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i’m sitting here listening to ‘move’ thinking about how fucking beautiful it is. the m/v is so perfect that i picture it everytime i listen to it, the video is as impactful as the music and i honestly could not have asked for more 

30 Questions Tag!

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

I was tagged by the lovely @studyiish, tysm!! ♡

  • nicknames: ermm yummy is a pretty common one I have and yum or yumni? no fixed one
  • gender: female
  • star sign: capricorn! (all those things about capricorns being super productive and on top of their game stresses me out so much I stg)
  • height: uhh like 5’2’’? I think??
  • time: 22:54
  • birthday: 25th december!
  • favorite bands: I don’t think I listen to bands as much as I used to but panic! at the disco, all time low, fall out boy, mcr, recently DNCE and club drive!
  • favorite solo artists: harry styles, zayn, halsey, aurora, dua lipa, lorde, sia
  • song stuck in my head: fifteen by taylor swift (don’t h8 old taylor was good)
  • last movie I watched: the day after tomorrow!! I’m living for baby jake gyllenhaal omg
  • last show I watched: the last show I finished was stranger things 2, but like the last tv show episode I watched was parks and rec
  • when did I create my blog: at the end of september this year
  • what do I post: I’ve started off by posting pictures of what I’ve done in a day (when I’ve actually been productive) to serve as motivation + track my progress and hopefully increase the amount I can do! hopefully I’ll expand to posting masterposts and things of such nature soon!
  • last thing I googled: the new nintendo 2DS XL because I want to get it so I can play animal crossing again
  • do I have any other blogs: nope. I did make a side blog to reblog random stuff but it was just a bit :/ and I didn’t use it as much and it was stressing me out so I deleted it
  • do I get asks: noo I haven’t got any yet but I welcome them whenever!
  • why I chose my url: studiously was ofc taken but I wanted something short so I thought of studiently! quite proud of it actually
  • following: 210 atm!
  • followers: 113… woah I’m so honoured tysm
  • average hours of sleep: 6-7ish
  • lucky number: I like the numbers 5 and 7 idk why
  • instruments: musically talentless. I kinda started learning to read music for the piano but I was just really lazy with it in college so nothing happened lol
  • what am I wearing: my pjs which are nowhere near as warm as I need them to be ug h
  • dream job: I literally have no idea but I’d like to work in the media sector? Maybe in a publishing company or like in PR or something? I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner the next day let alone my dream job ffjdjd
  • dream trip: tokyo! seoul! singapore! ROME! I want to go back to canada as well! so many places and no money !
  • favourite food: I’m such a foodie I love all foods sm. Nuggets are so good. And crisps! I’m such a crisps person
  • nationality: british pakistani 
  • fave song: I’m one of those people that listen to a song on repeat until they get sick of it :))))) atm I’m violating dna by bts
  • last book i read: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban! I’m reading alone in berlin by hans fallada atm and I’m very nearly done with it, it’s so so so good!
  • top three fictional universes i’d want to join: I haven’t even read all the hp books but OFC hp. hm.. probably the marvel universe? I love matt murdock and thor and uhh idk if this is even a thing but like.. batman/gotham universe????? idek I’ve watched too much gotham recently

if you’ve already been tagged, sorry!!! if you do decide to do it then yay!! I’m curious to meet all the lovely people behind their studyblrs in 30 questions ♡♡