safe return.

They are in discussion on what to do and how to do it next, when a messenger arrives with news. It seems an envoy from the underdark has been sent up under a flag of truce and wants to relay a message. Our heroes, along with King Allas and his men go to the street where they see an ettercap standing in the shadows. He has a message: The King has seven days to bring the “key” to them or else they will never see his daughter ever again.

The Ettercap than disappears into the shadows and the King is beside himself since he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Bli wants a private audience with his majesty, and once in the dusty remains of an old tavern that has been closed for a while. Bli lies out what he knows to the king, Bli hands him the “key” and tells him that he and his team will go and get his daughter and all he wants in return are three scrolls of teleportation. The king excepts this and adds gold as well.

The heroes gather around and gear up for their journey to the underdark…

The Inn on the Road

A Dungeons & Dragons Tale

Cast of Characters:
Hojis Stonefist, Dwarf Monk (Dave)
Bli Kush, Human Cleric (Dave)
Dyrus, Human Fighter (Tyler)
Lia, Elf Rogue (Tyler)

It is the Eighteenth of Septimus Nor, 223 Imperial Year

It is a cold fall evening as our intrepid heroes make their way along the Old King’s Road heading to Alexion City. Though, with the sound of thunder in the distance it sure to bring in the autumn rain as well. Our heroes have been on the road for a few days now seeking their fame and fortune in the outer regions of the kingdom, where they know danger awaits.

Thunder rumbles across the heavens, and it seems to be be getting closer so our heroes pick up pace having heard of a coaching house that is nearby.

The Grey Fox is a coaching house which is offering a warm place to seek comfort from the coming storm.

As they approach the walled coach house they notice the gates to the coach house opening and closing with the wind. Entering the courtyard they see no signs of life anywhere, no lights on in the tavern or torches burning.

Hojis climbs up the watchtower to see if anyone is up there, but he can’t get through the trap door. He decides to climb around but slips due to the rain. Lia decides to go up as well and climb around and makes it to the top platform to discover three humans lying on the floor of the watchtower several arrows are embedded in their bodies. Lia opens the hatch and climbs down and tells her companions the not so good news.

They go to the well and look down and discover a few bodies floating in the water below. They are about to go to the inn when they hear a noise coming from the stables.

At the stables they peer through a window to see half dozen goblins running about and slaughtering the horses inside. Our heroes decide to confront them and burst in to save the remaining horses. The battle is quick and mercilessness. Two horses (out of the eight) have been saved.

They then go to the shed to see three goblins torturing a human. A serving wench is hanging from the rafters as the goblins dance about her nicking her with daggers. Our heroes proceed to kick some serious butt!

Dyrus heads to the privy to see if anyone is there and discovers an Orc has just stepped out. Dyrus takes to the shadows and the orc doesn’t see him and proceeds to walk to the inn. Dyrus comes in for a surprise attack and takes the orc down with one well placed critical.

The party decides to check the inn. First going to the windows to peer inside to see if they can see anything. In the kitchen to goblins and an orc are carving up a body on the countertop.

In the main barroom they see six goblins trashing the place looking for something, while a robed human stands in the center of the place giving them orders.

The goblin party is searching for an item that had been taken from a crypt and want it back. The party decides to go in and take out the leader first and then deal with the goblins and orcs when the time comes. With a planned attack, our heroes rush into the bar and catch the searching party off guard and then all hell breaks loose!!!

The rest of the session is a battle royale as our heroes manage to whittle down the forces in the barroom and take out Essak, the human wizard who is in charge.

Once the orc and the final goblin hits the floor, our heroes continue to search the inn to see if they can find what the goblins were looking for; a magical amulet in the shape of an eye.

Taking the item that was hidden in the linen closet, the party decides to take the serving wench and tether the two remaining horses to a cart and head to the nearest settlement.

Game Night Interruptus.

Last night’s regularly scheduled D&D game didn’t go as planned, due to unforeseen circumstances. So in that wake, it was just DC Heroes character creation and a sample scenario to show how the game is played.

It went well and considering how old the game is, still plays as the day it was unboxed! Which is always a pleasant surprised considering I haven’t ran a game in such a long time.

Witchfire: Wererats In The Sewers

A Side Trek Adventure for D&D E

Cast of Characters:

  • Darren Thorngage - Halfling Rogue (Michael)
  • Devon the Wanderer - Human Monk (Shelby)
  • Oswin Morror - Human Fighter (Peyton)

When we last left of the party made it to Corvis city, having made it through the city to the Church of Morrow. Were Gunner (the caravan leader) was dropping off some goods to Father Pandor Dumas. Gunner introduces our mercenaries to the good father who has a proposition for them.  Georgia Buttons, Thamier Liadon, Lehtias Skylyre and Oswin Morrow decide to rest up first and they can listen to what Father Dumas has to offer. He has his staff set up some cells for the party to rest for the evening and they can talk about this task in the morning. Thamier, Lehtias and Georgia take the offer, but want to quench their thirst for the evening and Gunner takes them to a tavern nearby, The Peg & The Peach. Oswin says she will meet up with them later but wants to rest and wash up before heading out.

On the way to the Peg & The Peach, Oswin notices something moving in the shadows of an alleyway and decides to check it out. As she crosses the street she pumps into Devon the Wanderer who was marveling at the architecture of the city. Devon had just arrived in the city as well. They look at each other and appears to have started a fight, when a bolt from the alleyway hits Devon square in the back. It just so happens that Darren (the halfling) was standing nearby and notices this happens as well. He runs over to Devon to see if he is okay. While, Oswin makes a beeline for the alleyway. There she sees three humanoid forms, standing over a grating: They are Wererats!

Darren removes the bolt from Devon’s back and both head to the alleyway to see what is going on. A fight ensues and Oswin and her new found “friends” are victorious. While searching the remains of the wererats who slowly morph back into their human forms, they hear a voice from the sewer “What’s taking so long. Hurray up and get the meat!”.

Darren, Devon and Oswin decide to go down and see how many wererats are there and discover six more. They do battle slaying four while two of the wererats run off. While searching the wererats they discover on of them has a backpack with a bust in it. They hear low growl in the sewers but decide to head back to the surface to get some healing. Though, as they climb up to the grating they came down from they can hear the town watch standing over the bodies of the wererats and wondering what happened. Our party decides to come up elsewhere.

Once on the surface, Oswin takes them to the Temple of Morrow where clerics tend to their wounds. They also make a donation to the church and decide to see what they can do about their items they pilfered from the wererats. When they show the bust they got, the merchants recognizes it as the one that is in the library of Corvis. The PC’s decide to let the merchant take it back to the library for them. Our heroes decide to head back down into the sewer to investigate the growling sounds. The tunnels are old and ancient and they discover a huge crocodile in the sewers and do battle; also discovering an section of the wall had fallen to reveal a lot bathing area of a club with a pool and a statue of a woman holding a basis that pours water, and finally an old crypt were an old wizard was buried and they battle the skeleton warriors that animated when the PC’s enter.

Battered and bruised and clinging to life, our heroes take bounty they discovered and head back to the surface to get some rest.