Ultimate Heatblast- able to not only control fire, but Magma as well. His arms can be shaped into canons that fire giant balls of flaming magma, he can ride on title waves of molten lava, can heat/cool up lava surrounding an enemy encasing them in molten rock, and creating huge soot storms.

Ultimate FourArms- has plated armor covering his body, making his skin much more dense and harder to penetrate. Leaving projectiles or any other harmful thing headed his way to bounce off harmlessly. With the addition of another set of arms, his strength is increased tenfold (Guess you could call him Sixarms now). With the extra limbs, he now possesses the ability to clap his hands together to create larger shockwaves to blowback his opponents. The large spikes protruding from his arms can also grow in size, allowing him to use them as a dagger-like defense mechanism.

Ultimate Upgrade-  creating barriers (as seen above) that can deflect different types of lasers and other harmful projectiles and such, the floating spheres on his shoulder sections can separate themselves from his body and act as cameras/miniature robots and use them to separately merge with tech and upgrading it, and his optic lasers can now shoot from the circle portions of his body (Eye, floating shoulder spheres, and hands).

Ultimate Wildvine- has the ability to not only control plants and all of his other old abilities, but he also has the ability to create smaller living plants with large Venus fly trap-like heads that have powerful bites and are willing to do his bidding. Ult Wildvine can create these small plant minions by shooting spores from his shoulders. Not only that, but he can also disperse sulfur and other noxious/poisonous gases from the same shoulder plates. He is also able to camouflage alongside other plants.

Ultimate Ripjaws- has the added ability of using the air in the water around him to create a jet stream to swim super fast, can camouflage underwater, can puff up similar to a puffer fish and use his poison quills as defense, has bioluminescence to help him see in the dark, Sharper/more powerful teeth/claws, equipped with breathing apparatus to spend longer time on land, and can travel deeper depths without the major effects of pressure.

Ultimate Upchuck- has the ability to not only consume and expel solid matter as explosives, but now he eat/expel DOUBLE the amount of matter thanks to his second mouth, can create noxious burps to assault or distract enemies, has incredibly sticky tongues which he can use as transportation (mainly by grabbing onto buildings and such), unbreakable teeth, and can spit out large sticky blankets (similar to how the DNAliens used to do it) meant to ensnare enemies.

Ultimate Eyeguy- has the added ability of rapid fire for his optic blasts, can see in all types of ways (X-Ray, Infrared, Nightvision, etc.), can regenerate his eyes, can shoot out explosive eyeballs, and can use his floating eyes to create a larger eye or float around on their own and help Eye Guy see anywhere.