• me: i cast wizardcraft
  • dm: what the fuck is that
  • me: it's like. its a spell that makes a wizard
  • dm: do you... do you need to roll for it?
  • me: no i just do it. there's a wizard now his name is billy
You thought "Taco" was bad...

Our group had been playing together for about three weeks when the player controlling the bard glanced over at the tiefling’s sheet to remember his name and yelled out “DID YOU REALLY NAME YOUR CHARACTER “BOFA DEES”?!“
To which his friend in the other room ran in and exclaimed "Did she get it?”
“Yeah she did!”
It was spelled Bo Phades, which explains why it took so long to notice.

Ranger Week: New Spells

image source: The Last Witch Hunter

Arrow Mind

  • 3rd level divination Ranger spell
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range: self
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Components: V, S

Whenever a creature leaves any creature’s threatened area, if it is in the range of a ranged weapon you are currently wielding, you may make an attack against that creature using your reaction.

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You want fries with that?

So in our party we don’t have a healer so our Sorcerer specializes in spells that buff the party or crowd control the enemy. However, the way the spells work can sometimes mess with a plan, so we got to talking about what spells he has access to.

Fighter: So I’ve seen you cast Grease a lot. And you have orb of acid for damage.

Sorcerer: Yep and I also have Enlarge Person but I haven’t gotten a good chance to use it yet.

Monk OOC: wait, so this guy just goes around spewing grease and acid and making people bigger? You have all the powers of an average McDonald’s !

The party lost their shit while the Sorcerer didn’t look amused.

*A few months and a few levels up later*

Sorcerer OOC: Since those Drow are all standing together, I’m gonna cast Evard’s Black Tentacles!

Monk: Busting out the McDonalds secret menu, are we?

Party loses their shit and the Sorcerer spite-greases the monk.

First Time DM Tips

Tip 4: Pacing & Repair

It is difficult to get a handle on pacing, particularly when first starting out. This is something that there is no single solution to, as it will vary depending on your players. If you are concerned about the pacing in your storyline, review a few key questions:
Do I feel as if the story drags, or is going by too quickly?
Do my players seem to feel their characters have accomplished what they need to accomplish in the time they have been given?
How are my story hooks being revealed in relation to the story? Are too many or too few already being revealed? Is there a plot reason for this?

Do not be afraid to implement ways to amend any current campaign issues. This could include (but is not limited to), adding another hook or arc to keep the story moving (or so that you have something for later), retconning in-character time to be less or more depending on need, or editing unrevealed details about the world or story. Your characters will take it in places you may have never imagined.