In The City of Adventure

A Dungeons & Dragons Tale

Cast of Characters:
Hojis Stonefist, Dwarf Monk (Dave)
Bli Kush, Human Cleric (Dave)
Dyrus, Human Fighter (Tyler)
Lia, Elf Rogue (Tyler)
Alton Osborne (Halfling Bard) - Simon

As Hojis, Bli, Dyrus and Lia make their way to the city of Alexion, with the serving wench. They meet Alton Osborne, a halfling, who had been seperated by his band when they were set upon a massive group of Orc Raiders. His little band of travelers were out numbered four to one so they all scattered like the wind.

Alton had ran through the woods like the wind, we he eluded his pursuers he was lost and had been wandering the area now for a couple of days. He’s happy to see friendly faces. Bli suggest the halfling stick with them since they are heading to Alexion, and he might hook up with his clan there.

Dyrus is leery  and doesn’t trust the little fellow. He has Lia keep a close eye on Alton.

Our party makes it to Alexion just after nightfall, to find that the main gates to the walled city have been closed for the night. As the roadside inns outside are full and brimming with travelers, merchants and other weary souls. Caravans set up camp outside the city waiting for dawn when the city opens up the gates once again.

Bli doesn’t want to wait til morning to enter the city and approaches the guard door and knocks. He informs the guard that he is a special envoy for his church and have important information to tell the high priest of the temple here; and as a little incentive he slips a handful of coins. The gatekeeper accepts the gold and lets our heroes enter the city.

Inside the city, life goes on as normal. Shops are open and the main square is busy with activity as our heroes make their way to the temple district. Though, they realize they seem to have a shadowy tail. Alton breaks from the group, doubles back to see who has been following the party to the Temple District. He discovers that it is a Dwarf. The dwarf had followed the party to the temple district and then goes back toward the marketsquare and into the Sleeping Mastiff Inn. Alton heads back to the temple.

Dyrus and Lia head to the armory to sell the weapons and other items they managed to scavenged from The Grey Fox. As Bli and Hojis are in conference with the high priest. Bli shows the item to the priest and they discuss what it is used for.

Alton informs Bli and Hojis the dwarf that was following them heading to the Sleeping Mastiff Inn. The head priest tells them that the Sleeping Mastiff is just a front for a warlord of criminal activity. When Dyrus and Lia return from selling their wares and buying a few items, they all head to the Sleeping Mastiff Inn.

The inn is a dive, complete and utter resolute establishment. It’s jammed pack full of un savoury sorts that you just might meet in dark alleys. Our crew goes to an empty table that isn’t cleaned; dirty dishes, tankards lying about. Hojis takes his arm and brushes everything off onto the dirty floor. The crashing sounds make all the patrons stop and look, and after a quick moment go back to their business.

The dwarf that had shadowed them spots them and disappears into a back room. Bli approaches the innkeeper and inquires about a room for the evening, the half-orchids innkeeper is surprised by this and tells them they are booked up for the evening. Bli slides a couple of gold onto the counter and the innkeeper nods and says there might be one available.

The heroes order some ale and some food, but the ale is watered down and the food looked like someone grabs something out of the trash bins and put it on a plate. As the party sits and discuss, Bli says they are on a “fishing trip” and see what bites.

A huge nicely dressed orc, Kabek, approaches the table with the dwarf behind him and a small group of half-orc mercenaries as well. Dyrus is about to fly into action, but Hojis just tells him to take it easy and if need be than go “nuts”.

Kabek speaks in crisp clear common tongue, taking a seat at the table and signals the innkeeper to drop a bottle of wine. Kabek wants to buy an item that the party has; he is willing to pay them 4000 gold coins for it to acquire it for his benefactor.

The players play dumb and Kabek tells them that he is no fool. Bli secretly casts a detect evil. Even though evil is around them, and the purest radiating from the dwarf henchman. Kabek gives off a neutral aura around him. Kabek is a merchant, who simply buys,sells and trades item for others who do not wish their business known to the public.

Kabek knows that their will be no deal and leaves. The dwarf henchman is sort of surprised by this move on Kabek’s part and he too leaves.

Bli suggest they go to their room and sleep for the night. But, that is not what they do, they get ready for an attack they know is going to happen. Having weapons ready and Armour on, they wait. About two hours in, they hear movement coming down the hall and prepare for battle.

The door opens up and several orc mercenaries rush into room and into the waiting arms of our heroes. A huge battle erupts and our blood is flying, swords clanging and orc mercenaries dying. In the end, our heroes are battered and bruised but manage to slay the mercenaries and the dwarf henchmen who has come to kill our heroes.

The dwarf henchmen is not a dwarf but a deugar.

Kabek is surprised to see the party emerge from the hallway into the common room. Bli tells him if he tells the truth that will let him go. So Kabek being the businessman that he is, tells them who hired and for what they wanted was a key to open a portal.

The key when inserted into a “door” will open and let things pass through. Kabek doesn’t know who or what it is and just the basic. After all he is in the “need to know” basis business.

Bli keeps his word and let Kabek go. Our heroes discuss what their next plan of action is and they need the key back from the temple since there will be an attempt to get it there.